Dreaming about your next trip is not a sin. You can do it now even though the situation has not allowed you to make it true. You can dream big and plan your trip while waiting for the vaccine to work in ending the pandemic. In fact, you can plan for a trip that was only your dream before due to the impossible budget. You can plan your dream trip while saving money so once the pandemic end, you can afford your dream trip without problem.

References of dream trips you can start planning

Luxury trips are usually on the list of dream trips. It sounds like a dream to be able to have a luxury vacation after a long isolation period. You get to relax and enjoy fun activities with premium service. Your budget might not allow you to have luxury trip now. But while you are dreaming, save up and plan it thoroughly. Dreaming doesn’t cost you money so do it big. 


Private plane tour of the national Parks doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, having a national park tour across the US is such a big dream. You don’t have to drive but get on the plane instead. It is possible to have this kind of tour with TCS World’s Travel’s Winter Tour of the National Parks. This tour is customizable so you can set arrangement that suit your preference. This tour allows a group of 4 to 12 people to get into designated private jet and have a 10-days adventure across the national parks. During the tour, you can go wolf-tracking or snowshoeing. $29,000 per person is not cheap but worth it for this trip. 

You can also dream of having an escape to Caribbean with the Ultimate Caribbean Escape package that offer a full month of luxury experience. The package includes a private jet transfer, luxury accommodation, and daily gourmet to meet your personal culinary preference. This is a type of luxurious vacation you can dream about. Throughout the vacation, you will be served with the ultimate services with variety of over-the-top facilities to enjoy. Of course it is not cheap because it costs around $90,000 per person. If you want to add more luxury to the list, you will have to pay even higher than that. 

An adventure to Sheldon Chalet at Denali National Park’s Ruth Glacier. Imagine yourself sleeping on the glacier perched on a mountain ridge 6,000 feet above. This place is accessible only via helicopter and you can only visit at the designated times which is in mid-September through mid-April. So maybe you can plan this dreamy adventure for the next year until the situation with global pandemic is deemed safe. Oh, you will also get to view Aurora Borealis vividly during this adventure. The price for this adventure is around $35,000 per couple for a minimum of three-night stay. There are many activities to enjoy included sledding, spelunking, hot springs, etc.