Winter might not be the best season for having a road trip but if it’s your thing, make sure that you make proper preparation. A road trip in winter may put you at high risks of travel hassles and accidents. It’s best to be extra with your preparation rather than end up regretting everything. Having emergency supplies in your car is a must if you plan for a winter travel. 

What you need to have in your car for winter road trip

Winter is not always about enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and sitting in front of a fireplace at home. For some people, winter is the best time for adventure, enjoying falling snow and experience that chilly adventure. If you are also one of those people who like getting adventure in winter by having a road trip, here are essentials you need to prepare:

Warm clothes

It’s a must to pack some warm clothes in your car. Hence, you have something to warm your body if you encounter delay or accident. Have extra coats, hats, gloves, hand warmers, and any items that will help warm you when needed. 

Ice scraper and snow brush

For a safe road trip during winter, you need to be prepared for the possibility of getting snow and ice piled up. Meanwhile, your vehicle’s windshield should always be clear for better visibility while driving. Travel delay is highly possible during winter so it’s highly likely for your car’s windshield to be covered in ice and snow. Hence, pack long-handled combination ice scraper and snow brush to help you clean your windshield. 

Jumper cables or jumper box

A pair of jumble cables can be used to deal with cranking power of a battery due to low temperatures. It’s possible that there is no car around to help do the jumping so it’s recommended to bring your own jumper box as well. 

Compact shovel

It’s useful to have a compact shovel in your car during your trip in winter. It can be used to remove snow from around your vehicle tires if you run off the road. 


You can also pack extra blankets for your winter road trip to help you cover up when necessary. It’s best if you can bring a thermal blanket since it’s made of dual-sided aluminized mylar which not only retain body heat but also repel snow and rain in case you are exposed to extreme cold. 


Dealing with darkness is high possibility during a winter travel. Hence, always be ready with your flashlight to help with your visibility. It’s also useful tool you can use just in case your car runs off the road.  

Food and water

It’s best to pack extra foods and water for winter road trip since it’s possible to have lengthy delays on the road. Keep non-perishable foods and pack enough water to stay hydrated if you stuck for hours on the road. Make sure to have extra food and water as well if you travel with pets.