Tourist Attractions Around the World You Might Find Weird

There are many ways tourism industry can do to attract more tourists. There is no right or wrong in doing so as long as tourists’ safety is ensured. Some tourist attractions are man-made and some others are formed by nature. Some of them look fabulous while others may look creepy or strange. No matter what, there is always sell point to attract more tourists to come.

Weird tourist attractions around the world you might like to visit

Every tourist and traveler alike may like different things when it comes to sightseeing. Some like nature with stunning landscape that has been naturally formed since years ago. Some others may prefer more modern establishment and all interesting attractions inside made by human. And here are some of the weirdest, even borderline creepy tourist attraction you may find interesting enough to visit:

Tourist Attractions Around the World You Might Find Weird

Sewer Museum is located in Paris, France. This is where you can have a firsthand look into the sewage system of Paris. You will get to visit educational exhibits located atop grated walkways. There you will see the drain water rushing along. You might find it weird to be inside a working septic system. You can also anticipate what kind of smell you get to inhale when you join the tour there. Do not expect Parisian perfume to be the smell welcoming you there. 

The Gnome Reserve is located in Devon, England. Animal reserves are not something new and you may have visited several of them before. However, a gnome reserve might be not that familiar to hear about. However, you can visit a home for garden gnomes in Devon. It has more than 1,000 gnomes scattered around the park. You can take a picture while posing next to the statures you like. Oh, you can also bring your dog along to visit this unique reserve as long as it is on the leash. 

Soviet Bunker is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this place, you get to experience the horror and terror of the Soviet Union era. Before entering the place, you will asked to sign the agreement. You will also get your phone confiscated before heading inside the bunker. You will get immersed into your role along with the actors and dogs who act like they were in real situation back then during the war. There are also scenes of intense interrogations and you can test your bravery. If you don’t pass out then you are the chosen soldier. 

Karni Mata Temple is located in Deshnoke, India. It is a Hindu shrine built purposely to honor rat goddess of Karni Mata. Worshipers who often visit this temple believe that the souls of the goddess’s devotees are reincarnated as rodent. There are about 20,000 rats living inside the temple and they are considered sacred. It is said that a gold or silver statue is built if a rat is killed as replacement. If your feet is approached by rat, it is considered a good luck. If you have Musophobia, don’t come to this temple.