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How to Choose Your Best Place to Stay in Bali

Hey everyone, have you been in Bali before? If you did, then my first and main question is actually; where did you stay and how much you have been paid for that each night?

I should have introduced this post more kindly, but frankly, that question is important for me and may most of us since we are struggling to save money everyday and possible to be spend in only a night at Bali.

Think about this; How much you can pay per day for your accommodation cost and the stay itself will gives you many things? Don’t just pay for the place where you can sleep, you should also pay for a place where you can enjoy while staying in your trip at Bali.

So that, I think that it will really important for many of travellers to know and choose among best places to stay in Bali that will be covering the best location as well as the stay itself.

*How I will choose my best place to stay in Bali?

How to choose the best place to stay in Bali

As said on above, the best place I am going to refers will be about the location and the accommodation to rent. You may are getting the best stay ever in Bali, but the location can’t do more as what you have been expected.

So does the location where you are possible to be at the interesting spot, but the accommodation itself is ruining the whole luxury of your staying.

So, why not looking for the best place that is covering both important purposes when you are traveling in Bali since it will be one of the easier thing to do?

Here are what you are looking for to make your stay in Bali the best thing you have ever been experienced:

Choose the location base of the attractions and available destinations you are required

That is my first way to choose the best place in Bali. When determining about the location to stay, I am actually considering many things especially about what the advantages will I get of the location?

To answer that, you can see many reviews and articles about the location. Or you can also find the information about the disadvantages of the location itself.

For example, temporarily living around Kuta Beach may the first thing you have in mind. The location is so popular and the beach is also beautiful as you think. But then, I will tell you not to do so since last week I have been there, there are too much plastic wastes at the beach and I should admitted that the beach is the dirty one.

So, I may will telling you to move away of it to Seminyak or Canggu since the beaches are also beautiful and the wastes aren’t as much as Kuta Beach and experiencing the tranquility living is easy since the surround will not as crowd as Kuta beach.

There are various accommodation you can choose, compare them all!

I am getting bored when asking people where will you stay when you are in Bali. It is because most of the answers are the same. People are keep on telling me that “I’m staying in the …….. hotel.”

As if no other places you can choose but a hotel room. I don’t hate it. But, we are actually have the other options that I am afraid have not been thought of before.

Since Bali is one of the popular destination in the world, investors are also from everywhere to do businesses. So, accommodation business is also vary. There are many types of it.

You will know and hear that in Bali, there are unique beachfront condos, luxury designed villas, surely the various offers of hotel rooms, affordable hostels, and many more with various styles and prices.

So, you’d better not only using the “hotel” query when you are looking for the accommodation on Google since you have more options than you think.

After that, you can simply do some researches while comparing all of the various interesting accommodation and see which offer will be possible for you.

Now, what’s next?

Since you have been informed about how you can choose the best location to stay and which type of accommodation that will be what you have been looking for, the next thing you should know is surely where and what the accommodation that will be my top first recommendation.

What I am going to recommending you is optional where I don’t have a single right to force you to do or follow as what I have said. But, I will recommending you the one that hopefully the best place you ca stay in Bali.

Even, that will be a thing I will do as well.

So, in answering about the next thing to do after knowing the both 2 points above is that, I am happily to tell you that you can try to rent and stay in the Seminyak villas where the cozy living is awaiting for you, the stays are variously styled and designed, the amenities can help you enjoy the leisure time even more, the surround area is safe and interesting to explore, the beach is clean, the offers are vary and affordable and many more advantages you can get.

So, simply finds one among the villas that is located at Seminyak area, rather than finding hotel rooms around Kuta Beach. You can also heading to Canggu if Seminyak is not really your thing even if I have been really recommended it the best way I can do.

So, that will be my ways to find the best place to stay in Bali and hope that will also helps you in doing the same thing to lift up your traveling moments to the higher level.

Travel Myths You Should Not Believe

We live in various myths in many aspects of life. There are also myths about travel you may or may not know beforehand. You see, everything now seems easier for everyone to travel around the world.

Travel myths you shouldn't believe

With easy access for booking tickets, growing accommodations, and flexible transportation, it is supposed to make travel easier to do not the other way around. However, sometimes it is hard for people to let go of the myths they have grown to believe.

Still lots of people believe that travelling is a luxury. They believe that travelling is always expensive and, unsafe, and full of dangers.

Myths about travel you should know

There are still lots of people around the world who are too scared to travel to new places due to many myths around them that they have already believed.

If travelling is too dangerous, then why lots of people are in for solo travelling? If travelling is way too expensive, why people with low income can travel to their dream places? So here are some travel myths you should know and should not believe:

  • The first myth is that travel is expensive and only for the rich. Of course travelling needs money. There is no such thing as zero fund to travel. However, it doesn’t mean that travelling is unaffordable. There are many ways you can travel without spending too much money. You can start with simple travel that you can afford. When you have experienced the fun, start with something bigger by saving money first. It may take long until you can travel but it is worth it.
  • The next myth is about how the world is never safe. Of course, danger is everywhere. You cannot truly safe even when you are at your home. You can get accident by stepping on slippery floors. Or, you can get burned while cooking. If you keep thinking about the danger, you won’t ever get a chance or motivation to travel. Thus, you should focus more on positive things you can get. Yes, the world has its danger but it shouldn’t stop you from experiencing great thing such as life lessons.
  • Another myth is about hitchhiking being unsafe for travelers. Of course, there is a risk of you being ditched in the middle of the road while hitchhiking. However, that is not always the case. You can safely hitchhiking by using your judgment. Don’t just hop into the first car that stops. However, don’t just assume that everyone is a serial killer either.
  • Another myth is that travelling is not for women especially solo travel. Well, this is an absolute myth. Of course women have more risks to face some hazards during travel. However, there are lots of women out there who like travelling around the world and they keep coming back safely at their home. There are many travel bloggers you can look up to, to prove that the theory of travel is not for women is untrue. There are many tips to have safe travel both for women and men.

What You Will Need When Camping Out There?

How much do you like the outdoor activity just like camping out there as a way to spend your holidays or your spare time? If you are the one that are considering yourself as an avid fan of it, then you may have known your own items and gears that should be brought every time you will be at outdoor.

But, if you are an amateur one who are just started out to experience whether camping can be your good thing to do or not, then you may are confusing about which should be prepared and then taken them all right before leaving the house.

And that’s what I am trying to do now. I will do my best to tell you about what you will need when you have decided to camping out there for sometime.

Things you will need for camping out there

Things you will need when you are camping out there by your own

I do love camping but since I am not doing it that much, I do also have experiences to say the least. Through my camping trips that I have been experienced before, now I know which are the important things and useful that helped me out doing various activities as well as enjoy the times that were passing by.

Those things can be the must-stuffs to bring for me but one or two of them may are not apply for you since different people have their own different needs.

But as I have said before that I will do my best, I will also make the lists for the gears and tools that can be used for many of us.

1. Combination of a raincoat and the waterproof backpack

You must be realised that a raincoat will be useful in case the weather is drastically changing and the water is started falling down. Before, I was camping without any information about the weather at all but if you can ensure yourself about it and decided not to brings the raincoat, then feel free to do that.

While the waterproof backpack itself won’t only useful in rain but sometime when you are suddenly put the backpack itself on the wet ground.

So does when you are using it and the night is fall, the cold air can crawl into the bag and get all the stuffs to be cooled. But I am sure that it won’t really an issue if you have your own waterproof backpack.

If only I could choose one which will be recommended, I think the waterproof backpack is on my packing list rather than a raincoat. But surely that you can also bring them both together when you are camping out there.

2. It’s cold out there, so bring your warmer clothes

From the pick of your hair down to your toes, you have to think about how you will covering yourself when you are resting out there.

You may need the hoodie, hat, jacket or the long-sleeved T-shirts, trousers and pants if you will be longer on the camping site, extra socks, and more that you think will make you warmer especially when you are resting in the night or when the winter is coming.

You can also considering to bring the blanket if that will possible for you. But, make sure that all the above items are fit into the backpack you are going to bring and lightweight enough to take.

3. Lighting and fire reources

Lighting and fire sources are not only the tools to help you make the surround brighter especially in the night. But they can also be the survival gears where the flashlight can send a S.O.S signal and the fire can make you safe from the wild animal that may come and get you.

Today, there have been the matches or lighters that can still be lighting up even though the air is so thin and cold. So, you’d better looking for that. The flashlights are also vary. There are many of them that can even be used for the emergency condition.

4. Bring the hammock for yourself

Do you know what the hammock is?

It is an interesting camping item that is used as where you are going to spend your time in a rest or sleep. You can rest on it either you will lay your body or sit on it.

Hammock is setup between the stands and it is easy to bring where you can put it into your backpack. If you are camping by yourself or alone, I would like to recommending you to buy the single parachute hammock if you have not got one.

5. Snacks, snacks and snacks plus the mineral water in the bottle and sachets of coffee

Foods and a hot drinks can be the great match in a cold of outdoor. By bringing a snacks, you will not only able to make your stomach a bit full but somehow it is a great idea while enjoying the view.

So does the coffee where you won’t even need to ask for what is that, right?

Anyway, knowing about the things that will be brought when camping out there is also a part of how you will experience the more safer and comfortable camping. So, you’d better think about that two before, carefully.

Important Skills You Should Have to Travel around the World

Travelling to many different places is not only exciting but also challenging. You see, not everyone is confident to do it because they think they lack of some skills.

Important and useful skills you should have to travel around the world

Well, it is not entirely true anyway.

You may have no problem to travel around the world if you have companions such as friends, families or lovers. However, the problem arises when you travel solo.

You need to face every problem on your own without someone to rely on.

Of course, each individual has their own in solving problems in various situation. You don’t have to follow what others do to solve a problem because maybe it is more effective when you use your own way.

The most important thing is to have the right skill.

Travel around the world smoothly with the right skills

There are many skills that every individual can possess. It can come off naturally but it can also be learnt.

For example, if you don’t have skill in language, you can star learning by joining a language club or pay for formal language course. So, there is nothing like ‘impossible’ skills to have if you are willing to learn and improve.

The skills for travelling will be strengthen the more experiences you gain. Here are important skills to help you during your travel.

1. Deal with adaptability

Adaptability can come as natural traits for some people. However, it can be a skill that is hard to achieve for others.

Travelling around the world means you constantly move from one place to another, you are not only landing in new places but also meeting new people in the process.

New environment can make your body and mind feel anxious. It can be shown through sleep disorder or inability to eat properly during your travel.

However, you can always build your skills of adaptability the more you travel. When you have this skill, you won’t be afraid or paranoid of the unknown.

2. Mastering the language, at least the common ones

The next skill is language. You see, language is like a medium for you to communicate with others. Of course, there is gestures and all aside from verbal communication.

However, language barrier sometime can be the most problems experienced by travellers.

To travel around the world, you should have at least language skill in English. Even if you are not that fluent, you should learn the basic things.

It can help you to communicate with strangers properly. It is even better if you learn some languages if you like travel a lot. It can help you to interact more with the locals.

You won’t need to be afraid if you got lost since you can always ask to the locals for direction.

3. Do you know how to protect yourself?

Another important skill you should have to travel around the world is negotiation and self-defense.

You see, there might be a situation that put you in uncomfortable or dangerous position. If you have negotiation skill, you can save yourself from more serious troubles.

Meanwhile, self-defense is important just in case you encounter violence during your trip to protect yourself especially if you travel solo a lot.

How to Find the Studio in Bali for Your Business Photography Projects

The interesting thing about photography is that, I think that it is one of the best hobby in the world where you are getting paid for doing what your passion is.

Photography as the paid hobby that can gives you income and takes you anywhere in the world

Photographing will take you anywhere around the world since your skills of capturing the different and unique point of views can be used by many people around the globe. So do when you are making the photography as a business if you are in Bali with such international market–you can build your own studio here and start developing your own empire.

The demand of professional and high quality images in Bali are increasingly high especially for those who are in business lane. The owners of the villas, hotels, and more accommodations, restaurants and bars, cafes and night clubs, tourist destinations and attractions, special events, concerts, and many more are requiring the great images that can make all of the events be more interested and then visited.

So do the business products and services for the international market that have the different point of view for the visual communication such photography.

And you must have been known that many of the photographers are need the studio to create their masterpieces so you can only get the professional and high quality images, but all of the photography projects can be the art for your business or event.

That’s why many of photographers are glad when they have got their own studio and even if they don’t, there will always the studio in Bali that can be used or rented to finish all of the projects that are ordered by their clients.

This can be the cheap and high quality studio in Bali for every of your professional photography projects

Le Studio has been known and popular among the Indonesian and foreigner’s businessmen and travellers. It is a studio for photography in Bali that can be rented foe even per hour where the service is quiet a rare thing you can get in Bali.

I am not recommending this studio for no reason.

how i will find the studio in Bali for business photography projects?

If you are the photographers that are requiring the professional camera and tools that can help you in a photo studio, then the studio in Bali I have just talked about can give you those.

So do the professional staffs if you will need them.

If you want to talk about the price since the first time I am telling you this is one of the cheap one in Bali, then you can actually go to the official site right away and see some of the costs you will need to pay when using the studio.

You can even rent the available camera if you will need one or the lenses, etc. Simply pay your visit to this studio bali directly at Jl. Plawa next to Seminyak’s main street or you can see the offers on its official site to save more of your times.

What if you are a businessman and don’t know how to photograph but will likely to ask the photographers and asking them to shoot your products or services inside the studio?

Now, comes the interesting part where you can not only rent the studio itself but you are also really possible to hire the photographers or asking them directly to give their hands and start dealing with your professional business’s images.

Even you can also decided to bring your own photographer that you have been hired somewhere else and start using the studio with all of the facilities with its charge is per hourly as I have told you before.

There’s nothing to be afraid of about those since I believe that I can really guarantee you that even though the percentage is not 100%. But, 95% and more, you can really trust me in that.

As a businessman, your business is really need a professional images ever since they are contributing in putting the interests in the eyes of the potential customers.

Having the high quality and professional images for your products is actually the start of seeing your business in another high level, moreover if you business value itself is really high.

Look, what if you’ve got hotel rooms and need them all to be marketed? Don’t you think that all of the rooms or at least their brochure will be seen tempting so people want to reserve them? Or what of you have got the restaurant business? I bet that you will show your foods and drinks to the customers in more tasteful images right?

That’s how the professional’s product images are working. They are contributing to change the human’s mind and you are free to make your business to be seen as good as the others.

And to have it all, you will have to rent the studio in Bali for yourself or the photographers you have hired before if he or she has not been got their own studio. This can be the great investment for your future business where the useful products or services will be met with the perfect images.

Does this worth the money?

There is now other ways but analysing it yourself right now or getting up and heading to the studio Bali on above address. If you will need to ensure yourself, visit the studio and start the talk included with the problems you may have got so you may can be helped as well especially when all of them will be related to the professional and high quality images.

Making the Most of Your Short Trip

If you are too busy with lots of activities in your daily basis, you can’t help but only spare a time to have a short trip during weekend. Remember that vacation is not luxury but necessity today. With high demands of fast-changing world, everything seems to be in a rush. You are too busy catching with others so you won’t get left behind. Millennial sometimes forget that they need to have a break to void breakdown anytime soon. Thus, having a short getaway can be a good solution to avoid hustle and bustles of busy city.

Making the Most of Your Short Trip

How to make of the most of your short getaway

Having a short trip means you have very limited time to truly enjoy your holiday. However, you still can make the most of it. Time cannot limit the level of happiness or fun you get from a vacation. You deserve a breather after all your hard work anyway. So here are some tips to make the most of your short trip. Thus, you will feel recharged and energized after.

  • Plan ahead. Even though your trip is a short one, you still need to plan it. Thus, you will know which places you can actually afford to go within limited time. You can even plan months prior for a short trip. If it is possible, you can go on Friday after leaving your work if you plan it thoroughly beforehand. Choose a destination where main attractions situated within walking distance so you don’t need to waste your time reaching each location.
  • Make sure to prioritize what most important for you for the trip. List places you must see and must activities to do. For example, if visiting the beach is not that special at your travel destination, you can skip that and replace it other activities such as visiting local festivals if your schedule fits.
  • Just because it is a short trip, doesn’t mean you can overschedule it.  Going from one attraction to another in a rush won’t do you any good. It will just exhaust you even more. At the time you back at home, you won’t feel recharged but more drained than before. Thus, set the right pace so that you can truly enjoy the places you visit. If you have red eye flight, you can take benefit of it for a shut eye so that you won’t be sleep-deprived.
  • It is highly recommended to pack light as to not burden you with unnecessary weight. It is a short trip anyway. You can wear the same clothes for both flights and nobody cares. When packing, don’t think of what ifs. Just focus on what you are going to truly needed.
  • Do not forget to truly enjoy your time. You can hunt local foods because food often bring you happiness. Try to focus more on what in front of you and forget about all the works awaiting for you at home and office. When you are on a short trip, you are free to do anything you want.

Preparing Your Kids for Komodo Liveaboard Adventure!

A trip with Komodo liveaboard is a great way to strengthen family bonds and create a lifelong memories with your kiddos. With its exceptional beauty and wild life, Komodo has always been succeed to draw the curious mind of children and teens alike for lush exploration. Think of hiking dormant volcanoes, walking a long trek to find wild Komodo dragons, exploring multi coloured sand beaches, and swimming with Manta Rays. Some of the world’s most exotic flora and fauna are waiting for you in Komodo National Park, the real life Jurassic Park. 

As any trip destination would do, taking your kids to Komodo would be a little bit tricky. After all, Komodo is not an easy destination—despite the liveaboard facilities and abundant educational material inside the lands. If you plan to take your kiddos for Komodo exploration this summer, you might want to prepare them with these simple things for a few weeks before the actual sailing trip take place. 


1. Take an Encyclopaedia or Internet Tour to Komodo

In other way, get ‘em excited for what they about to see in Komodo. You can show them pictures from travel bloggers, Pinterest, or any social media about Komodo’s breathtaking landscape, the dreamlike Pink Beach, the white-sands-island the Taka Makassar, and many more. Watch documentaries about Komodo in NatGeo Wild or Planet Earth. Read encyclopaedia about prehistoric animals if there’s any. When they have build up interest and anticipation, the real life encounter would be more fun and much satisfying. 

2. Let them know how’s life on Komodo liveaboard would be

Let them imagination run wild without giving too much expectation. Young children would be ecstatic knowing that they can taste the life of pirate or seafarers during the sailing trip. At the same time, give them illustration of how different living in a boat it would be. Talk about boat safety and rules they must adhere. Tell how the Komodo liveaboard would take them sailing from one islands to another within the Komodo National Park to see the wonder of nature. Most importantly, have a pack of nauseous-counter attack ready in your bag. 

3. Prepare the kids for snorkeling mask

Located right on Asia’s coral triangle, Komodo is a heaven for divers and snorkelers! Seriously, the underwater is hard to miss! Plus, they are so rich on corals and marine creatures that would be very educational for the kids. As children might be too young for diving, it would be a great idea to teach them snorkelling. It’s quick and easy, especially if your kids are already at ease with water.  

4. Inform about boundaries, limitation, and what to expect

While the excitement is building up, it’s important to keep their expectation low to avoid disappointment and possible tantrums. Before you go, talk to your children about the wilderness in Komodo and how modern facilities and infrastructure is kept into minimum to maintain the wildness. It would be difficult to be connected to Wifi signals or watch TV shows when they are onboard the Komodo liveaboard. Also, remind them that the park is practically wildlife conservation and it would be very dangerous to wander alone, straying from guards, and most importantly, touching the dragons. 

5. If you could, charter a Komodo liveaboard

One can say the adventure in Komodo gives a similar vibe with one in Galapagos. But one thing you should remember; unlike the Galapagos, the Komodo National Park has just been thriving to tourism industry quite recently. As a result, tourism options in Komodo is still somewhat limited. You might won’t find special family and kids trip package in Komodo as easy as it would be in Galapagos or even Bali. 

Spend a god amount of time to search for tours that offers a designated family adventure and kids-friendly package. If you don’t mind to join an open trip (the most common kind of trip in Komodo) with other random travelers and adjust your own itinerary for the kids, go ahead. But if you insist to have a kids-friendly, educational trip, we highly suggest you to reserve a whole Komodo liveaboard. This way, you have the freedom to pick only destinations and activities that would be suitable for your family.

Things You Can Do to Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

Do you have a bucket list for traveling this year? Where will your travel dream takes you for this 2019? Is there any destinations that you think are waiting for you?

You must be have something in mind that you have always dreamed of, don’t you? So do the travel dreams you keep on telling yourself that one day you will experience them all.

The thing is that, how good actually for yourself in planning all of that?

Things you can do to make your travel dreams come true

Travel dreams don’t come with ease for many of us, so that, preparations take the important roles when you want to make all of your fantasy come true. It takes some times, money, and many more that you have to sacrifice.

But, since everything about the travel dreams aren’t the utopian dream whom many of us are possible to make them true, let me tell you some of the considerably important things you can do to make your travel dream become your own reality.

Things you can do to make your travel dream come true

One important thing you should realized is the bucket lists aren’t only for retirement. Getting rest in a beachfront villa at the tropical island shouldn’t be for the older alone, youth can even experience that while exploring the surrounds.

Even if you’re still working right now at the office that allowing you to be at home in the night, there’s no reason not to make your own bucket lists for your traveling dreams.

That’s the first step to start preparing your own plan to realized the dreams.

But, you may don’t know how you can actually make the bucket lists or you can be underestimate them since you can always creating them anytime. That’s why I am going to reminds you again and again that sometimes the simplest and the ones that you keep on underestimating are the important thing you have to deal with.

1. Put all of your travel bucket lists in writing

In term of traveling, we keep on getting the information about the new destinations that are interesting to be visited. It can ruin your own dream before since you can be affected by that.

So that, you’d better make your own priority about the most destinations you’d like to be visited. And it won’t be enough if only you could remembering it all the times since it can be forgotten and then you won’t know about it any longer.

So that, I am recommending you that all of the bucket lists are written down on a paper or the travel journal if it possible.

2. Start saving the budget right now!

Most of the travel stories are made by involving money. Even when you will be eating at the tasteful restaurant, you’ll spend some bucks. Ticketing, transportation and many more things will be used in your travel that can be involving so much money.

So that, you’d better looking for the information about the destinations and all the itineraries plan that can spend you some money. Then, write them all down while you should tell yourself that if you can really make your travel dreams come true, you should hold some expenses for now while what remains will be saved to be used later in traveling.

If you can’t do that, you must be the son of the prince living in a palace where you have almost anything but no times for traveling.

3. Find the affordable travel package

What I do loves about the travel package is that, it is offering us some interesting things to do, places to visit, mostly will be included with the accommodation and sometimes you will have your own guide, transportation is included as well, the breakfast and many more things that can be the advantages for us.

All of that are offered with the fixed price that mostly there won’t be any hidden fee that will charge you in a sudden.

Getting the travel package for your vacation dreams can be the thing you can do especially when you are running out of the budget and don’t know what actually you can do at the destinations you have made as your travel dreams.

Hammock Camping 101: How to Sleep Comfortably in a Hammock

Hammock for camping is definitely gaining popularity by the day. It is still by far a very niche market, but it’s also definitely growing.

There are numerous claims that preached “hammocks are so comfortable!”

Guide to sleep comfortably when hammock camping

These claims usually concern the comparison between a hammock and a tent. However, it does not stop there. These claims even go as far as saying that sleeping in a hammock is much more comfortable compared to sleeping in a regular bed.

Hammock camping is now among the favorites of many backpackers alike

Sleeping in a hammock is so much more comfortable compared to sleeping on the ground. This makes sense as you won’t be sleeping on top of rocks and debris and other things outdoor.

Pick a hammock with a night-long sleep in mind

Not all hammocks are created equal. So make sure to pick a high-quality hammock especially when you’re one of those people that may have difficulties sleeping.

The backyard hammock with a wrongly-applied spreader bar and the infamous ropes are definitely a no-go. This type of hammock is definitely uncomfortable to be used for laying down briefly, much less for a proper night’s sleep.

Keep on experimenting the most comfortable position for you

Just as with doing anything new, it takes time to get acquainted with it. It also takes practice to get familiar and eventually comfortable to sleep in a hammock.

Whether you’re hammock camping or using the hammock as a makeshift daybed, experimenting is key.

Keep trying on new positions until you settle on what’s the most comfortable for you. It takes practice and the learning curve is pretty high. But once you’re there, you’ll never want to go back.

One thing for sure, you won’t be missing your bed way too much once you’ve used your hammock right. And there will be no more back pains or the overall crankiness that comes from sleeping on a hard surface.

You know that no sleeping bags could make you sleep as comfortable.

Get all of the needed accessories to support your good night’s sleep

Much-needed accessories such as pillows or makeshift pillows are extremely important to support your night’s sleep at a hammock. During your hammock camping especially, things such as mosquito nets and tarps are quintessential for undisturbed sleep.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to sleep in a hammock

Just as how people sleep differently on their bed, there is absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to sleeping in your hammock. Different people sleep differently.

So make sure to try different things, different positions and all so that you can get the best out of your hammocks.

A study reveals that sleeping in a hammock may improve your health

Sleeping in a hammock has long been studied. There are significant findings towards the improvement of sleep thanks to the hammock.

It’s been observed that brain activities linked to deep sleep has increased among the people who slept in a bed that gently rocks like a hammock compared to a still bed. Hammocks have been noted to have the potential to manage insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

That’s all I have to inform for now. Feel free to getting to know more about the hammock camping so you can take more advantages of it.

What Are the Best Ways to Carry Money While Traveling?

Traveling can makes you bring cash more than usual. It won’t be the new thing for travellers since there will be more needs to be paid and to anticipate things that can cost us money.

But, traveling with such amount of cash is also means that there will be more things to care about. You are possible to lose that or getting rob by the others and many things can be happen. You’d be surprised what will get you in a travel sometimes.

So that, you need to know the ways to secure the cash you are bringing in your trip so there will be nothing you have to sacrifice related to the usage of money you’ve got.

Knowing and doing this should also be part of how to travel smarter and safer, right?

Possible ways you can do to hide money when traveling

Possible ways to save money on travel

There is one important thing you have to remember related to this topic which is thieves can be smarter than you. That’s what they have been doing for months or even years, so thieves must be really professional.

I am telling you this so you are remembering that you should never keep your guard down. No matter what kind of traveler you are, many people are seeing that travellers are those who are bringing much money.

You are no longer a human being but the wallet with cash for some people.

1. Never put all of the eggs in a basket, divide the money into some places!

How many credit cards and cash you are bringing in traveling? If you are saving them all in just a wallet, don’t you think if they will be disappeared then you will lose them all in a time?!

You can save the money not only in the wallet. Make use of the pouches of your bag and suitcase then you can put some of the money and credit cards in separate places.

It is about how you will split up the money into different locations so if the thieve will get your money, you won’t be loose everything.

You can also put the money into your pants pocket that you fold in you bag so it will really save and hard for the thieve to take the money.

2. Use the anti-theft bag

I think that there have been various of anti-theft bags or backpacks today that you can get and using it for traveling. Using that kind of bag will minimise the chance of a thieve to get your money.

3. Never put the money on the bag that you put on the flight luggage

Traveling by airplane may cause you brings more luggage that you can’t keep them close with you. You may will keep one or two backpacks on the flight luggage and this may one of the thing you have to avoid for your money and all of your important documents.

So, you should determines which bag will be placed closer to you and make sure that all the money is being kept in that bag.

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