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Beginner’s Guide – Traveling to India for the First Time

Are you traveling to India for the first time? If the answer is yes then you need to read this article till the last word and learn a few things before flying to that country.


It is a fact that India is a challenging yet magical country. Also, you might be seeing something you have never seen in your whole life, in this country. So, if you are traveling to India for the first time then you need to read a proper guide to be prepared for sure. You need to expect other things such as chaotic madness and innumerable challenges. Here are the survival tips you need to know.

The basic things

India offers so many beautiful places you need to visit and we think that you will need one month of a trip to enjoy all the places in India. We recommend that you need to spend at least two nights for each place you want to visit. Other than that, the longer you stay in one place the more you will get locals to spill their insider tips.

Do not worry because English is considered a common lingo in this country. For the money, you will deal with Indian rupees. You can use credit cards but you need to make sure that you know the pin codes to avoid unwanted things with your hand-sign. Baggy clothes would help you a lot.

Go alone or in group

If you are not sure where to go and where to stay, you may call the tour services in India. There are several reputable tour services and they will be happy to arrange your trip. However, if you insist to go on your own without the help from the travel agent then you may ask the local guides. You can just make a list of places you want to visit and ask for the guide service for their insight.

How to stay healthy during the trip

It is better to not drinking the tap water. Even if the water is filtered, that thing might not work and the worst will attack you. Also, you also need to avoid eating salads, fresh fruit juices, hand-made ice creams that look tempting but not worth it.

 Traveling to India without comprehensive health insurance is a fool move no matter how healthy you are. Do not forget to take the vaccinations. You can also make a list of English-speaking hospitals in India or near the places you will visit.

How to get around

In big cities, you might find taxis easily. Using a taxi from the airport to the hotel would be helpful if you arrange the payment from the pre-paid counter inside the terminals instead of getting scammed. Another option is the trains. However, it could be overcrowded in most time even though it is great for short trips besides its cheap price. Hiring a car along with the driver would be a great choice if you are traveling to India for the first time.

Underrated Cities to visit when traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan is actually never a bad idea to do and you would never regret doing so. The country is literally filled with amazing places to visit and each of them offers different satisfying experiences. Well, there are several cities in the country that are worth visiting but are relatively overlooked by tourists. There are several reasons why these cities are less popular than the other famous ones, but those reasons do not make them less interesting anyway! If you wish to know them, then, it is advised that you read this article to finish!

  • Nara

The first city in Japan that you should visit when traveling to the country is Nara. Well, we are aware that this city is not as popular as Tokyo, Akihabara, or Kyoto, but it is actually the best place to visit if you wish to find serene places to soothe your soul. Nara is actually one of the oldest cities in Japan and it even predates Tokyo-it was actually the capital of the country in the ancient times! If you wish for traditional, historical, and cultural travel, then, it is the best city to do so since Todaiji Temple, which was built in the 8th century and also happens to the wooden building that is the largest ever built in the world, can be found here and you can find the largest Buddha statue in Japan as well. Also, there are several other historical temples that are wonderful.

  • Takayama

The next underrated cities in Japan that you should actually visit when traveling to Japan is Takayama. Located in the Hida Mountains, Takayama is one of the few cities in Japan that manage to preserve their traditional atmosphere and it is so good to visit the city to get such an atmosphere! Oh, by the way, if you wish to witness local festivals, then, this city is also the best place to go to since there are so many of them and you might have a chance to see one of them. The area, by the way, is also known due to its clear natural rivers-although swimming in one of them is ill-advised. Oh, also, the sake here is the best and you should try a cup when around the city. 

  • Fukuoka

Fukuoka is also the next underrated city in Japan that is worth visiting. Alright, we acknowledge that this one is actually pretty famous and it is not as underrated as the other cities mentioned earlier. However, the popularity of this city is still less famous when compared to the most visited cities in Japan like Tokyo or Hokkaido, which makes it the reason why it is included in this list. Fukuoka is a heaven for those who are looking for pleasant culinary experiences since the food here is absolutely wonderful. For those who are looking for an authentic culinary in Japan, then, it would not be too difficult here since there are so many yatai (street food vendors with carts) that you can find. Well, those are the underrated cities to visit when traveling to Japan!

The 3 Best Travelling Tips You Should ALWAYS Remember Before You Travel

If you see yourself as a traveller, then you need to take a look at these best travelling tips we got for you. There might not be any regulation about travelling, but there are three rules you can follow if you want your journey to be ‘easier’. Here are those three rules:


A towel is possibly the most important thing ever

Whether you are travelling abroad or you choose to stay in your country, a towel is never a bad thing to pack in the bag. Now you might counter this argument by saying that you got no plan on staying for a night. As for our riposte, we will say that there is nothing wrong with being cautious. A towel is useful not only when you are taking a bath, after all. There are several out-of-the baths uses when it comes to a towel. What if there is a sudden rain? What if you get sweaty and you got nothing to wipe the sweat off? A towel can do those two and more. 

If you think a normal towel is too big, you can also get a mini towel of a sort. It is better than buying a pack of tissue because the aforementioned item is not that good for the environment. A mini towel or even a towel is not that heavy to carry, so always go with one if you got the chance. If you skip this part, you are a wuss.

If you got a money belt, for the love of God please leave them

A money belt is a handy thing to have when you are travelling. There is nothing easier than to just reach for the belt when you want to pay for something. You can store your money there and you will not have to be forced to reach for your wallet. Simple, clean, and easy, just the way everybody likes it.

All good, but it will probably change if you got stalked by a thief or something. By wearing a money belt, you inadvertently turn yourself into one of the biggest summoning beacons for people with bad intentions. Leave the money belt at home and travel only with your luggage and your wallet. You will be safer and you will have less ‘obstacle’ to contend with.

Dress and talk like the locals if you can

Tourists often got stereotypes of their own. If a local notices a foreigner wearing a particular stereotyped garb, they mostly understood that foreigner status as a tourist. A local who knows that they are dealing with a tourist will often increase the prices of the items being sold by them. 

To make sure you get the lowest price possible when you are travelling, try to dress like the locals would do and try to learn a bit about the language. Locals will often charge a higher price to tourists who do not know how to speak their language, and this rule takes precedence in LOTS of countries. 

That is all about the tips. These tips are not exactly tips that you should take to the heart (because there is no ‘defined’ rule when you are travelling. You can travel in your undergarments if you want to) when you go on a travel journey. These three best travelling tips will, however, make your travel easier without asking you to do a lot of things.

The Importance of Travelling: Why You Should Encourage a Travelling Habit

For those who do not know the importance of travelling, this should be the article you are reading. Today, we are going to discuss what makes travelling an important thing to do, especially if you got several days to spare. Here are the things that make travelling a thing that you should do:

You will get a chance to see something new and you will be given a chance to see something from a brand new eye

The Importance of Travelling: Why You Should Encourage a Travelling Habit

If you are bored with something, chances are travelling will change that disposition. When you are travelling – either locally or internationally – you are bound to see something new that your old place might not have. You will get to see the culture of the places that you have travelled to and you can also learn a bit about history if you are a historical nerd. 

Not only you will get new sights from it, you can also learn to see something old with a new point of view. At first, you might see that a certain something is boring, but after you have travelled to someplace, there is a chance that you will have a brand new way of seeing that certain something. Culture comes to mind, and it is the first thing that travellers will often compare. 

Travelling refreshes your mind

People travel because they want to freshen their minds up. This is not a bad mindset. Travelling can take a lot of burdens away. By travelling, you are leaving the old things away (albeit temporarily) and you embrace the new things. Seeing new things – most people say – can alleviate many problems and can brighten up the mind. Writers often travel to find inspirations, which is saying a lot on how travelling can jog the brain.

Just do not bring any of the old place stuff with you when you are travelling. Not only it will burden you a lot, it is never bad to be reminded of work when you are going on a vacation. Leave the workdays behind you and embrace the vacation days ahead of you.

It will make you braver

When you are not travelling, you will be saying in your comfort zone. It is not bad in any way to stay in your comfort zone, but if have a lot of money and not a lot of thrill, why not go out of your way to find a new experience? Embracing something new takes a lot of courage, and travelling is one of the ways for you to embrace something new. By travelling, you will be out of your comfort zone, making you braver the moment you decided to travel. 

Sometimes, it will increase your chance of getting hired by a company

This is a rare occurrence, but companies sometimes take a brief look at your travelling experience. While this is not something that you can count on, it does matter sometimes. Some companies will see you as someone who is already experienced with the world and the people because you have travelled. The more you travel, the longer the list will be and the more attractive it would be for a company to read. Not the most ‘accurate’ of the importance of travelling, but it counts sometimes. 

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