Diving Komodo

Komodo island is a famous holiday destination in Indonesia. Some people come to Komodo Island just for the sand, the sun, to see the unique Komodo Dragons and other wildlife. But mostly, they come to explore the fantastic dive sites in Komodo. Diving Komodo is on every diver’s Bucket List. The diving season is all year round, but if you can choose, the best time to dive on the island is during the “dry” season, between April and December.  If you are looking for a new destination to explore, consider Komodo for your next diving trip. Read on to find out about the best dive sites in Komodo!

Diving Komodo to Manta Alley

Manta Alley is one of the famous dive sites on Komodo Island. Manta dive site is a cleaning station for the gorgeous creatures of manta that come hanging around to get their parasites eaten by cleaner wrasses. Therefore, this dive site is the best place to dive with magical manta rays.  Even the beautiful manta rays are not around, the dive is still perfect with many wrasses, a school of giant trevallies, and reef sharks! Here, you also can spot the colorful coral with rich invertebrate life.

Location: South of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10- 30 m

Level of experience: Experienced diver

Diving Komodo

Yellow Wall

Yellow wall is another excellent dive site in Komodo. This dive site is indeed quite yellow, due to the numerous brightly colored sea cucumbers and feather stars. The yellow wall sites are well known for their macro life and a paradise for underwater photographers. For those of you who are not looking for macro life. No need to worry, the ambiance remains wonderful and you may spot some cool stuff in the blue!

Location: The south of Rinca Island

Depth range: 20-35 m

Level of experience: Entry-level

Diving Komodo to Crystal Rock

Crystal rock is one of the popular dive sites of Komodo National Park. The marine life in Crystal Rock is excellent with blacktips sharks, napoleon wrasse, whitecaps, and grey reef sharks deeper. This dive site is a perfect place to dive with sharks! When diving with no current, you have the chance to explore the saddle connecting the main rock to a pinnacle.

Location: The north of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10 – 30m

Level of experience: Experienced divers

Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is another signature dive spot in Komodo. Nothing much to see at the surface. You can just see a small rock with a hole in it, but below, the giant rock drops to 70 m and features big schools of fish. This dive site is full of all kinds of marine life with great coral. Many pelagic fishes like giant trevallies and napoleon are hunting around the divers. Here, you also can spot large turtles and some white tip sharks sleeping on the slope.

Location: The north of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10-75 mLevel of experience: Experienced

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Tatawa Besar

This place is a dive site with an endless bed of orange corals. Here, you can spot a dazzling array of amazing tropical fish species that inhabit a coral garden. You can see some of its incredible marine life including hawksbill turtles, angelfish, giant manta rays, eagle rays, and sweet lips.

Location: The north of Komodo Island

Depth range: 10-25 mLevel of experience: Intermediate to advanced level