Most Common Causes of Injuries While Travelling

Travelling is unpredictable so always prepare yourself to think quick but stay calm. Many people are afraid of a terrorist attack when they are planning to visit a place they have never been to before. However, terrorist attack is not the common cause of injury of travelling abroad. You are more likely to choke of food, being struck by lightning, or getting drowned rather than being involved in terrorist attack or shark attack.

Causes of injuries of travelling and how to deal with them

Neglecting proper safety warning and protocols when taking off with vehicle you know nothing about during your travel abroad. Jumping on any vehicle you see while in different country without any proper instruction can lead to injury, accident, and even death. If you are taking adventurous activities such as rafting, jet skiing, riding a scooter, etc, always wear protective gear and follow the instruction.

Most Common Causes of Injuries While Travelling

Transfer trauma is also listed as the most common cause of injury while travelling. It is when you step off a bus or train and you lose your footing causing a nasty fall. Before getting off your transport, always be mindful with your steps. Make sure you are stepping on the safe platform. Also, try not to step off in a hurry.

Forgetting or purposely neglecting necessary medication just because you are travelling is totally wrong. Keep in mind that just because you are going to different place doesn’t mean your health problems suddenly will disappear or take a break. Always bring your medications and take them during your travel no matter what.

Lethal cocktail is also common cause of injury for many travelers while abroad. Excessive alcohol can lead to many kinds of disaster because you will have poor judgement. Alcohol consumption is better to be limited when you are travelling abroad especially when you are not familiar with the place. There is high risk that you injure yourself such as falling off a balcony, getting struck by a car, or having alcohol poisoning.

Feeling adventurous and doesn’t know your limit can lead to disaster. You can be adventurous during travel but make sure you know when your body needs to rest. Forcing yourself to do something your body can’t afford will cause mild strain to severe injury. If your body start to ache or feel uncomfortable, take a break.

Food poisoning is a common incident happen to many travelers especially when they are travelling aboard. They are just diving into any foods they find without calculating the risk based on their own diet, allergy, and hygiene. Food poisoning can go from mild to serious condition. If you are going food hunting, select food carefully. Choose deep-fried foods if you are unsure. Also, choose a food stall that has long line of customers.

Various injuries during travel can be prevented if you can make smart judgement. Therefore, it is recommended to always pay attention to your own well-being and prioritize your own safety before anything.