Tanaka Liveaboard

Are you planning a liveaboard trip to Komodo National Park with kids? That’s awesome! This national park is one of the hidden jewels of Indonesia. Its amazing landscape and various fauna make it a unique destination for nature lovers and adventurous. Komodo Island is well known for the giant dragons, it is also growing as a must-do dive destination in the world. The best way to truly experience the exotic, remote, and pristine dive sites that exist in Komodo National Park is by Tanaka Liveaboard. A liveaboard trip can be an excellent opportunity for children to learn something new about life on the sea, wildlife, and nature. But, is sailing with kids safe? Yes, of course! Here are some tips and tricks which should make this liveaboard journey more relaxed for both kids and parents!

Talk to your kids before climbing onboard

Much like in your house, there must be rules. Explain to your kids what the safety features are, and why it is important for them to obey the rules. For instance, no leaning overboard, just be sitting when sailing unless you tell them otherwise.  You can always tell them you’ll reward them with chocolate or candy later. That usually does the trick!

Don’t forget to bring medical supplies

You know your children and what tends to trouble them. So, when going on the Tanaka Liveaboard trip, make sure to bring the medicine they respond to the best. Pack all the medical kits for your whole family. Keep in mind that you are on a boat, more than likely in a remote area. It could take a lot of time to get ashore.

Tanaka Liveaboard

Make a play area on Tanaka Liveaboard

It is necessary for a kid to have a play area. Furthermore, the great area for a kid onboard is the indoor room. The kids will have enough space for playing, watching cartoons, or coloring. The picture book is ideal for a sailing trip. Play area to kids is as important as their safety onboard. If they aren’t entertained on board, they will have a worse time and wouldn’t want to go sailing again.

Bring plenty of sunscreen

Bringing skin protection is a must. Children’s skin is much gentler than their parent’s skin. Make sure to pack a lot of sunscreen with a high SPF. Keep your kids safe from the sun with sunscreen, hat, and a long sleeve shirt. Sunburns tend to be pretty uncomfortable and they are even worse for the kids.

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Make routes short for Tanaka liveaboard trip

If this trip is the first time for your kid, you wouldn’t want to shock them with a long sailing trip. It’s absolutely amazing for us grown-ups, but the children get bored more quickly. So, make your first routes short and unforgettable. Take plenty of time to just go to the land and play on the beach.