Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Island is a popular year-round destination from ancient species to white sandy beaches and lush hills. This stunning island is also known for its great assortment of liveaboards catering to all kinds of budgets for adventure, divers, honeymooners, luxury seekers, and much more. Komodo liveaboard is an ideal way to explore Komodo island. It is much like a floating hotel with different experiences offshore and onboard. Choosing a liveaboard trip, be it for a day or a week, offers you a glimpse of the colorful life. Here are the five reasons why you need to experience it!

Offbeat trip in the Komodo Island

With the constantly changing sight, shades of blue all around, and the glorious sun bright, a trip with Komodo Liveaboard is packed with countless Instagrammable moments. When traveling on a boat, you have the chance to access Komodo’s hidden spots. These experiences leave you in a state of permanent wonderment.

Plenty of activities on Komodo Liveaboard

The ocean around you is brimming with opportunities, and to miss out on them. It is a big mistake you do not want to make.  Diving on a liveaboard is the best-notch experience as most of the boats are well equipped with high-quality diving equipment. Besides diving, you have chances to participate in water activities. You can go snorkeling or kayaking. Otherwise, take out your yoga mats and enjoy a good session of stretching as the sun rises in the morning.

Must do for divers

Amazing marine life and the blue ocean are the main reasons the Komodo is such a popular diving destination. Wake up every morning in a new place and explore up to 10 different sites on the Komodo trip. The liveaboard trip is all about diving. If you’re looking to take your diving to the next level, then your next holiday really should be on a liveaboard.

Komodo liveaboard trip is easy to plan

When planning a holiday, deciding where to eat, where to stay, what to do, and how you will get there can be stressful. Planning a liveaboard is incredibly easy to do because liveaboard holiday packages together transportation and accommodation. The crew of the liveaboard will organize the itinerary and perform all the logistics for you so all you have to do is turn up. It also offers great value for your vacation dollar because the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip. Such as food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment, and transportation between travel destinations.

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Make friends

Perhaps the best part of a liveaboard holiday is that you get to do this with a small band of like-minded people. Everybody has decently a similar opportunity to converse with one another and develop new kinship on liveaboard trips.