The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

Travelling is about personal preference. Some people like to wander aimlessly and enjoy what they find throughout their entire adventure. However, it is also time to think beyond that. It is not about preference and style anymore but about the impact of what we choose. Travelling with a sense of freedom is amazing but if it bring negative impact to other people or environment then what you gain?

Travelling with purpose to gain meaningfulness 

Travelling with purpose will make your journey more rewarding and fulfilling. You don’t have to plan a big adventure to have a purpose. Sometimes, the simplest thing can cause a life-changing experience. Travelling with purpose however, is often mistaken as limit. It is not true because travelling with purpose doesn’t limit you from doing what you want or love. In fact, it brings you more such as more perspectives, more experience, more adventure, and more memorable memories. 

Of course, meaningful travel or travel with purpose is still personal perspective. You will experience the impact on yourself first. You will know what kind of reward you expect when you travel with purpose. For example, you travel to volunteer. You may gain different experience and rewards from others who are doing the same. The others might feel rewarded by having more friends but you might feel rewarded by being able to help those in need. The similarity is that you both gain something positive from your travel. 

The Idea of Travelling With Purpose And Responsibility

However, keep in mind that volunteering is not the only form of meaningful travel you can do. As mentioned above, there are many ways you can do it so sacrificing your holiday time for solely altruistic purpose is not the only one. You can also embark on journey for self-discovery for example. It is a type of travel you do to find more about yourself, your potential, your strength, weakness, and everything within. It helps you grow as you experience many things during travel. 

You can travel with the purpose of learning new language for example. While learning new language, you are sharpening your cultural awareness. It helps open your eyes too see things from different perspectives. It helps broaden your mind to be not bound by one constricted idea. Travel with purpose can also make you become more optimistic with life even what you see sometimes are heart-breaking (for example seeing malnourished children or less fortunate people along the way). you feel more grateful, tolerant, and less rigid to how you see the world. 

Just like how you live your life, having purpose does matter in travel. Make sure that your purpose is not something destructing or damaging both to yourself and others. For example, you travel with the purpose of experiencing how to ride an elephant. It is not real purpose because what meaningful reward you can achieve at the end? It only brings more damage to the animal, environment, and society. Travel with purpose and responsibility should go hand in hand. This way, the positive impact is not only for yourself but also for others.