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How Travel Can Help Your Healing Process

How Travel Can Help Your Healing Process

Travel is not only about visiting new places. For some people, travel can be a moment for healing. Lots of people agree that travel is a great chance to get recharged and rejuvenated. Physical exhausted is not only the reason why many people love travelling. Being suck in the same routine for so long can damage your mind and soul. Hence, travel from time to time can help you refresh your everything, especially your inside.

Ways how travel can heal you

Travel for healing doesn’t have to be done alone like solo trip. You can join a group retreat or have a travel buddy with you visiting certain destination. Travel is a matter of preference anyway so you can do it your way.

Travel help you heal by shifting your mood. Lots of people return from their trip with that particular glow. It is not about tan but there is certain aspect from vacation or trip that can make you look brighter. That positive glow usually come from the mood shift you experience from travel. When travel, you focus on enjoying the moment, place, people you interact with, and so on. Hence, you mostly forgot about negativity. Experiencing or visiting new place can help shifting your mood to become more positive.

How Travel Can Help Your Healing Process

As mentioned before that travel makes you experience things that help shift your mood. This experience forces you to be present at the moment. When you are in the present, you can truly enjoy the experience of your travel. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone, making you excited, feeling nervous or buzz with the energy to really experience what is happening at the moment. Your sense and intuition get sharpened during travel. This is also why many travelers often find their inspiration or epiphanies during travel.

Travel solo can help you heal by forcing you to look within yourself. It can be challenging especially if you have never done if before. However, it is like facing your own fear. It allows you to have more time to think of yourself, see your own reflection. This kind of travel can help you find yourself because you can experiment things throughout the travel. You don’t have to be afraid of judgement or anything.

Travel can help you heal through the feeling of gratefulness. Lots of us take many things for granted. Sometimes, we don’t get satisfied with what we have achieved in life and it makes us frustrated. It attracts negativity into your soul and mind. Travel can help you to being aware of gratitude and its importance. You see many things during travel that makes you feel you are indeed very lucky. Through gratitude and gratefulness comes kindness and all positivity that can brings your soul comfort.

It is also said that every place has their own healing properties to heal soul. Some places have the ability to touch souls more than others, for example Bali. It is known as a place with high, positive energy with its stunning nature and authenticity of the people there.

Discover the Adventures of Baliem Valley

Baliem valley

The Baliem Valley is a land of rich history and fascinating culture that dates back well over 40.000 years. The legendary Valley is the most popular tourist destination and most accessible place in Papua’s interior. It is also known as Grand Valley, this spectacular valley measures around 20 km wide and 80 km long. Hidden from the main tourist centres, the valley becomes the home of numerous tribes. Wamena is the main city of the Valley. It is a home to around 10.000 inhabitants who form a mix of Papua, Lani, Dani, Yali, and Asmat tribe lands. Each tribal group has its own distinct cultural practices and distinct language.

What is the Baliem Valley Festival?

Baliem Valley Festival is an amazing cultural celebration to showcase the local traditions and customs of the various tribes of the Valley. Every tribe from different villages come down to the spectacular festival. They ground to perform dances, mock wars, pig races, and other fun activities. Therefore, it is a best chance to witness the vanishing lifestyle of the tribes of Papua. After the spectacular festival, you also can go sightseeing to the Dani Market in Wamena.

The Adventures of the Valley

  1. Mummy Visit -When else are you going to have the chance to meet a 400-year old mummy? According to the Dani Tribe, the mummified corpse represents a tangible link to their past, the spirit and their ancestors.  The mummification begins by draining the body of blood, then hanging the mummy above a smoking fire. They put the mummy in a special hut for around two years. Once the mummification process is done, a huge feast is held to celebrate.
  2. Jiwaka Salt Spring – Jiwika Salt Spring is located about 1hour hike east of Jiwika. There is a small cluster of naturally occuring salt springs that have provided the local people with a valuable source of salt for centuries. The local people soak sections of banana stem in the water, then dry and burn them and use the resulting ashes as salt.
  3. Hiking and Trekking – Hiking and trekking in the Baliem Valley are arguably the great way to explore the valley if for no other reason that many local villages of interest are only reachable by foot. You need a guide for this trekking because the trails are often wet, steep, and slippery. But, the biggest challenge is rivers. By trekking, you can witness local markets, traditional ceremonies, and the relatively untouched way of life of the Dani. The Dani tribe live in the traditional compounds where they build their house from grass and wood and usually round in shape. There are a very limited number of places to buy some foods inside the local villages.

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Customer Service In The Future

No one knows that the year of 2020 can be this hectic and mind-blowing in a bad way. Business today has transformed due to the situation with the global pandemic. Many businesses have tried to pivot and adjust according the situation. Some have succeeded to survive and thrive while others have closed down for good.

Customer Service

In business today, one of the most highlighted factors to count in for the future is customer service. Experts have their predictions of what it looks like next year even though no one can truly know.

The predictions of the future customer service

It is a fact that 2020 has changed or transformed customer service. Changes and challenges are real and they can impact you negatively or positively depending on how you deal with them. Many predict that changes and challenges will continue to happen next year. What kind of customer service that will exist in the future business?

Digital transformation will still deliver. This year, the use of digital transformation is consider as solution to adjust with the situation where we are forced to work and interact with customers remotely. However, it is predicted that the use of digital processes and technology will stay even after the pandemic ends. The shifting attitude of remote work is predicted to still implemented. Interaction with customers using digital platforms will stay even after the pandemic ends. It is one of the easiest access for customers. 

Shopping behavior is predicted to still influence customers’ shopping behavior next year. Many brick and mortar stores shift to digital commerce due to the pandemic to ensure customers still have access to buy what they need even with remote transaction. However, even if the situation is deemed normal, it is predicted that online shopping will stay. Shopping online has become a comfortable alternative for customers today even for those who were not really into it before. Therefore, customer service will also focus on delivering proper assistance to ensure customers have good buying experience. 

During this pandemic, speed and efficiency are two important factors that customer prefer. Hence, lots of them demand for responsive action and fast solution to help with their problems. Immediate response is what most customers expect for customer service in the future. Customer service will need to maximize their efforts by using the right platforms and delivering fast respond when it comes to customers. This is how business will stay strong even during crisis because customers will stay loyal to a brand that can understand what they need. 

Empathetic service is also expected by customers for the future customer service. Customers want to be treated more than just a transaction. They want to be valued and appreciated. They want to be treated like real human being with emotions and feelings. Hence, customer service in the future will be more responsive to customers’ feedback and demand to ensure that customers are valued. AI and automation in customer service is predicted to stay as well but delivering humanity will be musch more expected by customers.

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Benefit of Re-decorating a New Bali Villas

Re-decorating your new Bali Villas is a big task to get away with, but it will reward you incredibly someday. Of course, it has its own constrain that you have prepare a space thats suitable, design planning for the master plan, and you also have to get your hands to re-decorating. However, once you made this change, you will glad that your home is looking completely astonishing. Also a relieve knowing you’ve put all your effort to this.

Bali Villas Living Room

Heres a few benefit you can received from re-decorating your villa unit:

Have Everything You Demand

One of the main benefits of re-decorating villa is that you gonna have everything you planning to be. Moreover until the very details, you will be making the decisions. Which indicate that everything put in the villa is a reflection of the style you need. Besides, any Bali Villas that you seek may have designed by previous owner, but you can still improve every corner of it.

Choose Space Wherever You Want

Due to the interest and satisfaction, you can choose whichever the space you want to decorate.  This means that when you finally purchase a Bali Villas, you can knock the previous layout and change it directly. Moreover, if you may need a more space in several room, you can repair those to add up the additional space. One of the benefits of choosing your own space is that you can choose the right composition of furniture in your home.

Only Once in bali villas

When you’ve re-decorate your own villa, it’s more likely to labeled as ‘forever design’. Because its something you couldnt change frequently and need a big effort to do it. You wouldnt want to change your previous ‘re-decoration’ with the budget, energy and time you have spent. Because you’ve tailored all of this planning for the long-term living. In addition, this means that you won’t have worry about future trends and style of living.

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Where to Start?

After you consider these benefit of owning a new re-decorated Bali property, now its time to start off. You could start from finding the suitable unit for your dream living. In addition, find the ones that would offer you a chance for improvement, ranging from living room, bedroom, etc. With that selection, you could maximize your re-decorating effort to match your satisfaction and style.

Bali Villas Luxury Decoration

What and who could help you with this? You can search Bali Villas listing platform that provide hundreds of villas information. For instance, this platform is a trusted and easiest leasehold in bali property market. It provide the villa option throughout the corner of Bali region and you could filter them based on facility, criteria you want. No more waiting, start finding the suitable villa for your re-decorating purpose.

Tips To Avoid A Bad Trip


There is no such thing as perfect trip because no matter how prepared you are, sometimes unexpected things happen. However, you don’t have to experience a totally bad trip either. One mishap or two doesn’t have to make your trip bad. It is important to have positive mind before the trip so you can anticipate it with excitement instead of bad thoughts. It is because negative moods can ruin the trip even before it begins.

How to have enjoyable trip

There are things that can happen and spoil your trip such as getting injured, illness, getting lost, bad weather, and so on. Some things are inevitable but some others can be prevented. The point is, regardless of the bad things that possibly happen, you get to enjoy fun trip. Here are some tips to avoid bad trip:

Avoid fatigue, exhaustion, and sickness by staying fit before and during the trip. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the trip so bring your own water bottle so you will always have water with you no matter where you are headed to. If you go on a road trip, take frequent breaks at least every two hours. If you are planning for a long-haul trip, make sure to set realistic schedule. Bring your own medication just in case you get sick during the trip. Eat healthy foods so you stay fit.

During the trip, lose yourself but don’t get lost. It is easy to get lost in a place you are familiar with. However, you can prevent it by always carry a map with you, be it the conventional map, or the digital one you have on your phone. Save your routes offline so you can always access it even if you receive no signal.

Losing your bag, money and document can ruin the entire trip. Therefore, it is recommended to have travel insurance. Being insured no matter where you are headed to can make you feel more secured because you will always get covered if unexpected things happen. Also, it is advised to copy your documents and save them in the safe place to prevent them from getting stolen or lost.

Transport hassle can be stressful. Hence, it is best to do your research prior your trip. Thus, you know what kind of transport you have to take for comfortable trip. Public transportation can be good alternative. However, you need to ensure if it is a safe alternative to choose. You can also plan to rent a car for easier mobility during your trip so you can go wherever you want without waiting for the schedule or anything. Choose the option that can make you feel at ease.

If you are going for a road trip, everything needs to be planned well especially your fitness and your car’s condition. You need to make sure that you are fit enough to drive. Your car should be in good condition to avoid any problems in the middle of the trip. Always take precaution and drive safely.

Why You Should Go on a Raja Ampat Cruise for Honeymoon?

Raja Ampat Cruise

Planning a wedding day can be a little bit stressful, no matter how small your wedding may be. If you are like other couples, all that excitement, nervousness, and stress will build up until your special day. After that, it’s not surprising that you two want a few days of complete relaxation and leaving the stress of your big day behind you. Are you a couple that loves nature to lounge and nature? Why not escape to Raja Ampat Island and take in all those breathtaking beaches! Look, if you want to experience a relaxing ambiance in the middle of the jungle, enjoy the crystal waters and get a slice of tropical paradise. This place is for you. Now you’re looking for an unforgettable, stress-free honeymoon? Book Raja Ampat Cruise; that’s all you need for a fantastic honeymoon! Here are the top reasons why you need to take a cruise for your honeymoon.

Less Stress

A honeymoon trip should give you a chance to relax after your unique wedding finally. Since the cabin crew has already planned the raja Ampat Cruise, all you need to do is make a reservation, sit down, enjoy and relax. Get out and see all the beautiful islands of call on your itinerary!

Raja Ampat Cruise allows you to visit several places in one trip

For some, visiting several dream places may sound far from relaxing, but cruising makes that possible! Make your honeymoon one remember by discovering different parts of the Raja Ampat with someone you loved. The best thing about a honeymoon cruise is that they offer a lot of choices. It depends on the itinerary, and you can see multiple beautiful islands here. Moreover, you don’t need to pack and repack your case every time you head to other places.

Raja Ampat Cruise offers many activities

If you are a lover who loves adventures, you will have tons of activities on a cruise holiday. You can dive in remote sites where you can spot the amazing sea creatures like feet sharks, whale sharks, and manta rays, and dolphins. Not only that, you have the chance to sleep beneath the stars at night and relax while watching the sunrise from the cabin. One incredibly best thing about honeymoon cruises is that you can enjoy a breathtaking blue ocean every day!

All-inclusive on cruise

Honeymoon cruising makes everything simple. All cruise packages will include entertainment, meals, and accommodation, which allows you to enjoy the experience without taking out your wallet. Remember, there’s no need to worry about what you will have for dinner, where you will eat or what you need during a holiday. It’s all included in your cruise package.

Raja Ampat Cruise

It’s a romantic escape

Whether you’re watching the sunrise on your balcony with a glass of coffee or exploring new places together, honeymoon cruises are full of romantic opportunities. Now it’s your time to make memories that belong only to you and your partner forever, and also you have the chance to switch off from the rest of the world if you want to.

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5 Best Beaches in Yogyakarta


Discovering the word Jogja seems to bring a sweet memory in itself. Not only because it is a special place, but Jogja is considered to have characteristics ranging from historical values to the incredible attractions of Jogja beach. For travelers, Jogja should be an area to visit. Especially if you want to make your vacation even more memorable, enter the name of this area as your main destination! If necessary, you can make a list of the best Yogyakarta beaches, why is it called Yogyakarta instead of Yogyakarta? Both are correct, Yogja is easier to remember! Here are some beaches you want to visit!

Pantai Timang

Unique name for a beautiful beach. Timang beach is a tourist destination difficult enough to get there. Indeed, the terrain to cross is quite steep and rocky. The rocky road along the path leading to the beach of this pole looks like a rather sharp and pointed rock fragment with a bumpy road. However, the beauty of the beach is not inferior to the others. Timang beach is located in the beautiful coastal area of Gunung Kidul. Due to the difficult road conditions, there were not many visitors.

Pantai Parangtritis

Who doesn’t know about Parangtritis? The most famous seaside attraction in Jogja is Parangtritis. This destination seems to be a must-see for all those who want to spend their vacations there. Especially with the natural beauty that stretches out as if it were suitable for all those who want to take pictures of the natural beauty of the beach. The location of this beach is 27 km from downtown Jogja. Precisely at Jalan Parangtritis km 28, Bantul. You can visit it every day from morning to evening.

Pantai Pandansari

The next beach tour turned out to be spotted because of the dashing lighthouse on the beach. To enter this lighthouse, you have to climb hundreds of circular steps, culminating at the top. The view above the lighthouse is certainly a target for tourists who come. Pandansari beach is located in Sanden, Gadingsari. Its location is also not difficult to find because many locals already know it.

Pantai Baros

If you hear this beach as a new tourist place, then it is a must visit. Because you can perfectly enjoy the sunset. On the beach of Baros, there is also an area of exotic mangrove forest. It is suitable for those who like to take pictures. The location is in Tirtohargo, in the district of Kretek. You can enjoy the freshness of being on the beach while getting beautiful natural photo spots.

Pantai Seruni

You surely know the beach of Seruni. This place is indeed one of the dozens of beautiful beaches that are lined with seaside tourism, precisely in Gunungkidul. With a view no less beautiful, you can capture the sunset here. Also with the waves that give a romantic impression.

How to Get to Komodo Island? Check These Tips

How to get to Komodo Island

Are you currently planning a vacation to Indonesia, perhaps with friends and family? and you are still wondering which island is the best to visit? It’s understandable as there are at least 17,000 different islands in Indonesia, but if you are looking for a unique destination for adventurous travelers like seeing the Komodo Dragons? Or snorkeling, diving, swimming with manta rays and sleeping aboard a ship while enjoying the stars? there is no better place to go than The Komodo. It is the perfect tropical escape, with the gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, exotic cultures, and some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling destinations. So how to get to Komodo Island?

Where is Komodo Island?

Komodo Island is another hidden gem on the earth. The Island is located in Nusa Tenggara Island, Indonesia, between the Sumbawa and Flores. Its place is a home to a national park and is arguably the most famous destination in Flores. The island is also a home of dragons, with a total number of nearly 5.700.

How to get to Komodo Island?

Some of you may have been confused, how to get to Komodo Island? Traveling to this island is a little confusing at first, so in order to make it easier, Here some tips for you!  The easiest way to reach the the island is to fly from Jakarta to Bali to Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. You can fly via Sriwijaya Air or Nam AIR or Wings Air. The best time to fly from Bali or Jakarta is an early morning, so book your flight an early morning so you can arrive before midday. Once you reach Labuan Bajo you can get a liveaboard to take a tour of the Komodo and take you to the best diving sites. Joining a liveaboard is a good option for this Komodo trip as it includes meals, accommodation, and a stop at all the best must see places along the way.

How to get to Komodo Island

When to visit?

The best time to visit this island is generally during the dry season around April to November, when the days are sunny. This place becomes most crowded around July to August. You won’t be the only one in search of sun, dragons, and the beach!  The rainy season sometimes starts around December, so if you hate getting wet, plan your trip before December. No matter when you visit, you should be able to see the amazing Komodo Dragons here. Don’t forget to try scuba diving too!

What are the best things to do in Komodo?

The Komodo Dragons are the highlight destination here, but the natural landscape in Komodo National Park goes beyond the amazing lizards. All the stars of the show on this island are related to nature. You will be amazed with the crystal-clear water, stunning views, colorful corals, various fishes and white sandy beaches. When planning your vacation to this island, don’t miss these top things to do like take your family for trekking in Rica or Padar. Snorkel and diving are a must, and another must-have experience on Komodo is to visit the local village and indulge completely in the local cuisines.

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How To always Be Prepared For Anything During A Trip


When it comes to travelling, anything can happen from missing flight to having injury. Therefore, being prepared is always a better option. It doesn’t mean you have to plan everything so detailed. It means that you know at least what to expect and bring the right gear to help you have safe and smooth travel. Even then, something unexpected can still happen. 

Be more prepared with your travel

Stepping into the unknown can be scary for some people. It can be such a one-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it doesn’t have to be so stressing. It can be something exciting you can expect. The unexpected might happen but if your mind is ready and you are prepared with everything then your trip won’t be ruined no matter what. Here are some tips to be more prepared for anything while travelling:

Opt for multipurpose gears to pack


For example, pack only a few clothes that can be used in different occasions just fine. Opt for walking shoes that will be comfortable to wear anywhere, pack swim trunks that can be worn a pair of shorts, or bring multipurpose charger. Aside from providing different purpose, it can save the space in your bag as well. This way you can also save money because there is no need to pay for the extra weight of your luggage or buy too many things. 

Have your first aid kit ready

Be prepared for injury that might happen during your trip. It is also possible for you to fall ill maybe because different environment, eating different foods, etc. Hence, always bring small first aid kit with you. Make sure it has essentials you will need such as Tylenol, antibacterial cream, band aids, small scissors, eyedrops, stomach illness medicines, etc. This will come handy whenever you get injured or fall sick in the unknown place. You don’t have to look for the pharmacy. 

Bring reusable water bottle

It is even better if you have the one that comes with filter. Travelling put you at risk of dehydration. Hence, carrying water bottle everywhere can save you from it. You can refill your bottle in any available place. Also, it help reduce waste during travel. You help saving the environment from further damages due to the uncontrolled amount of waste from tourism.

Keep emergency cash in your pocket

Don’t put everything in your wallet because if it is lost or gets stolen, you lose everything. You can also safe some cash in your hotel room just in case you get robed or lose your wallet while wandering around the city. 

Have copies of important documents 

It is also important to have copies of important documents because you don’t know when you need them in case of emergency. Then, carry a list of emergency contacts. You can also consider a travel insurance with policies and coverage that meet your needs. Being prepared doesn’t have to make you feel anxious all the time. Don’t forget to enjoy the trip and make the most of it. 

Five Parties You Can Host in Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua

Do you think beach resorts are made just for luxury stay and well-off holiday? In Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua, you are not only entitled for a pampering vacation. The sheer amount of facilities at this incredible resort make it possible to host awesome parties, and here are five among many parties you could have here. 

Destination Wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua

Destination Wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua
Beautiful wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua via instagram

It’s one of the dreamiest wedding one could have. To walk into the altar made of white sandy beach and to say “I Do” with ocean breeze and vast blue sea backdropped in the background. Beach resort is definitely one of the perfect place to exchange eternal vows with the love of your life. Also, having it at this beach resort Nusa Dua means you’ll be having one of the easiest wedding arrangements! Just one book and they will take care the rest. 

A Charming coastal Rehearsal Dinner Party

A Rehearsal Dinner Party
Romantic seaside rehearsal dinner via instagram

If you come from western culture, you might be familiar with a rehearsal dinner party. It’s the party before the actual party thing. This is the time when family of the groom and the bride gather and spend a little time together before the wedding party arrives. Have your toast here in the Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua resort, where you can have a romantic seaside candle-light dinner set with coastal inspirations. 

A Simple Birthday Party for Family and Close Friends!

When you get older, you get less and less excited with celebrating the day you get one year older. The only birthday that you associate is probably the birthdays of your kids. However, there’s nothing wrong to spice up your life a little and get your own birthday celebrated at a beach resort! Even when you have hit forties or older! With all the resort facilities, you could invite families, friends, or your favourite colleagues to spend a night at the resort.

Pro tip: Host a playful activities like adult scavenger hut. As adult guest need to search clues or documenting things around the resort to win a gift! 

Birthday Party for the Kids at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua


Give one of the best birthday party for your kids that they would remember forever. Here in Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua, you can host a stress-free, festive birthday party even with 20 kids running around. With only IDR 175K – 250K per kid, you can have all the birthday needs prepared. Balloon decoration, party banners, birthday cakes, kids meal, birthday hat and accessories for every kid, and all the fun games! Not to mention that the kids are entitled for access to swimming pool, kids club, and the private beach. It’s about giving a blast to the kids without worrying about any single thing. 

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A Private Bachelor Party!

Send your single off in style! Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, you’ll want a private bachelor party so impressive that everyone would still talk about it even after years! take advantage of celebrating your (or your friends’) last single days in a tropical setting before the big D-day. At this beach resort, you can take awesome photos on the on-site facilities, pampered together at Holiday Inn’s signature Tea Tree Spa, or host an epic pool party. 

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