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Dream Trips To Plan While Waiting For Pandemic To End


Dreaming about your next trip is not a sin. You can do it now even though the situation has not allowed you to make it true. You can dream big and plan your trip while waiting for the vaccine to work in ending the pandemic. In fact, you can plan for a trip that was only your dream before due to the impossible budget. You can plan your dream trip while saving money so once the pandemic end, you can afford your dream trip without problem.

References of dream trips you can start planning

Luxury trips are usually on the list of dream trips. It sounds like a dream to be able to have a luxury vacation after a long isolation period. You get to relax and enjoy fun activities with premium service. Your budget might not allow you to have luxury trip now. But while you are dreaming, save up and plan it thoroughly. Dreaming doesn’t cost you money so do it big. 


Private plane tour of the national Parks doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, having a national park tour across the US is such a big dream. You don’t have to drive but get on the plane instead. It is possible to have this kind of tour with TCS World’s Travel’s Winter Tour of the National Parks. This tour is customizable so you can set arrangement that suit your preference. This tour allows a group of 4 to 12 people to get into designated private jet and have a 10-days adventure across the national parks. During the tour, you can go wolf-tracking or snowshoeing. $29,000 per person is not cheap but worth it for this trip. 

You can also dream of having an escape to Caribbean with the Ultimate Caribbean Escape package that offer a full month of luxury experience. The package includes a private jet transfer, luxury accommodation, and daily gourmet to meet your personal culinary preference. This is a type of luxurious vacation you can dream about. Throughout the vacation, you will be served with the ultimate services with variety of over-the-top facilities to enjoy. Of course it is not cheap because it costs around $90,000 per person. If you want to add more luxury to the list, you will have to pay even higher than that. 

An adventure to Sheldon Chalet at Denali National Park’s Ruth Glacier. Imagine yourself sleeping on the glacier perched on a mountain ridge 6,000 feet above. This place is accessible only via helicopter and you can only visit at the designated times which is in mid-September through mid-April. So maybe you can plan this dreamy adventure for the next year until the situation with global pandemic is deemed safe. Oh, you will also get to view Aurora Borealis vividly during this adventure. The price for this adventure is around $35,000 per couple for a minimum of three-night stay. There are many activities to enjoy included sledding, spelunking, hot springs, etc.

Exploring the Underwater Wonders of Kri Island


Located within The Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is the place where one could enjoy scuba diving to its fullest. Raja Ampat is known to have many gorgeous islands, with abundant marine life and colorful coral reefs. The view of breathtaking cliffs, the immaculate beaches, and lush vegetation come along with it as a whole for you to have a peaceful time there. There are numerous dive sites that you could visit in one Raja Ampat trip. However, the best and most popular is scuba diving in Kri Island. This stunning island offers a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience for everyone to enjoy.

Scuba diving in Kri island

Kri is a small island, located in Meos Mansar District. This small island is one of the most accessible and busiest islands in Central Raja Ampat. Although small , Kri is bustling with life and record-breaking, dream-like coral reefs. Many divers say that Kri’s reefs are the best in Raja Ampat. The corals are scattered all over diving spots in Kri. Coming to the season, the most popular diving season in Kri is going from October to April. You’ll find less rain and better visibility during those months. Actually, water temperatures are consistent at 80F~86F degrees year-round. Then the visibility generally ranges between 30 to well over 70 feet.

This island is also known as one of the best diving destinations to see lots of beautiful fish. So, are you yearning to spot a specific species of reef fish?  No, worries. They’re here. Are you a macro lover? For instance, colorful nudibranchs, crabs, and shrimps? Awesome, pack your camera and book your flight now. Shark enthusiast, don’t hesitate. Here, you will find rare species of Blacktip and Wobbegong Shark.


Why diving in Kri?

  • Kri Island offers a wide range of dive sites. There are plenty of dive sites around Kri. For instance, Cape Kri, Melissa’s Garden, Mike’s Point, and Manta Sandy. Every dive spot brings its own charm and adventure along with the different marine creatures that you will find around Kri.
  • Kri has an amazing underwater world and marine diversity. Discovering Kri’s underwater world is truly an incredible experience. A diving trip gives you the chance to find marine life that you have never witnessed with your eyes before.
  •  Diving in Kri provides a serene and peaceful experience. Diving is a perfect way to get away from all the noise and the troubles in the world. No phones ringing and no talking will give you a sense of peace. As soon as you swim into the waters, you hear nothing but your own breathing underwater and the crackling of the coral reef.
  • An opportunity to make new friends. When you dive in Kri, you have the chance to meet like-minded people to share your love of oceans with!

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Rewarding Routines of Highly Effective Travelers


To be the highly effective travelers doesn’t happen overnight. It requires you to travel more and develop rewarding habits and routines along the way. Your vacationing skills surely will develop over the time. It is okay that you make mistakes here and there every time you travel in the beginning. You will get better and become a savvy traveler someday.

Routines you can adopt to be highly effective travelers

Just like how successful people develop their own habits, highly effective travelers are also the same. By developing good habits, travel will be more rewarding, at least, you won’t get to experience too many mishaps and hassles. So here are some of routines that many highly effective travelers have and you can try to adopt start from now:

Highly effective travelers always pack smart. They can travel anytime because they are always prepared. They have their toiletries already packed in their suitcase. They have their carry-on bag packing list ready so they can just look at it and start packing. If you travel a lot like a weekly travel, having all those ready can help a lot in making your travel smoother and easier. You can avoid any pre-vacation stress. 


Checking in early is also one of habits that highly effective travelers develop. They like being efficient so they don’t waste their time or even money for waiting. You can get in a habit of setting an alarm to remind you of your airline’s online check-in schedule. This way, you can select the seat you want without paying extra. Do not wait check-in until the last moment if you don’t want to get bumped from oversold flights.

Highly effective travelers always build downtime. They know that there is no benefit in cramming hundreds different activities into tight itinerary. Hence, you can also adopt this habit and leave some downtime in your schedule. There is no good thing happen when you are over-exhausted. You will only end up getting sick or too fatigue to continue and fully enjoy your trip. 

The habit of doing homework before the trip is also what highly effective travelers develop. It makes them get to the trip easier because they are already filled with necessary information. They know what to expect. They already have good references for activities or local restaurants to enjoy later. You might love the element of surprise. However, travelling is better when you are prepared if you don’t like receiving bad surprises. 

You can find references from guidebooks. However, do not rely fully on them. Instead, you can integrate yourself with locals just like how highly effective travelers do. You can have a friendly chat with the locals and ask for recommendation of interesting places that many tourists might not know. You may discover things that don’t even exist in the guidebooks. Also, interacting with locals allows you to get to know more of the locals and their culture. And who knows, maybe you can make friends as well. 

Tanaka Liveaboard to Komodo National Park with Kids, Tips & Tricks

Tanaka Liveaboard

Are you planning a liveaboard trip to Komodo National Park with kids? That’s awesome! This national park is one of the hidden jewels of Indonesia. Its amazing landscape and various fauna make it a unique destination for nature lovers and adventurous. Komodo Island is well known for the giant dragons, it is also growing as a must-do dive destination in the world. The best way to truly experience the exotic, remote, and pristine dive sites that exist in Komodo National Park is by Tanaka Liveaboard. A liveaboard trip can be an excellent opportunity for children to learn something new about life on the sea, wildlife, and nature. But, is sailing with kids safe? Yes, of course! Here are some tips and tricks which should make this liveaboard journey more relaxed for both kids and parents!

Talk to your kids before climbing onboard

Much like in your house, there must be rules. Explain to your kids what the safety features are, and why it is important for them to obey the rules. For instance, no leaning overboard, just be sitting when sailing unless you tell them otherwise.  You can always tell them you’ll reward them with chocolate or candy later. That usually does the trick!

Don’t forget to bring medical supplies

You know your children and what tends to trouble them. So, when going on the Tanaka Liveaboard trip, make sure to bring the medicine they respond to the best. Pack all the medical kits for your whole family. Keep in mind that you are on a boat, more than likely in a remote area. It could take a lot of time to get ashore.

Tanaka Liveaboard

Make a play area on Tanaka Liveaboard

It is necessary for a kid to have a play area. Furthermore, the great area for a kid onboard is the indoor room. The kids will have enough space for playing, watching cartoons, or coloring. The picture book is ideal for a sailing trip. Play area to kids is as important as their safety onboard. If they aren’t entertained on board, they will have a worse time and wouldn’t want to go sailing again.

Bring plenty of sunscreen

Bringing skin protection is a must. Children’s skin is much gentler than their parent’s skin. Make sure to pack a lot of sunscreen with a high SPF. Keep your kids safe from the sun with sunscreen, hat, and a long sleeve shirt. Sunburns tend to be pretty uncomfortable and they are even worse for the kids.

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Make routes short for Tanaka liveaboard trip

If this trip is the first time for your kid, you wouldn’t want to shock them with a long sailing trip. It’s absolutely amazing for us grown-ups, but the children get bored more quickly. So, make your first routes short and unforgettable. Take plenty of time to just go to the land and play on the beach.

Most Common Causes of Injuries While Travelling

Most Common Causes of Injuries While Travelling

Travelling is unpredictable so always prepare yourself to think quick but stay calm. Many people are afraid of a terrorist attack when they are planning to visit a place they have never been to before. However, terrorist attack is not the common cause of injury of travelling abroad. You are more likely to choke of food, being struck by lightning, or getting drowned rather than being involved in terrorist attack or shark attack.

Causes of injuries of travelling and how to deal with them

Neglecting proper safety warning and protocols when taking off with vehicle you know nothing about during your travel abroad. Jumping on any vehicle you see while in different country without any proper instruction can lead to injury, accident, and even death. If you are taking adventurous activities such as rafting, jet skiing, riding a scooter, etc, always wear protective gear and follow the instruction.

Most Common Causes of Injuries While Travelling

Transfer trauma is also listed as the most common cause of injury while travelling. It is when you step off a bus or train and you lose your footing causing a nasty fall. Before getting off your transport, always be mindful with your steps. Make sure you are stepping on the safe platform. Also, try not to step off in a hurry.

Forgetting or purposely neglecting necessary medication just because you are travelling is totally wrong. Keep in mind that just because you are going to different place doesn’t mean your health problems suddenly will disappear or take a break. Always bring your medications and take them during your travel no matter what.

Lethal cocktail is also common cause of injury for many travelers while abroad. Excessive alcohol can lead to many kinds of disaster because you will have poor judgement. Alcohol consumption is better to be limited when you are travelling abroad especially when you are not familiar with the place. There is high risk that you injure yourself such as falling off a balcony, getting struck by a car, or having alcohol poisoning.

Feeling adventurous and doesn’t know your limit can lead to disaster. You can be adventurous during travel but make sure you know when your body needs to rest. Forcing yourself to do something your body can’t afford will cause mild strain to severe injury. If your body start to ache or feel uncomfortable, take a break.

Food poisoning is a common incident happen to many travelers especially when they are travelling aboard. They are just diving into any foods they find without calculating the risk based on their own diet, allergy, and hygiene. Food poisoning can go from mild to serious condition. If you are going food hunting, select food carefully. Choose deep-fried foods if you are unsure. Also, choose a food stall that has long line of customers.

Various injuries during travel can be prevented if you can make smart judgement. Therefore, it is recommended to always pay attention to your own well-being and prioritize your own safety before anything.

Diving Komodo, Enjoy Komodo Popular dive sites!

Diving Komodo

Komodo island is a famous holiday destination in Indonesia. Some people come to Komodo Island just for the sand, the sun, to see the unique Komodo Dragons and other wildlife. But mostly, they come to explore the fantastic dive sites in Komodo. Diving Komodo is on every diver’s Bucket List. The diving season is all year round, but if you can choose, the best time to dive on the island is during the “dry” season, between April and December.  If you are looking for a new destination to explore, consider Komodo for your next diving trip. Read on to find out about the best dive sites in Komodo!

Diving Komodo to Manta Alley

Manta Alley is one of the famous dive sites on Komodo Island. Manta dive site is a cleaning station for the gorgeous creatures of manta that come hanging around to get their parasites eaten by cleaner wrasses. Therefore, this dive site is the best place to dive with magical manta rays.  Even the beautiful manta rays are not around, the dive is still perfect with many wrasses, a school of giant trevallies, and reef sharks! Here, you also can spot the colorful coral with rich invertebrate life.

Location: South of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10- 30 m

Level of experience: Experienced diver

Diving Komodo

Yellow Wall

Yellow wall is another excellent dive site in Komodo. This dive site is indeed quite yellow, due to the numerous brightly colored sea cucumbers and feather stars. The yellow wall sites are well known for their macro life and a paradise for underwater photographers. For those of you who are not looking for macro life. No need to worry, the ambiance remains wonderful and you may spot some cool stuff in the blue!

Location: The south of Rinca Island

Depth range: 20-35 m

Level of experience: Entry-level

Diving Komodo to Crystal Rock

Crystal rock is one of the popular dive sites of Komodo National Park. The marine life in Crystal Rock is excellent with blacktips sharks, napoleon wrasse, whitecaps, and grey reef sharks deeper. This dive site is a perfect place to dive with sharks! When diving with no current, you have the chance to explore the saddle connecting the main rock to a pinnacle.

Location: The north of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10 – 30m

Level of experience: Experienced divers

Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is another signature dive spot in Komodo. Nothing much to see at the surface. You can just see a small rock with a hole in it, but below, the giant rock drops to 70 m and features big schools of fish. This dive site is full of all kinds of marine life with great coral. Many pelagic fishes like giant trevallies and napoleon are hunting around the divers. Here, you also can spot large turtles and some white tip sharks sleeping on the slope.

Location: The north of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10-75 mLevel of experience: Experienced

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Tatawa Besar

This place is a dive site with an endless bed of orange corals. Here, you can spot a dazzling array of amazing tropical fish species that inhabit a coral garden. You can see some of its incredible marine life including hawksbill turtles, angelfish, giant manta rays, eagle rays, and sweet lips.

Location: The north of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10-25 mLevel of experience: Intermediate to advanced level

Things You Should Do at Hotel Checkout


Checking out of a hotel after your stay sounds like a simple thing to accomplish. You don’t really have to deal with anything major to consider a hassle. However, it is sometime the one thing that trip ups travelers, even the experienced ones. Mishaps during hotel checkout sometimes happen specially when travelers are in a rush. The mistakes can be costly so it is better to do the checkout process right.

Tips to do hotel checkout seamlessly

Always double-check your bill before leaving. You may have heard about hotels taking hidden fees, making guests pay for something they don’t realize using. For example, hotel charges their guests for snacks and drinks from minibar they didn’t even touch during their stay. This mishaps can be avoided if you double-check your bill when checkout. Always scan your bill to see correct payment. It is possible that hotel staff make an honest mistake such as charging you with the wrong room number. Therefore, always be diligent to check everything until it is clear.

Rushed packing can put you in big regret because it is highly likely that you leave something behind. It may not be a big deal if you only leave a toothbrush or a slipper. However, it is a huge problem if you leave your passport or valuable items. Try not to pack in a rush. It is better to pack a night prior your leave so you still have time to list everything before checkout.

Always calculate the time when you have to catch your flight with the time you checkout from your hotel. Sometimes, hotel checkout takes only a few minutes. However, it can take longer if there are many guests who are also checking out. You may end up arriving late to your airport. Avoid popular checkout times. It is better to have extra time and being early rather than late. You can always fill your time waiting by doing something you like such as reading, scrolling down your phone, etc.

If you are budget traveler, it is best to avoid taking a cab called by the hotel. It is convenient and practical because you just have to wait. However, the fare can be very higher than usual. Therefore, it is better to prepare your lift prior to your checkout so you don’t have to ask hotel staff to call a cab. Also, you can save a few buck to tips hotel staffs instead of for paying overpriced cab.

Avoid overstaying because it can put the hotel staffs and yourself in trouble. It may sound like harmless to overstay for just one hour. However, hotel applies checkout time clearly to ensure they still have time to clean the room for the next guests. Also, overstaying may result in extra fee you have to pay during checkout. Therefore, it is always safe to checkout on time. This way, you can avoid unnecessary problems. If you need extra time, always inform the front desk in advance to see if they can offer something.

5 Reasons You Should Try a Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Island is a popular year-round destination from ancient species to white sandy beaches and lush hills. This stunning island is also known for its great assortment of liveaboards catering to all kinds of budgets for adventure, divers, honeymooners, luxury seekers, and much more. Komodo liveaboard is an ideal way to explore Komodo island. It is much like a floating hotel with different experiences offshore and onboard. Choosing a liveaboard trip, be it for a day or a week, offers you a glimpse of the colorful life. Here are the five reasons why you need to experience it!

Offbeat trip in the Komodo Island

With the constantly changing sight, shades of blue all around, and the glorious sun bright, a trip with Komodo Liveaboard is packed with countless Instagrammable moments. When traveling on a boat, you have the chance to access Komodo’s hidden spots. These experiences leave you in a state of permanent wonderment.

Plenty of activities on Komodo Liveaboard

The ocean around you is brimming with opportunities, and to miss out on them. It is a big mistake you do not want to make.  Diving on a liveaboard is the best-notch experience as most of the boats are well equipped with high-quality diving equipment. Besides diving, you have chances to participate in water activities. You can go snorkeling or kayaking. Otherwise, take out your yoga mats and enjoy a good session of stretching as the sun rises in the morning.

Must do for divers

Amazing marine life and the blue ocean are the main reasons the Komodo is such a popular diving destination. Wake up every morning in a new place and explore up to 10 different sites on the Komodo trip. The liveaboard trip is all about diving. If you’re looking to take your diving to the next level, then your next holiday really should be on a liveaboard.

Komodo liveaboard trip is easy to plan

When planning a holiday, deciding where to eat, where to stay, what to do, and how you will get there can be stressful. Planning a liveaboard is incredibly easy to do because liveaboard holiday packages together transportation and accommodation. The crew of the liveaboard will organize the itinerary and perform all the logistics for you so all you have to do is turn up. It also offers great value for your vacation dollar because the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip. Such as food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment, and transportation between travel destinations.

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Make friends

Perhaps the best part of a liveaboard holiday is that you get to do this with a small band of like-minded people. Everybody has decently a similar opportunity to converse with one another and develop new kinship on liveaboard trips.

Using Plastic Bags Cleverly For Your Travel

Plastic bags can be very useful during your travel. However, it is important to not carelessly throw them in inappropriate places. Travel bags can be used for various purpose to make your travel easier. Hence, you can throw various plastic bags in various size in your suitcase. They are cheap, reusable, and waterproof. Therefore, there are many things you can do with them during your trip. 

plastic bag

How to use plastic bags cleverly during a trip

Plastic bags are known to be bad for environment and one of the things you can do to minimize its waste is by reusing them for various purpose instead of just throwing them after one use. Therefore, collect plastics and don’t throw them away immediately.  

If you travel during rainy season, plastic bag can be your life save on the road. You can use it to keep your phone from getting wet. You can put your phone or any digital devices into the plastic bags before putting them in your pocket. This way, you can still access your phone without fearing of getting it wet from the sudden rain. Do not throw the plastic after use. You can dry it in your hotel room so you can reuse it later. 

Plastic bags can be used to separate wet and dirty items from the clean and dry ones. For example, your bathing suit is wet after a swim and you don’t want it to wet other items in your bag. Hence, you can put it inside a plastic bag before storing it into your bag. It is even better if you bring a large zip-top plastic bag since it won’t leak. You can always use it to put your dirty laundry during travel.

Plastic bag can also be used to keep your travel documents safe. Of course, you can always rely on travel document organizer but if you don’t have it, you can sue plastic bag instead. This way, you can safely put your travel documents inside the plastic bag and you won’t have to worry of them getting wet when unexpected rain pours. 

If you don’t have compression storage bags, you can use plastic bags to compress your clothes for light travel pack instead. Putting your clothes inside plastic bag can help press all the air out, which make your clothes more fit into your suitcase. It gives more space as well inside your suitcase so you can put more your travel essentials. 

You can also use plastic bag to clean after your pets if you bring them for the trip. Your furry travel buddy has their own needs during the trip. However, you cannot just let them do it without cleaning up after because you are responsible parent and traveler. Hence, use plastic bag to clean up after your furry travel buddy to keep the environment clean. You can also pit your own creativity to use plastic bags to make your trip easier without endangering the environment.


Are you thinking of Bali for your next holiday? Then Seminyak is the first choice from which to explore. As one of Bali’s hippest districts, visiting Seminyak is a must. Seminyak is exceptionally dynamic, colorful, calm, and vibrant. It’s a beautiful place where foodies, beach addicts, party lovers, and families mix to enjoy the atmosphere that’s so unique to this beautiful beach town. Seminyak is also a paradise for the shopaholic. You cannot call yourself a shopaholic unless you’ve come to Seminyak at least once in your life! Be it modern or ethnic, the summer collections available from Seminyak designer store are perfect for any summer day worldwide. If you are staying in Seminyak village, you can not escape it. So grab your credit card and stay at Seminyak Villas for a fabulous holiday.

Seminyak Villas for a fabulous holiday.

What can you expect from Seminyak villas?

There are so many unique places to stay, in Seminyak is no exception.  The beauty of Seminyak Bali is that there are heaps of luxury Seminyak Villas to choose from. You can pick precisely the perfect villa to match your budget and personal taste. There is always something going on in the Seminyak area, and many travelers find themselves staying in their private villa to experience the real holiday feeling. Comfortable and intimate, staying in a hotel doesn’t compare to the memorable experience of staying in a private villa in Seminyak. Besides that, the villas come in a vast price range, and it may even be cheaper to stay in a private villa than in a resort or hotel, especially when traveling with groups.

Seminyak Villas offers chic exclusivity to the discerning traveler. The villas are also equipped with luxurious facilities like five-star-rated resorts and hotels. It becomes a perfect choice for couples, friends, or families who are seeking the ultimate leisure in serenity in Balinese hospitality. No matter where your villa around the Seminyak area is. The villa provides spacious living facilities, a kitchen, modern home conveniences, and an outdoor garden. It also has private swimming pool facilities in each villa. Having your villa with a private pool, you can enjoy your own time while also experiencing all the perks from the world-class service.

Some of the villas offer meditation and yoga classes. It helps to calm your mind and soul to connect with your spirit and back into harmony. You can also taste join cooking class, where you can discover the secret to the delightful and tasty recipes of Indonesian foods. Setting a stay at Seminyak will not make you regret it. There is a lot of fantastic entertainment. It is the place for you to experience the very soul of this heavenly island.  

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