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Top Destination Scuba Diving Vacations For beginners

Indonesia is popular as an archipelago and there are certainly many of the best dive spots to explore. Each dive site offers a different feel. This is the reason why many addicted professional divers trap many dive sites. Maybe people think diving is only for professionals. Scuba diving vacations for beginners are available and are intended for those of you who want to try fun and stressful activities.

scuba diving vacations for beginners

The Most Exotic Spot Scuba Diving For Beginners

When asking for the best dive sites in Indonesia, there will be many answers to that. Starting from Jakarta, Bali, Manado, to Raja Ampat. Under the sea of Bali, it is endless to explore. Don’t be afraid to try, especially for those who have never tried diving. Dive sites will teach and help scuba diving vacations for beginners until you succeed. Many dive sites with strong currents are especially specialized for professional divers. But don’t be discouraged because even beginner divers can enjoy the extraordinary spectacular underwater scenery.

Raja Ampat

Who doesn’t know the Raja Ampat destination. For divers, Raja Ampat is a mandatory spot that must be visited. This one spot is indeed known for its heavy flow and must always pay attention to the often changing weather conditions. Some dive sites are perfect for teaching beginners to those who are not licensed diving.


One of the islands with the best underwater scenery with typical school fish and perfect for beginner divers. The scuba diving vacations for beginners package is right because you can step down under the sea in 2 meters, 4 meters to 15 meters for beginners. Take advantage of the scuba diving lessons for beginners to spend your holiday. There is no word of diving and seeing the popular and worldwide beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat.

Island of the Gods, Bali

You are a beginner but want to be able to enjoy underwater charm with a shipwreck? You can go to the Island of Gods and look for scuba diving vacations for beginners. If you are a beginner and have not been certified, do not dare to try diving without experienced and professional instructors. Japanese shipwrecks in Amed can be explored around 10 meters from the edge.


Located on one of the islands in Indonesia, Southeast Sulawesi which has 29 safe dive spots for beginners. Wakatobi has a tranquil flow and is perfect for starting scuba diving for beginners. Wakatobi is a national park that has 112 coral species and is spread over 25 coral reef groups. There are also 790 of the total coral species in the world.

5 Location Haunted in Jakarta

Haunted is no longer creepy. Many programs exploring haunted tours are increasingly popular from day to day. In fact, many people deliberately go to the anger location to prove whether the ghost really exists. Or maybe exploring a haunted place provides its own mystery sensation for horror lovers. Urban areas cannot be separated from haunted areas. Jakarta is one of the cities with many Dutch buildings and is included in haunted buildings. Let’s explore.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

It was built during the era of President Soeharto’s, which presented Indonesia in a mini version complete with traditional houses from each province. Behind the beauty of the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah when seen in bright times, is also famous for its awesomeness. The guards often see strange apparitions, either in the bridge or in the museum.

It is said that some children had swum in the lake area at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah but were not seen anymore and even their bodies did not return to the surface. So, do you dare to enjoy a haunted atmosphere or maybe see a ghost appearance at Taman Mini?

Bapennas Building

The building that has been occupied since the 18th century is known and trusted where the Freemasonry sect performed various strange rituals. The old-fashioned nuances of the Bapennas building further add to the haunting impression that some people believe. Considering that the Bapennas building is still used for activities during the day, it will be difficult to prove the awesomeness of this building at night.

Taman Prasasti

Taman Prasasti is one of the tombs that are considered haunted. The inscription park is a tomb of Dutch heritage that is also filled with angel statues almost in every corner. In fact, almost all the relics of the Dutch colonial era always kept a million mystery stories. The tomb is not a reasonable recreational destination, but doing a proof of a ghost can be a sensation in itself.

Maritime Museum

The scary story of the nautical museum is one that is heard from this ancient building. Residents or museum guards often tell of strange phenomena that occur, both in buildings and on the beach near the museum. Sometimes the sound of people crying, the sound of people laughing or Dutch figures. Do you dare to test your courage at the Maritime Museum?

Syahbandar Tower

Still, in the Bahari museum area, a 3-story building is often associated with a variety of terrible things. Have an underground prison up to a mysterious tunnel. According to sources, often heard the pounding of a soldier’s foot that makes the hair goosebumps at night. Dare to explore Shahbandar Tower at night?

2 Spots Wreck Diving Bali, Underwater Perfection Of An Accident

Diving spots are indeed hunted by professional divers. Each spot offers spectacular views and different levels of difficulty. Under the sea offers the beauty and mystery of shipwrecks left over from World War II. In fact, there are many shipwrecks that are now home to underwater species. Wreck diving Bali is one of the most popular throughout the world. What’s more when the photographer’s shooting photos have mesmerized the eyes of the world.

Bali, the island of the gods, also known as the island of a million temples, offers more than just the beauty of natural scenery. The combination of tradition, culture, and friendliness of the locals attracts world tourists to visit and even visit again. The underwater paradise of Bali has never run out to explore. If you are a lover of diving or snorkeling, then you must visit spot wreck diving Bali.

Wreck Diving Bali – USS Liberty – Tulamben

The USS Liberty is a diving tourism icon in Tulamben. This diving area was popular in 2003, especially divers from America and Europe. The ships of the relics of World War II are now home to thousands of fish and other marine biotas. If you dive, you will see this Bali diving as a beautiful coral reef colony.

The history of one of Bali’s wreck diving this one is told is a warship in 1942 which was used to carry railroad tracks and rubber for war purposes from Australia to the Philippines. In the midst of the trip, the USS Liberty was on a Japanese ship torpedo west of Lombok. Due to heavy damage, the USS Liberty plan will be taken to Singaraja for repairs at the VOC Port.

Unfortunately, this ship cannot continue the journey and stops in the village of Tulamben which has been sitting for 21 years. At the end in 1963, the USS Liberty shifted 30 meters from the shoreline due to the eruption of Mount Agung. And in the end, the USS Liberty became one of the most popular wreck diving Bali.

Wreck Diving Bali, Amed

The exoticism of Bali does not only reach Tulamben. One of the spot wrecks of Bali diving that is lining up the mainstream is Amed. Its location is in the east of Bali famous for Japanese shipwrecks which sank during the Dutch colonial period. Today, Japanese wrecks have become the home of cool marine life and coral reefs.

The location of this Japanese wreck cannot be traced only by snorkeling and free diving. For deeper dives, there is certainly a level of certificate that you must have. The mystery and beauty of wreck diving Bali always attract the attention of all divers, no matter you are a domestic or international diver.

Getting the Right Tips on Traveling to London

This article will give you tips on traveling to London. Well, London is the capital that is a famous icon from the UK and the United Kingdom. You certainly know about Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye. Now the icons that are usually available in various pictures and magazines are in the UK, precisely in the British state of the capital of London. Although London is famous for the cost of living all expensive, there is no harm in the traveler to visit this beautiful city with a capital in the future. Here are tips and tricks on traveling to London in the style of backpackers;


Determine the right time and book the ticket in advance

It would be nice if you choose the best time to visit there by choosing the season that you want, whether winter or summer, then look for the cheapest month to book a ticket, preferably the estimated day 19 weeks before departure to get a cheap price from the usual price. Also, keep an eye on flight sites that are providing promo prices.

Order cheap hostels

To minimize budget, look for hostels to stay, variations in hostel prices start at hundreds of thousands. There is an organization called YHA (Youth Hostel Association) that provides cheap and comfortable accommodation in London from hostels, camping, and transportation. Usually, backpackers often stay there. If it’s difficult to find a YHA hostel then hostels in other places are also promising.

Buy Oyster Cards and London SIM cards

For those of you who want to get around London riding public transportation such as the bus (big red bus) and the oldest subway in the world (London Underground Tube) then you must have an Oyster Card to minimize the budget.

If you arrive in London, don’t forget to buy a London SIM Card, usually found in a small roadside shop. What happens if you get lost in London without an internet quota, you surely look so stupid.

Visit a free tourist spot

Do you know that almost all museums in London are free of charge to enter it such as the National British Museum, Gallery, The Queen House, and the others?  You certainly want to take a walk without spending a dime, especially with the stunning views of London. These free places should not be included in your required bucket list.

Have umbrellas and coins available

Not much different from other European countries, London also has erratic weather, even just a few hours the weather can immediately change. The right way to anticipate it is just to provide an umbrella at any time and keep an eye on the weather forecast from your smartphone.

If you are still thinking about what to bring the coin with, of course, some coins that you will bring will be beneficial, such as buying canned drinks on the roadside, or maybe calling in public places because suddenly your credit runs out.

Read the traveling guidebook

Why before doing traveling should you read the guidebook first? Well because before being in a foreign country for you, of course, you must know in advance the various recommended places, rules and habits of people living in the country, especially in London which is far different from our home country.

Hopefully, some of the tips on traveling to London in the style of the backpacker above can make you even more interested in visiting it especially for those of you who only have a mediocre budget. Hopefully useful ~

How to Get the Best Komodo Liveaboard Deals for Sailing

Ever since its promotion as the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Komodo National Park of Flores has now been a greatly popular escapism route for globetrotters and the likes. And as Komodo is largely comprises of islets, sea, and a handful of amazing dive sites, a sailing trip with liveaboard naturally become an inseparable part of the travel. If Komodo sits on top of your bucket list, now is the best time to find the best Komodo liveaboard deals that would save you a lot of money. Here, we reveal some of liveaboard companies’ secret and a handful of tricks to get the deals.


Find the Low Seasons

Okay, this one might not be as top secret. During the high seasons, price could surge up dramatically due to the increase of demands. If you wait until low season like February to April, chances are, you’re going to get lower price than during the “summer holiday”. In low booking months, liveaboard lines usually have extra promotions, including lower price offer. Even the best Komodo liveaboard (or more popular as yachts) gives cheaper packages on their sites. 

Learn Different Deals

Sometimes, the best Komodo liveaboard deals are hiding in disguise. Not every deals come in the form of slashed fares. Your favourite liveaboard company might not offer chopped price, but they might give discount packages, buy one get one, or extra discount for added passengers in the cabin—which would be great for couples and families. 

More on Packages

Sometimes, you don’t see any lower fare or promotional discounts on your favourite liveaboard. But that doesn’t always means that the liveaboard doesn’t have any deals at all. Some times, they offer deals on beverage packages, free cabin upgrade, free Wifi, free water sport activities, free yoga class, or those types of things. These adds-on can be a real value because it actually save quite a lot of money once you go onboard. It feel nice to get free cold margarita when you are sailing on hot, open sea! 

Strategical Booking

Booking liveaboard in Komodo could be quite tricky. Book it last minute and you would end up with full cabins, or book it a year earlier and you could pay for higher price than it actually is. Booking strategically is the key to get the best Komodo liveaboard deals out there. The Prana by Atzaro, for example, offers 4 days sailing trip to Komodo National Park for USD $13.500 for June, September, and October this year. Yet, the same package for the same months is offered for USD $ 14.000 if you book it for 2020 trip in advanced. Also, watch for the cancellation policy. Some liveaboard operators could give you a full refund if you cancel far enough in advance, so you don’t need to lose your money.

Embracing the Unexpected When Travelling

Planning for a trip is fun and necessary. With planning, at least you can expect what will happen during your trip. You can anticipate problems before it appears. Those who tend to worry too much even over small things consider planning as a must thing to do to put their mind at ease. They will be restless and anxious all the way on their trip if they just do it without planning and preparing. It is not wrong to be precautious for a trip you are going to have. It can prepare your mind to face any obstacles ahead. However, the unexpected happens no matter how well you did the precautions.

How to deal with the unexpected

Lots of things can happen during your trip. For those who travel a lot, you are probably more at ease because you are already used to dealing with them. However, those who don’t travel a lot might find it hard to just anticipate the unexpected and it just put them under a lot of stress instead of enjoying the trip. So here are some tips to deal with the unexpected during your trip:



Accident is the type of the unexpected that mostly happens during a trip especially when it comes to a road trip or any type of trip involving outdoor activities. Of course, there is also other possibilities of getting into an accident such as bitten by venomous animals or robbed by criminals. However, the most frequent accident happen during a road trip. Exhaustion is one of the most common factors. Thus, make sure to prepare everything right include your physical condition and your vehicle’s. To be ready to face this kind of the unexpected, it is recommended to have insurance.

Bad weather

Bad weather is also a type of the unexpected. Even though there is a forecast, it doesn’t guarantee the accuracy. Bad weather can make your trip less enjoyable. Being exposed to heavy rain or snow storm is not a pleasant experience during a trip. However, remember that there are always the alternatives for you to have fun and enjoy the trip. Be flexible and open-minded so that you can find the ideas.


Another common form of the unexpected happened during a trip is being offline and unable to do access various apps you need such as google maps, social media accounts, etc. Therefore, always be ready with conventional gears such as physical maps and compass. Besides, you don’t always need your gadget 24 hours during your trip. Sometimes, it is even better not to get attached to your phone during your trip because you can focus more on your surroundings. You will be able to appreciate the beauty.

There are many other forms of the unexpected that possibly happen during your trip such as language barrier, needing more cash, etc. However, just make sure that one tiny incident should not ruin your entire trip especially since there is always alternative you can find. Therefore, you will still able to enjoy your trip to the max.  

Best Dinner Idea at Komodo Yacht Charter

For people who cherished sailing travel much, a gateway to the pure and isolated Komodo with luxurious Komodo yacht charter sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer. The sunny season calls for relaxing sunbathe in hideaway beaches, snorkelling under the bright blue water, a wild adventure with Komodo dragons, and of course, dinner cruise to perfectly end the day. While you are on Komodo, don’t waste the opportunity to create exceptional dinner experience that you won’t easily get back in the mainland. Even the best restaurant back in the land cannot beat the experience of eating out on the water. Here in Komodo, yachts and cruisers goes out of their way on creating one-of-a-kind dining experience that won’t easily be forgotten. Dining, on these cruisers, were just as important as the rest of the adventure itself, and here’s where you could taste the best yacht dining albeit being in the middle of frontier Komodo.

Where to Get the Best Komodo Yacht Charter Dinner


Rooftop Dinner on Arenui’s Sky Restaurant

Bask in Komodo’s surreal sunset glow in Arenui’s sky restaurant, build on the upper deck right above the indoor restaurants. Pick a seat—sit on cushioned rattan chairs or sink in one of the bunkbeds, facing right to the open sea. Pair the romantic view of Flores’ skyline, gleaming in warm tangerine light, with a glass of champagne and veritable feasts. Savour in Indonesians’ picturesque landscape while the chefs is preparing your next delicious meal. Dinner would consist at least two to three courses, inspired by local and international cheesiness. And if you want something specific, you can always order your dinner from Arenui’s a-la carte choices that changes daily. 

Candle-Light Dinner on Deserted Beach with Prana Cruise

One way to maximise dining opportunity in Komodo yacht charter that would otherwise be unavailable in other liveaboard is arranging a private dinner in one of Komodo’s secluded beach. One of yacht charter that excel on creating this experience is the Prana cruise, one of Komodo’s highest premium fleet. They would be more than happy to set up umbrella beaches, tables, and romantic lighting to bring you the best beach dining game. The menu are absolutely in par with 5-star hotel standard and could be customized on request. Perhaps you are not having enough, you can always asks for luxury items—such as high quality cheeses and caviar—prior to the voyage to be served on the special dinner. Sip on finest wine, picked from their extensive wine cellar collection, or just go easy with juices or freshly brewed coffee. 

Freshly Caught Seafood onboard Ocean Pure charter

For something a tad more beachy, seafood would always be an excellent choice. The Ocean Pure boat will be the best Komodo yacht charter to get full flavours of seafood and Asian cuisine to accompany your sailing trip. Menu featuring seasoned crabs, shrimps, tuna salad, grilled fish, clams, and occasionally shrimp salads. Pair your meal with fresh juices, sparkling water, or tropical cocktail, while absorbing the view of endless horizon. 

Whichever ship you choose, the out-on-water dining experience aren’t easy to beat. Bon voyage and have a very happy dinner!

Hotel Petitenget, A Perfect Place To Enjoy With The Entire Family

Seminyak, Bali’s more relaxed and sophisticated area of Kuta. Located north of Legian, Seminyak is a high-end area full of restaurants, bars, and international clubs. There are many luxury accommodations ranging from hotels, resorts to villas that meet local residents and even to the seaside. No wonder the Seminyak area is known as an expatriate area. The balance of calm and ease of reaching luxury facilities is part of the reason many expatriates decide to stay in the Seminyak area.

Petitenget is an area of Seminyak, which is increasingly popular, which attracts many tourists and expatriates. The Petitenget area is still quiet and secure, which is perfect for those who like calm. If you are going on a family vacation, Hotel Petitenget can be a perfect choice. The Petitenget area offers more private space than other tourist areas. While there are many tourists saying that part of Bali is a paradise of the world, Petitenget Seminyak is a miracle of tropical paradise.

Where to Find the Best Hotel Petitenget?

It’s easy to find Petitenget hotel today. When you want a quiet and comfortable private vacation, then the Petitenget Seminyak hotel chain has many lists to consider.

Kanvaz Hotel

The new hotel opened in January 2019 offers tranquility and luxury. This Petitenget hotel is very beautiful from a variety of things, both from the hospitality of the staff to the design of food and drinks. You can reach Seminyak Square and rows in bars or clubs in the Seminyak area. The cafe and delicious à la carte breakfast with a choice of foods are available in luxurious and very satisfying. The price you spend is commensurate with what you will get at Kanvaz hotel Petitenget.

What To See Around Hotel Petitenget?

Who doesn’t know the Seminyak area? An area that is increasingly popular from time to time with luxury, tranquility, comfort and the beach is perfect for sunbathing, surfing or swimming.

Tourists are also invited to see Petitenget Temple, which was built by the most important priest in Bali in the 16th century. Although it is less popular with 9 main temples in Bali, it is famous for spectacular Balinese ceremonies on the beach.

Berawa Beach is the recommended beach in the Seminyak area. Berawa Beach is suitable for tourists, expatriates or even local residents who want to do meditation and yoga. Around the hotel Petitenget area, you will find lots to explore, up to the lives of local residents.

Interesting extreme travel adventure you should try

If you are bored having the same trip with the same activities and similar destinations, why not taking it into another level of extremeness? Trying extreme travel experience sometimes can be good for you to release stress and build your courage. Of course, you need to think of your safety if you want to do extreme activities. However, it is worth to try those kind of activities if you are a perfectly healthy travelers with high curiosity. There’s a lot of places to challenge your adventurous soul you can visit.

Extreme travel experiences to try

They say you only live once so why not living in the moment to the fullest? Traveling to cliché places with cliché activities can make you feel less enthusiast to go traveling. Thus, it is time for you to spice up your adventure desire by visiting more uncommon travel destination and doing extreme activities. Who knows you would find something interesting about yourself too along the journey. Here are some examples of extreme travel adventure you can try:

Surfing in Jeffrey’s Bay located in South Africa is a challenge. If you are considered yourself surfing enthusiast and adrenaline junky, this destination is perfect for you. Surfing itself has already been scary for some people. To do it in Jeffrey’s Bay is like the next level of scary adventure. This place is actually sharks’ domain. And may be this one factor is to the level of extremeness. Aside from the sharks, the waves are challenging so that’s why only professional surfers visit this place the most.

Cliff jumping at Queenstown in New Zealand is challenging because it is claimed as the world’s highest cliff jumping. If you already experienced a cliff jump, you must try this site. Your adrenaline will spike up for sure. Aside from extreme height, you will be able to enjoy amazing views while falling into the cliff. Your heartbeat will be going up so fast but it is really worth it.

If you have great stamina, you should try water rappelling in Costa Rica. Dangling and bouncing down a rock face may sound easy but it is not the case when you do it in Costa Rica. You will be bouncing down waterfalls while being clipped to the zip line by your back. It is so challenging that you will need to prepare your fitness before trying this especially when you will have to have Latin America’s longest zip line, proximately 1.5km. However, the rainforest is worth it because it is wildly beautiful.

Next extreme travel experience would be to say hello to Komodo Dragons in Indonesia. To reach your destinations, Komodo and Rinca Island, you need to go by boat. The journey itself is already extreme and challenging because you will spend about four days at the sea. Landing on Komodo Island, you should be ready to greet this lazy but extremely deadly creatures. Their bites are poisonous so even though they are captivating, do not get too close. Throughout the tour, you will be guided by the rangers for safety.

enjoy amazing Experience At Petitenget Restaurant & Bar

Bali has been famous for a long time because it is rich in culture and hospitality of the locals. Bali’s popularity has increased over time due to its nightlife. Rows of restaurants, bars, or clubs add to the lively side of Bali at night. Petitenget restaurant & bar now attracts tourists when night falls. If you walk along the Petitenget road, you will find many places with a variety of country menus that you should taste.

The other side of Petitenget restaurant & bar, there is a temple called Petitenget Temple which is by centuries of locals and one of the cultural landmarks in Seminyak area. Vacation to Bali, you must find suitable and comfortable accommodation for you. The Seminyak area is synonymous with luxury, tranquility, and elegance. Petitenget restaurant & bar offers the best experience for all travelers, no matter you are a local or international traveler. Finding the perfect accommodation brings you to enjoy the atmosphere of Petitenget restaurant & bar that you will only get in Bali.

Enjoy Petitenget Restaurant & Bar at Kanvaz

This Petitenget restaurant & bar offers a special menu based on seasonal food. You will be spoiled with special flavors to the palate. Starting from breakfast, brunch, to dinner from a professional chef always gives a surprise that can excite your appetite. If you want to taste culinary delicacies, visiting Petitenget restaurant & bar at Kanvaz is a must.

Villa Lumbung Petitenget Restaurant & Bar

Maybe the restaurant & bar at Villa Lumbung looks ordinary like elsewhere. Only me, this accommodation looks very unique. Don’t be disappointed because you can enjoy the most memorable dining experience with open restaurant deals with a swimming pool and garden terrace.

W Petitenget Restaurant & Bar

Your culinary journey can be started from W Petitenget restaurant & bar. This is the world’s best experience for a luxury culinary. You will be taken to explore all the creations of international chefs ranging from Asian flavors to western dishes. The appearance of the open kitchen with roasting pizza is very interesting up to the hissing sound of meat and pizza which spurs your desire to immediately enjoy it.

Kayana Restaurant & Bar

Start your morning at Kayana Petitenget restaurant & bar with an amazing floating breakfast experience. You can enjoy dining or barbecue in a private villa. The royal dinner is perfect and a culinary journey of the Balinese food tradition. Kayana offers perfect Petitenget restaurant & bar for you and your partner.

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