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Bali diving spots; Underwater Adventures Post Pandemic Situations

Bali is one of the most famous Indonesian tourism destinations in the world. It has thousands of tourist attractions that is worth to visit. This Island of the God, is famous for its culture, culinary, and natural beauty but of course the most amazing place to visit are its famous beaches. The beach seems can offer a lot of things; the sunset, the coconut juice, a little bit of jazz sound like a goal vibe. But have you heard diving? Seeing the clear blue water underneath the sun, swimming with the fishes, the rainbow coral reef. Sound like a magical places isn’t it? Actually, Bali diving spots can offer at all in facts a lot of them. With all those options, you might wonder where to find good places specialy with the Covid 19 precautions. Bali has a lot choices of diving places in new normal era. Here’s a little guide to help dive in in the normal era.

Bali diving spots; Underwater Adventures Post Pandemic Situations

What Do You Want in Bali Diving Spots? `

First, you have to determine the place that you desire for diving spots. One of the best Bali diving spots in eastern part of the island is Pyramids. In the West, one of the best dive sites you should see is The Pemuteran Bio Rock. In the southeast, tourists can see the famed underwater Gods; the Ocean Buddha in Nusa Penida. 

Check All the Health Standards

Second, before you dive make sure you check list all the health standards imposed on the region. For example, follows general Indonesia’s regulation on which all travelers fill COVID-19 Health Declaration and Liability Release Form. You should send these forms to the dive centre prior to the departure. Every diver should also prove their dive liability by attaching COVID-negative test result from rapid or swab test.

Comply the Health Regulations

Comply the Health Regulations

Third, vistors are required to wear face masks to entering Bali diving spots. The Indonesian Government requires everyone to wear a face mask when in public. You will be required to wear face masks while at the beach and on boats. Everywhere you go, visitors need social or physical distancing is the mandatory especially in confined space like dive boat.  

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Check Body Temperature Before Going to Bali Diving Spots

Forth, visitors are required to check body temperature before entering Bali diving spots. Futhermore visitor are required to wash their hands on a regular basis throughout the day, this includes on arrival at the dive resort, in between guest interactions, before and after their breaks, and throughout the day as needed. The most important thing visitors don’t have to worry about the dive equipment.  The rental equipment will be thoroughly disinfected after each use according to the Indonesia’s regulations. 

The underwater is the safest zone for any divers. By continuing to work with government regulations and procedurer. It Aims to make sure that everyone is safe and you can enjoy diving holiday with Bali diving sports according to your desire.

Safe Air Travel During Global Pandemic

It is rather tricky to decide which type of travel is safe than others. Each of them has its own risks of contacting and spreading virus. However, you can always take precautions to minimize the risk. Travelling in some places are already allowed with stay-at home orders are gradually lifted. However, travelling safely is now a priority you cannot just ignore. It is not only to protect yourself but also the others. Thus, taking proper measurement before travel is always necessary to do. 

Have a safe air travel in the mids of pandemic

Have a safe air travel in the mids of pandemic

Air travel is often choose because it is one of the safest modes for travelling. Airplane itself is considered a relatively safe place because of the air circulation and filter. Thus, viruses don’t easily spread on the flights. However, the risk is still there especially when the flight is crowded. It makes it more difficult for travelers to maintain social distancing rules. Here are some considerations for safe air travel:

Airplane can potentially spread the virus

Remember that even though the airplane itself is relatively safe, it still a potential place for spreading virus between travelers. Thus, always be cautious when you have to take flight. Also, you will be spending time in the airport following security check and all. Getting in lines in inevitable and it can be worse if it is crowded. It can bring you to be in close contact with others. And that can be the beginning of virus spreading. 

Look at new regulations

Have a safe air travel in the mids of pandemic

Due to the current situation, there are new regulations and procedures every government of a country in the world implemented. Such as, every airport staffs wear a mask and protective gears to minimize physical contacts with travelers. However, it is not only applied to the staffs but also to the travelers. Thus, always remember to wear a mask or cloth covering. 

Prepare for strict health protocols

The TSA also has increased the standard of cleaning and disinfecting the areas of the airports especially at screening checkpoints. You may also notice some changes during the screening process. You are required to wear a mask while you are in the airport. However, TSA staff may ask you to adjust your masks for identification purpose. Also, you won’t have to hand your boarding pass to the staff but you have to place it directly on the scanner yourself. Then, you must hold it up for inspection. 

Carry a travel-friendly hand sanitisers

In the past, travelers are limited to bring any liquid. However, today the regulation has changed in which travelers can bring one container of hand sanitizer up to 12 ounces or about 350 ml in a carry-on. Of course, this hand sanitizer will have to be screened as well. 

Put your foods in plastic bags

It is highly advised to put your foods in a plastic bags instead of carry-on so it is easy to be placed in a bin for screening. As for personal items such as wallets, keys, phone, etc, it is best to place them in your carry-on to reduce the handling during the screening process. Also, make sure to wash your hands with soap before and after going through the screening. 

How to Enjoy Your Time in Komodo Yacht Charter

How to Enjoy Your Time in Komodo Yacht Charter

Yacht charter might used to be associated with the social elite, billionaires, and the royals. Basically those who were well acquainted with the high life and have enough time and money to access the planet’s most exotic destinations. Nowadays, yachting industry has made available for anybody with interests in voyaging. Even in the far flung Flores, East Indonesia, a number of tour companies are now offering Komodo yacht charter in rather affordable prices, if you compare it to Monaco, French Rivera, Galapagos, and other exotic destinations. 

In the remote Komodo, where mass development is prohibited by conservation rules, yacht charter offers luxury, comfort, and modernity to escape the stresses of life and explore the otherworldliness of Komodo. Here, we have compiled the essential guide to help you enjoy Komodo yacht charter like how it should.  

Wake Up Early and Immerse in the Magic of Komodo Yacht Charter

 Wake Up Early and Immerse in the Magic of Komodo Yacht Charter

There’s something magical about sunrise in Komodo. It’s about being in the moment as the whole landscape slowly wake up from their long night sleep. Ask your crew to anchor the boat in one of the island (preferably Padar or Gili Lawa) to watch the sunrise or enjoy it from the comfort of deck loungers on the Komodo liveaboard. See how the sky gradually changed into vibrant reds and oranges before turning into pastel purples and pink. Watch how rays of red and gold swept across the islets, unveiling the darkness.

Simple Lux on Taka Makassar

Simple Lux on Taka Makassar

Luxury could be so simple—and you’ll understand once you reached the Taka Makassar, a giant atoll that looks like a little island made entirely of stark white sands. Bring on your fancy floaters—the flamingos, unicorn, pineapple, or whatever shape you wish—because the surrounding waters is so shallow you could float nonchalantly. 

Relaxed Fun by the Pink Beach

As your Komodo yacht charter leaves the dragons’ nest and cruises down the island, you’ll definitely want to drop the anchor off the stunning strips of Komodos’ Pink Beach. Here’s the place where you can relax between the rose-hued sands, play on the clear water, or taking a plunge to the vibrant underwater. 

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A Night Under the Stars in Komodo Yacht Charter

A Night Under the Stars in Komodo Yacht Charter

Yes, you can watch starry night practically at any remote part of the earth. But where could you watch the starry night with the warmth of cushiony pillow, warm blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate on your side? Where could you see the shiny line of Milky Way on the silence of the ocean, without any landscape and any city-scape to disturb your view? You might watch the galaxy anywhere, but in Komodo yacht charter, you are ensured to have this little luxury of life in best way possible. 

Protecting Yourself And Others During Your Trip


Many places have lifted their stay-at home orders so people can travel again when necessary. Even though there are still many people who feel scared to travel again, many are ready to plan their trip either for business or leisure. One important thing that travelers should remember is to protect themselves and others. It is not about keeping yourself safe from contacting the virus but also about keeping others safe from the risk of infection. 

Safe trip to protect yourself and others

Before a trip, it is necessary to do your own research so you know what routes and precautions you need to take. You also have to look for information regarding to your destination. Of course, staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. However, if you really have to take a trip, consider these things:

Be informed about the virus in your destination 


You have to be informed whether the virus is spreading in your destination or not. You also need to be aware whether is is spreading in your community. If it is, you may not realize being infected and spreading the virus to your destination. You also need to be aware of procedures for safe trip such as maintaining 6 feet with those you are travelling with. You also need to know if your destination require visitor to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days after travelling. 

Check your health first

Before you go, make sure that you are in a good condition. If you are currently sick (even not related to coronavirus), it is best to stay at home instead of travelling. The chance of getting infected by the virus is higher when your immune system is weaker. It is also wise to not travel if you have been around with people or someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. 

Take the health measure seriously

During your trip, taking precautions is still necessary. Practicing good hygiene is essential because good sanitation can prevent and minimize the risk of contacting and spreading the virus. During your trip, always remember to wash your hand especially after you have been in public space. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and rinse them with clean running water. Or, use hand sanitizer thoroughly with at least 60% alcohol. 

Don’t touch faces and minimise contacts


Minimize any physical contacts with other travelers. It is also advised to avoid touching your nose, mouth and face area with your hands. Thus, it is a must to wear a mask. Aside from protecting you and others, a mask is also like a reminder for you to not touch your face. In public places such as station,keep 6 feet distance from others to minimize the close contact. 

Be more cautious when you sneeze or cough

Don’t cover it with your palm but your arm. Your palm is prone to touch. If you cover your sneeze or cough with your palm of your hands, it increase the risk of spreading virus because you may have contacted it prior. There is not truly a safer type of travel than others because every alternative has its own risks. However, take necessary precautions to stay safe.

Interesting Accommodation To Stay At During Your Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country full of wonder. You might have heard about their majestic rainforest. Malaysia has rainforest that is called as the Asia’s Amazon. Adventure in Malaysia is a must. Your trip in Malaysia is not complete without having an adventure to magical, beautiful places. Aside from that, Malaysia is a nice place to stay. There are various accommodation types you can book in advance just so you can stay comfortably during your visit. It is highly recommended to try one of their rainforest resorts.

Recommended places to stay in Malaysia

Malaysia has everything you need for a perfect, adventurous trip. They have stunning islands, cool highlands, and majestic rainforest. In addition to the perfection, there are also perfect tropical retreats in the form of rainforest resorts you can book for your trip. 

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is located in Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia. This resort is considered the most exclusive, luxurious, and private in Malaysia. Its located is very secluded that the nearest civilization can be found in five hours away.

Recommended places to stay in Malaysia

The place is built on wooden stilts entirely. To preserve the rainforest floors, it is also built with walkways above ground. There are about 30 chalet units. However, do not expect for air conditioning. The place is cooled using traditional method which just as effective. One of must activities during your stay is wildlife sightings.

Belum Rainforest Resort is located in Pulau Banding, Perak, Malaysia. There are many interesting features that this resort reserves for their guests. You may have heard about the Belum-Temengor Rainforest. It is a 130 million years old rainforest and considered one of the oldest in the world. There are various hotel rooms you can book. You can even stay in a houseboat or standalone villa. During your stay in this resort, you will get to see the Rafflesia (the world’s largest flower), tapirs, Asian elephants, Malayan tigers, and 10 species of hornbill.

Tabin Wildlife Resort is located in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia. It is located precisely in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

Recommended places to stay in MalaysiaRecommended places to stay in Malaysia

This resort itself is emphasizing on conservation and environmental practices. It is because this reserve is where endangered animals are currently living. You will also get to see various birds in this reserve since there are about 260 species of them. Staying at this resort will make you feel closer to nature and the wildlife. There are many things you can learn about them through fun activities such as rainforest education, night safaris, wildlife excursions, etc. 

Mutiara Taman Negara Resort is located in Pahang, Malaysia. Taman Negara rainforest is the largest national park in Peninsular. Not to mention that it is the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. Staying in the resort, you will get to experience many things to know more about the nature and ecotourism. This resort itself is hidden among the ancient forest with 108 rooms available for the guests. You can also opt to stay in Malay timber chalets, guest houses, or bungalows. Other options include hostels, dormitories, and camping ground.

Best Reasons To Take Surf Charters Indonesia

Indonesia has so many islands that reach up to 17.000. Even for the Indonesian people themselves, It is not really easy to get to those places. As the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia has so many surf spots to explore. There are so many beautiful yet thrilling waves to ride in Indonesia, not to mention in Bali alone there are around 60 different surf breaks. If you ever planning a surf trip to Indonesia, then you should try to take surf charters Indonesia rather than going solo. There are plenty of reasons why you should have your next surf trip with a boat.

Best Reasons To Take Surf Charters Indonesia

Surf charters Indonesia for the unreachable spots

Indonesia is one of the best places to surf. As a consequence, so many surfers from all around the world come to Indonesia to surf and they started to make a crowd on the coastlines. There are also so many first-timers taking a surf lessons on the seashore. No wonder that many tourists coming to Indonesia and going back home as a surfer. Now, if you want to avoid that crowd, you better book surf charters Indonesia soon! The boat will take you to the distance surf spots that only you and your boat mates can enjoy. 

Possibilities for other exciting water activities

Surf charters Indonesia for the unreachable spotsSurf charters Indonesia for the unreachable spots

There are so many exciting activities that you can do during a day on a surf boat. This means that the surf boat will not only take you to the best surf spots in Indonesia but also to the best diving spots that you pass on the way to surf. Swimming or snorkeling can as well be good choices to spend another off time. In addition to water activities, surf charters Indonesia are also perfect to chill with other surfers. Drink beers, sing along and laugh together are the things that you should not miss during the surf trip. 

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Surf charters Indonesia are affordable

Indonesia is since a long time ago a friendly destination for surfers. Both the surfers and local communities are benefiting one another very well. This relationship is also the key to making a surf charter affordable to everyone. Surf charters Indonesia are providing everything you need to support your surfing experience, starting from drink water, food, beers to your beds. Either for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, packages price for surf charters Indonesia is seriously reasonable. 

What Makes People Like Travelling to Dangerous Places

Travelling is not only about strolling down the street of touristy spots, sunbathing in a private island, or buying souvenirs. It is also not only about hiking to the highest mountain or diving to the deepest ocean. Every individual may have different definition of travel. Most of them do it with a purpose or reason that they only know. Some people even go to random places for their travel plan. There is no boundary of where you can go to for your next travel plan. You may go to what considered as the safest place on earth or the most dangerous one. However, keep in mind that there are always consequences of the choices you make. 

What Makes People Like Travelling to Dangerous Places

Travelling to dangerous places

Most people enjoy doing touristy things such as visiting tourists attractions, having dinner in a local restaurant, visiting traditional villages, and more. However, there are also travelers who like seeking for dangerous adventure. Remember that every place usually has their own warning of possible danger or threat. However, some travelers ignore them and continue travelling to those places. Isn’t it irresponsible thing to do as traveler?

Personal Satisfaction

For those who like seeking for thrill by travelling to dangerous places, there are some kind of personal satisfaction. They are most likely the type of people who don’t easily believe what the media says. There are often negative information delivered about how dangerous the place is or how unsafe it is for international travelers to visit. They are most likely the type of people who believe when they experience it firsthand. They don’t believe directly in negative headlines. 

Face the Consequences

Travelling to dangerous places has its own consequences. You may put your safety at higher risk by visiting the places that the headlines have been warned of. However, there is also possibility of preconception or misconception of a place which makes it look bad to be your travel destination. The choice is yours. There is higher risk you should be cautious of especially when the place you going to visit has been in negative headlines many times. If you ignore them, you need to be ready with every possible scenario. Preparing for the worst is a must.

Thrill and Satisfaction

What Makes People Like Travelling to Dangerous Places

Thrill and satisfaction of proving the other wrong might also be the reason why people like visiting dangerous places. They believe that even the roughest places on Earth have their own charms. There are genuine treasures that they consider worth exploring for. That’s why they are still willing to visit those considered dangerous places. However, it is also important that travelling is a process to educate yourself. It should make you learn many things such as  find out more natural beauty and how to preserve it, how to respect the local cultures and tradition, and many more. Therefore, taking necessary precautions is necessary if you plan on visiting dangerous places. There are quite a few places considered dangerous to visit for a regular travel such as Ciudad Perdida, Mount Damavand, Kashmir, Mount Nyiragongo, Band-e-Amir Lakes, etc. 

3 Exciting Activities to Do In Komodo Boat Charter Trip

Enhance your adventure in Indonesia by joining Komodo Boat Charter!

Liveaboard trip is slowly rising to be the hottest vacation option among adventurous travelers. Having a journey while on board a beautiful cruise and excellent service is definitely an opportunity that no one will pass. But some of you may not know, what kind of action the trip provides you along the way? Most Komodo Boat Charter usually invite the guests to attempt this activity:

3 Exciting Activities that You Can Do with Komodo Boat Charter Trip

Swimming and snorkeling

While sailing, the Komodo boat charter will occasionally take you to an area with shallow waters, where you can enjoy the view of the ocean bottom while still near the surface. You can swim normally around the area or snorkeling to enjoy the underwater view with gears provided by the charter.

Do not worry though, even if you’re not a good swimmer you can still try snorkeling as long as there’s someone professional keeping an eye on you. It’s a bit weird at first if you never try snorkeling before, to keep your head below the water surface without trying to reach for the air. But once you get used to it, it’s quite simple and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean’s floor.

Komodo Boat Charter will provide you an unforgettable sailing journey…


Diving is a more advanced version than snorkeling because you will have to go to the deep part of the ocean and dive to the bottom. To do this you do need quite a bit of training and experience first before you can dive freely to explore the ocean. There’s 2 types of diving, scuba and freediving. Which one the guests get to do depends on the trip organizer.

3 Exciting Activities that You Can Do with Komodo Boat Charter Trip

Diving requires a complete body gears. The only major difference between scuba and freediving is the oxygen tank. Aside from that, they both use the same mask, wetsuit, and fins.

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Komodo Boat Charter not only bring you to enjoy the underwater but also the view from above as well. After you arrived on Komodo or Padar island, the trip guide will take the guests to trekking to the highest point of the island. Trekking is a more challenging version than hiking, which mainly a leisure activity. So you will definitely need to prepare your physique before departing, to avoid unwanted accidents later.

Trekking in Komodo usually done in the early morning or late evening, to catch both sunrise and sunset. Taking a stroll through the hills and mountain by enjoying the view from above is truly a gorgeous experience to remember.      

Most Recommended South Korean Foods for Spicy Food Hunters

For spicy food lovers, it is not real food if it is not spicy enough. Sweating is probably not a problem anymore for spicy food enthusiasts. There are many countries in the world famous for their super spicy foods. One of them is South Korea. Well, in South Korea, you can find various foods with vibrant looks. Korean foods look super appetizing in red. Most Korean are good at enjoying spicy foods without breaking a sweat. 

South Korean foods for spicy food lovers

If you call yourself spicy foods enthusiasts, you must have known that South Korea has many things to spice up their foods. They have fresh local chili they even enjoy raw. They also have pepper paste, capsaicin powder, and more. Not to mention that their infamous instant noodles or ramyeon have various levels of spiciness. These are South Korean spicy foods you should try:

Nakji bokkeum

Nakji bokkeum is stir-fried octopus in South Korean that is already popular. You can it it as it is or eat it with steam rice. What makes this stir-fried octopus super spicy is the red pepper sauce. Basically, you can decide yourself the level of spiciness. However, Nakji bokkeum is already super spicy. Therefore, most of South Korean eat it along with rice, beansprout, and sesame oil. Those can help to calm you down a bit. If you are unsure whether you can handle it, do not pour all the saucy Nakji on top of your rice. Try the Nakji first to see how far you can go. The level of spiciness of Nakji bokkeum is four out of five. 

Maendeu Galbijjim

Maendeu Galbijjim is South Korean braised short-rib stew. This is one of the most popular spicy dishes in South Korea. You can find it almost everywhere. Regular Galbijjim tastes sweet and savory. However, Maendeu is different story. It is super spicy Galbijjim that can leave pains in your tongue. For spice-eater, this is a challenge. For those who don’t fancy spicy food, this dish is hell. You can ease your pain by ordering hard-boiled eggs as side dish. It is said that most South Korean people release their stress by eating spicy foods including this one. The level of spiciness of this dish is four out of five.

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Onnuriye Donkatsu

south korean food

Onnuriye Donkatsu is on another level of spiciness. Basically, Donkatsu is already popular dish in South Korea. It is simple pork cutlet usually added with various sauce. However, Onnuriye Donkatsu can make you taste hell. You can already see the dark red sauce, it looks so appetizing, making you want to devour it right then and there. However, be careful not to hurt yourself. There is also a dare you can try to finish the dish within 20 minutes, however, you are required to bring a carton of milk or else they won’t allow you. If you succeed finishing the whole dish, they will have your face on the Wall of Fame. Did I tell you that the level of spiciness of this dish is five out of five?

Indonesia as Great Destination for Muslim Travelers

You might have heard about halal tourism these days. Several countries around the world try to market halal tourism campaign to attract Muslim travelers. Muslim community is very large in the world so this just makes sense to provide proper facilitate for them. It includes providing halal foods, prayer facilities (mosque, mushollah, etc), and many more. Among so many countries that claim to be Muslim travelers-friendly, Indonesia is a great one. It is because Indonesia itself is the largest Muslim countries in the world. The majority of people in Indonesia are Islam believers. Therefore, Indonesia has made quite a name among Muslim travelers around the world. 

What makes Indonesia great destination for Muslim travelers

Muslim travelers have different needs because they live by following Islamic rules. For example, they can only eat halal foods and not every travel destination can provide it. Muslim travelers also have routine prayer five times a day. Some of countries in the world still don’t have proper facility to accommodate Muslim travelers for prayer. So what makes Indonesia a great travel destination for Muslim travelers?

halal tourism indonesia


Indonesia is a country with high diversity in culture, tradition, as well as religion. People with different cultural background and religious beliefs can live in perfect harmony in Indonesia. That’s why this country is such a great destination for every traveler from all over the world. As for Muslim traveler, Indonesia is a perfect destination because everything Muslim travelers need can be accommodated very well. The majority of foods in Indonesia are halal especially in Java. Even so, places with Muslim as minority still provide halal foods such as in Bali. You can find restaurants that also offer halal foods on their menu. Finding halal foods won’t be an issue for Muslim travelers in Indonesia.

Respectful locals

The locals are respectful and welcoming even to foreign tourists especially when you are in touristy areas. That’s why interacting with the locals will be such a pleasant experience. The locals won’t discriminate you from what you believe. Muslim travelers can have friendly conversation with the locals even if they are not Muslim themselves. You can ask the locals for help or direction easily without so much a fuss. To get friendly interaction or conversation, you can learn some phrases in Bahasa such as ‘apa kabar?’ (how are you) or ‘terima kasih’ (thank you). Most of people in Indonesia will be able to response when Muslim travelers greet them with ‘assalamualaikum’. 

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It’s easy to find a place to pray

Since the majority of Indonesia’s population are Muslim, it is not hard to find mosque or mushollah for Muslim travelers to do their routine prayers. In fact, mosques are also available in rest area scattered in several points of tolls. Big mosques provide everything Muslim travelers needs for comfortable prayers. The facilities are sufficient and convenient. That’s why there won’t be any issue for Muslim travelers to do their routine prayer when travelling in Indonesia. There is always mosque in almost every corner of the city with direction. Or, you can just ask the local for direction.

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