The first thing that you thought of when having a new house or a new apartment —no doubt you’re obsessing over living room furniture Yogyakarta first and foremost. Maybe even before you’re worrying about your own bedroom. How do you start choosing furniture then?

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Living room furniture Yogyakarta 

Invest in high quality living room furnitures. They may cost more, but when it comes to something that you’re going to use long-term, you really need to think on a long-term basis as well. In this case, the principle of you get what you pay for applies. One of the things that you can do is by choosing luxury home decor instead of the budget one. Don’t get intimidated by the “luxury” labeling just yet. Most of what the industry refer to as luxury home furniture or home decor is not always big designer name. Look for those that stress on quality and build of the furniture. 

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Create a design plan for your living room 

Choosing living room furniture Yogyakarta without any plan or any theme design in mind is like shopping blindly. Think of it like picking an outfit for a dinner. You’re going to need to think how every piece will come together to create something that’s put together.

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Furniture Jogja 

Here are some of the most important things to consider when designing a design plan before choosing your living room furnitures: 

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  • The room’s architecture. There are some built-in elements that you need to consider. This includes the texture of your walls overall and other things that you may not be able to move. 
  • This covers inherent architecture elements like windows, fireplace, doors, entrances, etc. 

Think back to the function of your living room 

When planning your living room furniture Yogyakarta, it’s wise if you start thinking back on the very purpose of the living room itself. These days, many living rooms are build on an open-floor plan and it shares space with other rooms as well, most commonly the kitchen. While it might seem the same, each living room is different and its functions could vary greatly depending on the individuals. Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you entertain often in your living room? 
  • What do you yourself use your living room for? Do you usually bring your laptop here to work? What are your habits? 
  • According to those habits or routines, what are the living room furnitures that you could purchase to help ease your day to day life? 
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Picking furniture pieces: starting from the basics 

Don’t think of the living room decor or accessories just yet. Make sure that your living room furniture picking starts from the very basics. Living rooms in most houses or apartments usually have sofa and coffee table. Start with those two pieces first. Work out what kind of sofa will fit your living room, and what kind of coffee table fits with your sofa and the overall design and layout of your room. 

Choosing living room decor 

Once you’ve got the basics of choosing your furniture down; (eg. You have a concept, you have furniture pieces in mind), then it’s time for you to choose the living room accessories! Choosing living room decor Yogyakarta is one of the most fun part. Make sure that the decoration you pick are in line with your furniture and your theme. This is why creating a design plan is so important in the first place. You don’t simply do it for your furniture, but also your decor.

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