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The Idea Of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

Travelling is about personal preference. Some people like to wander aimlessly and enjoy what they find throughout their entire adventure. However, it is also time to think beyond that. It is not about preference and style anymore but about the impact of what we choose. Travelling with a sense of freedom is amazing but if it bring negative impact to other people or environment then what you gain?

Travelling with purpose to gain meaningfulness 

Travelling with purpose will make your journey more rewarding and fulfilling. You don’t have to plan a big adventure to have a purpose. Sometimes, the simplest thing can cause a life-changing experience. Travelling with purpose however, is often mistaken as limit. It is not true because travelling with purpose doesn’t limit you from doing what you want or love. In fact, it brings you more such as more perspectives, more experience, more adventure, and more memorable memories. 

Of course, meaningful travel or travel with purpose is still personal perspective. You will experience the impact on yourself first. You will know what kind of reward you expect when you travel with purpose. For example, you travel to volunteer. You may gain different experience and rewards from others who are doing the same. The others might feel rewarded by having more friends but you might feel rewarded by being able to help those in need. The similarity is that you both gain something positive from your travel. 

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

However, keep in mind that volunteering is not the only form of meaningful travel you can do. As mentioned above, there are many ways you can do it so sacrificing your holiday time for solely altruistic purpose is not the only one. You can also embark on journey for self-discovery for example. It is a type of travel you do to find more about yourself, your potential, your strength, weakness, and everything within. It helps you grow as you experience many things during travel. 

You can travel with the purpose of learning new language for example. While learning new language, you are sharpening your cultural awareness. It helps open your eyes too see things from different perspectives. It helps broaden your mind to be not bound by one constricted idea. Travel with purpose can also make you become more optimistic with life even what you see sometimes are heart-breaking (for example seeing malnourished children or less fortunate people along the way). you feel more grateful, tolerant, and less rigid to how you see the world. 

Just like how you live your life, having purpose does matter in travel. Make sure that your purpose is not something destructing or damaging both to yourself and others. For example, you travel with the purpose of experiencing how to ride an elephant. It is not real purpose because what meaningful reward you can achieve at the end? It only brings more damage to the animal, environment, and society. Travel with purpose and responsibility should go hand in hand. This way, the positive impact is not only for yourself but also for others.  

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

Raja Ampat is a tropical paradise offering breathtaking white sandy beaches, stunning nature, and unique culture. When it comes to island hopping, there is a recommended place like Misool Island. The island is located on the west coast of the island of Papua and directly bordering the Seram Sea. Being one of the fourth largest islands of Raja Ampat, Misool features lots of stunning natural attractions. Misool has something to suit every traveler from picture-postcard beaches to amazing activities and everything in between. The stunning island features crystal water with its beautiful coral. No wonder, many travelers visit Misool Papua for some underwater activities like diving and snorkeling, and other fun water sports. So, here are 5 reasons to fall in love with Misool Island.

Misool Papua has fabulous beaches

The stunning beaches that Misool Papua has to offer are one of the main reasons that many travelers return to the island time and time again. The vast expanse of the white sand overlooks across clear turquoise waters where jagged karst rocks soar high into the sky. When in the Misool, just take your time and enjoy relaxing and dreaming on the stunning beaches. A trip to Misool Island can be a great experience for travelers.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

Discover the unique and incredible marine life

The water conditions around Misool are renowned for being some of the clearest and most beautiful you’ll find in all of Indonesia. In Misool, you’re sure to bedazzle by the pureness and diversity of underwater life. Misool island has some great and colorful reefs with both soft and hard coral. Here, you also can see reef fish, pelagic species, and mantas. The island also has three ponds with unpoisoned jellyfish.

Misool Papua has good weather all year round

Whenever you visit the island, one of the most important things to know is when the perfect time to visit is. For Misool Island, you won’t ever have to ask that question since it’s sunny all year round. The climate conditions are good all year round. If you just want to relax in a tropical paradise and do a few water activities around the island, then any time is great.

Awesome adventure

Misool offers great things to do for active types who want to immerse themselves in the pristine natural surroundings. Whether it is a scuba diving, cultural site, viewpoint, you can find them all in Misool. However, scuba diving is popular on the island because of the amazing visibility the clearwater provides.

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The natural beauty

Misool is absolutely stunning and you’re constantly surrounded by natural beauty. The scenery and views around Misool Islands are so unique that you will not be able to see them anywhere else in the world.

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Travelling during pandemic times is not encouraged. It is always best to stay at home as a prevention for more spreading. With vaccine being spread all around the world, people are starting to be more hopeful with the situation. The tourism industry is also slowly bouncing back. Many touristy destinations are starting to open either for domestic and international ones. However, you need to stay conscious with your travel habits during this anxious times.

Dangerous bad travel habits during pandemic

Hiding any covid-19 related symptom is a no regardless of how important your travel is. There have been reports about tourists who faked their RT-PCR test results just to be able to travel. It is dangerous action that can result in serious consequences. Even if you are very sure that you have no covid-19, you cannot fake the test result. You may be charged with criminal complaints later. 

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Ignoring health declaration forms and guidance before travel is a habit you should not have especially during pandemic times. It is inconsiderate thing to do during this times. You always need to be cautious and take necessary precautions to make sure that you and everyone safe. 

Another bad habit is not quarantining yourself after a trip especially when you just returned from a place that is flagged as covid-19 zone. Self-quarantine is a must upon coming back from a trip even if your local authority don’t make requirement for it. Remember that when you are living with other people, you have responsibility to act responsibly and not cause any harm to the others. 

Next bad, or even one of the worst habits is not wearing mask properly when travelling. When you are going out of home, keep in mind to always wear a mask and to wear it properly. Even though it has been a year since the pandemic hit, it is till going on. Many people wear a mask under their chin and it just defeats the purpose of the protective equipment. It is not only to protect yourself but also other people you encounter during the travel. 

Travelling with big group is not encouraged during this pandemic time. It is even worse if your travel buddies are not from the same household as you. You know that it complicates the situation and increase the risk not only for yourself but also for your travel buddies and other people you encounter. Also, do not shame your travel buddies who are not comfortable enough to travel yet. Some of your travel companions might not that comfortable to explore all places because they are still anxious about the situation. However, let them with their comfortable zone. 

Not practicing good hygiene is not only bad habit when travelling but on daily as well. When you cough or sneeze, always cover it. Also, do not leave your hand-sanitizer at your hotel room but putting it inside your bag so you can always use it wherever you go. Practice good hygiene as a decent human being.

The Benefits of Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trip

komodo diving liveaboard

Liveaboards is a very popular choice for divers visiting Komodo Island. Komodo diving liveaboard is the only way to truly experience the more remote and beautiful dive spots that exist on Komodo Island. Some divers say you haven’t had a proper diving experience until you have tried a liveaboard holiday. If you’ve not experienced a liveaboard trip before, here are five reasons why you should try it!

You can dive remote dive sites

One of the biggest benefits of a Komodo diving liveaboard is the chance to dive in remote diving locations the day trip can’t reach. A diving liveaboard is the only way to explore the dive sites which would ordinarily be inaccessible from land-based operators. With a liveaboard, you’ll explore a much bigger area.  Moreover, you have the chance to dive into some of the most untouched pristine dive sites on Komodo Island, often with the added bonus of sometimes being the only divers there. So, you’ll wake up every morning at a new dive site and trip effortlessly to different locations throughout the day!

komodo diving liveaboard

Less stress!

A lot of planning is usually done for most of the holidays. Start from organizing your accommodations, deciding where to eat every day, or finding a good dive operator. The boat’s crew will help you to organize the itinerary and prepare all you need. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard offers the chance to explore the land

Although most of your trip will be spent exploring the incredible underwater world. However, many Komodo liveaboards offer the opportunity for you to visit all kinds of natural beauty on Komodo Island that you normally don’t have access to. Liveaboard is an excellent way to dive, sleep, and eat. 

Multiple diving destination in one trip 

One of the best reasons many people love diving liveaboard is the fact they offer more dive dives per day than on land-based dive operators. Mostly, a land-based dive operator usually does a maximum of 3 dives a day. However, most liveaboards offer a minimum number of dives per day is 3, but often you’ll be diving 5 times per day. The liveaboard trip is all about completely immersing yourself in the blue ocean with its marine life. This unmatched freedom of movement gives divers the opportunity to embark on incredible multi-stop journeys with ease.

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Komodo diving liveaboard offers the chance to meet new people

Another reason to rent a diving liveaboard is spending your memorable holiday with like-minded people who are just as passionate about the underwater world as you. Everyone on the diving liveaboard trip will have a similar interest to you. With a boat, you have the chance to meet new people and to share new experiences. This situation is particularly advantageous for solo divers as you will always have a dive buddy during the trip!

How To Travel With Your Newborn By Car Safely

When it comes to travelling with a newborn, there are many things to consider. For example, there is clear rule of the age of newborn allowed for a flight. However, travelling with newborn by car has no clear restrictions since newborn usually arrives home by car anyway. However, travelling by car with your newborn cannot be done carelessly either. You need to have frequent breaks for changing, feeding, and cuddling.

traveling with newborn

Best tips to travel with newborn by car

It is best if you can arrange your drive with your newborn’s sleep schedule. It is also important to keep the drive comfortably for them. Dress your newborn with comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely but not trapping the heat inside that can make them overly sweat. Keep off the sun by using removable window. To let your newborn sleep peacefully, adjust the temperature accordingly. 

If you plan for a big trip such as travelling to a city that is far from your town, it is best to have practice trips beforehand. You can take your newborn for a short drive during weekend. Aside from letting your newborn getting used to a road trip, it lets you know what supplies to pack for bigger trips. You will learn how long your newborn last in the car seat and what makes them cranky. Hence, you can plan for smoother travel next time. 

When it comes to packing, make sure to bring enough clothes for your newborn. They may need less clothes than you but they need to be clean. There is possibility for some blownouts during the trip so you’d better be prepared. Doing a baby laundry on the road is easy since you can find laundry facilities, make sure that the detergent you use is what you always use at home to not cause skin irritation. 

Choose an easy destination and plan your route wisely. It is best to avoid loud, crowded touristy destinations because it may overwhelm your newborn. It may cause your newborn to get cranky because they feel uncomfortable. It may also cause other visitors to feel annoyed by the noise of screaming baby. Hence, pick peaceful retreat instead just like what your family needs. 

Do not cram a bunch of activities in a day because it will overwhelm you. Stick to simple schedule you can easily adjust when needed. Doing too many activities while taking care of your newborn can take a toll on you rather quickly. So try not to push it. 

If you travel with your significant others, make sure that you both know the plan for the trip well. Take turns as planned so you each still have time to take care of yourself and have proper rest. It is true that baby can feed off your energy. Hence, try to stay clam regardless of the situation. If something bad happens, try not to panic easily and take a deep breath instead. Relax and stay flexible is the key for you to enjoy travel with your newborn. 

Top Perks of Investing in a Villa Ubud

Ubud is an extraordinary location for vacation as it offers a lot of joys to travelers. Most people discover Ubud as tourists, enjoy its outstanding rice paddy, tropical climate and unique art and culture. Many then choose to invest in its property market, and buy a villa or retirement home. The wellness lifestyle, cheap cost of living, and scenic beauty has tempted thousands of travelers to buy a holiday villa. Villa Ubud is considered a profitable investment option in Bali real estate. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of investing in a holiday villa.

Villa ubud - Kclub Project 2021 - Best investment - Villa Bali Sale

Why Invest in villa ubud?

Having a property in the Ubud area is always a better choice than a second home in a busy neighborhood. Ubud is well known to be a place of spiritual inspiration, where you can see the benefits of Balinese massage, traditional medicine, and yoga. The reason Ubud being the best place to stay in Bali is that it is a healing center. If you like it quiet and peaceful, then a villa is an ideal choice, since you are far from the hustle and bustle of Bali. Apart from providing a great neighborhood, most ubud villas come with exclusive amanites. For instance, swimming pools, private gym, and lovely gardens. So, you don’t have to step out of the comfort zone of your villa turf to unwind. 

There is more to villas than just comfort and luxury. It also means you get to live in ultimate privacy without noise pollution from neighbors. Buying a villa offers a great deal of privacy as they are independent houses. You can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with your morning cup of tea at the poolside or do yoga in the garden – all in complete privacy! So here’s our pick for the best project on Ubud to keep your eye on.

Ubud villas - Spacious Bedroom - KClub Project 2021 - Villa Bali Sale

Spacious four bedrooms Villa Ubud

Surrounded by lush gardens and stunning rice paddy, the property has been developed by Kclub Ubud. Filled with a relaxing vibe of tropical modern design, this villa set on 4.68 are of land. All four bedrooms are well furnished with lavis facilities and ensuite bathrooms. This stunning villa features a spacious and stylish living area and a fully-equipped kitchen that meet high standards. The dining area includes a wooden table with wicker chairs seats for 6 persons and a stylish breakfast bar with 4 bar stools. It also comes complete with a swimming pool and expansive terrace with a couple of sun decks. The private pool creates a sense of connection to the nature that surrounds you.  The new project villa is ideal for a large family or group friends. With all the luxury this villa provides and a great location, this villa is on leasehold for 30  years and costs  469,000  USD. 

Can I rent out my villa?

Yes, you can! Any villa from Kclub Kibarer can be rented. The property management is ready to help you. If you are looking for a steady source of income, there is nothing better than the income from villa Ubud. Well located and properly managed, a villa can be rented out easily. By investing in Ubud villas, you can generate a passive income that is almost tax-free. Your Ubud properties will work for you even when you are sleeping. 

Travel Trends To Anticipate In 2021

Travel Trends to Anticipate in 2021

Travel in 2020 looked really different from the years prior. Many things happened such as travel restriction, travel bans, whole new travel policies, etc. Safety has become the main concern when it comes to travel but with covid-19 it rises to another level. Most people prefer to stay at home for safety reasons. However, no one can deny that they have missed being outside. People are now starting to plan for their future travel such as preparing for the budget and adding new destinations to their bucket list.

What to anticipate of travel in 2021

In 2021, there are trends you can anticipate, such as:

People are becoming more eager to travel locally. It is such a good thing because you don’t really have to go travel across the world to fully experience being outside of your home and have fun. During the pandemic, people started to be creative with their travel ideas such as hiking to their nearest their home or camping in the closest mountain to their own home. 

Travel Trends to Anticipate in 2021

It also follow the trend of people being more outdoorsy travelers. With how the global pandemic hit in 2020, people have been craving more and more to the outdoor activities and destinations. This is also a good thing because then people will no longer coop up inside four walls establishment but explore the outside more. This can promote healthy lifestyle as well since outdoor travel allows you to get some fresh air and staying physically active. 

The way travel industry works will be different in the years to come. The procedures will be more tighter to ensure everyone is safe. It is predicted that some of the shifts caused by the impact of global pandemic in 2020 will stay remain. For example, social distancing rules, practicing good hygiene, and cleaning procedures policies in hotels and other accommodations. It is to help bring out more spirit and energy for people who have been too scared to go outside anymore. It will ensure them the protection they need. 

The vaccines have brought hope and optimism to everyone around the world especially travelers. It is predicted that in 2021 and years to come, performing arts in travel industry will rise positively. Many people have been craving for full experience of watching quality performance after experiencing it only through digital platform. Full live performance in travel industry will hit at full force. 

Travel-related infrastructure will be upgraded significantly. The number of travelers have boarded trains and planes have decreased since the past year. However, it means that projects in travel-related infrastructure could be sped up. Some projects have been started to ensure that the future travel will be better. 

There is a shift when it comes to bucket list. In 2021, it seems that people have started revising their bucket list since they realized that they don’t really have time in the world to travel many places. Hence, people start crossing destinations off their bucket lists that are the closest to their reach. People have started to prioritize local destinations.

Komodo Sailing Trip, 5 Rules to Follow on A Boat!

komodo sailing trip

Komodo Island known as one of the best dive locations in the world. The island boasts spectacular underwater landscape and unique marine life and is perhaps the best place in the world to see manta rays. This stunning island is also one of the best destinations when it comes to spend holiday on a luxury liveaboard in Indonesia. Komodo sailing trip boasts a great variety of sea and land sights. Moreover, a liveaboard give you the freedom to explore the stunning blue waters and anchor down wherever you like. Life on a Komodo boat must strike the right balance between world-class service and respect for the privacy of all guests. For an amazing sailing trip, it is important to follow a few basic rules. Here are five rules to follow on a boat!

Respect the boat’s crew

The boat’s crew offers you outstanding service throughout your Komodo sailing trip.  They will help you to take care of everything on the boat to ensure that you have an unforgettable moment. Therefore, you need to treat your crew well with respect. Respecting the boat’s crew, including their privacy during the time off, is at the core of basic rules on a yacht.

Consider the boat as your own home

Don’t treat your yacht rental as an ordinary place. All the crew on the boat will make every effort to make them feel at home. Therefore, take care of the boat, use it, and have fun. Make sure to take care of the cabins, don’t throw rubbish on the deck, don’t go into the boat with salt water. Keep the boat clean during your trip. Remember, comfort is a key on a sailing holiday.

komodo sailing trip

Follow the barefoot rule on Komodo sailing trip

The majority of sailing trips do not allow the wearing of shoes on a yacht. Street shoes, including heeled shoes and boots, are prohibited on all boats. Because using shoes can damage floors and contaminate carpets and decorations on a yacht. On some boats, the rule will only be applied in your cabins and everywhere on board. However, don’t see this simple rule as an inconvenience but more as an opportunity to show off your pretty pedicure!

Bring adapted suitcases

One of the important things to keep in mind, less is more. One of the important things to keep in mind, less is more. It is not recommended to bring a suitcase with rigid walls, difficult to store, but also to handle on a yacht. Pack your soft bags that can be folded up when empty.

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Get ready for the Komodo sailing trip!

Before you start your sailing trip, break down what you want out of your boat rental is key to success. Whether you want a relaxing sailing trip or an exciting adventure, a yacht has everything for you!

Tourist Attractions Around The World You Might Find Weird

Tourist Attractions Around the World You Might Find Weird

There are many ways tourism industry can do to attract more tourists. There is no right or wrong in doing so as long as tourists’ safety is ensured. Some tourist attractions are man-made and some others are formed by nature. Some of them look fabulous while others may look creepy or strange. No matter what, there is always sell point to attract more tourists to come.

Weird tourist attractions around the world you might like to visit

Every tourist and traveler alike may like different things when it comes to sightseeing. Some like nature with stunning landscape that has been naturally formed since years ago. Some others may prefer more modern establishment and all interesting attractions inside made by human. And here are some of the weirdest, even borderline creepy tourist attraction you may find interesting enough to visit:

Tourist Attractions Around the World You Might Find Weird

Sewer Museum is located in Paris, France. This is where you can have a firsthand look into the sewage system of Paris. You will get to visit educational exhibits located atop grated walkways. There you will see the drain water rushing along. You might find it weird to be inside a working septic system. You can also anticipate what kind of smell you get to inhale when you join the tour there. Do not expect Parisian perfume to be the smell welcoming you there. 

The Gnome Reserve is located in Devon, England. Animal reserves are not something new and you may have visited several of them before. However, a gnome reserve might be not that familiar to hear about. However, you can visit a home for garden gnomes in Devon. It has more than 1,000 gnomes scattered around the park. You can take a picture while posing next to the statures you like. Oh, you can also bring your dog along to visit this unique reserve as long as it is on the leash. 

Soviet Bunker is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this place, you get to experience the horror and terror of the Soviet Union era. Before entering the place, you will asked to sign the agreement. You will also get your phone confiscated before heading inside the bunker. You will get immersed into your role along with the actors and dogs who act like they were in real situation back then during the war. There are also scenes of intense interrogations and you can test your bravery. If you don’t pass out then you are the chosen soldier. 

Karni Mata Temple is located in Deshnoke, India. It is a Hindu shrine built purposely to honor rat goddess of Karni Mata. Worshipers who often visit this temple believe that the souls of the goddess’s devotees are reincarnated as rodent. There are about 20,000 rats living inside the temple and they are considered sacred. It is said that a gold or silver statue is built if a rat is killed as replacement. If your feet is approached by rat, it is considered a good luck. If you have Musophobia, don’t come to this temple. 

Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

5 Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is located in the southern part of the island of Bali which is separated by the Badung Strait. Snorkeling in Nusa Penida is one of the ways to witness its glorious wonders of marine life underwater. Nusa Penida is one of the most famous tourist destinations for underwater enthusiast, with its stunning beaches, crystal waters as well as plentiful healthy coral and marine biodiversity. The location of the most amazing snorkeling destinations is usually situated just a short distance from many of the island’s most stunning beaches. Take a deep breath and kick down the few short meters to take a closer look at lively beautiful marine ecosystems in Nusa Penida!

Why Go Snorkeling in Nusa Penida?

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida is the best activity that everyone does from time to time. This water activity attracts many adventurers all over the world. It allows people to glimpse the underwater world. Have the chance to closely observe the gorgeous marine biodiversity of the underwater ecosystem. Colorful corals are also one of the most sought-after seawater creatures. The live corals come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. With snorkeling, you can be done without any qualifications. Moreover, snorkeling is also not too expensive, apart from the initial investment in equipment. Compared to scuba diving, snorkeling requires less gear and equipment.

Where to snorkel on the island?

5 Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Manta Point

Manta point located in Nusa Penida is great for marine biodiversity. The best time to visit these dive spots is during the dry seasons around March to June but with luck, the manta rays can be seen year-round. Snorkeling in Nusa Penida with manta rays is one of the most amazing experiences you can have while traveling in Indonesia. Here, you can spot big manta rays with a wingspan of over three meters and have a variety of motives. At these stunning dive sites, you can obtain peace and serenity.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is one of the most sought snorkeling destinations in the island. Snorkeling is fun because you can enjoy the beauty of underwater and swim with marine creatures. In Crystal Bay, you can see beautiful biodiversity like nurse sharks, sunfish, and others. This dive site also is one of the few places in the world where you can see the awesome mola mola. Furthermore, you can rent your snorkeling equipment at one of the beaches warung to discover the marine life of this stunning spot.

Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is a snorkeling spot that has always been crystal clear water with a steep rock. The dive spot has very clean sand and colorful corals. Gamat is highly favored by underwater lovers to see marine exotic sea. This stunning snorkeling spot is a lively place for large pelagic fish, stingrays, sharks, and funny turtles.

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