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Why Private Beaches in Indonesia Should Have Never Been Existed?

All human being are born naked and how can it be possible for a beach is private? Far different with the interior design aspects of the house that is also concerning about the high level of privacy, like any other shorelines in the world, beaches in Indonesia should have never been privately accessed.

The first main reason for that is because it will sacrificing the public right. What kind of government that is forbidding the public–local people to accessing the beaches that have been the playgrounds for them since they were kids until they are starting getting older? I have no idea but those businesses that are claiming the beaches in their own authority are the greedy ones. Sometime, I am thinking that neither those types of businessmen nor the private beaches in Indonesia should have never been existed in the world.

Private beaches in Indonesia should have never been existed and allowed

What I am writing now can be the useless thing ever since this post may have no necessarily impacts I have been wishing for. But I will keep on aspiring the idea as one of the bad things we should face in the world especially in Indonesia that is popular for its beautiful beaches.

Even though that I have not enough data about how many private beaches in Indonesia, I do believe that most of them are managed by the foreigners with resort, hotel or a restaurant. Later, you can actually experience the managed private beach if you are buying their services such as booking the resort, eat at their restaurant, etc.

Most of the private beaches will also be built as the beach paradise. More white sands will be delivered, wastes are managed and many more just to make the beach more beautiful than before. At this point, I do agree with waste management, yet, private beaches keep on hurting the local people ever since that they can afford for the access.

Many generations are even have been hearing about the beach names at their island. But when the foreigners are coming and limit the access to secure their business, those generations are not even stepping on their foots at the beach. Just because of the greedy ones that they will not even get their stomach full even all the world will be filled in.

Most of the resort managements may also thinking that when the beach will be ease for public to access it, the special privilege and privacy of their guests will be disturbed that will turn them into experiencing the noisy traveling. But, how can it make any sense to sacrificing all the public rights just to ensure that some of the other foreign travellers will be satisfied? Sacrificing many just to save a little without any advantages at all but the adverse things.

Beach privatisation will also leads to the reduction of the numbers of public space which is good for society and environment. People at anywhere and anytime should have the universal right to access the beach and the beach privatisation in Indonesia and any other countries in the world should never been existed and allowed for only business purpose.

Best Place For Your Bali Web Design Services

When you will need to find the Bali web design services, one thing that is certain is you are starting your own online business journey. It is understandable that you are doing so since designing a website can be hard and challenging even for the web designers themselves.

And in case you have not been familiar with how to design a web since before, then you will have to find the best place to hire the Bali web designer so you can get the professional, high quality and even the guaranteed design works.

If you are the small business owner or an entrepreneur in Bali offering the business for local people or even up to the international tourists and businessmen, you are actually been provided some of the best places to find the best web designers in Bali to support your business site.

Best place to hiring Bali web design services for business

But I will only show you one of those best places ever since the web design works are always better and you are even been guaranteed with the high quality site for even a custom project.

The only best place i am recommending you in hiring the best Bali web design is to find information about the website design agency or simply just a digital agency.

Both the web design agency and digital agency are different things. But they have one thing in common which is the digital agency is also offering their customers the web design services and you can find many of them are existing in Bali.

Some online entrepreneurs are requiring that their site design will be finished by the professional freelancers. One of the reasons why they are doing that is because the cost can be minimised.

But the problems are, after all the designing processes are done, your communication with the freelancers can also reach an end. And what if the freelancers themselves have never been told you that they will give you the accompaniment after the works had been finished? In the mean time, you may need them to help you adding an extra widget for your business promotional information.

Far different with the web design services offered by an agency, it probably have also the development services your site will need along its online journey. And the web designing itself can be changed and customised and calling the team anytime you want or even when you are requiring a meeting with the team.

Designing a web can be a day, a week, and even months. If you are wondering how long will it takes for your site to be appeared professionally, a digital agency can give an exact answer for that.

Finding the best web designers and agency in Bali can also giving you an advantage you may not find in other places in Indonesia. It is because there have been thousands or even millions of sites are designed in Bali. Many of the projects are also ordered by the foreign business managers or owners which is makes the island as a place full of design inspirations that are actually be your warranty that your site will really be professionally designed.

If there will be any other best places for hiring the Bali web design services besides an agency I have been told you about on above explanations, hope I can also know the information right from you.

Best Beginner to Pro Surf Camp in Australia

If you are looking for the best surf camp in Australia for your family vacation or when you want to spend your holiday in a beautiful surfing activities with your friends or even alone, this is one of the post you have been looking for. I’ll let you know one of the place you will need to visit.

For the foreign travelers, I will also need to tell you that experiencing the best surf camp Australia is recommended ever since the country has been popular for that. It can be the second thing you have to do in Australia after seeing the Kangaroo. Beach life and surfing idea is always a perfect match for many of us.

Which is the best surf camp in Australia?

Best surf camp in Australia for beginners to pros

Mostly, the longer the services are established, the better of quality of services you are getting. Serving in ages won’t be a lie and surely will have the better chance to improving in many aspects. So does the best surf camp in Australia I am going to show you. It is a company that have been travelled the world for 25 years for being salty as the passion.

The company is calling itself as the Nomad Surfers that has a vision to create the ultimate surf experience. The interesting thing about the company is that, it is not only providing the best surf camp Australia, but also in some other countries across continents.

And ever since the company is serving the surf camp in all the continents, I think that it is not excessive at all for calling it as one of best surf camps in the world with such a long service experience.

Does the surf camp is welcoming the beginner surfers?

I am actually have been said on above title that the Nomad Surfers can be the “surf school” for the beginner surfers up to the professional ones. And you’d like to experiencing that in the best surf camp Australia where living side of the beach with ocean view is what you are going to enjoy while being together with the other at the beach when the surf instructor will started off the class before catching the waves.

For a small group of travelers that need to learn how to experience this best surf camp in Australia, keep in mind that the less of group members, the better to ensure that everyone has the one-to-one attention from the instructor. And by saying that, I mean that 5 to 10 new beginner surfers can be considered as the small group traveler.

If you will need my recommendation, the best way to experience the surf camp in Australia is by getting it together with some ones you know for more exciting vacation. Especially when most of you will be the surf beginner, I think that the class can be so much fun and full of joy while being at the beach.

There are some best locations for the surf camp and various beach accommodation options such as hotel and villa up to the camper van rental if you are interesting with that. Not to mention that you have also been provided with the secret spot surf camp that can be your secret getaway in beautiful beach and waves and the memorable nights around the campfire with the others.

How to Make the Most of Last-Minute Travel

Basically, you can travel anytime you want. However, preparation is considered necessary because it can put your mind at ease. Traveling without preparation is possible because you may find something you need in the destination you are going to visit. However, there are also preparation that would be better to be planned prior to your departure such as booking hotel, movie ticketing, flights, etc.

Experiencing last minute travel at its best

That’s why some people are still wary about going for a last-minute travel. Even though it is kind of last-minute plan, you can still prepare it to the max so that your trip will be going smoothly.

Preparations for enjoyable last-minute travel

Sometimes, it is hard to find the right time for traveling especially if your day is full of tight schedule and tasks to be done. Thus, it is just normal if you take the chance right away when you have time to travel even if it is in a short notice.

A short trip is like a breather for you to get away from hectic schedule and get relaxed for a while. So here are some tips to make your last-minute trip enjoyable and smooth:

  1. Keep in mind that last-minute travel doesn’t mean you go to the airport and buy a ticket plan then go to a place you want to visit. In average, last-minute travel takes place around 14 days from when you booked. Compared to regular travel plan, it is such a short period to prepare for a travel especially if your destination is abroad. So if you worry about the budget, you still have time to save up even if it is quite short time.
  2. You need to fight tooth and nails to book the flight. You see, the closer the flight to the departure, the more expensive it gets. Thus, it is quite hard to find affordable ticket plane for a last-minute travel unless you don’t have issue with your financial setting for a last-minute travel. So before booking a hotel room and everything, make sure to book your flight first because you need transport to reach your destination after all.
  3. It is highly recommended to have a last-minute travel during weekdays to save you from headache. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are recommended time to go for last-minute travel. Aside from helping you to save up some money, it is also ideal time to avoid excessive crowds you surely don’t want to be stuck with.
  4. Be more flexible in choosing destination. Don’t be so selective in choosing destination because the choice is limited. Besides, think of last-minute travel as serendipity. You don’t have to be so disappointed if the destination you really want to visit is not possible to reach for your last-minute travel plan. Last-minute travel is a moment of joy when you can do many things. You don’t have to strictly follow the schedule. Just make the most of your last-minute travel by enjoying every little thing you find. That way you will be able to relax and get a perfect getaway.

It’s Not Too Late for Hiring Social Media Marketing Agency, Why?

First thing first, hiring social media marketing agency is making any sense for all kind of businesses that you can’t handle yourself.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you have been knowing so well that driving traffics to your money site can be done by two common methods. Both are to use the SEO techniques to get the organic visitors through search engines that mostly will cost you nothing but you will need to invest more time in preparing the site along the contents or you can get more visitors through paid traffics such as using the ads platforms.

It is now the best time to hire the social media marketing agency

For most of the social media marketing agencies, you are likely to get both services where your money site will have various strategies to support your plan in generating money online by working anywhere you want.

And for many of the companies from the small to the giant scale that are participating online through their business sites, hiring and or collaborating with the social media marketing agency is always been a considerable thing to do to brings business to the higher level.

Why it is not too late for your business or company to hiring the social media marketing agency?

Being an active user on popular social media platforms today are quiet hard even for our personal usage. So does when you are going to make use of the platforms as to building the target audiences for your business, you will need to manage all of the accounts professionally.

You are even required to choose which social media platforms need to be used, updated and optimized as part of your marketing strategy. Not to mention that you will need to master some of the ads platforms to get the instant traffics.

Since many of businesses have been using social media marketing as their strategy, you may just found this thing couple of hours ago or the last few days. And if you are thinking that you are too late in building and increasing your business through the Social Media Optimization (SMO), you are wrong in thinking that way. In fact, many of the businessmen are still hiring the agency for that since they can’t do that themselves or have no intend to make the social media specialists be part of the business team.

But, there are also the other reasons that start hiring an agency like a social media agency Bali will no longer make you think that your business is too late for that. Yet, you will need to make a plan when to start using the relevant services for your business. Here’s why.

Planning, organizing, posting and engaging are taking times

Collaborating with social media marketing agency to help you planning and preparing the contents and advertisements

Imagine if you have to deal with the above four activities, those will be a lot of things to do. In other hands, those aren’t all you have to be done. You have your own schedules and things to do to build your online business.

Planning the contents themselves are taking times. You will need to find references, prepare the image or video, caption and copywriting and many more. Did I have been mentioned about the best scheduled times for social media posts?

And what about the ads itself like the Facebook ads that will really great as a platform for affiliate marketers for years? Budgeting and targeting customers and funneling the budget will really need the professional works to make your ads eye-catching and encourage the users for clicking on it.

Monitoring the ads and engagements are also important when you are introducing and building your online business and more. You can’t really done them all by yourself.

Whether you are going to use social media as free platform or paying for the ads service, investing your time working on it can never been this hard. That’s why many of businessmen are “giving up” and choose to hiring the social media marketing agency.

You can also do the same and try the social media services for online marketing purposes to reach more users or customers and hoping for them to visit your site or do whatever actions you are requiring them to do.

Many companies are trying to collaborate with social media agency by using the services for at least 3 months to see how everything is going. And then, the contract will be determined whether or not to continue the project.

And apparently, that will be a good start for small to medium class of business ever since the offerings may are seasonal. No more thinking so hard about this, feel free to find a social media agency and see what the marketing strategies they are preparing for your business.

How to Prevent Getting Disappointed of your Trip

Every traveler always have their own expectation of their travel destination. What they expect is beautiful and wonderful places where they can enjoy surroundings, delicious foods, as well as satisfying accommodation. However, not every trip is satisfying in real life. Sometime, travel destination promoted by ads is not as wonderful as you saw when you visit the spot.

This kind of unrealistic and obsessive expectation can lead to disappointment and disappointment can lead to another type of travel stress. Remember that travel stress can happen before, during and after travel.

How to prevent getting disappointed in a trip

This type of disappointment happens during and after experiencing the trip.

Preventing yourself from getting disappointed of your Trip experience

Traveling is supposed to be filled with joy and happiness. It is supposed to recharge you with more positive vibe so that you will be ready to face your work once you back at home.

It is supposed to make you feel more relaxed. However, sometimes disappointment happens which leads you to experience travel stress and ruin the trip itself. At the end of the day, you don’t really enjoy the trip as you expected before. To prevent yourself from this kind of disappointment and stress, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Set realistic expectation of your travel destination. Of course anticipation before travel can give you positive benefit. However, it will backfire if you expect too high. The higher your expectation, the more difficult to meet the point. Sometimes, some of destinations and vacation can’t live up to the idealized expectation of every individual. The promotion you saw from the tourism board might not be as glamour as it displayed. Sometimes, they only report and highlight positive aspects of the place and make you set high expectation. Thus, remind yourself that having too high expectation is not healthy. This will help you to avoid getting disappointed.
  2. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as perfection either for human or even place. Everything has its own flaws. When you remember of this thought, you won’t get yourself to expect too much. It doesn’t mean that every vacation or destination won’t ever live up your expectation. It just means that even the most wonderful places can have a little flaw. However, it doesn’t make it less worthy to visit.
  3. The next thing to prevent yourself from disappointment over your trip is to be flexible and open-minded. Instead of dwelling with every little flaws that the vacation or destination has, try to focus more on the positive aspects. This will make your trip worthy and meaningful. Focusing on the flaws will only make you adopt negative thoughts. It is fine to expect and daydream of ideal vacation or destination. However, never expect them to be perfect or as ideal as your imagination. Always expect for flaws and negative aspects so that you won’t be that disappointed even if the place you visit is not as perfect as shown in the tourism board or travel magazines. Try to focus on every positive aspect during your trip.

5 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak for Family’s Tranquility Retreat

There are many places in Bali where many tourists are heading to and make them as the best locations to stay. Seminyak is one of those great places to relax nearby the shoreline while enjoy how warm the tropical atmosphere is. For all the families on vacation in Bali, would like to to introduce you an accommodation choice which is to rent the 5 bedroom villa Seminyak for your family’s tranquility retreat.

5 bedroom villa at Seminyak for family's tranquility retreat

Many available villas at Seminyak located in the center of the city and the interesting thing about that is the Seminyak square itself is closer to the beach, too. Imagine having kids and bringing them with you, they can really access the beach anytime while you are watching them playing around on white sand beach.

The 5 bedroom villa at Seminyak itself has comes with various options. You can choose to stay surrounded by the garden in a hidden path, and you can even find the modern look designed villas inspired by the design of the mansions and the penthouses with some interesting private facilities.

But I will ensure you that one of the private facilities that can be found at all of 5 bedroom villa at Seminyak is that the swimming pool. It has been a facility that somehow can be considered as one of the the most important thing that should always be in a villa in Bali. No matter how close the accommodation to the beach, I think that swimming around the private pool in the villa can also be the perfect thing you can do with families.

Recommended 5 bedroom villa at Seminyak

In searching of an accommodation for your family’s tranquility retreat in Bali, there are some of the 5 bedroom villas you can choose as your place to take a rest and enjoy the slow traveling.

You may started by looking for the popular one which is the normal thing everyone is doing, but have you ever thought before that you can also actually thinking about which is the most sought after villas in Seminyak for years?

I will give you a little information and a secret about that where one of the top 10 most sought after accommodation including for the 5 bedroom villa at Seminyak is called as the Hu’u Villas Bali.

Don’t give your trust on me that easy. So, simply find an information about that and see if I was telling you right or not.

This villa is perfect for your family retreat since it has providing you with the private pool and even you can get the butler service for 24 hours. There are also the garden that surrounded the pool and there will be a unique thing you may never found at the other accommodations. It is the selling point of interconnecting up to 13 bedrooms where I think that will be the great place for families to have their own party or even an anniversary.

So does the 5 bedroom villa we are talking about. It is the result of the interconnecting configuration itself. Don’t you curious about how is that even possible where you can even surprised by the place you are resting in?

It will truly an unforgettable experiences where your family can not only staying comfortably in private but there will also the luxurious location that have been providing you with many interesting spots, attractions, destinations and many more.

Where do you think you can rent this kind of 5 bedroom villa in the great location of Seminyak, Bali?

Hammock Camping Accessories: Rope VS Strap

There has been quite a debate about whether straps are better compared to ropes. People just getting into hammocking are wondering which one they would go for. Each option has its own pros and cons. And this post simply covers the surface of it, but let’s get to it.

Which is better between rope vs strap for hammock camping

Consider the pros and cons for the environment around you

While most ropes don’t cause immediate damage to the trees, some are known to cause a certain degree of long-term damage.

These damages penetrate the layer of cambium, which is extremely crucial to the trees’ survival. Cambium is an important component that delivers the nutrients for trees to stay alive and grow to the entire body of the tree.

Tree straps are the hammock camping accessories specially designed to prevent damages to trees

There are a few choices of ropes out there that don’t damage trees. Nautical, natural-fiber ropes are one of them. However, tree-friendly straps, have taken the effort of preserving trees a notch.

Eco-friendly straps are wide and thick. They don’t merely use the materials that are environment-friendly, but the design has been made especially to protect the tree bark.

Unfortunately, they are one of the heaviest hammock straps, especially when compared to ropes. But compared to the slight added weight

Ropes can be more versatile because of its adjustability in hanging hammocks

Adjusting using the ropes would need a lot of tying knots involved. In this aspect, ropes are slightly more versatile than hammocks. Straps are knotted differently, but most of the time, no knots are involved.

Ropes are cheaper compared to straps

This is one of the most obvious advantages ropes have over tree straps. Ropes are simply that much more “accessible” to people.

Although good quality tree straps really would not cost a fortune; it’s one of the cheapest hammock camping accessories among the full set. if you’re willing to try out the tree straps,

Hammock’s tree straps are for those who’d like the simplest way of hanging a hammock

Unlike when using a rope, you won’t have to fiddle with all the work of creating the knots and then unknotting them again. If you particularly don’t want to deal with it, then straps are the choice for you.

Tree straps offer slightly less flexibility because of its more fixed nature. But they are also the quickest one to hang because of its simplicity.

More people are more familiar with using ropes

Tree straps are a recent “invention” because of the call for more environmentally-responsible camping. Aside from the obvious target-marketing, these tree-friendly ropes have been through, for one, choosing straps over ropes do have its very own advantages.

From the simplicity of installing the strap that makes setting up your hammock a so much easier to the mechanics of the straps themselves, despite its shortcomings, straps are worth considering.

Investing in good quality equipment

With that said, if hammock camping is an important part of your life, you know you’ll want to invest in gears that have a good lifespan. Whichever option you decide to pick, make sure that you get one that lasts.

Why Would I Need Bali Photography Services For My Wedding?

Since years ago when Bali was starting to be a famous destination, many travellers were coming for not only to travel around and enjoy the beautiful nature along with the unique cultures. They were also coming to get marry where that will be their main purpose; to get their wedding at the popular destination.

Beachfront's wedding venue professionally photographed in Bali

Today, many brides and grooms are also getting married in Bali and even there are many wedding packages for that. And one of the thing that should have been planned by those who will getting married is that where to hire the professional Bali photography services for their weddings.

It is important for them and should have been considered in getting the professional photographers rather than asking their cousins or nephews since they have had things to do during the wedding day to accompany the brides beside them.

Hiring the wedding photographer or even the videographer should be in the budget even if the wedding organisers are not providing them, you can always find the services in Bali easily since there are many of the service providers and most of them are pretty much affordable for the foreigners.

It is something that should even come up in conversation for things that are essential to book when planning a wedding. If you are thinking that your wedding moments in Bali are valuable and unforgettable, don’t you think that you will need a way to professionally capturing those moments into frame?

I would suggest that you will need to find the local photographers for that, but if you have your own choice, I have no single right to force you to follow along my recommendation.

And no matter who the professional photographers are that you will be hired, you can always get important things for your life through your capturing your wedding moment professionally rather than asking your friends or family doing that for you.

Professional Bali photographers will identify which important moments must be captured into frame

Wedding is a sacred moment for all of us. It will take place gradually started from the first guest is coming into the hall or to the beautiful beach you have chosen in Bali. And even hours before, the photographers are actually have been starting their works by taking pictures when the bride just wore her gown and the groom in tuxedo.

Not to mention when the bride is appearing in the wedding place where the man has been waiting couple of minutes, saying the vow, putting the rings to the fingers of one another, kissing, throwing a bucket of flower, the party, and many more.

All of that moments are precious and it will really need to be captured by the professionals.

No wonder if many of wedding photographers are end up their work with even thousands of pictures in their camera.

Seeing all of your family and friends surrounded by happiness

Capturing your wedding is actually capturing the happiness moment as well. When the images will be printed and then put them into 2 or 3 photo albums, there you will start thinking about how happy your wedding was so do with all the people who were invited.

Even though pictures won’t spell a single word, we have known that they will speak to us differently. And the professional photographers will try so hard how to delivering all the possible messages of the pictures.

The other reasons why I was recommending you to find the professional Bali photographer is because they will also possible to prepare many things including the lighting effect so even though the wedding party will be indoor, they can still capture the images clearly.

Capturing the wedding moment is the anniversary tradition

The magical thing through the wedding photography is that many people are doing it and many of them are happy about that. Photographing yourself is truly different thing when you are doing it at the wedding place. I don’t know, somehow we will get happier automatically. Maybe it is because of the atmosphere or people around, the sounds, the foods and drinks, etc. We are happy! And that;s the important thing when photography will be a part of the wedding.

No more being tired by the editing process

Think about you are going to hire the local Bali photographers for your wedding. Mostly, the will also include their services with the editing where you will get more cheaper prices since you have paid for the professional wedding photography.

You will not only get the best shots from the professional photographers but also will get the better printed images since they have been professionally edited and using the better papers to print the pictures.

Now, I have talked to you about the important things you can get by hiring the Bali professional photographers for your wedding. For the last thing I want to say is that where you can hire one that best valued your money?

How Bean Bags Can Help You Enjoy at the Beach?

If you are traveling to the beaches, you will some people are laying down or sitting on the big comfort and somehow seem to be the soapy seats. Those are called as the bean bags that we should admit not all of the places have them to be used as the item that can help people relaxing on the beach.

The bean bags themselves are also can be used at home as the alternative to the conventional chairs.

But to be honest, I think that the first time I have been seen the bean bags was at the beach and I am still wondering until now that how it will be possible to enjoy on it while not getting burned by the sun since its material seems to be possible for that.

How bean bags can help you enjoy at the beach

Later on until today, people keep on using them all at the beaches no matter how hot the sun is, they are even sunbathing on it.

How come the bean bags make you enjoy your trip to the beach even more?

Now, when I was thinking about visiting the beach, I have never been thinking that the seat can be this important. I mean, you can actually sit on the sand beaches while not getting yourself into the dirt. You will simply need to swipe off the sands on your pants and move away.

It doesn’t matter if the beach has no seats at all, right? But, not until you can sit on the bean bag that is actually so comfortable while you can really sit base on the position you are willing to do.

Using the bean bag meaning that most of your body or almost half of it will be covered by its material since it is designed so where sometimes I think that I will be bounced out because of its design.

By included it with the expanded polystyrene (EPS), using it will make your body being relaxed because it is like the Styrofoam which is extruded polystyrene.

The next thing that will make you enjoy the beach on bean bag even more is that you can freely to uses it whether to sit or sleep. When the comfortable material met with the position you can freely choose, how can’t it be the good news for your enjoyment at the beach with beautiful view of nature?!

Anyway, you can also find more benefits of bean bag for your medical condition. It is said that the bean bag can even prevent various of health problems.

Knowing this, I think it is even better to encourage people to use the bean bags either at the beach or even inside the house because of its health support’s benefits. No wonder people are recommending to have a bean bag even at the office.

There is also a businessman that is using the bean bags as the main alternative to chairs and offering the restaurant menus where the visitors can eat and drink on the bean bags at the beach. Sounds like the worth trying thing to do right?

That’s the short version of how bean bags can make you enjoy your times at the beach even more beautiful.

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