Essentials You Must Have For A Road Trip During Winter

Winter might not be the best season for having a road trip but if it’s your thing, make sure that you make proper preparation. A road trip in winter may put you at high risks of travel hassles and accidents. It’s best to be extra with your preparation rather than end up regretting everything. Having emergency supplies in your car is a must if you plan for a winter travel. 

What you need to have in your car for winter road trip

Winter is not always about enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and sitting in front of a fireplace at home. For some people, winter is the best time for adventure, enjoying falling snow and experience that chilly adventure. If you are also one of those people who like getting adventure in winter by having a road trip, here are essentials you need to prepare:

Warm clothes

It’s a must to pack some warm clothes in your car. Hence, you have something to warm your body if you encounter delay or accident. Have extra coats, hats, gloves, hand warmers, and any items that will help warm you when needed. 

Ice scraper and snow brush

For a safe road trip during winter, you need to be prepared for the possibility of getting snow and ice piled up. Meanwhile, your vehicle’s windshield should always be clear for better visibility while driving. Travel delay is highly possible during winter so it’s highly likely for your car’s windshield to be covered in ice and snow. Hence, pack long-handled combination ice scraper and snow brush to help you clean your windshield. 

Jumper cables or jumper box

A pair of jumble cables can be used to deal with cranking power of a battery due to low temperatures. It’s possible that there is no car around to help do the jumping so it’s recommended to bring your own jumper box as well. 

Compact shovel

It’s useful to have a compact shovel in your car during your trip in winter. It can be used to remove snow from around your vehicle tires if you run off the road. 


You can also pack extra blankets for your winter road trip to help you cover up when necessary. It’s best if you can bring a thermal blanket since it’s made of dual-sided aluminized mylar which not only retain body heat but also repel snow and rain in case you are exposed to extreme cold. 


Dealing with darkness is high possibility during a winter travel. Hence, always be ready with your flashlight to help with your visibility. It’s also useful tool you can use just in case your car runs off the road.  

Food and water

It’s best to pack extra foods and water for winter road trip since it’s possible to have lengthy delays on the road. Keep non-perishable foods and pack enough water to stay hydrated if you stuck for hours on the road. Make sure to have extra food and water as well if you travel with pets.

Basic Equipment Needed for Komodo Island Diving

Are you deciding which island to visit in Indonesia as part of your travel plans? There is no better location to travel to if you’re looking for the ultimate underwater paradise than Komodo Island, Indonesia. The majority of visitors to Komodo Island come for the best diving. There are so many incredible Komodo island diving spots in this area, each with its own unique features. Your diving vacation will be one to remember because of the wide variety of amazing species, vibrant coral reefs, and pelagic fishes at every location. One of the most beautiful places on earth, this island is the pinnacle of dive locations. The essential gear you need to know if you’re going to dive in Komodo on your future trip is listed below!

What equipment do you need when you start Komodo Island Diving? 

A High-Quality Diving Mask

Human eyes are not made for seeing underwater, especially in salty water, as is common knowledge. A good diving mask is therefore one of the most important items you will require. It’s crucial to get a diving mask of the highest caliber. It makes it possible for divers to see clearly when submerged. Diverse shapes, sizes, and colors are available in diving masks. To ensure that you find one that fits you well, you should absolutely take your time trying on a few different ones.

Drysuit or Wetsuit

Bring a dry suit and a wetsuit with you to Komodo Diving. Wetsuits are important parts of basic diving gear that keep you warm and protect your skin while you descend underwater. In colder weather, you can then wear a dry suit.


Fins are another crucial component of your diving equipment. Scuba fins allow you to move through the water more quickly and efficiently while diving. The market offers two different sorts of fins, including whole foot fins and open heels.

Scuba Gloves

Scuba diving exploration of underwater caverns and other challenging diving locations can result in skin abrasion, which is why scuba gloves are built of durable material. These dive gloves not only protect your skin, but also keep your hands warm.

Diving Tank

A diving tank is another essential piece of diving equipment. This diving tank holds a lot of air, making it easier for you to breathe underwater. The maximum pressure rating for the majority of diving tanks ranges from 2000 to 35000 psi. In the diving store, you have the option to buy one or rent one.


Never forget the regulator, which transforms the high-pressure air in your tank into ambient pressure so you can breathe it. Make sure to get a superb regulator that provides you with the highest level of comfort while making your selection.

Dive computer

The dive computer allows you to calculate how long you have been underwater. It also tells you how far you have fallen and how long you can survive that condition. It’s better to just buy a dive computer than to rent one, which can be very expensive.

How To Make The Most Of Your Visit To Disney World

Disney World is probably one of the most popular travel destinations. It is such an ideal place for almost any kind of trip. You can visit it to have a fun trip with your kids and friends. You can also make it a great destination for romantic trip with your lover. However, make sure that you the purpose of your trip since the destination itself is home to four theme parks, two water parks, four 18-hole golf courses, and one shopping and entertainment centre. Those spread over 40 acres which can be confusing for the first timer to fully enjoy the visit. 

Planning your visit to Disney World

The key to fully enjoy your trip to Disney World is have a plan. If not, it’s highly likely you end up with wandering around aimlessly and not enjoy the visit to the fullest. Planning includes deciding when to visit at the right time. Disney World conduct myriad festivals and holiday happenings throughout the year to attract more visitors. Avoid visiting the place during those times since you will end up being eaten by the crowds, unless you like that kind of setting which full of people. 

Know where you are going to stay

You may stay at a Disney Hotel which is pretty expensive for sure. However, it entitles you to free transportation to and from the airport and to the Magic Hours in the parks. If you choose to stay at an off-site hotel, it may be cheaper but you still have to spend money for renting a car which is pretty hefty. So be considerate with your choice and make sure that you pick what’s best for you and your travel companions.

Download The My Disney Experience App

This app will serve you before and during your visit. You can use the app to buy tickets, reserve spots in line at attractions, shop for theme-park attire, make dinner reservations, all in just one click away. You can also check on wait times for your favorite rides so you can avoid wasting your time.

Take advantage of FastPass+

FastPass+ service is included in your theme-park admission so take advantage of it. It is designed to streamline wait times for the most popular attractions, character meetings, and special shows. 

Make dinner reservation

Exploring the places in Disney World can make you end up in extreme hunger. Food is your basic necessity so it can be an awful experience to look for a spot to sit and sit while you are hungry, tired, and hot. Thus, make a dinner reservation to make sure you get the spot. 

Take a break

Trying to explore everything at once, you may end up feeling extremely exhausted and not being able to do more. Hence, give yourself a break and enjoy more leisure activities when you feel tired. Stay hydrated and recharge your spirit. You will not be missing out anything doing so. In fact, you can notice the details and pace your energy better. 

Beautiful Surf Charter Spot in Indonesia

Surfing activities, being one of the water sports, rely on beach waves. This adventurous sport will be more interesting the bigger and higher the waves. Surfers must be aware of a variety of surf charter spots in  Indonesia and its reputation for having waves that are difficult to surf. The truth is that many tourists from other countries are eager to travel to Indonesia merely to encounter the rolling waves at various locations throughout the country.

The beach that fronts the Indian Ocean offers distinctive natural beauties in addition to being well known for its difficult surf places in Indonesia and adrenaline-testing activities. A sand beach with deep blue color like blue is typically part of the West coast’s natural beauty.

Beautiful Surf Charter Spot in Indonesia

Sipora Island, West Sumatera

One of the locales that have managed to preserve many leading surfing spots in West Sumatra. The Mentawai Islands region is home to some of them. Sipora Island, with some of the finest waves in the world, is the one that is most well-known on a global scale. Try to arrive around April because their wave ideal height for surfing

Nias Island, North Sumatera

There is a secret surfing spot in North Sumatra with equally spectacular waves. Come to the Nias island region in North Sumatra if you want to surf. With regular year-round waves reaching up to 5 meters in height. They face the Indian Ocean, which cannot be isolated from its large waves. Between May and October is the ideal time to visit.

Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung

Lampung, which is on Sumatra Island’s southern point, is well known for its stunning white sand beaches. Not just for the landscape, but several of Lampung’s beaches are well-known as Indonesia’s top surfing locations. Tanjung Setia Beach is a single among them.

However, surfers will find it very interesting to use the beach with the large waves. Surfers will also enjoy the natural beauty of the distant blue sea.

Ombak Tujuh, West Java

In addition to having a view of the Indian Ocean, Ombak Tujuh Beach is close to several other beaches, including Citerem Beach and Pengumbahan. This beach is situated in Sukabumi, West Java. The originality of the waves, which are layered so that they arrive successively and alternately, is the reason why this location was given the name Seven Beach. 

Plengkung Beach, East Java

Due to Plengkung Beach’s shape, which resembles the curved letter G, it is also known as G-Land. One of the top surfing spots in Indonesia is this beach in Banyuwangi.

Additionally, this location at the tip of Java is renowned for its distinctive natural beauty. You can take a boat from Grajagan or directly from the island of Bali if you wish to visit this lovely beach. You can go surfing with the big waves once you reach the island.

Uluwatu Beach, Bali

Uluwatu Beach in South Kuta, Badung, is one of the great spots to visit in Bali. The main draw of this beach is the white beach facing the ocean, which has strong waves in addition to the beauty of the rock protruding into the water.

Bangko – Bangko Beach, West Nusa Tenggara

One of the beaches in Lombok is called Bangko-Bangko Beach. Despite not being as well-known as Senggigi Beach, Bangko-Bangko Beach offers equally amazing natural beauty. Big waves that contribute to the distinctive island of Lombok, also known as the island of a thousand mosques, arrive when the air is still calm.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers During Travel

Travel makes us more vulnerable because sometimes we are too hectic. We become a little looser about some things than we would be at home. Maybe you are in a hurry to catch the flight and you don’t realize your phone is connected to unsafe public WiFi. Yes, one of the most common risks is hacker. There are many black hackers who target travelers since they are pretty vulnerable. 


Keeping yourself safe from hacker during a trip

A trip can be unpredictable and you may face unexpected hassles along the way. However, there are things that you can actually prevent from the beginning. As for the risk of getting hacked, it is one of the risk you need to minimize by having some preventative actions, such as:

Avoid charging your phone in public

Smartphone is your must-companion especially during travel. However, smartphone tends to run out of battery. And that’s why many public places provide spots for people to charge their phones freely. However, charging your smartphone in public opens your phone up to hackers since the process gives the options not only to charge but also to access data and such. Avoid charging your phone in public space by charging it fully before leaving your hotel. Also, turn off data when your phone not in use to save the battery. Or, get a power bank that you can use anytime. 

Avoid logging into public WiFi networks

Logging into public WiFi can be one of the most effective ways to save your money from buying expensive data especially when you are travelling abroad. However, connecting your gadget to public WiFi may causes safety issues. The network itself is not secured by nature wince anyone can log in. It makes it so easy for hackers to hijack by injecting inject malware into your gadget and steal private data. Hence, it is more recommended to grab your own portable router. Or, choose only secured network to get connected with your gadget. 

Avoid checking your pay bills or bank accounts in public

Never check your bank statements on a device that is connected to an open network. Do not use any public devices that are for public use to access your bank accounts or pay bills. Some public hotspots and networks out there provide hackers access to your banking information directly once you log in. Only use network that you trust, such as a network you get from a friend you are staying with. 

Avoid using unfamiliar ATMs

If you need to draw cash during a trip, make sure to be more careful in choosing the ATM. Avoid using ATMs that are located in suspicious areas. Go to ATMs that are located only at reliable banks and backed by legitimate banks. It is best if you can research about ATM’s locations prior the trip. Or, you can ask hotel staffs about the locations of safe ATMs. Also, it’s best to back off and find another location if your gut feelings tell you are unsafe.

The Panoramic Views to Enjoy at A Private Villa Ubud

Ubud is the primary location for tourists to stay and enjoy the surrounding natural scenery. The Private Villa Ubud is great for vacations because it is located in a traditional Ubud village that is just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Bali. If you want to stay the night with a group, don’t worry because Villa in Ubud has a variety of villas with many views and bedrooms. The most popular option for visitors is a two-bedroom villa in Ubud.

Private Villa Ubud

Mostly Panorama Offered at Private Villa Ubud

Rice Field

Bali is famous for its amazing views of rice terraces, which may produce enough beautiful images to fill a full memory card. They offer a glimpse into the way of life on the island and are among the need for a trip there. Bali’s history includes the cultivation of rice. Such natural beauty sustains the centuries-old traditional irrigation cooperative known as subak. Without a doubt, it is also utilized as a villa’s view. 

Almost everyone dreams of getting a luxurious villa in the middle of Ubud’s green rice fields. Relax in stylish and roomy villas with well-designed open living areas, big lounge areas, and swimming pools. That extend into the distance to provide a profound sense of peace in nature. The villa sleeps up to four people, and each bedroom has its own private bathroom. It has never been more elegant to relax outdoors.


Due to the comfort and tranquillity of the surroundings, guests enjoy Jungle View. This luxury Villa in Ubud offers a tranquil and lovely retreat with individualized services and is charmingly surrounded by opulent nature. It is perfectly situated on the edge of the forest. The beauty of the environment is enhanced by well-kept gardens and Ubud private pool villa with views of the deep jungle. It offers secrets worth learning that are difficult to imagine until you are actually experiencing them. From the soft morning light filtering through the trees to the afternoon birds chasing their twilight meal.


A villa with a garden view is the next view that can be found in almost every Ubud villa. Combining a private pool and a lovely garden view designed with cultural influence from the surrounding Balinese communities. With a strong focus on art, tradition and nature made from organic materials and overflowing with regional and ethnic treasures. Natural hues and a radiating warmth throughout offer the ideal hideaway to escape to.

How To Find Free Lodging While Travelling

How To Find Free Lodging While Travelling

Travelling can be costly because you need money to pay for almost everything from accommodations to foods. Some of the biggest expenses for travelling include plane tickets and lodging. Hence, it is highly recommended that you plan your budget ahead of time to see what you can do to reduce unnecessary expenses. For example, you can buy discounted plan tickets and look for special promotions more actively. You may also consider finding ways to stay without paying much for the lodging or if possible, find free lodging. 

Finding free accommodation for your trip

It is possible for you to find free lodging for the duration of your travel especially if you are on a long-term trip. You may have to save your money and be mindful with your spending. Looking for free lodging is possible and many seasoned travelers were successful to do that. Here are ways you can find free lodgings while travelling:

Care for someone’s house or pet

Care for someone’s house or pet

If you love animals, might as well make the most of it by pet sitting to get free lodging during your trip. You care for someone else’s home and pets while they travel. House-sitting and pet-sitting are not that horrible. In fact, it can be fun because it gives you a chance of ‘living like a true local’ experience. It is also one of the ways you can become part of the community. However, keep in mind that it’s such a big responsibility and sometimes you may have to compromise with your plan. 

Consider couchsurfing

It may sound terrible to be a guest and sleep in stranger’s couch. However, it’s not that bad. Depending on the place, you may get a nice guest room with lockable door to keep you safe. You may also meet friendly host who are welcoming to have you as guest. Some hosts are very enthusiasts to have a guest travelers since they can show off their hometown while also learning from the guest about the culture they don’t know. Do your own research before couchsurfing so you won’t put your safety at risk. Make sure to stay respectful and be polite during your stay.

Find a community that fits your interest

You can also get free lodging by staying with the local community that share the same interest with you. Hence, do your research online to find possible communities that share the same interest and offer community programs. There are various homestay programs out there such as the ones that gear toward journalists, environmentalists, cyclists, hikers, hitchhikers, etc. 

Consider volunteering

There are so many worldwide volunteer programs out there you can join in. Most of them offer free accommodations and meals in exchange for part-time work. The most common works are conservation work, hospitality support, farming, etc. You may have to compromise with your travel objectives but the experiences you get from volunteering will pay off. This way, you can travel to desired destination while making meaningful experience with the locals by contributing your time or expertise to the communities. 

Your Guide for Staying in Sanur: Finding the Best Villas to Stay

Finding the Best Villa in Sanur Bali

They said Canggu, Kuta, and Seminyak is for the young while Sanur is for the olds. I personally said Sanur is a perfect place for anyone who want a peaceful, tranquil holiday in Bali. Sanur, which stretches along Bali’s southeast coast, is known for its extensive stretch of white sand beach and distinct village atmosphere. More pricey than Kuta, this is Bali’s oldest upscale resort town. It indeed attract middle-aged tourists and family groups. Sanur is the ideal vacation spot for tourists looking for a family-friendly vacation cocktail of sea, sand, and sun because it provides top-notch amenities to its visitors in a pleasant, tranquil environment. You can stay in a hotel, but for us staying in a villa is the best way to experience the authentic Sanur living in Bali. 

Where is Sanur

Sanur is slightly closer to Ubud and some of Bali’s top golf courses, including Bali Beach Golf Course, because to its South Eastern location. For day visits to Jimbaran, Seminyak, which is a little more north, is better positioned. Therefore, it is simple to conclude that the regions’ positions in terms of their closeness to other points of interest are very comparable.

A Small, Peaceful Beach Town in Eastern Beach

Sanur’s 5-km-long shoreline stretches from Mertasari Beach to Matahari Terbit Beach, literally translate to Sunrise Beach. Visitors can find a lot of bars, restaurants, resorts, and shopping areas lining up along Sanurs’ streets to keep them entertained. Sanur is a great destination to bring children as well as a starting point for exploring other areas of the island.

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How To Rent Beachfront Villa Bali With A Low Price?

Finding the Best Villa in Sanur Bali

You now know which sights and activities are appropriate for your trip. Put yourself close to the location you desire! Is having a home on the beach important to you, or would you rather live downtown? A beachfront villa in Sanur is definitely more expensive, but the direct view to the ocean is worth it. However, you can always rent a nice villa anywhere in Sanur and it will still get you just 5 – 10 minutes motorbike ride to the beach. 

Look for Amenities You Want from the Villa

What kind of residence are you seeking? Make a list of necessities and extras! This will guarantee that all of your needs (and wants!) have been met and prevent disappointment upon arrival. Spending money on luxuries you won’t utilize is not something you want to do! Do you need to stay connected for your upcoming zoom call even though you’re taking a break from work? Is a workstation required for the child’s homeschooling? Are beach equipment and entertainment amenities significant? Do you eat at home or out? You might want to any kitchen utensils and seasonings that might be available on the villa. If you have a special knife that you use often for cooking, you might want to bring that as well as some basic seasonings. 

Widen Your Search to Find the Best Sanur Villas

When you are looking for villa accommodation in Sanur Bali, it’s always advantageous to broaden your search. Try to locate properties close to popular attractions using maps. Leave off your dates if they are negotiable. Start with a broad search and gradually add dates and facilities. a certain approach to locate the ideal vacation property along the Sanur coast. Don’t just use Bookings (dot) com. In other listings, you might even find Sanur villa for monthly rental if you plan to stay for few months in Bali.

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Hide Away in Luxury of 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak

Make Time to Read the Reviews

It’s time to confirm that the house you’ve chosen is the best one. You’ve looked at the pictures, gone through the property details, and double-checked the amenities, and everything fits with your travel itinerary! It’s time to read the reviews so you can get a truthful impression of both the rental and the management or owner. Maybe create a fresh listing if there are no reviews? Get in touch with the owner; fresh postings frequently sell out quickly because they are filled with exciting new items.

Great Destinations For Your First Time International Travel Experience

Travelling internationally for the first time can feel liberating yet daunting at the same time. Travelling to various destinations abroad require you to be ready mentally, physically, and financially. Aside from your preparation, one of the most important factors of seamless international travel experience is the destination itself. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose your travel destination carefully for the first time.

Taman Lumbini park from the height of the temple complex Candi Borobudur at sunrise in the fog.

Perfect travel destinations for first time travelers

The reason why choosing travel destination is important for first time international trip is because it is most likely you are going to feel reluctant or afraid to do it anymore if you experience bad experience on your first time travelling abroad. Hence, it is best to start out your travel journey in a country that is easy to travel through, such as:


Indonesia is such a beautiful country made up of thousands of islands. There are many places you can choose as your first travel destination. The most recommended destinations include Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok, and Bandung. There are places where foreigner or international tourists are very much welcome. Indonesian people are also friendly and compassionate. It is pretty easy to get around since transportation and accommodation are available. Modern amenities are also available for more enjoyable visit. 


Located in Southeast Asia just like Indonesia, Thailand is also such a great destination for your first time trip abroad. Thailand is known among backpackers and budget travelers since it is relatively cheap to explore around the region in the country. Thailand also has beautiful beaches, sacred temples, authentic foods that taste heavenly, and cheap accommodation. The locals are also just friendly and very welcoming to tourists and travelers. 

New Zealand

The majority of people may prefer Australia to New Zealand. However, latter is more recommended if you look for a destination that is easy enough for first time travelers to explore through. New Zealand is more diverse and a lot cheaper than Australia. So if you travel with budget, you can do it comfortably in New Zealand. Also, for those who come from the United States, New Zealand share similar characteristics so it is unlikely to experience extreme culture shock on your first time visit. 


Slovenia is such a perfect destination for first time travelers. You can enjoy many things here from exploring colorful city to the snow capped mountains. Not to mention you can also witness the glimmering lakes of the Alps, stunning beaches of Piran, and many fascinating caves. You will find any kind of scenery you wish to see in Slovenia. 


If you wish your first time travel destination to be somewhere in Europe then it is highly recommended to choose Spain. It is considered one of the cheapest destination in Europe but still offer great charms to hypnotize visitors. You can find literally anything from mountain to beaches, to cosmopolitan cities, to delicious cuisines. Not to mention that it is relatively easy to get around since public transport is accessible and easy to understand.

Raja Ampat liveaboard, make your perfect holiday happen

When planning a Raja Ampat trip, an extraordinary trip make sure you have plenty of time to explore. Whether you are a diver or not, don’t do a short Raja Ampat trip. There are many amazing sights to see along Raja Ampat liveaboard trip.

Raja Ampat liveaboard, make your perfect holiday happen

Raja Ampat liveaboard: what should you prepare?

Why liveaboard? Raja Ampat Papua is very wide with 4 main islands and 1500 small islands. Raja Ampat liveaboard will be very efficient to reach small, big, and even remote islands. Most travel agents to Raja Ampat recommend tourists stay on a boat to save time.

Where to start your Raja Ampat trip?

Your trip to Raja Ampat depends on where your liveaboard is from. Sorong is the start of your Raja Ampat journey. The liveaboard crew will transfer you from the port to the boat.

Where to start your Raja Ampat trip?

Sorong is a small port city with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and nature spots nearby that you can visit while you’re there.

If you start from Jakarta, many domestic flights you can choose from. The price from Jakarta – Sorong is around 2.7 million – 5 million rupiah. Ticket prices for Bali – Sorong is not much different from ticket prices from Jakarta, ranging from 2.7 – 5 million rupiah.

Raja Ampat boat trip budget

In short, there is so much to see and explore underwater that liveaboards are very popular in this destination.

Choosing a liveaboard in Raja Ampat can be difficult due to a large number of options and variations in itineraries. Let’s check Raja Ampat trip budget!

Aliikai Voyage

This 40 m long wooden Raja Ampat liveaboard was originally built in Bulukumba. Aliikai Voyage is equipped with 7 cabins with a passenger capacity of up to 15 people.

Main deck Aliikai Voyage

The boat is equipped with diving equipment, a snorkeling set, a speedboat, kayaks, a standup paddle, and others. Aliikai voyage is led by a 12-member crew with extensive knowledge of the area.

Magia II Liveaboard

Magia II liveaboard is one of the great options to explore the remote islands in Raja Ampat. Its magnificent master suite, complete with a private Jacuzzi on the terrace.

exclusive cabin Magia II Liveaboard

Magia II liveaboard is a great option for those who want to explore Raja Ampat. This ship is equipped with snorkeling & diving equipment, paddle boards, fishing equipment, water scooters, kayaks, and others.

Check other Raja Ampat boat trip

Best season Raja Ampat diving trip

While you can scuba dive in Raja Ampat all year, liveaboard diving is highly dependent on the weather. Having said that, all liveaboard companies plan their schedules ahead of time in order to take advantage of the best weather seasons.

In general, the best months to go on a liveaboard in Raja Ampat are October to mid-December. Boats, on the other hand, operate throughout the dry season, which lasts until April.

The months of mid-June to September are generally avoided by liveaboards due to the increased likelihood of strong winds and rain. During those times, you might want to consider Cenderawasih Bay, where whale sharks congregate, or other Indonesian diving destinations, such as liveaboard diving in Komodo.