To be the highly effective travelers doesn’t happen overnight. It requires you to travel more and develop rewarding habits and routines along the way. Your vacationing skills surely will develop over the time. It is okay that you make mistakes here and there every time you travel in the beginning. You will get better and become a savvy traveler someday.

Routines you can adopt to be highly effective travelers

Just like how successful people develop their own habits, highly effective travelers are also the same. By developing good habits, travel will be more rewarding, at least, you won’t get to experience too many mishaps and hassles. So here are some of routines that many highly effective travelers have and you can try to adopt start from now:

Highly effective travelers always pack smart. They can travel anytime because they are always prepared. They have their toiletries already packed in their suitcase. They have their carry-on bag packing list ready so they can just look at it and start packing. If you travel a lot like a weekly travel, having all those ready can help a lot in making your travel smoother and easier. You can avoid any pre-vacation stress. 


Checking in early is also one of habits that highly effective travelers develop. They like being efficient so they don’t waste their time or even money for waiting. You can get in a habit of setting an alarm to remind you of your airline’s online check-in schedule. This way, you can select the seat you want without paying extra. Do not wait check-in until the last moment if you don’t want to get bumped from oversold flights.

Highly effective travelers always build downtime. They know that there is no benefit in cramming hundreds different activities into tight itinerary. Hence, you can also adopt this habit and leave some downtime in your schedule. There is no good thing happen when you are over-exhausted. You will only end up getting sick or too fatigue to continue and fully enjoy your trip. 

The habit of doing homework before the trip is also what highly effective travelers develop. It makes them get to the trip easier because they are already filled with necessary information. They know what to expect. They already have good references for activities or local restaurants to enjoy later. You might love the element of surprise. However, travelling is better when you are prepared if you don’t like receiving bad surprises. 

You can find references from guidebooks. However, do not rely fully on them. Instead, you can integrate yourself with locals just like how highly effective travelers do. You can have a friendly chat with the locals and ask for recommendation of interesting places that many tourists might not know. You may discover things that don’t even exist in the guidebooks. Also, interacting with locals allows you to get to know more of the locals and their culture. And who knows, maybe you can make friends as well.