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What Makes Indonesia Favorite Place For Vacation

There are many beautiful countries in Asia worth visiting for and one of them is Indonesia. It is located in Southeast Asia and has many beautiful places to explore. There might be people who are unfamiliar with Indonesia as a country but they will know Bali right away. However, Bali is just one of so many other beautiful places to spot on. 

indonesian's culture - balinese ceremony

Why you should visit Indonesia

You can save Indonesia in your bucket list for your future travel plan as we know travelling abroad right now has high risk of covid-19 spread. While waiting for the situation to get better, here are things you can learn more about Indonesia and why it is worth visiting for:

Indonesia is one of the most diverse culture countries in the world. There are different regions, province, district you can explore during your visit. Different place has different culture that can make you feel awed. The best thing is that the people are just as friendly regardless of their cultural background. The majority of Indonesian are friendly with foreign visitors and travelers alike. 

Along with diverse culture, Indonesia also has such diverse culinary. There are many Indonesian cuisines that are crowned to be one of the most delicious in the world such as Rendang, Satay, Nasi Goreng, and Sambal. Not to mention that Indonesia also has the most expensive coffee name Kopi Luwak. Indonesia is like a paradise for foodies. There is no chance to lose out of options of what to eat during your stay. 

Indonesia also has many exotic places to explore from beaches to mountains. If you love outdoor a lot, you can go to almost any region in Indonesia to indulge yourself with fun activities such as hiking, climbing, trekking, paragliding, snorkeling, diving, surfing, and many more. There are many islands scattered around Indonesia. If you love more relaxed vacation, you can go shopping spree in Jogja or Bandung. The price is relatively affordable for high quality products. 

Indonesia also has many types of ‘one of a kind’ things. For example, only in Indonesia will you find Komodo dragona. They are one of the most ancient creatures to live on earth. You won’t find them in any other places but in Komodo Island in Indonesia. This creature is dangerous and deathly. You cannot just approach and pet them or you will lose your hand. Komodo dragons have poisonous saliva and powerful tail. They are true predator that you can’t see them without the local professionals who know how to handle them. 

Another reason why Indonesia a favorite place for travelling is because it is very affordable. Every type of travelers can come visit Indonesia without worrying too much about the expense. Many backpackers also love Indonesia for this reason. There are many affordable accommodation to stay in during your visit. The foods are also cheap especially when you buy it from local restaurants or street stalls. Transportation is varied and you can also opt for more affordable mode.

Komodo Snorkeling Spots For Sea Lover

One of the attractions of tourists visiting Labuan Bajo is a charming underwater spot. They call it a paradise for nature lovers. Beaches with unique sand colors, a variety of fish, and colorful coral reefs are the best spots for underwater photographers. Snorkeling spots on Komodo are no less interesting.

In fact, Komodo Island is not only famous for its rare reptiles but also for its underwater world. Komodo snorkeling is the best choice for tourists who are not certified as divers but can still enjoy the underwater charm.


Kanawa Island, KOMODO spot SNORKELING Favorite

Kanawa Island is in the middle of the waters on Komodo Island. It is 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo with beautiful natural coastal views. This small island is surrounded by coral reefs. This island has a very natural ecosystem with various kinds of marine life. The depth is shallow enough for tourists to snorkel.

Some of the activities that you can do besides snorkeling on the Kawana island:

  • Saw the sharks from the dock
  • Diving
  • Sunset
  • Hunting milky way


International media have placed Batu Bolong Reef as one of the best Komodo snorkeling spots in the world. This proves that Batu Bolong Reef has become one of the snorkeling and diving spots that you must visit when visiting East Nusa Tenggara. The underwater species at Batu Bolong Reef are very unique and you cannot enjoy them anywhere else. If you don’t have a diving certificate, don’t try to do it as the currents are always changing and strong.

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar Island has a size that is not wide but has a structure in the form of a stretch of white sand interspersed with thick weeds. Uniquely, this island appears at low tide. Considering that the waters around Taka Makassar Island are quite swift, make sure you snorkel with a guide.


Manta Point 

You should not miss this Komodo snorkeling spot. This spot is the residence of manta rays with various coral reefs and a variety of cute little fish. You can snorkel with satisfaction and enjoy swimming with manta rays around this area.

Tatawa Besar

In Tatawa Besar, you can also find manta rays. Rows of orange coral reefs are ready to welcome you. Some of the other fish you can find such as angelfish, cuttlefish, sweet lip, and eagle ray. You can also meet adorable hawksbill turtles. This Komodo snorkeling spot is quite safe because it has calmer ocean currents. Of course, it will be very safe if you do snorkeling in Tatawa Besar

Non-High Tech items You Probably Need For Future Trip


Travelling is often unpredictable in many ways. It is highly recommended to pack light but you still need some essentials for smooth travel. Some people choose high tech gadgets to company their trip. There is nothing wrong with that and you can do it too if you want. However, you don’t have to rely on those high-tech items either because without them, you can still enjoy your trip with ease. You can even go for non-high tech items to help you throughout the trip. 

Simple items you probably need for smooth travel in the future

There are basic items you are going to need for smooth travel such as clothes, gadgets, toiletries, documents, and some snacks. And these simple items are probably forgotten most of them time but they are very useful for your trip. What are those?

Kid kit

If you plan for a future travel with your kids, prepare kid kit that contains various items to keep your kids busy and entertained during travel. Kid kit usually consists of supply of things kids love such as puzzles, colored pencils, paper, and various travel-sized games to keep them happy. Make sure that the kid kit you bring contain items safe for kids use. Do not use items made with toxic materials. 

Swiss Army Knife


Swiss Army Knife is very useful for a trip especially when you plan for vigorous outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, trekking, etc. This pocket-sized knife can be used for various purposes. What about travel rule that ban travelers to carry knife? Well,you don’t have to carry the knife. There are some brands of Swiss Army Knife that gives you direct access to a bottle opener, a screwdriver, tweezers, a key ring, a toothpick, and a scissor. All in one handy device you can carry without taking too much space or weight. 


Organizer can be your life safer for a trip especially if you often forget things easily or misplace items carelessly. Organization system help you keep everything in place. Hence, you know where to find when you need something. You don’t have to dig in your bag haphazardly because everything is organized in one place. It can be used to store your electronic devices, cords, travel games, ear plugs, etc. Or, you can also use organizer to keep your skin care products safe. 

Lacrosse ball

You probably need to pack lacrosse ball as well. It is truly a miracle for travelers who are more prone to fatigue or muscle pain. Travel often strain your body causing many different kinds of pain. With this ball, you can pinpoint it to your tender muscles and massage them away for few minutes. The size just fits right to dig into problematic areas of your body. It is tough but not sharp, giving the right pressure to ease the pain away. Also, the size doesn’t take up space for you to store it inside your carry on bag. No need to take medicine to keep your body light and comfortable when you have this ball. 

NUSA DUA BEACH RESORT: 4 Cultural Things to Try

Bali might be known for its heart-stealing beaches, excellent breaks and surfing waves, and wonderful natural scenery in all over the island. More travellers fly to Bali in search for both blissful relaxation or instagram-perfect shots. Staying at beach resorts is just an obviously perfect choice (who doesn’t love waking up to the ocean and being pampered in luxury?). But when you stay at this resort, you won’t only experiencing a luxurious coastal living; you will also have the chance to experience the true Bali through its captivating cultural heritage. Here are four cultural activities you can do at the Nusa Dua beach resort. 

Don the Balinese Traditional Clothes in This Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Four Cultural Things to Try in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Have you ever seen beautiful ladies of Balinese looking so graceful in their pretty traditional clothes? Experience how it feel being a true Balinese through their traditional clothing. The women dress in white or brightly colored kebayas with a batik kamben, which is similar to a sarong, a sash tied around their waist, and flowers in their hair. White shirts, batik or songket kamben, and a saput overlay are worn by the men. It has a decorative border, which is typically white or patterned, as well as a sash and the Udeng, a traditional headdress.

Learn How to Make Canang Sari

You will notice many Canang Sari literally everywhere during your visit to Bali. These are floral spiritual offerings in a small coconut leaf basket that adorn Bali’s temples, sidewalks, home entrances, and any other location considered sacred by the Balinese people. Some can also be found on trees and sculptures. You can learn how to make a Balinese canang sari at Nusa Dua beach resort and what the various offerings mean.

The Hindu Balinese send the Canang Sari to the Gods every day as a way of thanking them for the balance and prosperity in our universe, which is renewed every day. The small offerings are the product of a lengthy handcrafted method in which women make the basket, assemble the donations in a meaningful arrangement, and sprinkle the canang with a jepun flower dipped in holy water in a symbolic fusion of the four elements. As smoke from burning incense brings the meaning of the offering to the Gods, the ritual concludes with a short prayer.

Participate in Melukat Ceremony 

Participate in Melukat Ceremony

Melukat, a purification ritual that purifies the body and mind, is said to dispel evil omens and ward off sickness and bad luck. The rite starts on the private beach, where guests are greeted by a Balinese priest dressed in traditional garb who guides them through the experience. The Melukat Purifying Ceremony of Nusa Dua beach resort takes place on the resort’s private temple and is a ritual to cleanse the body and soul, banish evil spirits, and bring good fortune. A Balinese priest guides guests through the experience, who are dressed in traditional attire.

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Join Balinese Cooking Class Hold by Nusa Dua Beach Resort

You cannot say you have truly visited Bali without getting a taste of the local food. One way to experience a culture is through food, especially in a place that’s famous of their belt-loosening cuisine. There’s more of Bali than Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng (which fame made its way to tourists’ t-shirts), and one way to bring the best of it is by indulging on a cooking class. In this resort, the talented chef will introduce you to basics of Balinese cuisine. You will try to create easy-to-cook Pandan roll pancake with coconut filling, Gado Gado which is Indonesian take of salad with peanut sauce, satay sticks, and many other local delicacies. Definitely sign up for this on your stay at the resort!

How To Stay Vegan While Travelling


Being vegetarian sometimes is not easy especially when travelling to different countries. It takes time to fully committed to vegan lifestyle while you are also being a frequent traveler. You don’t know the place you are going to visit and their and their foods. You don’t know if you can keep your vegan lifestyle in unfamiliar place. However, it is not impossible because there have been many full time travelers who are also vegetarian or pescatarian who have succeeded in making their vegan travel much easier. 

How to stick with vegan lifestyle when travelling

Always do your homework

Do your own research about the place you are planning to travel to ahead of time. Do not worry too much because there are many countries that are vegan and vegetarian friendly around the world. Do not feel like you are given limited option of where to go. For the tips, countries with tropical climates are easier for vegetarians. Because they have bunch of delicious fruits in wide variety that grow year around. 

Research for vegan-friendly restaurant


If you have picked your destination, find the restaurants or diners that are vegan friendly prior the trip. Hence, you don’t have to look around for hours looking for them when you have arrived. In many cases, you can request vegan foods in specific dishes in many restaurants. You can ask to eliminate the meat from the dish you want to order on the menu for example. 

Pack snack from home

Airport and airplane foods are not always vegetarian friendly. Hence, sometimes it makes it difficult for vegetarian travelers to just simply eat what they receive from the service. If you bring your own snacks you don’t have to worry about abandoning your vegan life or starving. Make sure that your snacks are healthy foods containing nutrition your body needs to stay healthy. 

Stay in lodging with communal kitchen

Book a place that has a personal or communal kitchen so you can make your own meals. Many accommodation don’t charge extra for it. Buy fresh produce from local market and prepare your own meals. Try local ingredients to be mixed with your favorite vegan ingredients. This way, you won’t miss out the cultural experience of authentic foods from the place you are visiting. 

Learn more about vegan alternatives

Learn substitutions so you have more alternatives about your vegan meals. For example, you can substitute chicken with tofu or mushroom, or fish sauce with soy sauce. it can be challenging if you just practice your vegan lifestyle. However, you can always learn and you will be able to master it over the time. 

Learn vegan terms in destinations’ local tongue

It is even better if you can learn terms or phrases in the local language of the country you are visiting because it can help you a lot when dining. For example, you can learn phrases that say “ I don’t eat meat/chicken/fish“.  you can also tell  a little  white lie to the staff of the restaurant by saying you are allergic to meat/fish, etc. Hence, they will take you more seriously. 

5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Bali Houses for Sale

For many property owners in Bali, owning houses and apartment is the most effective way to generate secondary income. However, with so many Bali houses set for sale, competition is always quite strong. You need careful strategy and thoughtful investment to put your property in top of the list. With informed decision, home designs and features could really set difference to your competitors and boost the value of your property which appeals to modern home buyers. 

Living Space as the Main Feature of Your Bali Houses for Sale

Living Space as the Main Feature of Your Bali Houses for Sale

When people are looking for Bali houses for sale, they are looking for something that screams vacation. Be it local Indonesian or foreigners planning long term settlements, most of these buyers want to see the typical Bali holiday houses that presents the flexibility of island living. In today’s market, larger living space definitely boost the value of a house. The house itself doesn’t necessarily need to be really big; you can strategically increase the amount of living space by designing an open floor plan. Consider going a serious renovation if your Bali house is still heavily partitioned like the old houses. You can also install more modern flooring, windows, doors, and others during the renovation. 

Kitchen as the Second Focus 

Kitchen as the Second Focus

Kitchen is still a major focus for most buyers and property-owners should catch on the trend of kitchenette to impress their audience. A modern kitchen with ample of natural light and following the open floor design is the ideal design for today’s home buyers. Invest on new set of appliance along with countertop and probably a kitchen island for a coordinated look. Many Bali houses for sale have revamped their kitchen with sleek design and latests appliance, so make sure you’re not falling behind the competition. 

Introduce Energy-Saving Technology 

Thirty-five percent of buyers in today’s property market are the millennials generation and they put more concern to energy-saving technology than boomers do. They would much prefer to look at Bali houses for sale that can significantly lower their energy costs. Since Bali has generally sunny and hot weather, you can try adopting the solar panel to harness the solar energy. Open floor design, large windows, and high ceiling are also some example of energy-saving design as it allows dwellers for less air conditioner usage and maximise the breeze to cool off the room. 

Incorporate Smart Technology to Bali Houses for Sale 

Incorporate Smart Technology to Bali Houses for Sale

Another way to add value to your Bali property is by incorporating smart technology to your design. However remember that smart technology is not the synonym of latest technology. More often than not, blindly following the latest high-tech features more bad returns than good ones because technologies tends to evolve quickly. You can still invest in smart TV (they can last up to five years), but you should really focus on smart system. Install AI-based and wireless features like door locks, security system, or lighting that occupants can access from their smartphones. This give an impression of high-tech home to your property and increase its value to 3-5%.

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Do A Paint Job 

Never sell a dull house and hoping for high benefit. A good paint job not only breathe a new life to your Bali property house, but also add significant value in the form of appeal. Design a concept for your house and do the paint accordingly. A creative paint job could bring a certain theme into live (e.g coastal vibe, industrial design, elegant modernism, etc) and highlight certain feature in the house. 

The Idea Of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

Travelling is about personal preference. Some people like to wander aimlessly and enjoy what they find throughout their entire adventure. However, it is also time to think beyond that. It is not about preference and style anymore but about the impact of what we choose. Travelling with a sense of freedom is amazing but if it bring negative impact to other people or environment then what you gain?

Travelling with purpose to gain meaningfulness 

Travelling with purpose will make your journey more rewarding and fulfilling. You don’t have to plan a big adventure to have a purpose. Sometimes, the simplest thing can cause a life-changing experience. Travelling with purpose however, is often mistaken as limit. It is not true because travelling with purpose doesn’t limit you from doing what you want or love. In fact, it brings you more such as more perspectives, more experience, more adventure, and more memorable memories. 

Of course, meaningful travel or travel with purpose is still personal perspective. You will experience the impact on yourself first. You will know what kind of reward you expect when you travel with purpose. For example, you travel to volunteer. You may gain different experience and rewards from others who are doing the same. The others might feel rewarded by having more friends but you might feel rewarded by being able to help those in need. The similarity is that you both gain something positive from your travel. 

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

However, keep in mind that volunteering is not the only form of meaningful travel you can do. As mentioned above, there are many ways you can do it so sacrificing your holiday time for solely altruistic purpose is not the only one. You can also embark on journey for self-discovery for example. It is a type of travel you do to find more about yourself, your potential, your strength, weakness, and everything within. It helps you grow as you experience many things during travel. 

You can travel with the purpose of learning new language for example. While learning new language, you are sharpening your cultural awareness. It helps open your eyes too see things from different perspectives. It helps broaden your mind to be not bound by one constricted idea. Travel with purpose can also make you become more optimistic with life even what you see sometimes are heart-breaking (for example seeing malnourished children or less fortunate people along the way). you feel more grateful, tolerant, and less rigid to how you see the world. 

Just like how you live your life, having purpose does matter in travel. Make sure that your purpose is not something destructing or damaging both to yourself and others. For example, you travel with the purpose of experiencing how to ride an elephant. It is not real purpose because what meaningful reward you can achieve at the end? It only brings more damage to the animal, environment, and society. Travel with purpose and responsibility should go hand in hand. This way, the positive impact is not only for yourself but also for others.  

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

Raja Ampat is a tropical paradise offering breathtaking white sandy beaches, stunning nature, and unique culture. When it comes to island hopping, there is a recommended place like Misool Island. The island is located on the west coast of the island of Papua and directly bordering the Seram Sea. Being one of the fourth largest islands of Raja Ampat, Misool features lots of stunning natural attractions. Misool has something to suit every traveler from picture-postcard beaches to amazing activities and everything in between. The stunning island features crystal water with its beautiful coral. No wonder, many travelers visit Misool Papua for some underwater activities like diving and snorkeling, and other fun water sports. So, here are 5 reasons to fall in love with Misool Island.

Misool Papua has fabulous beaches

The stunning beaches that Misool Papua has to offer are one of the main reasons that many travelers return to the island time and time again. The vast expanse of the white sand overlooks across clear turquoise waters where jagged karst rocks soar high into the sky. When in the Misool, just take your time and enjoy relaxing and dreaming on the stunning beaches. A trip to Misool Island can be a great experience for travelers.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

Discover the unique and incredible marine life

The water conditions around Misool are renowned for being some of the clearest and most beautiful you’ll find in all of Indonesia. In Misool, you’re sure to bedazzle by the pureness and diversity of underwater life. Misool island has some great and colorful reefs with both soft and hard coral. Here, you also can see reef fish, pelagic species, and mantas. The island also has three ponds with unpoisoned jellyfish.

Misool Papua has good weather all year round

Whenever you visit the island, one of the most important things to know is when the perfect time to visit is. For Misool Island, you won’t ever have to ask that question since it’s sunny all year round. The climate conditions are good all year round. If you just want to relax in a tropical paradise and do a few water activities around the island, then any time is great.

Awesome adventure

Misool offers great things to do for active types who want to immerse themselves in the pristine natural surroundings. Whether it is a scuba diving, cultural site, viewpoint, you can find them all in Misool. However, scuba diving is popular on the island because of the amazing visibility the clearwater provides.

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The natural beauty

Misool is absolutely stunning and you’re constantly surrounded by natural beauty. The scenery and views around Misool Islands are so unique that you will not be able to see them anywhere else in the world.

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Travelling during pandemic times is not encouraged. It is always best to stay at home as a prevention for more spreading. With vaccine being spread all around the world, people are starting to be more hopeful with the situation. The tourism industry is also slowly bouncing back. Many touristy destinations are starting to open either for domestic and international ones. However, you need to stay conscious with your travel habits during this anxious times.

Dangerous bad travel habits during pandemic

Hiding any covid-19 related symptom is a no regardless of how important your travel is. There have been reports about tourists who faked their RT-PCR test results just to be able to travel. It is dangerous action that can result in serious consequences. Even if you are very sure that you have no covid-19, you cannot fake the test result. You may be charged with criminal complaints later. 

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Ignoring health declaration forms and guidance before travel is a habit you should not have especially during pandemic times. It is inconsiderate thing to do during this times. You always need to be cautious and take necessary precautions to make sure that you and everyone safe. 

Another bad habit is not quarantining yourself after a trip especially when you just returned from a place that is flagged as covid-19 zone. Self-quarantine is a must upon coming back from a trip even if your local authority don’t make requirement for it. Remember that when you are living with other people, you have responsibility to act responsibly and not cause any harm to the others. 

Next bad, or even one of the worst habits is not wearing mask properly when travelling. When you are going out of home, keep in mind to always wear a mask and to wear it properly. Even though it has been a year since the pandemic hit, it is till going on. Many people wear a mask under their chin and it just defeats the purpose of the protective equipment. It is not only to protect yourself but also other people you encounter during the travel. 

Travelling with big group is not encouraged during this pandemic time. It is even worse if your travel buddies are not from the same household as you. You know that it complicates the situation and increase the risk not only for yourself but also for your travel buddies and other people you encounter. Also, do not shame your travel buddies who are not comfortable enough to travel yet. Some of your travel companions might not that comfortable to explore all places because they are still anxious about the situation. However, let them with their comfortable zone. 

Not practicing good hygiene is not only bad habit when travelling but on daily as well. When you cough or sneeze, always cover it. Also, do not leave your hand-sanitizer at your hotel room but putting it inside your bag so you can always use it wherever you go. Practice good hygiene as a decent human being.

The Benefits of Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trip

komodo diving liveaboard

Liveaboards is a very popular choice for divers visiting Komodo Island. Komodo diving liveaboard is the only way to truly experience the more remote and beautiful dive spots that exist on Komodo Island. Some divers say you haven’t had a proper diving experience until you have tried a liveaboard holiday. If you’ve not experienced a liveaboard trip before, here are five reasons why you should try it!

You can dive remote dive sites

One of the biggest benefits of a Komodo diving liveaboard is the chance to dive in remote diving locations the day trip can’t reach. A diving liveaboard is the only way to explore the dive sites which would ordinarily be inaccessible from land-based operators. With a liveaboard, you’ll explore a much bigger area.  Moreover, you have the chance to dive into some of the most untouched pristine dive sites on Komodo Island, often with the added bonus of sometimes being the only divers there. So, you’ll wake up every morning at a new dive site and trip effortlessly to different locations throughout the day!

komodo diving liveaboard

Less stress!

A lot of planning is usually done for most of the holidays. Start from organizing your accommodations, deciding where to eat every day, or finding a good dive operator. The boat’s crew will help you to organize the itinerary and prepare all you need. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard offers the chance to explore the land

Although most of your trip will be spent exploring the incredible underwater world. However, many Komodo liveaboards offer the opportunity for you to visit all kinds of natural beauty on Komodo Island that you normally don’t have access to. Liveaboard is an excellent way to dive, sleep, and eat. 

Multiple diving destination in one trip 

One of the best reasons many people love diving liveaboard is the fact they offer more dive dives per day than on land-based dive operators. Mostly, a land-based dive operator usually does a maximum of 3 dives a day. However, most liveaboards offer a minimum number of dives per day is 3, but often you’ll be diving 5 times per day. The liveaboard trip is all about completely immersing yourself in the blue ocean with its marine life. This unmatched freedom of movement gives divers the opportunity to embark on incredible multi-stop journeys with ease.

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Komodo diving liveaboard offers the chance to meet new people

Another reason to rent a diving liveaboard is spending your memorable holiday with like-minded people who are just as passionate about the underwater world as you. Everyone on the diving liveaboard trip will have a similar interest to you. With a boat, you have the chance to meet new people and to share new experiences. This situation is particularly advantageous for solo divers as you will always have a dive buddy during the trip!

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