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What To Wear For Safe And Comfortable Travel

Dress comfortable for safe travel

When it comes to travelling abroad, the very first thing that should be in your priority is your safety. Of course, it is important as well to stay true to yourself and be comfortable no matter where you are. However, keep in mind that different place may hold different culture, religious beliefs, or customs you should respect as you are the guest. Hence, it affects how you should dress during travel. Two important things you need to keep in mind in deciding what to wear are safety and comfort. 

Dress comfortable for safe travel

The majority of seasoned travelers love looking casual where they can also blend with the locals. They don’t really like it when they stick out like a sore thumb because it brings unnecessary attention. And keep in mind that it is not always good attention you receive while travelling to unfamiliar places. Hence, it is essential to know what to wear to stay comfortable and safe during travel.

Avoid too revealing clothes

Regardless if your destination is strict with the way visitors dress or not, it is more recommended to choose modest clothing. It is safer for you to pack and wear clothes that can cover up appropriately. This way, you don’t really have to constantly worry whether or not you will offend the locals or put yourself in jeopardy by wearing certain clothes. Some places such as churches in Europe and religious sites in Asia tend to have strict dress code. Pants and long skirts are a safe bet. If you are unsure, bring a shawl or sweater in your bag just in case. 

Avoid wearing too many jewelries

What To Wear For Safe And Comfortable Travel

Flashy jewelries look beautiful to wear especially when you want to take fabulous pictures of yourself during travel. However, your jewelries can put your safety in jeopardy because they bring unwanted attention especially for people with bad intention that target tourists. If you have pricey valuable, it is more recommended to leave them at home. 

Avoid wearing impractical items

Wearing impractical shoes or pants can put you in major discomfort during travel, especially when your itinerary involves walking for hours. Hence, always wear and pack comfortable shoes that give your foot good support. Also, it is recommended to not wear jeans for travel because they don’t breathe well and take long time to dry out. Tight jeans might not be good for your blood circulation during a flight as well. Hiking pants and sweatpants are good options for travel. 

Excessive technology

It is recommended that you pack devices you really need. There is no need to pack all your tech accessories for your trip. Aside from higher risk of losing or have them stolen, large tech accessories might just put yourself and others in uncomfortable situation. If you want to take great picture with your professional camera, make sure to keep your other gadgets such as phone or stored safely inside your bag. Also, be careful when taking selfies or poses in dangerous locations. Always pay attention to signs and warnings. 

Want A Change of Scenery? Spend A Week of Peace in Villa Ubud Bali

Want A Change of Scenery? Spend A Week of Peace in Villa Ubud Bali

What comes up to your mind when you are thinking about Bali? Most would think about the beaches, the waves, and the sun-tanning. How many of you think about seeking refugee to the mountains? Think about the Ubud. This upland town is best known for being the cultural capital of the island and centre of arts as well as holistic, nature-inspired healings. Ubud is well-known for its stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, but it has so much more to offer visitors. The whole location has a calming, even magical vibe about it that draws you in. Ubud is a popular tourist destination, especially in the center of town. So, while you are in Bali, take a week off the beach, head up to the highlands, and have some peaceful time in a villa Ubud! 

Have A Home Spa Inside Your Villa Ubud

Have A Home Spa Inside Your Villa Ubud

Away from hustles and bustles of the beach towns, it’s time to be thankful of your body and pamper yourself. And what’s better than having a home spa to complete your relaxing time in the villa Ubud Bali? 

Ubud’s luxurious spas provide a complete range of services, including ayurveda massages, body cleanses, and traditional medicinal methods like flower baths. Ancient Balinese medicines promise to provide you with the best possible degree of relaxation and healing. Imagine having a room that opens to Ubud’s lush jungle view and absorbing the scene while getting your foot massaged. What a dream. 

Slow Down and Enjoy the Present

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, make sure you stay at a nice private villa Ubud for at least a few days. There’s something about seeking a complete solitude in a house near the highlands. Ubud village is a popular tourist destination, but a mere day trip there won’t do it justice. Staying in Ubud forces you to take your time and see things from a new perspective. Early morning and evening is the best time to stroll around the village, visiting rice fields and temples. The beautiful surrounding of Ubud will give you the peace you need. 

Ubud is brimming with restaurants, yoga studios, spas, and retail establishments. You’ll see temples and marketplaces on your journey. It might be still crowded, touristy, and congested—but soon, you’ll forget about it.

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Look for A Villa Near Tegalalang Rice Field

Look for A Villa Near Tegalalang Rice Field
Image credit: Instagram @makyandmatt

When you visit Ubud, you can learn about the local culture and history while also taking in the area’s stunning natural features. There are not many locations in the world like the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. It’s much more beautiful during dawn and sunset, but if you’re going it alone, get to Tegallalang as early as possible (6AM) to avoid the throng. On top, you may leave your scooter in a convenient location.

The area is a photographer’s and drone pilot’s dream, with rice fields that spread for kilometers and terraces perched high above the landscape. If you feel hungry or thirsty while exploring the rice paddies, there are a slew of cafés and warungs along the main road that provide food for a million dollar views. Get the best of Ubud by looking for villas that are located near the Tegalalang. You will definitely love to stay in a villa Ubud where you can wake up to amazing view right from the doorstep!

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Make A Trip to Mount Agung from Your Villa Ubud

Some people want the beaches, some want the mountains. While sunrise from mount Agung is definitely one of Bali’s highlight, the mountain is too far from most tourist towns—that usually clustered in the beaches. Ubud is the only tourist hub equal with the beach towns (Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur, and the likes) that is near enough with the mountains. Staying in Ubud villas is just ideal if you plan to hike Mount Agung and still have the comfort of nice tourist town. 

Climb Bali’s second-tallest volcano, Mount Batur, for a sunrise vista of Mount Abang, Mount Agung, Mount Rinjani, and Lake Batur. For this, you might want to book a guided tour with arranged driver. Prepare ahead of time by going to bed early. Wake up at 1:30 am to meet your driver and begin the two-hour trek up Mount Batur. Bring a light jacket and sturdy hiking shoes because it gets chilly on the way up. The hike is intermediate—a bit challenging but not so difficult. And when you get to the top, immerse on the breathtaking scenery!

Why Travelling Is Possible For Seniors

A saying that goes you are never too old or too young to see the world is true. While it is recommended that you travel while you are young, you don’t have to limit yourself even if you are no longer young anymore. Venturing out into the world is what can also keep you young. Today, travel is not as challenging as it was. Transportation and accommodation are now available almost everywhere regardless of what kind of trip you choose.

You have the flexibility to plan your own trip

It is understandable that there are certain challenges that comes with age especially with your physical abilities to move around more freely. Also, some seniors may have to depend on medication on daily basis hence travel is often viewed as more of a hassle. However, it is possible for seniors to plan the kind of trip that is fitting for them with the right preparation. 

Many senior travelers even say that travelling after they are retired or semi-retired and their kids are grown makes the trip planning so much easier. There is no time limit of when you can go travelling when you are retired or semi-retired seniors. You can extend your travel plan into days, weeks, to months. 

Safety is important but don’t let it discourage you to travel

Many seniors are hesitant to travel due to safety reason. However, let’s be honest safety doesn’t really live at home or anywhere. There are many wonderful things to explore around the world. Dangers are there but that doesn’t mean you will automatically meet one. What you might be concerned is actually familiarity because when travel you visit new or unknown place. Travel is one of the most empowering adventure that can help boost your confidence. The more you travel, the the more likely to overcome your fear.

You can take precaution for your medical issue

It is a must to maintain your health wherever you go. Many seniors think it will be too complicated to take care of their medication while travelling. However, you can still go travelling with more preparation as well as travel and health insurance. Always keep in mind to go visit your doctor first prior the trip to ensure your health condition. Pack your necessities of medication such as your prescription, doctor statement, extra supply for your medications in case your return gets delayed, etc.

Getting started

The hardest part is to get started and it is the same with senior travels. It is okay if you don’t like travelling too far from your home, you can just explore your city on weekend. Or, you can also join a group tour with your fellow seniors. You will gain your confidence as you go and maybe one day you will be in high spirit to start travelling overseas. You can take small steps by taking one group tour or two. You see how it goes and gain confidence to start venturing further. 

Using Influencers for Your Exclusive Bali Villas: Pro & Cons

The Pro and Cons of Using Influencers for Your Exclusive Bali Villas

If you’ve spent much time on your social media recently, you’ve probably noticed a pattern. Influencer marketing is exploding, and businesses of all sizes are incorporating it into their marketing strategies. However, almost every week influencers scandals are making the headlines in left and right. From love scandals to inappropriate contents, social media influencers are frequently involved in scandals that have a negative impact on the brands they promote. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, has shown to be one of the most effective ways for businesses to engage with customers and boost traffic. And this definitely can help making your exclusive Bali villas known to wider audiences. So, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of influencers, and how can businesses select the right influencer?

Promoting Exclusive Bali Villas Through Influencers: The Pros

Promoting Exclusive Bali Villas Through Influencers The Pros

Building credibility and trust

The generation X and baby boomers tend to have larger believe in brand. However, millennials have greater trusts to peers than brand. They are more likely to believe information and opinions from people who are similar to them than information from companies or celebrities. This emphasizes the importance of influencer marketing in terms of reaching out to people. Influencers devote a significant amount of time and effort to growing their followings. The majority of genuine influencers have devoted followers who believe in them. As a result, when an influencer recommends a brand, their followers are more likely to trust their advice. Their fans may also be more likely to purchase the goods than clients who learn about it through traditional advertising channels.

Reaching a more targeted and relevant audience

Influencers, especially micro-influencers, can assist brands in reaching a certain niche or audience. To market exclusive villas in Bali, for example, the company may team up with a travel or food blogger, guaranteeing that they reach out to people who are already interested in travel and food. A villa rental business, for example, can collaborate with travel influencers to review their villa and show the insides to their followers.

Building intimate relationship with audience

Influencers connect with their followers on a far more intimate level than traditional marketing, such as print or television ads. As a result, brands can use influencer marketing to develop more personal ties with potential customers. People are more likely to stick with a brand if they feel more attached to it.

Promoting Exclusive Bali Villas Through Influencers: The Cons

Promoting Exclusive Bali Villas Through Influencers The Cons

Hard to measure success rate assessment of the campaign

Tracking and monitoring the performance of an influencer-led campaign can be tricky. Businesses must be able to track many forms of engagements, including clicks, likes, and shares, as well as the cost per engagement.

Influencers is now saturated

On social media, the influencer space is becoming increasingly crowded. Audiences will eventually become disengaged, or less engaged than they were previously. Nobody wants to be inundated with commercials from celebrities they follow on social media. And, on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, it’s simple to unfollow accounts if you don’t like their content. As a result, marketers should keep track of how frequently influencers promote their products and avoid those who produce promotional content on a regular basis.

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Using wrong influencer that can harm your exclusive Bali villas brand

Being associated with an influencer who causes the wrong kind of controversy is bad news for a brand these days. Making racist statements, failing to disclose that a post is sponsored, making insensitive posts, abusing bots to inflate follower numbers, or accidentally posting a brand’s instructions in a post can all reflect poorly on the influencer and any brands associated with them, including your exclusive Bali villas. You won’t be able to affect the influencers’ actions as a brand.

How To Stay Vegan While Travelling


Being vegetarian sometimes is not easy especially when travelling to different countries. It takes time to fully committed to vegan lifestyle while you are also being a frequent traveler. You don’t know the place you are going to visit and their and their foods. You don’t know if you can keep your vegan lifestyle in unfamiliar place. However, it is not impossible because there have been many full time travelers who are also vegetarian or pescatarian who have succeeded in making their vegan travel much easier. 

How to stick with vegan lifestyle when travelling

Always do your homework

Do your own research about the place you are planning to travel to ahead of time. Do not worry too much because there are many countries that are vegan and vegetarian friendly around the world. Do not feel like you are given limited option of where to go. For the tips, countries with tropical climates are easier for vegetarians. Because they have bunch of delicious fruits in wide variety that grow year around. 

Research for vegan-friendly restaurant


If you have picked your destination, find the restaurants or diners that are vegan friendly prior the trip. Hence, you don’t have to look around for hours looking for them when you have arrived. In many cases, you can request vegan foods in specific dishes in many restaurants. You can ask to eliminate the meat from the dish you want to order on the menu for example. 

Pack snack from home

Airport and airplane foods are not always vegetarian friendly. Hence, sometimes it makes it difficult for vegetarian travelers to just simply eat what they receive from the service. If you bring your own snacks you don’t have to worry about abandoning your vegan life or starving. Make sure that your snacks are healthy foods containing nutrition your body needs to stay healthy. 

Stay in lodging with communal kitchen

Book a place that has a personal or communal kitchen so you can make your own meals. Many accommodation don’t charge extra for it. Buy fresh produce from local market and prepare your own meals. Try local ingredients to be mixed with your favorite vegan ingredients. This way, you won’t miss out the cultural experience of authentic foods from the place you are visiting. 

Learn more about vegan alternatives

Learn substitutions so you have more alternatives about your vegan meals. For example, you can substitute chicken with tofu or mushroom, or fish sauce with soy sauce. it can be challenging if you just practice your vegan lifestyle. However, you can always learn and you will be able to master it over the time. 

Learn vegan terms in destinations’ local tongue

It is even better if you can learn terms or phrases in the local language of the country you are visiting because it can help you a lot when dining. For example, you can learn phrases that say “ I don’t eat meat/chicken/fish“.  you can also tell  a little  white lie to the staff of the restaurant by saying you are allergic to meat/fish, etc. Hence, they will take you more seriously. 

5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Bali Houses for Sale

For many property owners in Bali, owning houses and apartment is the most effective way to generate secondary income. However, with so many Bali houses set for sale, competition is always quite strong. You need careful strategy and thoughtful investment to put your property in top of the list. With informed decision, home designs and features could really set difference to your competitors and boost the value of your property which appeals to modern home buyers. 

Living Space as the Main Feature of Your Bali Houses for Sale

Living Space as the Main Feature of Your Bali Houses for Sale

When people are looking for Bali houses for sale, they are looking for something that screams vacation. Be it local Indonesian or foreigners planning long term settlements, most of these buyers want to see the typical Bali holiday houses that presents the flexibility of island living. In today’s market, larger living space definitely boost the value of a house. The house itself doesn’t necessarily need to be really big; you can strategically increase the amount of living space by designing an open floor plan. Consider going a serious renovation if your Bali house is still heavily partitioned like the old houses. You can also install more modern flooring, windows, doors, and others during the renovation. 

Kitchen as the Second Focus 

Kitchen as the Second Focus

Kitchen is still a major focus for most buyers and property-owners should catch on the trend of kitchenette to impress their audience. A modern kitchen with ample of natural light and following the open floor design is the ideal design for today’s home buyers. Invest on new set of appliance along with countertop and probably a kitchen island for a coordinated look. Many Bali houses for sale have revamped their kitchen with sleek design and latests appliance, so make sure you’re not falling behind the competition. 

Introduce Energy-Saving Technology 

Thirty-five percent of buyers in today’s property market are the millennials generation and they put more concern to energy-saving technology than boomers do. They would much prefer to look at Bali houses for sale that can significantly lower their energy costs. Since Bali has generally sunny and hot weather, you can try adopting the solar panel to harness the solar energy. Open floor design, large windows, and high ceiling are also some example of energy-saving design as it allows dwellers for less air conditioner usage and maximise the breeze to cool off the room. 

Incorporate Smart Technology to Bali Houses for Sale 

Incorporate Smart Technology to Bali Houses for Sale

Another way to add value to your Bali property is by incorporating smart technology to your design. However remember that smart technology is not the synonym of latest technology. More often than not, blindly following the latest high-tech features more bad returns than good ones because technologies tends to evolve quickly. You can still invest in smart TV (they can last up to five years), but you should really focus on smart system. Install AI-based and wireless features like door locks, security system, or lighting that occupants can access from their smartphones. This give an impression of high-tech home to your property and increase its value to 3-5%.

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Do A Paint Job 

Never sell a dull house and hoping for high benefit. A good paint job not only breathe a new life to your Bali property house, but also add significant value in the form of appeal. Design a concept for your house and do the paint accordingly. A creative paint job could bring a certain theme into live (e.g coastal vibe, industrial design, elegant modernism, etc) and highlight certain feature in the house. 

The Idea Of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

Travelling is about personal preference. Some people like to wander aimlessly and enjoy what they find throughout their entire adventure. However, it is also time to think beyond that. It is not about preference and style anymore but about the impact of what we choose. Travelling with a sense of freedom is amazing but if it bring negative impact to other people or environment then what you gain?

Travelling with purpose to gain meaningfulness 

Travelling with purpose will make your journey more rewarding and fulfilling. You don’t have to plan a big adventure to have a purpose. Sometimes, the simplest thing can cause a life-changing experience. Travelling with purpose however, is often mistaken as limit. It is not true because travelling with purpose doesn’t limit you from doing what you want or love. In fact, it brings you more such as more perspectives, more experience, more adventure, and more memorable memories. 

Of course, meaningful travel or travel with purpose is still personal perspective. You will experience the impact on yourself first. You will know what kind of reward you expect when you travel with purpose. For example, you travel to volunteer. You may gain different experience and rewards from others who are doing the same. The others might feel rewarded by having more friends but you might feel rewarded by being able to help those in need. The similarity is that you both gain something positive from your travel. 

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

However, keep in mind that volunteering is not the only form of meaningful travel you can do. As mentioned above, there are many ways you can do it so sacrificing your holiday time for solely altruistic purpose is not the only one. You can also embark on journey for self-discovery for example. It is a type of travel you do to find more about yourself, your potential, your strength, weakness, and everything within. It helps you grow as you experience many things during travel. 

You can travel with the purpose of learning new language for example. While learning new language, you are sharpening your cultural awareness. It helps open your eyes too see things from different perspectives. It helps broaden your mind to be not bound by one constricted idea. Travel with purpose can also make you become more optimistic with life even what you see sometimes are heart-breaking (for example seeing malnourished children or less fortunate people along the way). you feel more grateful, tolerant, and less rigid to how you see the world. 

Just like how you live your life, having purpose does matter in travel. Make sure that your purpose is not something destructing or damaging both to yourself and others. For example, you travel with the purpose of experiencing how to ride an elephant. It is not real purpose because what meaningful reward you can achieve at the end? It only brings more damage to the animal, environment, and society. Travel with purpose and responsibility should go hand in hand. This way, the positive impact is not only for yourself but also for others.  

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

Raja Ampat is a tropical paradise offering breathtaking white sandy beaches, stunning nature, and unique culture. When it comes to island hopping, there is a recommended place like Misool Island. The island is located on the west coast of the island of Papua and directly bordering the Seram Sea. Being one of the fourth largest islands of Raja Ampat, Misool features lots of stunning natural attractions. Misool has something to suit every traveler from picture-postcard beaches to amazing activities and everything in between. The stunning island features crystal water with its beautiful coral. No wonder, many travelers visit Misool Papua for some underwater activities like diving and snorkeling, and other fun water sports. So, here are 5 reasons to fall in love with Misool Island.

Misool Papua has fabulous beaches

The stunning beaches that Misool Papua has to offer are one of the main reasons that many travelers return to the island time and time again. The vast expanse of the white sand overlooks across clear turquoise waters where jagged karst rocks soar high into the sky. When in the Misool, just take your time and enjoy relaxing and dreaming on the stunning beaches. A trip to Misool Island can be a great experience for travelers.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Misool Papua

Discover the unique and incredible marine life

The water conditions around Misool are renowned for being some of the clearest and most beautiful you’ll find in all of Indonesia. In Misool, you’re sure to bedazzle by the pureness and diversity of underwater life. Misool island has some great and colorful reefs with both soft and hard coral. Here, you also can see reef fish, pelagic species, and mantas. The island also has three ponds with unpoisoned jellyfish.

Misool Papua has good weather all year round

Whenever you visit the island, one of the most important things to know is when the perfect time to visit is. For Misool Island, you won’t ever have to ask that question since it’s sunny all year round. The climate conditions are good all year round. If you just want to relax in a tropical paradise and do a few water activities around the island, then any time is great.

Awesome adventure

Misool offers great things to do for active types who want to immerse themselves in the pristine natural surroundings. Whether it is a scuba diving, cultural site, viewpoint, you can find them all in Misool. However, scuba diving is popular on the island because of the amazing visibility the clearwater provides.

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The natural beauty

Misool is absolutely stunning and you’re constantly surrounded by natural beauty. The scenery and views around Misool Islands are so unique that you will not be able to see them anywhere else in the world.

Travel Trends To Anticipate In 2021

Travel Trends to Anticipate in 2021

Travel in 2020 looked really different from the years prior. Many things happened such as travel restriction, travel bans, whole new travel policies, etc. Safety has become the main concern when it comes to travel but with covid-19 it rises to another level. Most people prefer to stay at home for safety reasons. However, no one can deny that they have missed being outside. People are now starting to plan for their future travel such as preparing for the budget and adding new destinations to their bucket list.

What to anticipate of travel in 2021

In 2021, there are trends you can anticipate, such as:

People are becoming more eager to travel locally. It is such a good thing because you don’t really have to go travel across the world to fully experience being outside of your home and have fun. During the pandemic, people started to be creative with their travel ideas such as hiking to their nearest their home or camping in the closest mountain to their own home. 

Travel Trends to Anticipate in 2021

It also follow the trend of people being more outdoorsy travelers. With how the global pandemic hit in 2020, people have been craving more and more to the outdoor activities and destinations. This is also a good thing because then people will no longer coop up inside four walls establishment but explore the outside more. This can promote healthy lifestyle as well since outdoor travel allows you to get some fresh air and staying physically active. 

The way travel industry works will be different in the years to come. The procedures will be more tighter to ensure everyone is safe. It is predicted that some of the shifts caused by the impact of global pandemic in 2020 will stay remain. For example, social distancing rules, practicing good hygiene, and cleaning procedures policies in hotels and other accommodations. It is to help bring out more spirit and energy for people who have been too scared to go outside anymore. It will ensure them the protection they need. 

The vaccines have brought hope and optimism to everyone around the world especially travelers. It is predicted that in 2021 and years to come, performing arts in travel industry will rise positively. Many people have been craving for full experience of watching quality performance after experiencing it only through digital platform. Full live performance in travel industry will hit at full force. 

Travel-related infrastructure will be upgraded significantly. The number of travelers have boarded trains and planes have decreased since the past year. However, it means that projects in travel-related infrastructure could be sped up. Some projects have been started to ensure that the future travel will be better. 

There is a shift when it comes to bucket list. In 2021, it seems that people have started revising their bucket list since they realized that they don’t really have time in the world to travel many places. Hence, people start crossing destinations off their bucket lists that are the closest to their reach. People have started to prioritize local destinations.

Komodo Sailing Trip, 5 Rules to Follow on A Boat!

komodo sailing trip

Komodo Island known as one of the best dive locations in the world. The island boasts spectacular underwater landscape and unique marine life and is perhaps the best place in the world to see manta rays. This stunning island is also one of the best destinations when it comes to spend holiday on a luxury liveaboard in Indonesia. Komodo sailing trip boasts a great variety of sea and land sights. Moreover, a liveaboard give you the freedom to explore the stunning blue waters and anchor down wherever you like. Life on a Komodo boat must strike the right balance between world-class service and respect for the privacy of all guests. For an amazing sailing trip, it is important to follow a few basic rules. Here are five rules to follow on a boat!

Respect the boat’s crew

The boat’s crew offers you outstanding service throughout your Komodo sailing trip.  They will help you to take care of everything on the boat to ensure that you have an unforgettable moment. Therefore, you need to treat your crew well with respect. Respecting the boat’s crew, including their privacy during the time off, is at the core of basic rules on a yacht.

Consider the boat as your own home

Don’t treat your yacht rental as an ordinary place. All the crew on the boat will make every effort to make them feel at home. Therefore, take care of the boat, use it, and have fun. Make sure to take care of the cabins, don’t throw rubbish on the deck, don’t go into the boat with salt water. Keep the boat clean during your trip. Remember, comfort is a key on a sailing holiday.

komodo sailing trip

Follow the barefoot rule on Komodo sailing trip

The majority of sailing trips do not allow the wearing of shoes on a yacht. Street shoes, including heeled shoes and boots, are prohibited on all boats. Because using shoes can damage floors and contaminate carpets and decorations on a yacht. On some boats, the rule will only be applied in your cabins and everywhere on board. However, don’t see this simple rule as an inconvenience but more as an opportunity to show off your pretty pedicure!

Bring adapted suitcases

One of the important things to keep in mind, less is more. One of the important things to keep in mind, less is more. It is not recommended to bring a suitcase with rigid walls, difficult to store, but also to handle on a yacht. Pack your soft bags that can be folded up when empty.

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Get ready for the Komodo sailing trip!

Before you start your sailing trip, break down what you want out of your boat rental is key to success. Whether you want a relaxing sailing trip or an exciting adventure, a yacht has everything for you!