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Having Authentic Experience When Visiting Culturally Significant Sites

It is so meaningful when you get to experience something authentic about the place you are visiting. You get to know their cultures through cultural, historical, or religious sites. However, you should also remember that there is real impact of overtourism where sacred and cultural sites are damaged. Hence, it is important for travelers to be more conscious about their habits of travel. Not to mention that culturally significant sites always be clear with their rules so it is a must to respect and follow them. 

Be culturally sensitive when visiting sites of significant

It is  a must to do a research prior your trip to a site of significant. At least, you know what to do and not to do during a visit in advance. Hence, you won’t make mistakes or offend the locals. And here are some tips for you to be more culturally sensitive and respectful when visiting sites of significant:

Change your travel mindset

Visiting  a site of significant is like when you visit a house of a others. You don’t want to impost your presence to the point where the host feel offended. What you think right or wrong doesn’t matter because it is about their culture and tradition coming from their perspectives, not yours. Hence, always have a mindset of travel with a sense of wonder so you look at everything as if it were new. Think of it as a mystery you want to slowly revel in a meaningful way. 

Travel thoughtfully

Thoughtful travel means you think before you act throughout the time you spend in your destination, especially when it is a site of significant. Hence, it is always a must to do research prior the trip, especially if you are not joining any organized group travel. If you have a local tour guide, always ask before doing something to avoid offending the locals. What you consider normal in your culture might be offensive in other cultures. Hence, always be mindful with your actions no matter how good your intention is. 

Visiting religious sites and festivals

In sites of significant such as temples, church, mosques, synagogues, you need to follow the rules. For example, you should dress moderately and avoid any too revealing clothes if you want to enter those places. To avoid causing any offense, make sure to learn more and dive more into the culture. Always follow their lead without internal judgement  and more with an open mind instead.

Joining rituals and ceremonies

In majority of countries around the world, rituals and ceremonies are mostly private and only for the local communities. It is rare for tourists or people outside of the community to be able to join unless with special permission. Even if you are allowed to join a ritual or ceremony, you need to follow strict rules. To do this respectfully, make sure to always listen with care with what your host advises you on local protocols and customs. Observe calmly with respect and an open mind.

Papua Tour, Introducing & Your Travel Guide

Papua New Guinea, historically known as Irian Jaya, is the world’s second biggest island. Indonesia and Papua New Guinea both have half of the territory. The island’s western half is then divided between the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua. West Papua Tour is the more popular tourist destination of the two.

Remote limestone islands in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, are surrounded by healthy coral reefs. This biodiverse region is known as the “heart of the Coral Triangle” due to its amazing marine life.

Raja Ampat, located just off the coast of Sorong, is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. Divers have long been drawn to the area because of the beautiful scenery and biologically varied coral reefs. However, because of the difficulties of traveling to the location, the number of tourists is currently a trickle rather than a flood. If Sorong Airport ever opens up to foreign flights, this will undoubtedly alter.

To the east is the province of Papua, which is centered on Jayapura, the provincial capital. Few tourists frequent this area, and those who do tend to gravitate toward the highlands. The topography between coastal Jayapura and Wamena is so difficult to cross that native Papuans distinguish themselves as belonging to either the coastal or highland districts. Papua tour between these two places has only been possible since World War II.

Papua Tour: Infrastructure and Transportation

It is incredibly tough to travel around Papua. The island is massive, with harsh terrain. Traveling by boat or plane is the most convenient, and in many cases, the only, way to get from one area to another. Unfortunately, Papua’s air safety is inadequate, and plane crashes are all too common. Papua is an exceedingly expensive tourist destination due to its inadequate infrastructure and vast distances.

The most convenient and fastest way to get to Papua is to fly. Both Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air fly to Jayapura and Sorong, with a stopover at Makassar. Keep in mind that Papua is one of Indonesia’s two special provinces owing to political volatility. You must register with the police within 24 hours after arriving in a city if you are a foreigner. This is true in both Papua and West Papua provinces.

Papua Diving 

Raja Ampat has some of the best diving and topside vistas of any dive location on the planet. On a single dive, Dr. Gerald Allen counted 273 different fish species. A Grand Komodo liveaboard tour is for you if you’re looking for exotic water species like the elusive wobbegong shark or Birds of Paradise. Water temperature is between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius. 10 – 30 m visibility (seasonal). Diving is available all year.

Triton bay is still in the middle of nowhere, far from the population. In the bay, there are numerous little islands. Rock art cliffs dot the landscape as you fly over the mainland. This location has exceptional fish biomass. The ridges are covered in soft coral gardens. Hard coral growth is also in outstanding condition. There are both pelagics and creatures in this area, and the Papua diving is very good to excellent.

Come to Manokwari for incredible WWII wreck diving, including the P-40 (a Curtiss Tomahawk fighter), Cross Wreck, and the Japanese cargo Shinwa Maru, as well as the usual abundance of wonderful species, including robust and abundant hard and soft corals. Dive profiles are available down to 30 meters.

Save Big While Booking Hotel Room For Your Trip

Accommodation is essential for your trip. It ensures you will stay in a safe, and comfortable place during your trip. It is not a problem to find a  hotel in majority of countries around the world now. Even if there is no hotel, there are many other options you can choose for your stay during your trip. However, anyone can book a hotel room but not everyone can save big doing it. You can be a savvy traveler who get big and save big. 

Tips to save big while booking hotel room

Travel can cost a lot. Hence, it just makes senses that you try anything to keep everything under control. Booking a hotel room is essential but you can still save big and allocate your money to other things. And here are some tips and tricks to save big while booking a hotel room for your dream trip:

Try direct booking from the hotel sites

Avoid paying commissions to sites and have direct booking with the hotels. Many hotels now offer variety of options you can choose. They also provide information even for the lowest possible rate on their official website. Hence, you can just book directly from the hotel instead of visiting other sites. Also, you may get some loyalty points by booking directly from the hotel. 

Try booking early

Just like how you book early flight with lower prices, there is higher chance of you getting lower rate for hotel room as well by booking it early. Even if the price drops between when you book and when you stay, you will get refunded. You may visit booking sites such as Pruvo or Service to find various hotel deals with affordable rates especially when booked early. 

Time your booking accordingly

Different type of accommodation may have different busy days. For example, downtown hotels may have their busy days during weekdays since they draw lots of business travelers on weekdays. Hence, they often offer more affordable rates for the weekends. Meanwhile, BnB tend to lower their rates during weekdays because they specialize in providing romantic getaway during weekends. 

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi the hotel provides

Most hotels now provide free Wi-Fi to all their guests. However, there are also some of them that only provide access to free Wi-Fi only to the guests who sign up loyalty program. You can confirm it prior the deal. And if your chosen hotel only provides free Wi-Fi through loyalty program then you may consider signing up. 

Do it yourself 

Do things by yourself during your stay in the hotel instead of using their service that tend to be expensive. For example, you can make your own breakfast if your hotel doesn’t provide it instead of having a room delivery. Then, you can also do your own laundry. It is simple to do your laundry during your trip and doesn’t take much time. You may also consider skipping hotel bars and make your own cooler using bathroom sink, with ice and water to keep your beverages cold.

nusa penida snorkeling With Manta Rays

One of the most incredible experiences you may have while traveling in Indonesia is Nusa Penida snorkeling and meet the Manta Rays. If you are already in Penida or Lembongan, you can book a tour for about $25 USD. To book a tour from Nusa Penida, go to Crystal Bay and look for a vendor, as that is where you will depart from. To arrange a tour on Lembongan, walk down the main street and you’ll discover a slew of tour agencies all selling the same tour for roughly the same price.


Nusa Penida Snorkeling From Bali

You may arrange a Manta Ray Nusa Penida Snorkeling excursion that will pick you up from your hotel in Bali whether you are staying in Canggu, Kuta, or Seminyak. You will then board a swift boat to Nusa Penida, which will take less than 25 minutes, and you will be in the sea with the Giant Manta Rays before you know it. On top of the Manta Point snorkel, the tour includes lunch and other snorkeling places as well as a few beaches. It also covers lunch and all transportation for the duration of the day.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida From Nusa Lembongan

If you are already on Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan, you can book a tour for around $20 USD. To book a tour from Nusa Penida, go to Crystal Bay and look for a vendor, as there is where you will depart from. To arrange a tour on Lembongan, walk down the main street and you’ll discover a slew of tour agencies all selling the same tour for roughly the same price.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida From Nusa Lembongan

Both the Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan tours were quite relaxed and enjoyable. The gorgeous beach of Nusa Penida is only 20 minutes away from Manta Point. The captain will assist you in spotting any Manta Rays before you even have your snorkel ready.

Private snorkeling in Nusa Penida to observe the spectacular Manta Rays is an amazing experience. You may calmly swim around them and capture fantastic underwater shots with them. This friendly fish, which can grow up to 6 meters in length, swims like it’s flying underwater. To get a private tour, you can rent a cruise and enjoy your private sailing with your group or family. Liveaboard provides a unique and memorable holiday experience and saves you time to reach the best Nusa Penida snorkeling spots.

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Tips To Plan Seamless Travel Experience For Seniors

Some people stop going for a trip once they become senior citizen. One of the most reasons is concern to safety. Many seniors think that it is no longer safe for them to travel. They will always need company for them to travel safely and comfortably. However, travelers should always have the ability to plan their journeys to ensure a comfortable, safe trip regardless of age. It is possible for senior to experience seamless travel through well-planed preparation. And here are some tips for you to travel seamlessly, comfortably, and safely in your senior age:

Create travel itinerary

It is a must to make a travel itinerary if you are senior travelers so that you can plan everything ahead and have smoother travel experience. Your itinerary should include your daily schedule such as where to go, what to visit, etc. Make sure to not create tight schedule because you will need time for breaks. Set limit of the amount of time you are on your feet to avoid exhausting yourself. Avoid negative and stressful scenarios. Choose accommodation that is close to all your plans. Also, plan your commute in advance according to your plan. It is strongly recommended that you book your transport in advance so you can have efficient travel.

Consider booking non-stop flights

It will be exhausting if you keep changing your flights just to reach your travel destinations. Hence, it is better to book non-stop flight so you don’t have to take unnecessary extra flight that will only push your limit and energy. Book direct flight from where you are to your destination to avoid long waits in airport as well. If you choose connecting flights, there is possibility to miss it especially if it is tight flights. If booking direct flight is impossible, at least book connecting flights with longer period of time in between. Hence, you don’t have to rush to catch the flight. 

Inform the airline of any assistance you may need in advance

You may need some assistance from the airlines to have seamless travel experience such as screening, wheelchair, a drive cart, baggage, etc. You may need to ask your airline about how to request assistance prior the trip. Avoid doing it when boarding or when you are already sitting in the plane. The airline will need to prepare what kind of assistance you need. So during booking process, make sure to inform the staff of assistance you probably need so they can prepare them for you. 

Choose the right time to travel

It is highly recommended to choose between mid-morning and mid-afternoon to travel. Travelling too early in the morning may not give you proper rest or sleep prior the trip, making you feel more exhausted during the trip. Hence, it is better to travel during the day to avoid any possible troubles caused by lack of proper rest the night prior. It is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor prior the trip so they can help you make better plan for your medication for example.

Komodo boat trip, Meet Starfish on Kanawa Island

Komodo sailing trip always offers their own charm for tourists, one of which is visiting the island of Kanawa. This island, which is often called a hidden paradise on the edge of West Flores. A small island with thousands of starfish scattered along its coast. The beauty of the island of Kawana is never-ending for you to tell. Komodo boat trip takes you to discover the beauty of Flores from the west to the east with incredible views.

Komodo boat trip walking the bridge and meet starfish

Komodo Boat Trip, Kanawa Island Location

This island is right in Labuan Bajo with an area of 35 hectares. The marine scenery of Kanawa Island is extraordinary and perfect for Komodo dragon scuba diving. This island is separated from the island of Pungu Besar and Kelor Island which is also one of the destination spots for Komodo boat trips.

For your information, the island of Kanawa is managed by foreigners with Italian citizenship. Previously managed by local residents but unfortunately, the condition has become less maintained.

The location of Kanawa island is in the Komodo national park area, not far and it takes 10 minutes from Komodo Island international airport to Labuan Bajo, then continue the journey by boat in 1 hour.

Komodo National Park Diving on Kanawa Island

Snorkeling and diving are mandatory on your Komodo boat trip list. You will find thousands of invertebrates belonging to the phylum Echinoderms and class Asteroidea or called starfish hiding in seagrass plants scattered on the white sand.

Lodging on Kanawa Island has been built as well as possible and is very comfortable. But if you follow the Komodo liveaboard diving, you don’t need to bother looking for lodging, because you will stay on the ship during the cruise. This hidden paradise on the island of Flores will make you hypnotized. Even though the Komodo liveaboard budget requires a hefty fee, it is worth what you get.

Komodo Sailing Trip Underwater Photography

The seawater on Kanawa Island has a clear and calm color. Tourists can dive and do photography without having to be afraid of currents or disturbed by waves. You can find underwater species such as colorful fish and unique coral reefs.

Best relaxation

Kanawa Island is almost like a charming private island. The location is close to the islands of Komodo and Rinca, but don’t worry, you won’t find Komodo dragons while relaxing on this island. No noise, pollution with a calming atmosphere can make the Komodo boat trip participants forget all kinds of daily activities. You can lay down on the white sand while enjoying the best sunrise and sunset which they often call the golden sunset.

Virtual Vacations You Can Take From Home

Even though some of the countries around the world are already reopen, that doesn’t mean you can freely travel to many different places especially when they are located abroad. There are still many travel restrictions and bans especially for international visitors. So if you feel like travelling or having vacation, why not consider a virtual vacation instead. Many destinations provide virtual tour that you can take from home. 

Enjoy virtual vacations from home

You can enjoy virtual vacations from home while relaxing with your loved ones. You can prepare your own snacks and drinks with no need to spend lots of money to do this. You just have to prepare your data so you can go online and enjoy your virtual vacations. And here are some dream destinations that offer virtual tours:


You can enjoy your vacation to the Miami Beach virtually. During this virtual tour, you can watch a range of virtual vacations there from aerial views to underwater videos. The city’s tourism board hosts dozen of virtual experiences which range from virtual go-karting, streaming IMAX films, floating down a lazy river, and many more. You can also opt for live webcams where you can enjoy sweeping beach views and underwater coral reef.


This modern country also offer virtual tours for visitors during this pandemic especially knowing how upset people must be with the Olympics being postponed. They offer a live feed of Shibuya crossing and snow monkeys bathing in hot springs you can enjoy online. You can also see cherry blossoms blooming in different locations. If you want something more meaningful, you can take an online course to get to know Japan more. 


Macau is often called Asia’s Las Vegas and you can visit this place virtually this time. Macau offers variety of VR experiences on the region’s Youtube channel. You can enjoy Chinese New Year or jump off the tallest bungee jump in the word virtually. Yes, Macau has the tallest bungee jump you can try virtually so you can have a little taste of the adrenaline rush of a free fall. 


Malta is such a historic place and it is one of the must-visit places in the world because there are many places full of knowledge and information. Also, it has partnered with Google Arts and Culture to bring travelers Heritage Malta Tours you can enjoy online. There are more than 25 sites you can visit virtually such as temples, museums, archaeological sites, forts, as well as three of UNESCO Heritage sites of the country. 

Tuscany, Italy

This is where you can enjoy a slightly different kind of virtual tour because you get to enjoy music performances from musicians. The Monteverdi Tuscany opens new streaming music program to benefit the many musicians that the hotel has worked with for years. You can watch virtual performances that feature a tenor and a violinist of the Metropolitan Opera. This can be a great idea  to make the most of your time at home.

Liveaboard Indonesia: Exploring Papua Diving Sites

For most Indonesians, sailing on a motorboat or ferry seems to be the norm. How about exploring the Indonesian seas using a phinisi boat? On a traditional ship that is very luxuriously designed, it offers the sensation of sailing into the Indonesian ocean with spectacular views. Exploring Papua’s dive sites is a tourist’s dream and best to do Papua diving liveaboard.

Papua diving

Papua Diving Tour, Jewel of Indonesian Underwater

The wealth of marine life in the West Papua region is a first for the tourism and tourism industry in Indonesia and even the world. Papua is the best tropical paradise area that makes everyone amazed by its beauty.

There are many ways to enjoy the best marine tourism in Indonesia, one of which is live on board. You will get around to tourist attractions, diving, and snorkeling using a phinisi boat. Surely you will stay and be on the boat for days. 

Usually, phinisi ships are complete with bedroom facilities, bathrooms, air-con, sundecks, meals, snacks, and even wifi. The price of a phinisi boat or better known as a liveaboard, depends on the facilities available. The more luxurious the facilities, the more expensive the price.

Best time Papua Diving

If your main agenda is sailing using an Indonesian liveaboard and diving in Papua, then you need to know when the best time is. October to April is the best for diving in Papua because May has entered the wave season. Wave season in Papua in May, June, July, and August.

Despite the wave season, visibility under the sea is not disturbed and is still clear. However, the big waves caused the diver to lose balance. Worst of all, divers can get carried away by the current.

Papua diving liveaboard operators usually already know the best times for divers. They will take tourists to safer areas for diving and exploring many other places with spectacular views.

Favorite Papua Diving Sites

Many choices of beautiful islands with diverse marine life that accompany your dives. List of Papua’s favorite dive destinations that should be included in your dive list:

Cross Wreck

The word cross itself refers to the cross because this place is the closest beach to the missionaries who landed and has the characteristics of a bird of paradise. As for the wreck, it refers to an accident that makes the Japanese navy boat sink during World War II.

The wreck is at a depth of 18 meters and its shape is still intact. The divers can see important parts of the ship that are currently home to several fish such as lionfish.

Blue Magic

This Papua diving spot takes you to see a blue-ringed octopus, Lonjor Shark, and Tuna. Blue magic is very popular among international travelers. The terrain is quite tricky and the current is fast, you need to concentrate on diving.

Dampier Strait

Dampier Strait has walls and caves that are great diving spots. Finding and the caves arose as a result of an explosion carried out by the U.S. Air Force in World War II.

Cape Kri

Tanjung Kri offers underwater charm and pleasant senses. You can see various fish and corals such as snapper, tuna, fusilier, sweetlips, butterflyfish, and angle fish.


When it comes to packing for a cruise, the essentials are quite many because you need to pack for the basically three distinct sub-trips. They are for the cruise ship, the ports of call, and your flight to and from your departure port. You need to prepare your packing list diligently to ensure you are not missing something important. 

Essentials for a cruise 

For the toiletries, you can bring the essentials you always pack for a trip abroad such as toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreens, moisturizers, contact lenses, deodorant, shampoo, first-aid kit, insect repellent, etc. Also, don’t forget to pack seasickness remedy. As for clothing and accessory, focus on something comfortable to wear such as skirts, sweatshirts, coats, dress shirts, etc. If you plan to attend formal event, pack a formal wear. Also, bring your swimsuits just in case you want to soak in. 

Essentials for a cruise

Miscellaneous items for a cruise

To make your cruise experience more smooth and memorable, you need to pack something appropriate for the occasion. For example, pack your own plug adapter just in case you need it. Also, bring a waterproof phone case, snorkel gear, binocular, flashlight, medications, microfiber towel, and copies of documents required for a cruise. 

Items that should be in your carry-on

When you have a cruise, you put all your essential for the trip in your carry-on bag. Make sure to put the right things inside. The items you will most likely need include change of clothes, chargers, snacks, wallets with all your valuable documents and money, headphones, water bottle, camera, eye mask, lip balm, moisturizer, sunscreen, house keys, glasses, travel blanket, itinerary, and other things you are going to essentially need. Keep in mind that what you have in your carry bag should be enough to last you on your first day on board. It is because you may have not access to your cabin for  a few hours after boarding. So your luggage may show up anytime throughout the afternoon and evening. 

What you need to pack for a cruise at sea

Most today’s cruise doesn’t always require you to dress in formal wear. Cruise is no longer as dressy at it was. Hence, you can wear something casual. You can just enjoy the cruise on your own if you want. But if you want to attend a formal event, you can prepare your formal wear your way. If you are worried about having the meal in formal environment, there is always buffet options for meals you can choose. 

What to pack for when you are in port

Dress based on the climate in your cruise destination is always a safe bet. Hence, pack necessary items you think you are going to need to stay comfortable. You also need to pack a  pair of walking shoes since you will be walking around during the shore excursions. The general rule is to pack appropriately for any off-shore excursions. Check the weather forecast before packing for your cruise to ensure you pack the right essentials. 

The Importance of Choosing Family Resort for Your Vacation in Bali

The Importance of Choosing Family Resort for Your Vacation in Bali

Do you remember that one summer vacation or family trip when you were a kid? Those memories that was forever imprinted in your mind as one of your favorite? If you grew up having memorable family vacation that you always remember, consider how would it be to your child. Your kids would make the same memories as you were if they experience the joy of travelling with their family. Taking vacations with your family to Bali not only create lifelong memories. This will also expose you and the kids to new cultures, foods, and experiences. And to make it even better, according to study, family vacations are even excellent for your health! However, family vacation to Bali can be so complex especially when little kids are involved. This is why Bali family resort could be your saviour and why it’s best for your vacation.

Bali Family Resort Makes Vacation with Kids Easy

Arriving at the hotel and checking in can be stressful for parents, especially after a long travel with exhausted children. Family resorts in Bali know that struggles and will give you the fastest reservation process to make the initial hours of your stay more pleasant. Even more so, this Bali family resort, the Holiday Inn Benoa will give the kids their own welcoming drink and activity pack! This definitely help them to stay calm while waiting for their parents resorting the booking. Note that the kids’ welcoming drink is milk, so be careful if your kids have lactose intolerance.

A Chance for Parents to Relax with Nanny Service

A lot of family resorts advertise their babysitting services. Parents, on the other hand, frequently connect babysitting with someone watching their children in the evening. In actuality, many parents simply want more time for themselves during the day. A rental nanny provided by the family resort, however temporary. For example, you may only need a thirty-minute break to read a book while the children play in the pool. You might also need to relax with a spa treatment or take a leisurely stroll across town without worrying about the kids.

Lots of On-Site Activities to Do in A Bali Family Resort    

Lots of On-Site Activities to Do in A Bali Family Resort

When it comes to preparing activities, it’s difficult to please everyone, from children to teenagers to adults. Everyone wants something different, and it can be difficult to please everyone in the family. However, there are lots of activities that everyone can choose in a family resort in Bali. Toddlers and young kids could play all the day out in the Kids’ Club; climbing walls, painting faces, drawing, jumping to ball pits, and many things else. Bigger kids and teens could play in the game room or join Balinese cooking class—which also welcomes adult. On lazy days, everyone can head out to the beach to play in the shallow water or build sandcastles. Or if you feel adventurous, the whole family could sign up for banana boating, jet skiing, or other Bali’s signature water sports in Nusa Dua.

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The Convenience of A Family Resort

Above all, resorts provide convenience to its visitors. In comparison to a hotel, a resort will offer a wider range of options, as well as more activities and programming. In addition, the facilities are typically larger and include amenities such as fitness centers, spas, and pools.

Everything you need is right in front of you. It makes vacation planning easier. Resorts are preferred by wiser people because they allow you to do anything you want, whenever you want, or do nothing at all. It’s a vacation where time and money don’t matter, and tourists can truly live in the moment.