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5 Best Beaches in Yogyakarta


Discovering the word Jogja seems to bring a sweet memory in itself. Not only because it is a special place, but Jogja is considered to have characteristics ranging from historical values to the incredible attractions of Jogja beach. For travelers, Jogja should be an area to visit. Especially if you want to make your vacation even more memorable, enter the name of this area as your main destination! If necessary, you can make a list of the best Yogyakarta beaches, why is it called Yogyakarta instead of Yogyakarta? Both are correct, Yogja is easier to remember! Here are some beaches you want to visit!

Pantai Timang

Unique name for a beautiful beach. Timang beach is a tourist destination difficult enough to get there. Indeed, the terrain to cross is quite steep and rocky. The rocky road along the path leading to the beach of this pole looks like a rather sharp and pointed rock fragment with a bumpy road. However, the beauty of the beach is not inferior to the others. Timang beach is located in the beautiful coastal area of Gunung Kidul. Due to the difficult road conditions, there were not many visitors.

Pantai Parangtritis

Who doesn’t know about Parangtritis? The most famous seaside attraction in Jogja is Parangtritis. This destination seems to be a must-see for all those who want to spend their vacations there. Especially with the natural beauty that stretches out as if it were suitable for all those who want to take pictures of the natural beauty of the beach. The location of this beach is 27 km from downtown Jogja. Precisely at Jalan Parangtritis km 28, Bantul. You can visit it every day from morning to evening.

Pantai Pandansari

The next beach tour turned out to be spotted because of the dashing lighthouse on the beach. To enter this lighthouse, you have to climb hundreds of circular steps, culminating at the top. The view above the lighthouse is certainly a target for tourists who come. Pandansari beach is located in Sanden, Gadingsari. Its location is also not difficult to find because many locals already know it.

Pantai Baros

If you hear this beach as a new tourist place, then it is a must visit. Because you can perfectly enjoy the sunset. On the beach of Baros, there is also an area of exotic mangrove forest. It is suitable for those who like to take pictures. The location is in Tirtohargo, in the district of Kretek. You can enjoy the freshness of being on the beach while getting beautiful natural photo spots.

Pantai Seruni

You surely know the beach of Seruni. This place is indeed one of the dozens of beautiful beaches that are lined with seaside tourism, precisely in Gunungkidul. With a view no less beautiful, you can capture the sunset here. Also with the waves that give a romantic impression.

How to Get to Komodo Island? Check These Tips

How to get to Komodo Island

Are you currently planning a vacation to Indonesia, perhaps with friends and family? and you are still wondering which island is the best to visit? It’s understandable as there are at least 17,000 different islands in Indonesia, but if you are looking for a unique destination for adventurous travelers like seeing the Komodo Dragons? Or snorkeling, diving, swimming with manta rays and sleeping aboard a ship while enjoying the stars? there is no better place to go than The Komodo. It is the perfect tropical escape, with the gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, exotic cultures, and some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling destinations. So how to get to Komodo Island?

Where is Komodo Island?

Komodo Island is another hidden gem on the earth. The Island is located in Nusa Tenggara Island, Indonesia, between the Sumbawa and Flores. Its place is a home to a national park and is arguably the most famous destination in Flores. The island is also a home of dragons, with a total number of nearly 5.700.

How to get to Komodo Island?

Some of you may have been confused, how to get to Komodo Island? Traveling to this island is a little confusing at first, so in order to make it easier, Here some tips for you!  The easiest way to reach the the island is to fly from Jakarta to Bali to Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. You can fly via Sriwijaya Air or Nam AIR or Wings Air. The best time to fly from Bali or Jakarta is an early morning, so book your flight an early morning so you can arrive before midday. Once you reach Labuan Bajo you can get a liveaboard to take a tour of the Komodo and take you to the best diving sites. Joining a liveaboard is a good option for this Komodo trip as it includes meals, accommodation, and a stop at all the best must see places along the way.

How to get to Komodo Island

When to visit?

The best time to visit this island is generally during the dry season around April to November, when the days are sunny. This place becomes most crowded around July to August. You won’t be the only one in search of sun, dragons, and the beach!  The rainy season sometimes starts around December, so if you hate getting wet, plan your trip before December. No matter when you visit, you should be able to see the amazing Komodo Dragons here. Don’t forget to try scuba diving too!

What are the best things to do in Komodo?

The Komodo Dragons are the highlight destination here, but the natural landscape in Komodo National Park goes beyond the amazing lizards. All the stars of the show on this island are related to nature. You will be amazed with the crystal-clear water, stunning views, colorful corals, various fishes and white sandy beaches. When planning your vacation to this island, don’t miss these top things to do like take your family for trekking in Rica or Padar. Snorkel and diving are a must, and another must-have experience on Komodo is to visit the local village and indulge completely in the local cuisines.

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Considerations Before Renting A Vacation Home

Many people start considering a vacation this summer. However, we all know that there are many things to consider to have a safe vacation. The situation regarding to the global pandemic is slowly getting better. Many places have lifted stay-at home orders, hence many people consider having a long-waited vacation. One of necessities for a vacation is accommodation. You may need to rent a vacation home. However, some precautions are necessary to take to keep you safe. 

Considerations Before Renting A Vacation Home

Things to consider before renting vacation home

Some travelers are still anxious to rent a vacation home due to the pandemic. There is still a chance of contacting and spreading virus even if the number of case is getting low. Some concerns are around cleanliness regulations and cancellation policies. So here are things to consider when you rent a vacation home for your holiday:

Find out more information about cancellation policy. Even if the situation is getting better, there are no clear time frame of when the virus will entirely stop spreading. We don’t know if there will be times when the situation is getting worse either. Thus, cancellation is still a probability. You have to read carefully and understand cancellation policies on their website. Also, look at the date stamp to see if the information is current or not. If the policies are suspicious or unclear, look for another vacation home. 

Sanitation is essential thing you need to consider for renting a vacation home. You need to know how the host maintain good hygiene and sanitation. The idea of cleanliness may be different from one person to another. However, there should be standards regarding to this especially with the current situation. Choose a vacation home where the host enforce rigid standards. Thorough cleaning is necessary for everyone’s safety. Even if the host maintain good hygiene and sanitation, you can bring your own supplies.

It is also wise to ask the host for cleaning supplies. Even if they properly maintain good sanitation, you may want to do the cleaning yourself upon your arrival or during your stay. Make sure that they provide cleaning supplies for you. Every rental may provide differently. At least, disinfectant wipes and hand-sanitizers are provided. 

It is also wise to consider buffer between rentals. Providing a buffer between renters is preventative way to minimize the risk of contacting and spreading virus. The host can clean and sanitize the house properly before the next renter arrive. It can also make you safer as a renter. 

Try to minimize physical contacts with your hosts or staffs. You can ask your host to allow you enter the house without interacting with others. It is also wise to research the local laws as well as plans. You need to know whether the law allows you to rent a vacation home in your destination. Another thing to consider is to bring your own linens and towels. This will make you feel more comfortable. You also are more sure about the cleanliness this way. 

Best Way To Enjoy Time In Villa Seminyak

When it comes to accommodation in Bali, it is now considered normal to book a luxury holiday in a villa or hotel where you can live like a king for a fraction of the cost of the hotel. Villa Seminyak has been replaced by hotels and hotels are now the preferred accommodation for families, groups, and honeymooners. 

luxurious villa Seminyak with private pool in a beautiful island

Villa Seminyak, A Great Accommodation for long term stay

Prices are great, which means younger couples can enjoy a villa in Bali without worrying about overspending. Surprisingly affordable villas offer a range of bargains, including a superb breakfast. There are even secluded private villas with perfect views of the rice fields. This makes it a good choice for families and couples with small children, but also for older couples. 

If you are planning a big budget trip, I advise you to take advantage of the lower prices in Bali and rent a private villa. Seminyak Suites Private Villa Astadala is the best budget villa in Seminyak, and this place will make you feel on cloud nine. If you want to combine luxury with thriving restaurants and accommodations, this could be the ultimate villa stay in Villa Seminyak. Rent a villa with a private pool and enjoy the peace and quiet of Bali directly in your own accommodation. 

A beautiful and huge selection of holiday villas are available in Seminyak, from open living rooms, private pools, and private beaches to make the ultimate Seminyak. If you want to go the route of private villas, here is a list of the best family run villas as well as private hotels and resorts in Bali. There is nothing better than to feel at home in the comfort of your own home with the tranquility, even if you are not a big fan of hotels, resorts, or even private residences. 

If you have a group and want to stay in a similar location but not at a villa price, or if you want sea views and a pool, you will want a private villa with an open living room, private pool, and private beach, not a hotel. 

If you plan to live in Bali, you can try to get a villa instead of a hotel room, and Airbnb tends to have a lot of villa options for that. If you just want to party and shop, book a stay in Kuta Seminyak for a few days or even a week. The best option is to fly to Bali and consider staying in a villa Seminyak, but if you decide to use it as a base to explore Bali and just want a place to relax, then a week is best. 

If you’re looking for other cool hotels in Bali, check out our list of the best hotels in Seminyak, as well as our guide to Seminyak and other places in town. 

If you like a beach holiday and want a luxurious villa where you can lounge by the pool and sip cocktails, Ulu is fabulous. Many people come here for the absolute luxury of the place, but a pool is not a requirement. In fact, many private villas in Bali have pools and can actually save a lot of money without sacrificing any additional luxury. Villas without pools in Bali are simple and minimalist, but we have no doubt that many of these people like the idea of a private pool in Seminyak because they like it.

If you just need a nudge in the right direction, pick a personal favorite from our all-around selection for the best villa in Bali. Read more about our blog about villas in Bali, check out our website and start your search for the perfect family Hopefully these tips will be enough to get you going in all directions. villas you book at the end, you can be sure that your stay in Bali will be a hell experience. We want you to work hard and enjoy your time in Seminyak, one of the most beautiful places on the island, but hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the best accommodations and great things to look for. 

Not all villas are the same, so you need to look at the many variables that are involved in adapting to your ideal villa rental. If you are thinking about booking a holiday in Bali and need advice on the best accommodation, please contact us. We recommend you to secure a hotel before you choose a villa So you can find a place, but if you are staying in a villa Seminyak, avoid all the hassle and just ask us if we can help you find the right place for you and your family in Seminyak. 

The reasons why people rent bad villas and why it is important for students in Bali to use reputable agents when booking their villas and accommodation. Please ask our villa reservation team questions to get more information about the best available options for your holiday in Seminyak and other parts of the country. 

Essentials You Need For A Smooth Road Trip

Some people avoid a road trip because it sounds too exhausting driving through roads for many hours. The key of smooth road trip is to have organized space that is limited within the tight quarters of a vehicle. Thus, it is also important to pay attention to essentials you need to bring the road trip to be smoother. When you have all necessary essentials, you will feel safer and more comfortable throughput the ride. 

Must-pack essentials for road trip

Here are essentials you are going to need for smooth road trip:

Always be ready to pack few roadside assistance essentials such as battery jump starter, portable air compressor, motor oil, coolant, first-aid kit, basic tool kit, and some emergency gear such as glass-shattering tool and flares. Keep in mind that your safety is priority. Make sure to have your mechanic look over your car before the trip. Packing those essentials will help you to face unexpected situation while you are on the road. 

Traditional maps

Manual road map is still important to bring even if you own the latest gadget. Do not rely on technology too much while you are on the road reaching your destination. It is possible for you to not get any service in particular areas. With a road map, you will always know your direction. 

Pack enough food

Pack your own foods. Remember that even if your destination is somewhere modern and everything seem to be within reach, you don’t know what will happen while you are on the road. You may get hungry before reaching your destination and you cannot see any stores the entire road. If you pack your own foods, you can just pull over anytime when you feel hungry. Pack healthy snacks as well to save money and keep you stay alert.

roadtrip tips

It is also important to pack your own drinks especially bottled water. You don’t know whether you can find and buy safe bottled water on the road. Drinks are essentials to keep you hydrated. Keep in min that dehydration can make you lose concentration and it is dangerous fro driving. Also, it is important to take frequent breaks to avoid extreme fatigue or stress. By taking breaks, you can keep your sanity and stay fresh as well. 

The little essentials

Wet wipes and tissues are essentials you need because you don’t know things that can make you dirty on the road. Spilled drinks or foods are bound to happen on the road. You cannot leave wet wipes and tissues especially when your family tagging along the trip. Kids are messy and wet wipes and tissue can be your efficient savior. 

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Rooftop storage

If you have more gears to bring for the road trip, you can load up a rooftop storage bin. You can choose the one with the size that you need to fit all gears you want to bring. This way, you can secure everything well. However, make sure that the vehicle you have for the road trip is compatible with this kind of additional storage. 

Staying at Family Holiday Resorts in Bali: The Pros and Cons

Bali family resorts are known for its convenience and providing everything onsite for the entire group. Whether you’re bringing babies, toddlers, demanding teenagers, elderlies, or all of the above, staying at resorts gives you the peace of mind you don’t often get when you’re traveling with the kiddos or with a large group of people.

bali family resort

Holiday resorts first-class services and amenities 

Family holiday resorts in Bali are often equipped with the finest things in the world. And that includes top-notch spa treatments and massage. Tired of walking down the streets of Seminyak or playing all day long with your kids at the beach? Time to get some pampering done for your body. If a spa treatment is not included in your room price, then it usually isn’t so expensive to book a session. Most luxury hotels and resorts have their in-house massage & spa staff or have contracts with trusted providers.  

Staying at Bali family resorts 

best family resort nusa dua

Staying at Bali family resorts offers things beyond convenience; the staff go above and beyond in order to serve you. You get to be pampered. Everything is taken care of. Often, you don’t have to carry your luggages at all, unlike when you stay at a budget accommodation or rental homes. This is a much less stressful experience for you, especially if you’re bringing your kids along on your Bali holiday. Things are going to be so much more relaxing with the added assistance even with the little ones tagging along. 

Less adventure 

Obviously, staying at a family holiday resorts has its own cons. And often times, you need to ask yourself whether the pricey tag you have to pay is worth it, even with the convenience and the staff at your beck and call. For once, staying at Bali family resorts potentially limits you from enjoying your travel destination in its most authentic light. You are, afterall, staying at a chain hotel owned likely by some foreign party instead of the local people who live and work there. Most family resorts are also all-inclusive, which means you hardly have to go anywhere to do anything. Less incentive to explore, unless you have a fixed itinerary you’ve planned ahead beforehand and plan to stick to it.

family-friendly resorts in bali

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You don’t actually benefit the locals 

Staying at chain hotels means that you give the most of your money to people who don’t do the work. Most of the staff at luxury hotels and that certainly applies to Bali family resorts are paid minimum wage. Those who clean your room and cook breakfast for you aren’t ones a large portion of your money finds. And if you’re one of those travelers who care about making an impact for the destination you’re visiting, which includes sustainability that covers the fact you’re actually contributing to the local economy, then you aren’t doing much (if at all) by staying at some large chain hotels. Staying at locally-managed inns or apartments is the best way to contribute. Often times, it’s a much better way to immerse yourself in a new country or city you’re visiting as you’ll be staying at an authentic home with a local. 

How To Have Safe And Fun Senior Travel

Age is just number they said. However, it is a serious matter you should consider when it comes to traveling. It is not being said that senior people cannot go on traveling due to their age. It means, they are more prone to travel hazards because they tend to have weaker immune system than young travelers. They also end to have more limitation to their body making them slower in the movements. However, senior travel is a booming now. Lots of elderly people show more interest to go out and create their own adventure rather than just staying at home.

Stay safe during senior travel

Seniors can plan their own trip just like the youngster. However, you may have different needs for smooth travel from young travelers. There are minor disabilities and special needs that have to be accommodated properly for senior travel. 

safe senior travel

Even seniors who need additional oxygen, in a wheelchair, or full-time walkers can still have fun during a travel. Everything can be accommodated if precaution and preventive measure are taken seriously and thoroughly. Planning is essential for senior travel. For senior travelers, extra planning may be more necessary. However, it seems that senior travel plan is not a big issue today. Lots of niche and travel agents are so accommodating to the special needs of senior travels. They are willing to help you plan the trip following your best interest. Thus, plan your trip with your travel agent meticulously to have smooth travel.

Communicate health conditions

Be open of your health condition to your travel agents and let them know everything you need. Do not feel embarrassed if you have special needs to fulfill. If you keep it to yourself then it can cause more serious problems during the trip itself. Therefore, make sure you and your family talk with travel agents openly without anything hidden. This way, you can have a smooth travel you wish for and your family won’t be worried too much of letting you go on a trip. 


It is essential for senior travelers to have their medication prepared before the trip. You have to make sure you have enough medication for the trip. Consult your doctor before the trip so you know if your health won’t be at risk for a trip. It is also highly recommended to bring the original prescription bottles for the trip. Keep in mind that for some senior travelers, medications are their lifeline. If it is also the same for you, make sure that you don’t leave your medication at home. 

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Bring everything you need to accommodate yourself for the trip. If you need supplemental oxygen, talk with your agent so they will be more prepared to accommodate your need. You may also bring your own supplemental oxygen. If you have limited mobility, it is highly suggested to arrange your special transportation beforehand. Some airlines provide special transportation services you can talk advantage of. Or, you can discuss this with your travel agent as well. 

Sailing the Komodo Seas of Flores for Those Who Don’t Dive

Komodo sailing trip is often thought as something only privileged ones out there could afford. Them, or reserved only for those who have expensive hobbies like scuba diving. Most people won’t splurge on a liveaboard if they don’t have a good reason for it. A vacation spent floating atop a boat for a week or more comes with a price after all. However, Komodo boat trip is more than just a trip of wetsuit after wetsuit. Those who don’t really dive should be able to enjoy the experience of a liveaboard on this fantastic archipelago as well. 

komodo island liveaboard

Komodo sailing trip and the ultimate escape fantasy

The Komodo National Park is pure heaven for those who come here with the ultimate purpose of diving. But non-divers could definitely enjoy the entire journey – perhaps even moreso. The Komodo National Park has limitless options to offer for non-divers; from meeting the legendary Komodo dragons to discovering the wildness of untouched savannah, Flores has everything. 

trekking in padar island

Meet the Komodo dragons at Rinca island where their sightings is almost guaranteed. Relax atop the phinisi deck and sunbathe in peace without the crowd. A great thing about sailing atop the phinisi is that it’s usually a small boat and only a dozen of guests maximum would be there; so you won’t end up as if you’re in a mass tour even if space on a boat is limited. You can also enjoy the wonderful nature of Flores in Komodo sailing trip that offers all wonders of the tropical nature. 

Komodo boat trip for non-divers 

komodo sailing trip

Who says Komodo sailing trip is only for divers? While the destination is heaven for diving enthusiasts, non-divers are still going to have a fantastic time of their life. There are an abundance of activities that you can experience beyond just diving. Some of the most popular ones are: 

  • Kayaking 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Trekking 
  • Looking for the Komodo dragons! 
  • Sunbathing at Pink Beach 

Whether it’s land-based activities or sea activities that don’t involve scuba diving, Komodo sailing trip is going to be one of the most memorable trips you have in your life. 

Trekking in Padar Island 

komodo liveaboard

Whether you’re a diver or included in that group that don’t actually dive, trekking in Padar island is definitely something everyone can enjoy. Vast savannah and untouched terrestrial beauty of this island would throw you back to an era of prehistory. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset atop the vantage point of Padar Island is definitely one of the highlights of our sailing trip in Komodo National Park. Unsurprisingly there’s a bit of crowd in the summit during this time and less during mid-morning. But whichever time you choose to enjoy the gorgeous wildness of this island, it’ll be a memorable one. 

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The iconic Flores scenery 

Padar island is Komodo’s poster child for something; lo and behold what an amazing view and experience Padar island truly is. The trek to the vantage point of the Padar island is definitely worth the scorching heat. The trek itself is not particularly difficult, but always bring the most comfortable shoes and your own supply of snacks and sufficient water for your trip. You’ll find that this island is one of the highlights of your Komodo sailing trip in Indonesia. 

Recommended Travel Destinations For Relaxing

Sometimes, choosing destination for your travel plan can be stressful especially when you have many of them in mind or on your bucket list. However, you can choose your travel destination based on your purpose. For example, you choose a destination where you can visit many museums and enjoy arts more. Or, you can visit a place where you can feel closer to the nature. One of most common purposes of going on a trip is to relax. You can also choose a travel destination based on this reason. 

Most calming travel destination for relaxing

Sometimes, your body and mind had had enough and you just want to escape from all the stress you have been suffering. It is highly recommended to take a vacation because you cannot just let yourself working without a break throughout the year. You deserve and going for a vacation is a great idea to relax and refresh. Here are recommended destinations you can choose:

Switzerland is one of the most favorite travel destinations in the world. The environment, the natural setting, and the friendly culture showcased by the locals make it more interesting to visit. There are also many wonderful places in which you can take refugee to relax. You can come visit this country both during winter or summer. One of the most recommended places to relax is Zermatt. That’s when you can enjoy the scenic view of the mountain while enjoying relaxing spa. 

Indonesia is also a great place for relaxing. There are plenty of popular places for vacation. However, Bali is probably the best choice if you aim for relaxing and calming vacation. Choose more secluded places to stay during your vacation in Bali such as Canggu. However other places also offer gorgeous backdrop of breathtaking nature such as Ubud, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Tanah Lot, and more. Visiting temples in Bali can also relaxing especially because they are surrounded by beautiful nature. 

Iceland is also recommended travel destination if your purpose is to relax and chill. The scenery is the main reason why this destination is so attractive for international visitors. The fantasy-like landscape is hard to avoid because it is all around you. One of the best places for relaxing vacation is Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It is also dubbed as Iceland in miniature because it has everything that highlights the main charms of Iceland. 

Canada is also a great place for relaxing since it is not as busy as New York or Los Angeles. One of the most recommended places to visit in Canada is Fogo Island, Newfoundland. You have to go though a beaten path to reach this spot. You can have a relaxing, slow travel while enjoying your time interacting with the 11 communities living in this place. There are also many places you can venture to such as visiting old wooden docks, strolling down scenic trails, visiting Caribbean-like beach, or exploring art galleries. The place has calming atmosphere which can make you feel like slowing down your life for a moment. 

The Neighboring Benefits of Staying in Villa Ubud

Being one of the leading tourist towns in Bali, owning or renting Villa Ubud sure can have a benefit, especially when we are talking about its surrounding areas. What exactly are the advantages? Here are some of them!

a comfort villa Ubud with field terrace view

The Luxurious Villa Ubud Itself

Well, start from where you are residing in the villa in Ubud have significant growth throughout the years and the quality of each villa is astounding. Ubud is more famous for its forests and mountains than the beach so most villas are located near the rainforests and rice fields. Oceanview is good and all, but the sight of green trees and foliage with bird chirpings when you wake up in the morning can be relaxing for your mind.

The Art Galleries and Museum

Ubud in Bali is also famous for its great artists. Many artists start out from Ubud and become big, even internationally. For this reason, there are lots of places or exhibitions presenting some of the great art created by local artists. Agung Rai, Museum Puri, and the Art Market are some popular examples that people often visit. You can purchase beautiful paintings, clothes, statues and many more to appreciate their work.

The Temples

In Bali, there’s not a city complete without a traditional cultural area. Ubud also has many Balinese temples with beautiful architecture. Just like other temples, Ubud temples occasionally held ceremonies and dances to appreciate the gifts from the gods. The most popular one is Kecak Dance which is allowed to be seen publicly and can be an interesting attraction to those who are curious about Bali customs.

The Creative Classes

Not only buying, but you can also learn how to make handcrafted goods in Bali as well to spend your day. There are cooking, painting, and jewelry making classes available around Ubud area and everyone can apply to each class. Whether it’s to try something that you never tried before or improving your talent, this activity sure worth to do while you’re in Ubud.

The Culinary

Tired of excessive activities? Looks like it’s time to check out some of the finest eateries around Ubud. Many iconic Bali dishes like Ayam Betutu or Babi Guling can be found everywhere, and some restaurants also give a unique addition to complement the taste. There’s a huge culinary market in Ubud that offers a bargain price for every known Bali food that tourists frequent. Although can be really crowded, it can be a perfect place to visit when you’re hungry.

The Monkey Forest

And lastly, you are not yet experiencing what Ubud has to offer when you haven’t visited Ubud Monkey Forest. This forest has been visited by many international tourists and has become one of the top photo-op places in Bali. In this forest, you will be greeted by hundreds of monkeys that live freely in the forest. You can play with them and feed them bananas, no need to worry as they won’t bite you but they might get touchy with you sometimes.

With many interesting areas in Ubud, investing a villa in there sure can be a good idea in the long run. Villa Ubud tends to be luxurious and located in a quiet and comfortable area so you can experience living pleasantly in Bali.      

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