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What Are the Best Ways to Carry Money While Traveling?

Traveling can makes you bring cash more than usual. It won’t be the new thing for travellers since there will be more needs to be paid and to anticipate things that can cost us money.

But, traveling with such amount of cash is also means that there will be more things to care about. You are possible to lose that or getting rob by the others and many things can be happen. You’d be surprised what will get you in a travel sometimes.

So that, you need to know the ways to secure the cash you are bringing in your trip so there will be nothing you have to sacrifice related to the usage of money you’ve got.

Knowing and doing this should also be part of how to travel smarter and safer, right?

Possible ways you can do to hide money when traveling

Possible ways to save money on travel

There is one important thing you have to remember related to this topic which is thieves can be smarter than you. That’s what they have been doing for months or even years, so thieves must be really professional.

I am telling you this so you are remembering that you should never keep your guard down. No matter what kind of traveler you are, many people are seeing that travellers are those who are bringing much money.

You are no longer a human being but the wallet with cash for some people.

1. Never put all of the eggs in a basket, divide the money into some places!

How many credit cards and cash you are bringing in traveling? If you are saving them all in just a wallet, don’t you think if they will be disappeared then you will lose them all in a time?!

You can save the money not only in the wallet. Make use of the pouches of your bag and suitcase then you can put some of the money and credit cards in separate places.

It is about how you will split up the money into different locations so if the thieve will get your money, you won’t be loose everything.

You can also put the money into your pants pocket that you fold in you bag so it will really save and hard for the thieve to take the money.

2. Use the anti-theft bag

I think that there have been various of anti-theft bags or backpacks today that you can get and using it for traveling. Using that kind of bag will minimise the chance of a thieve to get your money.

3. Never put the money on the bag that you put on the flight luggage

Traveling by airplane may cause you brings more luggage that you can’t keep them close with you. You may will keep one or two backpacks on the flight luggage and this may one of the thing you have to avoid for your money and all of your important documents.

So, you should determines which bag will be placed closer to you and make sure that all the money is being kept in that bag.

Hide Away in Luxury of 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak

An accommodation at the destination you are visited can be your secret and even the sacred place at the same time. It is really important where you can find a shelter that can really appreciates the privacy highly especially when you are traveling with your family so all the members can do almost anything without being disturbed by the others.

If you have a plan to bring along your family together in a trip to Bali someday, you can make use of the luxury 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak as your private place to stay and hide away from the public.

Staying in a private and luxury 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak have some benefits that can be experienced by your family. Even it can potentially be the thing that can maximise the way your are staying and traveling when you are in Bali.

Hide away in luxury of the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak

I am not saying that for no reasons.

Seminyak has a fame as one of the top destinations of domestic and international tourists in Bali. They have been coming and going from here to stay and spend the holidays in several spots such as having fun at the beach clubs, exploring the beaches, surfing, getting closer to the local traditions and belief, and many more.

It is the southern village with its own beach so you can hide away in luxury 3 bedroom villa Seminyak where the shoreline is just minutes by walking distance. If you stay there and loves jogging in the morning, heading to the beach can be the best thing you can do while continue your morning exercise at the nearest beach.

How much to pay for the luxury 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak – Bali?

As you may are visiting Bali with your family, planning the budget for an accommodation has become more important since the family vacation can be so much expensive.

For me, one of the thing you can do to save the money on accommodation is to choose the right type of it. Staying in a villa in Bali is getting more making any senses since your family will close together all the time and paying only once for the stay with all the amenities and services it has been provided.

Just try to simply comparing it by staying at the hotel where you mostly will need some of the rooms with less of facilities and many of the services will charge you amount of money.

Doing things in hotel rooms won’t make you move comfortable as well since the space won’t be enough or so much limited. You won’t even get the private pool just like what you can get when you are staying at 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak.

By all of the above excellences, hide away in the luxury villa with 3 bedrooms starts to charge you around $200 – $400 per night. Let’s assuming that there will be 4 people will stay in, so each of them will be charged around $50 – $100 per night.

That rental cost somehow the same with what you are going to pay for each of the reserved hotel rooms with all of the limitations.

Renting the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak now is even making sense since you can even held a small and free birthday party for the family member where it feels impossible to achieves when staying in hotel rooms without any charges.

I won’t say that you must to book this villa right away. You can still considering to get the condo or the hotel rooms if they are worth enough for the money and all the beautiful experiences for your family. But so far, I haven’t seen one that is better than the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak you are reading about.

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