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Avoid Screen Fatigue During Remote Work

Screen fatigue is one of the disadvantage of setting your work remotely with your team. Video experience for conference or meetings might lead your team to experience severe screen fatigue. They are on the screen almost all day to stay connected with you and others. Hence, the risk is higher. However, you and your team can combat it well with the right strategies. 

Online Conference

Dealing with screen fatigue due to remote work

You and your team might not only use video call for business conference and meeting but also for personal meeting. During this global pandemic, the order to work from home might be a double edges sword. It saves your time and money on transport. However, it increase the risk of you suffering from screen fatigue. This can be prevented and dealt with.

The increased screen time might lead to fatigue, depression and poor mental health. However, it is necessary to stay connected with your team. You can try some strategies to avoid them. For example, you can try scheduling your meeting for midmorning or later. It allows your team to settle in with everything they need. Thus, they don’t have to rush with device and other documents to prepare for the video conference so early in the morning. 

You can try limiting the number of video call. You don’t have to set up your meeting through video call all the time. You can also use a simple phone call especially if it is nothing too urgent to discuss with your team. Or, you can also communicate through emails if it is something that doesn’t need immediate response. Four to five video calls a day is considered enough. More than that number, you might be overdoing it.

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Schedule a video meeting where you and your team can discuss casually. For example, you can schedule a casual video conference once a week where you and your team can talk about other things outside business matters. This can be an opportunity to bonding. It is also a great chance for you as a leader to check up on your team’s well-being so you know how they are holding up with the situation. 

Schedules a time in a day where you and your team can have a ‘do not disturb moment’ and not always ‘online’ all day long. During those times, there is no video call allowed unless necessary or very urgent. It gives your team a silent moment so they don’t always on edge anticipating someone video-calling them. 

Make some adjustment of the default appointment length if possible. If you can cut the meeting from 30 minute to 20 minute, then do it. Flexible adjustment like this might appear insignificant but it can do wonder to reduce the stress or fatigue both for you and your team. This will also allow everyone to work on other things more efficiently since they have extra time. If possible, discuss about the ideal setting of video conference with your team.

The Safest Bali Real Estate Investment

In Bali Real Estate, purchasing a property has been generally considered as an matter of reputable and wellbeing. Thus, the discussion on which kind of investment is best has been working overtime. Even in the terms of stocks player, it’s hard to disagree the fact that investing in real estate is the most secure one.

Bali Real Estate

What makes it more secure? How real estate convince that this investment are in top level? Numerous question are wondering to be answered and here are the big reveal about how powerful and safe real estate investment can be.

Tangible Asset

Acquiring a real estate implies to purchasing a genuine property asset, a land of passive income. As theres no market that ensured against an emergency or tragedy. For instance, Bali real estate sector, the buyer would still have the asset an physical of the property for investment.

For example, in other scenario, you are moving abroad and cant live in the region of your property. Firstly you might think its poor decision to move, but you are still eligible to sell it with higher price to buyer. In the event that you prefer inventory rather than property, you will be left with nothing. Thats why real estate sector prospects better.

Long Term Appreciation of Bali real estate

Real Estate market is generally steady. However, the consideration remain on the rates that are continually rising high. Regardless of whether the property dont give a significant value of income in certain area. Otherwise, theres still a long term appreciation that rely on real estate investing.

Bali Real Estate | Living Room

In the event you surveyed several best option of property, you will have the plan to market it in the ten to fifteen years ahead. The main concern which drives property value is the price index that surround the property itself. For instance, the price index of the land, building material, seasonal effect which dynamically change overtime.

Achieving a profit is not the main objective in the long term. Furthermore, most investor favours for investment portfolio, sustainable business and financially stable. Regardless on how spacious or small your unit is, it might still produce high amount of quid. Some of them may vary from renting, leasing or sell it directly.

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Secure and Independent Bali Real Estate

After you acquire bali real estate, you will end up in more control of the unit, environment and other external factor. You could rebuild it in your own style without any restriction of the landowner. All of the property facility, furniture and unit is yours. Furthermore, you can upscale and add new entertainment that suits your lifestyle.

If you mind for investment or renting purpose, you could also renovate certain areas to add the property value in market. With this kind of improvement, your future buyer will trust the asset even more. Its a beneficial relationship between the property industry cycle, as the investment rate is constantly rising.

Clifftop Ocean View Villa For Future Investment

If you look forward for safest bali real estate investment, these option is the best than elsewhere. Stunning yet luxury private ocean view villa which located in a quiet and peaceful area of Ungasan. This marvellous villa features 4 spacious, cozy bedrooms with classy bathrooms. It is fully furnished and decorated in great taste with expensive furnishing and interior. These all provides luxurious sense and great comfort.

Bali Real Estate | Kitchen

Stand tall in building size of 330 sqm, this villa offers full facility and entertainment center. Ranging from spacious living area , dining room, full set kitchen, 6x3m of swimming pool, gazebo, garden. Moreover the installation of relaxation pavilions, complex 5-stars luxury spa facility, beach cinema , gymnasium , wine cellar and security from the complex.

With the complete list and a dream living of everyone could ask for, its the best time to acquire this amazing villa to your list. Enquire this villa with a November deal package which provide the best value rate and safest return on investment report.

Tips To Display Memories Collected From Your Trips


Travelers usually collect many stuffs from their trip consciously or not. If you are an avid traveler, you may not realized to have collected may stuffs from your trips such as tickets, room keys, etc. Instead of tossing them away, you can organize and display them in more interesting way. It can be a good idea as decorations as well. The global pandemic has brought our life at pause. Maybe it is time for you to reminiscence your past trips and organize your mementos. 

Tips to get your trip mementos in a cool way

The global pandemic has caused restriction to travel, making avid travelers and vacationers alike suffered from the need to take a trip. However, maybe you can use the time to dig in your stuffs collected from your previous trips. There must be many stuffs you have collected so far. Instead of letting them covered in dust, you can display them to make them more interesting. Here are some tips:

Pit things in cute jars


You may have collected white-sand or black-sand from the beaches you visited before. Instead of letting them inside plastic bag, you can pit them inside a cute jar. You can also insert other items to make it look cool such as your photos during your visit, or the pictures of your loved ones. It can be a great decoration to be displayed in your living room as well. 

Create a collage of tickets and everything

Make a collage of tickets you unconsciously collected from your previous trip. Throughout the trips you have gone, you may have collected many types of tickets such as entrance tickets to a tourist attraction, ticket bus or plane, or a ticket to special events. You can organize these mementos by making a cool collage. You can use anything to display your ticket such as a photo frame. If you have many tickets, choose larger frame. Then, use a map as the background so you can overlay your tickets on top. Put the ticket according to the place you got them on the map to make it look more interesting. 

Use binder for momentos


You can also use a binder to put all your mementos fro your previous trip such as tickets, boarding passes, photos, notes, restaurant brochures, etc. You can make separate binder to organize different items or put them in one binder. Choose your own style to make it look more personal. You don’t have to make everything fit in one binder. It is okay to have more binders. You can put them in your library where you and your guests can see.

Print photos on photobooks

You may have collected files of photo taken during your trips before. Instead of letting them stayed in your computer or phone, why not printing some of them and place them in a photo book. You can choose the size of the photos before printing. Or, you can add some flairs to make the photos less boring such as adding effects, captions, or layouts. Or, you can also make a photo collage in one large frame and make a special space to display it.

Bali diving spots; Underwater Adventures Post Pandemic Situations

Bali is one of the most famous Indonesian tourism destinations in the world. It has thousands of tourist attractions that is worth to visit. This Island of the God, is famous for its culture, culinary, and natural beauty but of course the most amazing place to visit are its famous beaches. The beach seems can offer a lot of things; the sunset, the coconut juice, a little bit of jazz sound like a goal vibe. But have you heard diving? Seeing the clear blue water underneath the sun, swimming with the fishes, the rainbow coral reef. Sound like a magical places isn’t it? Actually, Bali diving spots can offer at all in facts a lot of them. With all those options, you might wonder where to find good places specialy with the Covid 19 precautions. Bali has a lot choices of diving places in new normal era. Here’s a little guide to help dive in in the normal era.

Bali diving spots; Underwater Adventures Post Pandemic Situations

What Do You Want in Bali Diving Spots? `

First, you have to determine the place that you desire for diving spots. One of the best Bali diving spots in eastern part of the island is Pyramids. In the West, one of the best dive sites you should see is The Pemuteran Bio Rock. In the southeast, tourists can see the famed underwater Gods; the Ocean Buddha in Nusa Penida. 

Check All the Health Standards

Second, before you dive make sure you check list all the health standards imposed on the region. For example, follows general Indonesia’s regulation on which all travelers fill COVID-19 Health Declaration and Liability Release Form. You should send these forms to the dive centre prior to the departure. Every diver should also prove their dive liability by attaching COVID-negative test result from rapid or swab test.

Comply the Health Regulations

Comply the Health Regulations

Third, vistors are required to wear face masks to entering Bali diving spots. The Indonesian Government requires everyone to wear a face mask when in public. You will be required to wear face masks while at the beach and on boats. Everywhere you go, visitors need social or physical distancing is the mandatory especially in confined space like dive boat.  

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Check Body Temperature Before Going to Bali Diving Spots

Forth, visitors are required to check body temperature before entering Bali diving spots. Futhermore visitor are required to wash their hands on a regular basis throughout the day, this includes on arrival at the dive resort, in between guest interactions, before and after their breaks, and throughout the day as needed. The most important thing visitors don’t have to worry about the dive equipment.  The rental equipment will be thoroughly disinfected after each use according to the Indonesia’s regulations. 

The underwater is the safest zone for any divers. By continuing to work with government regulations and procedurer. It Aims to make sure that everyone is safe and you can enjoy diving holiday with Bali diving sports according to your desire.

Considerations Before Renting A Vacation Home

Many people start considering a vacation this summer. However, we all know that there are many things to consider to have a safe vacation. The situation regarding to the global pandemic is slowly getting better. Many places have lifted stay-at home orders, hence many people consider having a long-waited vacation. One of necessities for a vacation is accommodation. You may need to rent a vacation home. However, some precautions are necessary to take to keep you safe. 

Considerations Before Renting A Vacation Home

Things to consider before renting vacation home

Some travelers are still anxious to rent a vacation home due to the pandemic. There is still a chance of contacting and spreading virus even if the number of case is getting low. Some concerns are around cleanliness regulations and cancellation policies. So here are things to consider when you rent a vacation home for your holiday:

Find out more information about cancellation policy. Even if the situation is getting better, there are no clear time frame of when the virus will entirely stop spreading. We don’t know if there will be times when the situation is getting worse either. Thus, cancellation is still a probability. You have to read carefully and understand cancellation policies on their website. Also, look at the date stamp to see if the information is current or not. If the policies are suspicious or unclear, look for another vacation home. 

Sanitation is essential thing you need to consider for renting a vacation home. You need to know how the host maintain good hygiene and sanitation. The idea of cleanliness may be different from one person to another. However, there should be standards regarding to this especially with the current situation. Choose a vacation home where the host enforce rigid standards. Thorough cleaning is necessary for everyone’s safety. Even if the host maintain good hygiene and sanitation, you can bring your own supplies.

It is also wise to ask the host for cleaning supplies. Even if they properly maintain good sanitation, you may want to do the cleaning yourself upon your arrival or during your stay. Make sure that they provide cleaning supplies for you. Every rental may provide differently. At least, disinfectant wipes and hand-sanitizers are provided. 

It is also wise to consider buffer between rentals. Providing a buffer between renters is preventative way to minimize the risk of contacting and spreading virus. The host can clean and sanitize the house properly before the next renter arrive. It can also make you safer as a renter. 

Try to minimize physical contacts with your hosts or staffs. You can ask your host to allow you enter the house without interacting with others. It is also wise to research the local laws as well as plans. You need to know whether the law allows you to rent a vacation home in your destination. Another thing to consider is to bring your own linens and towels. This will make you feel more comfortable. You also are more sure about the cleanliness this way. 

Best Way To Enjoy Time In Villa Seminyak

When it comes to accommodation in Bali, it is now considered normal to book a luxury holiday in a villa or hotel where you can live like a king for a fraction of the cost of the hotel. Villa Seminyak has been replaced by hotels and hotels are now the preferred accommodation for families, groups, and honeymooners. 

luxurious villa Seminyak with private pool in a beautiful island

Villa Seminyak, A Great Accommodation for long term stay

Prices are great, which means younger couples can enjoy a villa in Bali without worrying about overspending. Surprisingly affordable villas offer a range of bargains, including a superb breakfast. There are even secluded private villas with perfect views of the rice fields. This makes it a good choice for families and couples with small children, but also for older couples. 

If you are planning a big budget trip, I advise you to take advantage of the lower prices in Bali and rent a private villa. Seminyak Suites Private Villa Astadala is the best budget villa in Seminyak, and this place will make you feel on cloud nine. If you want to combine luxury with thriving restaurants and accommodations, this could be the ultimate villa stay in Villa Seminyak. Rent a villa with a private pool and enjoy the peace and quiet of Bali directly in your own accommodation. 

A beautiful and huge selection of holiday villas are available in Seminyak, from open living rooms, private pools, and private beaches to make the ultimate Seminyak. If you want to go the route of private villas, here is a list of the best family run villas as well as private hotels and resorts in Bali. There is nothing better than to feel at home in the comfort of your own home with the tranquility, even if you are not a big fan of hotels, resorts, or even private residences. 

If you have a group and want to stay in a similar location but not at a villa price, or if you want sea views and a pool, you will want a private villa with an open living room, private pool, and private beach, not a hotel. 

If you plan to live in Bali, you can try to get a villa instead of a hotel room, and Airbnb tends to have a lot of villa options for that. If you just want to party and shop, book a stay in Kuta Seminyak for a few days or even a week. The best option is to fly to Bali and consider staying in a villa Seminyak, but if you decide to use it as a base to explore Bali and just want a place to relax, then a week is best. 

If you’re looking for other cool hotels in Bali, check out our list of the best hotels in Seminyak, as well as our guide to Seminyak and other places in town. 

If you like a beach holiday and want a luxurious villa where you can lounge by the pool and sip cocktails, Ulu is fabulous. Many people come here for the absolute luxury of the place, but a pool is not a requirement. In fact, many private villas in Bali have pools and can actually save a lot of money without sacrificing any additional luxury. Villas without pools in Bali are simple and minimalist, but we have no doubt that many of these people like the idea of a private pool in Seminyak because they like it.

If you just need a nudge in the right direction, pick a personal favorite from our all-around selection for the best villa in Bali. Read more about our blog about villas in Bali, check out our website and start your search for the perfect family Hopefully these tips will be enough to get you going in all directions. villas you book at the end, you can be sure that your stay in Bali will be a hell experience. We want you to work hard and enjoy your time in Seminyak, one of the most beautiful places on the island, but hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the best accommodations and great things to look for. 

Not all villas are the same, so you need to look at the many variables that are involved in adapting to your ideal villa rental. If you are thinking about booking a holiday in Bali and need advice on the best accommodation, please contact us. We recommend you to secure a hotel before you choose a villa So you can find a place, but if you are staying in a villa Seminyak, avoid all the hassle and just ask us if we can help you find the right place for you and your family in Seminyak. 

The reasons why people rent bad villas and why it is important for students in Bali to use reputable agents when booking their villas and accommodation. Please ask our villa reservation team questions to get more information about the best available options for your holiday in Seminyak and other parts of the country. 

Safe Air Travel During Global Pandemic

It is rather tricky to decide which type of travel is safe than others. Each of them has its own risks of contacting and spreading virus. However, you can always take precautions to minimize the risk. Travelling in some places are already allowed with stay-at home orders are gradually lifted. However, travelling safely is now a priority you cannot just ignore. It is not only to protect yourself but also the others. Thus, taking proper measurement before travel is always necessary to do. 

Have a safe air travel in the mids of pandemic

Have a safe air travel in the mids of pandemic

Air travel is often choose because it is one of the safest modes for travelling. Airplane itself is considered a relatively safe place because of the air circulation and filter. Thus, viruses don’t easily spread on the flights. However, the risk is still there especially when the flight is crowded. It makes it more difficult for travelers to maintain social distancing rules. Here are some considerations for safe air travel:

Airplane can potentially spread the virus

Remember that even though the airplane itself is relatively safe, it still a potential place for spreading virus between travelers. Thus, always be cautious when you have to take flight. Also, you will be spending time in the airport following security check and all. Getting in lines in inevitable and it can be worse if it is crowded. It can bring you to be in close contact with others. And that can be the beginning of virus spreading. 

Look at new regulations

Have a safe air travel in the mids of pandemic

Due to the current situation, there are new regulations and procedures every government of a country in the world implemented. Such as, every airport staffs wear a mask and protective gears to minimize physical contacts with travelers. However, it is not only applied to the staffs but also to the travelers. Thus, always remember to wear a mask or cloth covering. 

Prepare for strict health protocols

The TSA also has increased the standard of cleaning and disinfecting the areas of the airports especially at screening checkpoints. You may also notice some changes during the screening process. You are required to wear a mask while you are in the airport. However, TSA staff may ask you to adjust your masks for identification purpose. Also, you won’t have to hand your boarding pass to the staff but you have to place it directly on the scanner yourself. Then, you must hold it up for inspection. 

Carry a travel-friendly hand sanitisers

In the past, travelers are limited to bring any liquid. However, today the regulation has changed in which travelers can bring one container of hand sanitizer up to 12 ounces or about 350 ml in a carry-on. Of course, this hand sanitizer will have to be screened as well. 

Put your foods in plastic bags

It is highly advised to put your foods in a plastic bags instead of carry-on so it is easy to be placed in a bin for screening. As for personal items such as wallets, keys, phone, etc, it is best to place them in your carry-on to reduce the handling during the screening process. Also, make sure to wash your hands with soap before and after going through the screening. 

How to Enjoy Your Time in Komodo Yacht Charter

How to Enjoy Your Time in Komodo Yacht Charter

Yacht charter might used to be associated with the social elite, billionaires, and the royals. Basically those who were well acquainted with the high life and have enough time and money to access the planet’s most exotic destinations. Nowadays, yachting industry has made available for anybody with interests in voyaging. Even in the far flung Flores, East Indonesia, a number of tour companies are now offering Komodo yacht charter in rather affordable prices, if you compare it to Monaco, French Rivera, Galapagos, and other exotic destinations. 

In the remote Komodo, where mass development is prohibited by conservation rules, yacht charter offers luxury, comfort, and modernity to escape the stresses of life and explore the otherworldliness of Komodo. Here, we have compiled the essential guide to help you enjoy Komodo yacht charter like how it should.  

Wake Up Early and Immerse in the Magic of Komodo Yacht Charter

 Wake Up Early and Immerse in the Magic of Komodo Yacht Charter

There’s something magical about sunrise in Komodo. It’s about being in the moment as the whole landscape slowly wake up from their long night sleep. Ask your crew to anchor the boat in one of the island (preferably Padar or Gili Lawa) to watch the sunrise or enjoy it from the comfort of deck loungers on the Komodo liveaboard. See how the sky gradually changed into vibrant reds and oranges before turning into pastel purples and pink. Watch how rays of red and gold swept across the islets, unveiling the darkness.

Simple Lux on Taka Makassar

Simple Lux on Taka Makassar

Luxury could be so simple—and you’ll understand once you reached the Taka Makassar, a giant atoll that looks like a little island made entirely of stark white sands. Bring on your fancy floaters—the flamingos, unicorn, pineapple, or whatever shape you wish—because the surrounding waters is so shallow you could float nonchalantly. 

Relaxed Fun by the Pink Beach

As your Komodo yacht charter leaves the dragons’ nest and cruises down the island, you’ll definitely want to drop the anchor off the stunning strips of Komodos’ Pink Beach. Here’s the place where you can relax between the rose-hued sands, play on the clear water, or taking a plunge to the vibrant underwater. 

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A Night Under the Stars in Komodo Yacht Charter

A Night Under the Stars in Komodo Yacht Charter

Yes, you can watch starry night practically at any remote part of the earth. But where could you watch the starry night with the warmth of cushiony pillow, warm blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate on your side? Where could you see the shiny line of Milky Way on the silence of the ocean, without any landscape and any city-scape to disturb your view? You might watch the galaxy anywhere, but in Komodo yacht charter, you are ensured to have this little luxury of life in best way possible. 

Protecting Yourself And Others During Your Trip


Many places have lifted their stay-at home orders so people can travel again when necessary. Even though there are still many people who feel scared to travel again, many are ready to plan their trip either for business or leisure. One important thing that travelers should remember is to protect themselves and others. It is not about keeping yourself safe from contacting the virus but also about keeping others safe from the risk of infection. 

Safe trip to protect yourself and others

Before a trip, it is necessary to do your own research so you know what routes and precautions you need to take. You also have to look for information regarding to your destination. Of course, staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. However, if you really have to take a trip, consider these things:

Be informed about the virus in your destination 


You have to be informed whether the virus is spreading in your destination or not. You also need to be aware whether is is spreading in your community. If it is, you may not realize being infected and spreading the virus to your destination. You also need to be aware of procedures for safe trip such as maintaining 6 feet with those you are travelling with. You also need to know if your destination require visitor to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days after travelling. 

Check your health first

Before you go, make sure that you are in a good condition. If you are currently sick (even not related to coronavirus), it is best to stay at home instead of travelling. The chance of getting infected by the virus is higher when your immune system is weaker. It is also wise to not travel if you have been around with people or someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. 

Take the health measure seriously

During your trip, taking precautions is still necessary. Practicing good hygiene is essential because good sanitation can prevent and minimize the risk of contacting and spreading the virus. During your trip, always remember to wash your hand especially after you have been in public space. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and rinse them with clean running water. Or, use hand sanitizer thoroughly with at least 60% alcohol. 

Don’t touch faces and minimise contacts


Minimize any physical contacts with other travelers. It is also advised to avoid touching your nose, mouth and face area with your hands. Thus, it is a must to wear a mask. Aside from protecting you and others, a mask is also like a reminder for you to not touch your face. In public places such as station,keep 6 feet distance from others to minimize the close contact. 

Be more cautious when you sneeze or cough

Don’t cover it with your palm but your arm. Your palm is prone to touch. If you cover your sneeze or cough with your palm of your hands, it increase the risk of spreading virus because you may have contacted it prior. There is not truly a safer type of travel than others because every alternative has its own risks. However, take necessary precautions to stay safe.

How to take advantage of Bali property for rent?

Did you know that everything in Bali can be used for profit? The price of a car or property at Buy is fairly stable. This is because Bali is a tourist destination and destination for foreigners from many countries. In fact, when many people come on holiday to Bali, especially those who think like business people, they will see many opportunities for profit. Bali property is a favorite of businesspeople. Even many business people use it to get profits.

Bali property for rent with premium facilities

Bali property for rent to rent it back

How come? Everything is possible! Many business people invest their money to buy a property. They do not occupy it and only come once a year when the holidays arrive. This is an opportunity many business people see to rent and then lease it back. You don’t need to own property to be able to rent it. This will be very beneficial especially when the high season comes.

Bali is not only visited by domestic travelers but is very popular internationally. Many foreigners not only take vacations but also come to Bali for workers. Usually, they bring their families the following year. Automatically, they must rent the property as a whole for themselves and their families.

This is a golden opportunity to gain profits. If you are thinking business, looking for Bali property for rent is not to be lived in but to be rented to foreign or ex-pat. Most foreign workers will hire for a long time adjusting their employment contracts. It’s possible when their work contract is completed. Usually, the rental period is 3-5 years. You only need to pay attention to maintenance or repairs when there is damage. There are also several owners who provide conditions that the tenant will repair all damage while occupying Bali property for rent.

This can be a benchmark for you as the owner of Bali property for rent to provide conditions. Of course, all requirements must be based on the agreement of the owner and the lessee. At the very least, this will benefit the owners of Bali property for rent without having to incur additional maintenance or repairs.

Most foreign workers like property in the form of villas. The villa gives them privacy and comfort. Most villas offer complete and modern facilities such as swimming pools, internet connections, semi-outdoor living rooms, and a variety of bedroom choices. This can be a guide for those of you who want to try doing business in the area of tourist destinations and get profits. Well, if you have the opportunity to earn extra income, why not? The advantage of Bali property for rent that it is proper for your rent back so that there is no need for repairs. You can hire staff to carry out regular maintenance and charge it to third parties.

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