Checking out of a hotel after your stay sounds like a simple thing to accomplish. You don’t really have to deal with anything major to consider a hassle. However, it is sometime the one thing that trip ups travelers, even the experienced ones. Mishaps during hotel checkout sometimes happen specially when travelers are in a rush. The mistakes can be costly so it is better to do the checkout process right.

Tips to do hotel checkout seamlessly

Always double-check your bill before leaving. You may have heard about hotels taking hidden fees, making guests pay for something they don’t realize using. For example, hotel charges their guests for snacks and drinks from minibar they didn’t even touch during their stay. This mishaps can be avoided if you double-check your bill when checkout. Always scan your bill to see correct payment. It is possible that hotel staff make an honest mistake such as charging you with the wrong room number. Therefore, always be diligent to check everything until it is clear.

Rushed packing can put you in big regret because it is highly likely that you leave something behind. It may not be a big deal if you only leave a toothbrush or a slipper. However, it is a huge problem if you leave your passport or valuable items. Try not to pack in a rush. It is better to pack a night prior your leave so you still have time to list everything before checkout.

Always calculate the time when you have to catch your flight with the time you checkout from your hotel. Sometimes, hotel checkout takes only a few minutes. However, it can take longer if there are many guests who are also checking out. You may end up arriving late to your airport. Avoid popular checkout times. It is better to have extra time and being early rather than late. You can always fill your time waiting by doing something you like such as reading, scrolling down your phone, etc.

If you are budget traveler, it is best to avoid taking a cab called by the hotel. It is convenient and practical because you just have to wait. However, the fare can be very higher than usual. Therefore, it is better to prepare your lift prior to your checkout so you don’t have to ask hotel staff to call a cab. Also, you can save a few buck to tips hotel staffs instead of for paying overpriced cab.

Avoid overstaying because it can put the hotel staffs and yourself in trouble. It may sound like harmless to overstay for just one hour. However, hotel applies checkout time clearly to ensure they still have time to clean the room for the next guests. Also, overstaying may result in extra fee you have to pay during checkout. Therefore, it is always safe to checkout on time. This way, you can avoid unnecessary problems. If you need extra time, always inform the front desk in advance to see if they can offer something.