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Make Your Dream Home Come True with The concept of Green Infrastructure 

Sustainability is the way of the future. People all over the world want to do their part to protect the planet as water levels rise along with global temperatures. These desires extend to the construction industry. This industry has a reputation for being slow to change, but that perception is fading. Bali construction companies are making significant efforts to meet client needs and appeal to real estate investors, which frequently entails going green. Eco-friendly construction is far from a passing fad. It’s here to stay, and it’s likely to supplant today’s unsustainable building methods. The widespread acceptance of environmentally friendly construction could mean the difference between a depleted and thriving world. 

Bali construction companies build the Rooms have wooden floors and white wall.furnished with white fabric furniture.There are large frameless window looking out to see the garden view.

A Growing Demand for Green Infrastructure in Bali

Sustainable construction arose as a response to environmentally damaging practices. Humans are to blame for much of the current global warming, whether it’s due to deforestation or overfishing. People are becoming aware of the consequences of their actions and are attempting to compensate for their losses in any way they can.

Home construction bali - Modern dining room 3d render.Rooms have wooden floors, decorated with wooden furniture and a glossy white kitchen counter with large open doors. Overlooking the terrace and large garden.

Construction has been a part of the environmentalist movement for many years, but exciting new inventions are becoming more common. Green infrastructure is desired by consumers in their homes, shopping malls, and office buildings. They prefer areas with clean air and low to no carbon emissions.

Bali is one that implements a green infrastructure system for a healthier living solution. Many Bali construction companies take advantage of natural conditions to build villas, resorts, hotels, or residential buildings with the concept of green architecture. Of course, the concept of green architecture is also based on requests from clients.

Home Construction Bali with Green Concept

Green building itself is a building concept that since the design, construction, and operational processes can reduce negative impacts on the environment. This concept also requires the building to have a positive impact on the environment and nature so that this building can provide ecological benefits such as reducing carbon emissions with the open space concept, increasing incoming lighting, maintaining air quality, and so on.

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The interest of domestic and foreign tourists looking for hotels, villas, or resorts with the concept of green infrastructure is getting higher. In particular, villa development in Bali applies a comprehensive range of technologies to support environmentally friendly operations. Applications of environmentally friendly technologies are applied, such as solar panel technology.

White living room interior with grey corner couch, green fresh plants, carpet on the floor and wooden stairs

The concept of a villa with open space and many glass windows is able to provide during the day and evening without having to use lights as lighting. The scope of green buildings is limitless. Bali contractors have a plethora of options, ranging from the Internet of Things to transparent glass made of wood. 

Green construction has numerous advantages, ranging from financial gains to improved physical health. Though it has taken time for this sector of the construction industry to spread to mass consumption, it has long served as a solution to resource-intensive building methods. It will continue to grow and demonstrate its benefits to individuals and ecosystems all over the world.

Five Parties You Can Host in Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua

Do you think beach resorts are made just for luxury stay and well-off holiday? In Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua, you are not only entitled for a pampering vacation. The sheer amount of facilities at this incredible resort make it possible to host awesome parties, and here are five among many parties you could have here. 

Destination Wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua

Destination Wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua
Beautiful wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua via instagram

It’s one of the dreamiest wedding one could have. To walk into the altar made of white sandy beach and to say “I Do” with ocean breeze and vast blue sea backdropped in the background. Beach resort is definitely one of the perfect place to exchange eternal vows with the love of your life. Also, having it at this beach resort Nusa Dua means you’ll be having one of the easiest wedding arrangements! Just one book and they will take care the rest. 

A Charming coastal Rehearsal Dinner Party

A Rehearsal Dinner Party
Romantic seaside rehearsal dinner via instagram

If you come from western culture, you might be familiar with a rehearsal dinner party. It’s the party before the actual party thing. This is the time when family of the groom and the bride gather and spend a little time together before the wedding party arrives. Have your toast here in the Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua resort, where you can have a romantic seaside candle-light dinner set with coastal inspirations. 

A Simple Birthday Party for Family and Close Friends!

When you get older, you get less and less excited with celebrating the day you get one year older. The only birthday that you associate is probably the birthdays of your kids. However, there’s nothing wrong to spice up your life a little and get your own birthday celebrated at a beach resort! Even when you have hit forties or older! With all the resort facilities, you could invite families, friends, or your favourite colleagues to spend a night at the resort.

Pro tip: Host a playful activities like adult scavenger hut. As adult guest need to search clues or documenting things around the resort to win a gift! 

Birthday Party for the Kids at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua


Give one of the best birthday party for your kids that they would remember forever. Here in Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua, you can host a stress-free, festive birthday party even with 20 kids running around. With only IDR 175K – 250K per kid, you can have all the birthday needs prepared. Balloon decoration, party banners, birthday cakes, kids meal, birthday hat and accessories for every kid, and all the fun games! Not to mention that the kids are entitled for access to swimming pool, kids club, and the private beach. It’s about giving a blast to the kids without worrying about any single thing. 

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A Private Bachelor Party!

Send your single off in style! Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, you’ll want a private bachelor party so impressive that everyone would still talk about it even after years! take advantage of celebrating your (or your friends’) last single days in a tropical setting before the big D-day. At this beach resort, you can take awesome photos on the on-site facilities, pampered together at Holiday Inn’s signature Tea Tree Spa, or host an epic pool party. 

Avoid Screen Fatigue During Remote Work

Screen fatigue is one of the disadvantage of setting your work remotely with your team. Video experience for conference or meetings might lead your team to experience severe screen fatigue. They are on the screen almost all day to stay connected with you and others. Hence, the risk is higher. However, you and your team can combat it well with the right strategies. 

Online Conference

Dealing with screen fatigue due to remote work

You and your team might not only use video call for business conference and meeting but also for personal meeting. During this global pandemic, the order to work from home might be a double edges sword. It saves your time and money on transport. However, it increase the risk of you suffering from screen fatigue. This can be prevented and dealt with.

The increased screen time might lead to fatigue, depression and poor mental health. However, it is necessary to stay connected with your team. You can try some strategies to avoid them. For example, you can try scheduling your meeting for midmorning or later. It allows your team to settle in with everything they need. Thus, they don’t have to rush with device and other documents to prepare for the video conference so early in the morning. 

You can try limiting the number of video call. You don’t have to set up your meeting through video call all the time. You can also use a simple phone call especially if it is nothing too urgent to discuss with your team. Or, you can also communicate through emails if it is something that doesn’t need immediate response. Four to five video calls a day is considered enough. More than that number, you might be overdoing it.

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Schedule a video meeting where you and your team can discuss casually. For example, you can schedule a casual video conference once a week where you and your team can talk about other things outside business matters. This can be an opportunity to bonding. It is also a great chance for you as a leader to check up on your team’s well-being so you know how they are holding up with the situation. 

Schedules a time in a day where you and your team can have a ‘do not disturb moment’ and not always ‘online’ all day long. During those times, there is no video call allowed unless necessary or very urgent. It gives your team a silent moment so they don’t always on edge anticipating someone video-calling them. 

Make some adjustment of the default appointment length if possible. If you can cut the meeting from 30 minute to 20 minute, then do it. Flexible adjustment like this might appear insignificant but it can do wonder to reduce the stress or fatigue both for you and your team. This will also allow everyone to work on other things more efficiently since they have extra time. If possible, discuss about the ideal setting of video conference with your team.

Bali Villas Seminyak And The Attractiveness For Tourists Around It

Dreaming of the most luxurious vacation, the best with attractive personal care? Bali is one of the tropical islands with warm and perfect weather for you to come throughout the year. The island of Bali presents beautiful beaches and natural scenery and cool air and mystical temples. You must stay in Bali villas Seminyak to find a luxurious experience and enjoy private moments.

Planning and ordering Bali villas Seminyak early will ensure you get the best deals. It is undeniable that the villa is a symbol and personalized hospitality at different prices throughout the year. No wonder many tourists place Bali villas Seminyak as perfect accommodation during the holidays. What do you get when you stay in Seminyak villas?

Bali Villas Seminyak

The Benefit When You Choose Bali Villas Seminyak

The Seminyak area is very strategic and a favorite location for domestic and international tourists. There are many tourist destinations in Seminyak, ranging from bars, clubs, beaches, boutiques to nightlife. Popular as an area of money-rich tourists and increases your pride when staying in Seminyak. The Seminyak private villa Bali offers luxury facilities and privacy. During the day, tourists can see the activities of the locals which are very interesting to explore.

When the best waves come, surfers get ready to conquer them. Seeing surfers conquering waves in the morning is a spectacular sight. Seasonal surfers of world surfers are also always held in Bali and an interesting spectacle.

If you feel bored, take a walk along the Seminyak area and you will find many bars with a variety of promotions, ranging from beer to dinner promotions. Enjoying a night at the bar with a bottle of cold beer will offer different sensations and experiences.

Nightlife lovers, especially LGBT, you can enjoy many interesting places. Bali is very open arms and LGBT friendly. No need to worry about accepting different treatments. This brings Bali as one of the tourist destinations to accept all tourists without seeing your status and gender.

When talking about tradition and culture, Bali is indeed inseparable from its traditions and customs. Daily prayer ceremonies or at the local temples attract tourists. The aroma of incense is very distinctive and very piercing reminds the locals to always remember their ancestors and God.

In essence, it’s not just the beach or a 24-hour party that always attracts tourists, but its cultural strength. This is why most Bali Seminyak villas are located in the local area. The aim is so that tourists can see that the Balinese culture and tradition that continues to be preserved is the biggest attraction for millions of people who come.

How to Get Your Travel Blog Known By More Audiences

Creating your won travel blog can be a good way for you to share your memories of your travels. You can also create your own style to deliver information or stories regarding to travels. It is even better if you can share some tips or inspirational, encouraging stories where people can find them helpful. However, it is also important that your travel blog is known by audience. What’s the point of making high quality travel blog if nobody can even access it? 

Get your travel blog known more 

It is common for people to start writing travel blog just for themselves. However, it feels good to have audience. It makes you feel more appreciated. However, it is not that easy to create travel blog with thousands visitors every time you post a content. So here are some tips to make your travel blog have more audiences.

How to Get Your Travel Blog Known By More Audiences

Local First

Always start from the people around you. Before aiming for bigger audiences, you ca start by promoting your travel blog to your families and friends. Let them know that you have travel blog where they can read anytime if they’d like to. Do not feel embarrass by doing so. In fact, they will feel more appreciated if you let them know. It shows them that they are important for you. Besides, you can also ask for feedback to know if there is something you can improve to attract more audiences. 

Social Media

Use your social media accounts to promote your travel blog as well. Instead of using your social media for insignificant things, you can use it as marketing tool to let your travel blog more known. You see, social media is powerful tool for marketing and promoting. If your travel blog can attract more people to visit, and people find it useful, they will spread it through their social media account. It is one of the most effective platform for promotion. 

Content is King

It is also important for you to make great content. No matter how many visitors you have, they will easily get away if they find your travel blog unworthy of their time. You can write something informative, inspirational, fun, or entertaining. You can choose particular style of your writing. It is even better if you create your own style that can make you different from others. 

Keep It Up

Do not easily give up especially during the first year of your travel blogging. The growth may seems insignificant during those times. It can be the most difficult time for you in building your travel blog. If you can survive the first year, the next time can be easier. Your focus during the first year is to write and create content that you find interesting or even amusing. This can be a great start especially when you have already had travel experiences in the store. 

It is also important to create your own unique and find particular niche. To do it, you can start by asking yourself where your passion lies. As mention earlier, you can also create your own style of how you deliver your stories. 

Hotel Petitenget, A Perfect Place To Enjoy With The Entire Family

Seminyak, Bali’s more relaxed and sophisticated area of Kuta. Located north of Legian, Seminyak is a high-end area full of restaurants, bars, and international clubs. There are many luxury accommodations ranging from hotels, resorts to villas that meet local residents and even to the seaside. No wonder the Seminyak area is known as an expatriate area. The balance of calm and ease of reaching luxury facilities is part of the reason many expatriates decide to stay in the Seminyak area.

Petitenget is an area of Seminyak, which is increasingly popular, which attracts many tourists and expatriates. The Petitenget area is still quiet and secure, which is perfect for those who like calm. If you are going on a family vacation, Hotel Petitenget can be a perfect choice. The Petitenget area offers more private space than other tourist areas. While there are many tourists saying that part of Bali is a paradise of the world, Petitenget Seminyak is a miracle of tropical paradise.

Where to Find the Best Hotel Petitenget?

It’s easy to find Petitenget hotel today. When you want a quiet and comfortable private vacation, then the Petitenget Seminyak hotel chain has many lists to consider.

Kanvaz Hotel

The new hotel opened in January 2019 offers tranquility and luxury. This Petitenget hotel is very beautiful from a variety of things, both from the hospitality of the staff to the design of food and drinks. You can reach Seminyak Square and rows in bars or clubs in the Seminyak area. The cafe and delicious à la carte breakfast with a choice of foods are available in luxurious and very satisfying. The price you spend is commensurate with what you will get at Kanvaz hotel Petitenget.

What To See Around Hotel Petitenget?

Who doesn’t know the Seminyak area? An area that is increasingly popular from time to time with luxury, tranquility, comfort and the beach is perfect for sunbathing, surfing or swimming.

Tourists are also invited to see Petitenget Temple, which was built by the most important priest in Bali in the 16th century. Although it is less popular with 9 main temples in Bali, it is famous for spectacular Balinese ceremonies on the beach.

Berawa Beach is the recommended beach in the Seminyak area. Berawa Beach is suitable for tourists, expatriates or even local residents who want to do meditation and yoga. Around the hotel Petitenget area, you will find lots to explore, up to the lives of local residents.

Why Would I Need Bali Photography Services For My Wedding?

Since years ago when Bali was starting to be a famous destination, many travellers were coming for not only to travel around and enjoy the beautiful nature along with the unique cultures. They were also coming to get marry where that will be their main purpose; to get their wedding at the popular destination.

Beachfront's wedding venue professionally photographed in Bali

Today, many brides and grooms are also getting married in Bali and even there are many wedding packages for that. And one of the thing that should have been planned by those who will getting married is that where to hire the professional Bali photography services for their weddings.

It is important for them and should have been considered in getting the professional photographers rather than asking their cousins or nephews since they have had things to do during the wedding day to accompany the brides beside them.

Hiring the wedding photographer or even the videographer should be in the budget even if the wedding organisers are not providing them, you can always find the services in Bali easily since there are many of the service providers and most of them are pretty much affordable for the foreigners.

It is something that should even come up in conversation for things that are essential to book when planning a wedding. If you are thinking that your wedding moments in Bali are valuable and unforgettable, don’t you think that you will need a way to professionally capturing those moments into frame?

I would suggest that you will need to find the local photographers for that, but if you have your own choice, I have no single right to force you to follow along my recommendation.

And no matter who the professional photographers are that you will be hired, you can always get important things for your life through your capturing your wedding moment professionally rather than asking your friends or family doing that for you.

Professional Bali photographers will identify which important moments must be captured into frame

Wedding is a sacred moment for all of us. It will take place gradually started from the first guest is coming into the hall or to the beautiful beach you have chosen in Bali. And even hours before, the photographers are actually have been starting their works by taking pictures when the bride just wore her gown and the groom in tuxedo.

Not to mention when the bride is appearing in the wedding place where the man has been waiting couple of minutes, saying the vow, putting the rings to the fingers of one another, kissing, throwing a bucket of flower, the party, and many more.

All of that moments are precious and it will really need to be captured by the professionals.

No wonder if many of wedding photographers are end up their work with even thousands of pictures in their camera.

Seeing all of your family and friends surrounded by happiness

Capturing your wedding is actually capturing the happiness moment as well. When the images will be printed and then put them into 2 or 3 photo albums, there you will start thinking about how happy your wedding was so do with all the people who were invited.

Even though pictures won’t spell a single word, we have known that they will speak to us differently. And the professional photographers will try so hard how to delivering all the possible messages of the pictures.

The other reasons why I was recommending you to find the professional Bali photographer is because they will also possible to prepare many things including the lighting effect so even though the wedding party will be indoor, they can still capture the images clearly.

Capturing the wedding moment is the anniversary tradition

The magical thing through the wedding photography is that many people are doing it and many of them are happy about that. Photographing yourself is truly different thing when you are doing it at the wedding place. I don’t know, somehow we will get happier automatically. Maybe it is because of the atmosphere or people around, the sounds, the foods and drinks, etc. We are happy! And that;s the important thing when photography will be a part of the wedding.

No more being tired by the editing process

Think about you are going to hire the local Bali photographers for your wedding. Mostly, the will also include their services with the editing where you will get more cheaper prices since you have paid for the professional wedding photography.

You will not only get the best shots from the professional photographers but also will get the better printed images since they have been professionally edited and using the better papers to print the pictures.

Now, I have talked to you about the important things you can get by hiring the Bali professional photographers for your wedding. For the last thing I want to say is that where you can hire one that best valued your money?