A trip with Komodo liveaboard is a great way to strengthen family bonds and create a lifelong memories with your kiddos. With its exceptional beauty and wild life, Komodo has always been succeed to draw the curious mind of children and teens alike for lush exploration. Think of hiking dormant volcanoes, walking a long trek to find wild Komodo dragons, exploring multi coloured sand beaches, and swimming with Manta Rays. Some of the world’s most exotic flora and fauna are waiting for you in Komodo National Park, the real life Jurassic Park. 

As any trip destination would do, taking your kids to Komodo would be a little bit tricky. After all, Komodo is not an easy destination—despite the liveaboard facilities and abundant educational material inside the lands. If you plan to take your kiddos for Komodo exploration this summer, you might want to prepare them with these simple things for a few weeks before the actual sailing trip take place. 


1. Take an Encyclopaedia or Internet Tour to Komodo

In other way, get ‘em excited for what they about to see in Komodo. You can show them pictures from travel bloggers, Pinterest, or any social media about Komodo’s breathtaking landscape, the dreamlike Pink Beach, the white-sands-island the Taka Makassar, and many more. Watch documentaries about Komodo in NatGeo Wild or Planet Earth. Read encyclopaedia about prehistoric animals if there’s any. When they have build up interest and anticipation, the real life encounter would be more fun and much satisfying. 

2. Let them know how’s life on Komodo liveaboard would be

Let them imagination run wild without giving too much expectation. Young children would be ecstatic knowing that they can taste the life of pirate or seafarers during the sailing trip. At the same time, give them illustration of how different living in a boat it would be. Talk about boat safety and rules they must adhere. Tell how the Komodo liveaboard would take them sailing from one islands to another within the Komodo National Park to see the wonder of nature. Most importantly, have a pack of nauseous-counter attack ready in your bag. 

3. Prepare the kids for snorkeling mask

Located right on Asia’s coral triangle, Komodo is a heaven for divers and snorkelers! Seriously, the underwater is hard to miss! Plus, they are so rich on corals and marine creatures that would be very educational for the kids. As children might be too young for diving, it would be a great idea to teach them snorkelling. It’s quick and easy, especially if your kids are already at ease with water.  

4. Inform about boundaries, limitation, and what to expect

While the excitement is building up, it’s important to keep their expectation low to avoid disappointment and possible tantrums. Before you go, talk to your children about the wilderness in Komodo and how modern facilities and infrastructure is kept into minimum to maintain the wildness. It would be difficult to be connected to Wifi signals or watch TV shows when they are onboard the Komodo liveaboard. Also, remind them that the park is practically wildlife conservation and it would be very dangerous to wander alone, straying from guards, and most importantly, touching the dragons. 

5. If you could, charter a Komodo liveaboard

One can say the adventure in Komodo gives a similar vibe with one in Galapagos. But one thing you should remember; unlike the Galapagos, the Komodo National Park has just been thriving to tourism industry quite recently. As a result, tourism options in Komodo is still somewhat limited. You might won’t find special family and kids trip package in Komodo as easy as it would be in Galapagos or even Bali. 

Spend a god amount of time to search for tours that offers a designated family adventure and kids-friendly package. If you don’t mind to join an open trip (the most common kind of trip in Komodo) with other random travelers and adjust your own itinerary for the kids, go ahead. But if you insist to have a kids-friendly, educational trip, we highly suggest you to reserve a whole Komodo liveaboard. This way, you have the freedom to pick only destinations and activities that would be suitable for your family.