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How Effective Ads Platforms Are As Digital Marketing Strategy?

Thinking about digital marketing strategy can help online business a lot in its earlier stage of starting and building it even further. Even, that’s the main point of doing the business on internet. And anyhow we are running it, we need more ways to ensure that our business is getting enough exposure.

And, there has been one common way how many people are doing it. It is about using the ads platforms as your digital marketing strategy to promote the new business even its website has just launched 3 hours ago.

There are actually two common ways how digital business can get more exposure.

Mostly, you will doing it organically by getting the customers from Google’s search engine but unfortunately it will take more time to deal with SEO especially when the competition is pretty much hard. And the second one is put the ads on any digital platforms you’d like to use.

Popular and recommended ads platforms to be used as your digital marketing strategy

Before you are thinking furthermore about how many budget you will need to spend to promote your business site, it is better to know about what kind of ads platforms you will need to use.

And, of all the advertising platforms I have been knowing, I will only suggesting you to try the Facebook ads and Google Ads (Google Adwords) as I have been using them both until today and will keep on using them if I have more budgets in the future.

Ads platforms as the digital marketing strategy for business

The reason why I am using Facebook and Google Ads as my main ads platforms is actually simple; Facebook has almost two billions of monthly active users which is the huge market to target and Google Ads is a great platform to involves in a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as Google itself is the most popular search engine in the world for years.

As simple as that and that will really be enough for me without any other questions except how many budget to start on? And you have known that you can even start to put ads on both platforms with only $1 a day.

How effective the ads platforms are as one of the digital marketing strategy to promote and market a business?

Now, you have been landed at the main point of what we are talking about here. And, I will tell you about the advantages and effectiveness of using the ads platforms for the business I have been promoting.

One certain thing you will get when promoting your business site or pages on internet is that it will get more exposure base on how many budget you are setting. The more budgets you are spending and you know how to target the audiences, the more exposure you will get.

Even though your new site have not been known by your family members inside the house, it can even be displayed to the other citizens at the other countries. They may don’t know much about you and what you are doing, but that being said, your site’s campaign is on their monitor or phone as well.

If for example you can get the traffics for your new business site for 200 visitors in a day for $5 ads spent, then it means that you are paying the ads platforms $0.0025 per visitor. For me, that will truly effective since the target visitors have been set as your business targeted market. Who would have guessed that with that amount of traffics, you may will get 2-5% of the conversions, right?

It all starts with how many visitors you can get for your business site or pages. The more is always mean the better to dominate the market and ads platforms can help you with that in a cost-effective way.

For those who have an online business site, it is surely an obligation that you will also think about this kind of digital marketing strategy.

Have no time for that? You can always decide to hire the trusted digital marketing agency anytime.

You see, one of the businessmen are facing everyday is that how to make their offers to be firstly found. The choice is yours whether to wait while the audiences found your site page out of the blue or reach them first and let them know about what you are doing through the ads platform.

It’s Not Too Late for Hiring Social Media Marketing Agency, Why?

First thing first, hiring social media marketing agency is making any sense for all kind of businesses that you can’t handle yourself.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you have been knowing so well that driving traffics to your money site can be done by two common methods. Both are to use the SEO techniques to get the organic visitors through search engines that mostly will cost you nothing but you will need to invest more time in preparing the site along the contents or you can get more visitors through paid traffics such as using the ads platforms.

It is now the best time to hire the social media marketing agency

For most of the social media marketing agencies, you are likely to get both services where your money site will have various strategies to support your plan in generating money online by working anywhere you want.

And for many of the companies from the small to the giant scale that are participating online through their business sites, hiring and or collaborating with the social media marketing agency is always been a considerable thing to do to brings business to the higher level.

Why it is not too late for your business or company to hiring the social media marketing agency?

Being an active user on popular social media platforms today are quiet hard even for our personal usage. So does when you are going to make use of the platforms as to building the target audiences for your business, you will need to manage all of the accounts professionally.

You are even required to choose which social media platforms need to be used, updated and optimized as part of your marketing strategy. Not to mention that you will need to master some of the ads platforms to get the instant traffics.

Since many of businesses have been using social media marketing as their strategy, you may just found this thing couple of hours ago or the last few days. And if you are thinking that you are too late in building and increasing your business through the Social Media Optimization (SMO), you are wrong in thinking that way. In fact, many of the businessmen are still hiring the agency for that since they can’t do that themselves or have no intend to make the social media specialists be part of the business team.

But, there are also the other reasons that start hiring an agency like a social media agency Bali will no longer make you think that your business is too late for that. Yet, you will need to make a plan when to start using the relevant services for your business. Here’s why.

Planning, organizing, posting and engaging are taking times

Collaborating with social media marketing agency to help you planning and preparing the contents and advertisements

Imagine if you have to deal with the above four activities, those will be a lot of things to do. In other hands, those aren’t all you have to be done. You have your own schedules and things to do to build your online business.

Planning the contents themselves are taking times. You will need to find references, prepare the image or video, caption and copywriting and many more. Did I have been mentioned about the best scheduled times for social media posts?

And what about the ads itself like the Facebook ads that will really great as a platform for affiliate marketers for years? Budgeting and targeting customers and funneling the budget will really need the professional works to make your ads eye-catching and encourage the users for clicking on it.

Monitoring the ads and engagements are also important when you are introducing and building your online business and more. You can’t really done them all by yourself.

Whether you are going to use social media as free platform or paying for the ads service, investing your time working on it can never been this hard. That’s why many of businessmen are “giving up” and choose to hiring the social media marketing agency.

You can also do the same and try the social media services for online marketing purposes to reach more users or customers and hoping for them to visit your site or do whatever actions you are requiring them to do.

Many companies are trying to collaborate with social media agency by using the services for at least 3 months to see how everything is going. And then, the contract will be determined whether or not to continue the project.

And apparently, that will be a good start for small to medium class of business ever since the offerings may are seasonal. No more thinking so hard about this, feel free to find a social media agency and see what the marketing strategies they are preparing for your business.

Benefits of Renting Ubud Villas for Your Stay in Bali

Amongst so many desirable places in Bali to stay at, Ubud is one of the most recommended. This is a place for those who are seeking of tranquility of serenity. So it just makes senses to rent one of Ubud villas then. This is where you can find such a raw beauty of the nature you may not get in other places. Of course, Bali is perfect for a romantic getaway. However, it is also perfect for self-discovery trip where your main purpose is to empty your mind and release all negativity from your body and mind. Even though offering more calming vibes than other areas in Bali, Ubud still have many popular places for hanging out if you’d like to go. There are many options of fine restaurants, cafes, as well as yoga classes and art workshops.  

Why rent Ubud villas?

Ubud is popular place in Bali but is tends to be less crowded than Legian, Kuta, or Seminyak. Thus, lots of people in Ubud are those who like enjoying some peace without being bothered by too much noise. However, It doesn’t mean you will feel like alienated when staying at Ubud. Instead, you will feel like close to nature and find some peace from it. So here are other reasons why renting a villa in Ubud for holiday is a good idea:

  • Whetehr you are travelling solo or in group, Ubud will always welcome you with its amazing views originally from nature. Even though less crowded of tourists, Ubud still provide everything you need for a perfect retreat such as ATM centers, diners, shopping center, and even bars and clubs. Therefore, you can get everything you need by staying in Ubud.
  • Most villas in Ubud are situated in more secluded areas. In return, you will be closer to the nature if you stay at one of the villas. There are villas located near Ayung River, in the middle of rice paddies, and even in the middle of the jungle. Instead of making you feel isolated, staying at one of those villas will only give you peaceful vibes and atmosphere.  During your stay at villa, you can stroll down to truly enjoy the views of the rice paddies.
  • Ubud is relatively safe area to stay in Bali. You can choose to rent villas around Jalan Bisma or Jalan Pangosekan. Those give you access to lots of places you may want to go during your stay such as salon, spas, yoga class, restaurants, cafes, etc. Your destinations are mainly within walking distance. Therefore, you don’t need to travel too long to reach them.
  • Another benefit of staying at one of the villas in Ubud is that most of them is designed in unique architecture. You can find regular villa with modern or minimalist look. However, it is more fun to stay at villa with unique design and décor. For example, you can rent a villa located in the middle of rice paddies completed with village-like architecture. However, you still get modern and functional furniture and appliances inside.

How to Find the Studio in Bali for Your Business Photography Projects

The interesting thing about photography is that, I think that it is one of the best hobby in the world where you are getting paid for doing what your passion is.

Photography as the paid hobby that can gives you income and takes you anywhere in the world

Photographing will take you anywhere around the world since your skills of capturing the different and unique point of views can be used by many people around the globe. So do when you are making the photography as a business if you are in Bali with such international market–you can build your own studio here and start developing your own empire.

The demand of professional and high quality images in Bali are increasingly high especially for those who are in business lane. The owners of the villas, hotels, and more accommodations, restaurants and bars, cafes and night clubs, tourist destinations and attractions, special events, concerts, and many more are requiring the great images that can make all of the events be more interested and then visited.

So do the business products and services for the international market that have the different point of view for the visual communication such photography.

And you must have been known that many of the photographers are need the studio to create their masterpieces so you can only get the professional and high quality images, but all of the photography projects can be the art for your business or event.

That’s why many of photographers are glad when they have got their own studio and even if they don’t, there will always the studio in Bali that can be used or rented to finish all of the projects that are ordered by their clients.

This can be the cheap and high quality studio in Bali for every of your professional photography projects

Le Studio has been known and popular among the Indonesian and foreigner’s businessmen and travellers. It is a studio for photography in Bali that can be rented foe even per hour where the service is quiet a rare thing you can get in Bali.

I am not recommending this studio for no reason.

how i will find the studio in Bali for business photography projects?

If you are the photographers that are requiring the professional camera and tools that can help you in a photo studio, then the studio in Bali I have just talked about can give you those.

So do the professional staffs if you will need them.

If you want to talk about the price since the first time I am telling you this is one of the cheap one in Bali, then you can actually go to the official site right away and see some of the costs you will need to pay when using the studio.

You can even rent the available camera if you will need one or the lenses, etc. Simply pay your visit to this studio bali directly at Jl. Plawa next to Seminyak’s main street or you can see the offers on its official site to save more of your times.

What if you are a businessman and don’t know how to photograph but will likely to ask the photographers and asking them to shoot your products or services inside the studio?

Now, comes the interesting part where you can not only rent the studio itself but you are also really possible to hire the photographers or asking them directly to give their hands and start dealing with your professional business’s images.

Even you can also decided to bring your own photographer that you have been hired somewhere else and start using the studio with all of the facilities with its charge is per hourly as I have told you before.

There’s nothing to be afraid of about those since I believe that I can really guarantee you that even though the percentage is not 100%. But, 95% and more, you can really trust me in that.

As a businessman, your business is really need a professional images ever since they are contributing in putting the interests in the eyes of the potential customers.

Having the high quality and professional images for your products is actually the start of seeing your business in another high level, moreover if you business value itself is really high.

Look, what if you’ve got hotel rooms and need them all to be marketed? Don’t you think that all of the rooms or at least their brochure will be seen tempting so people want to reserve them? Or what of you have got the restaurant business? I bet that you will show your foods and drinks to the customers in more tasteful images right?

That’s how the professional’s product images are working. They are contributing to change the human’s mind and you are free to make your business to be seen as good as the others.

And to have it all, you will have to rent the studio in Bali for yourself or the photographers you have hired before if he or she has not been got their own studio. This can be the great investment for your future business where the useful products or services will be met with the perfect images.

Does this worth the money?

There is now other ways but analysing it yourself right now or getting up and heading to the studio Bali on above address. If you will need to ensure yourself, visit the studio and start the talk included with the problems you may have got so you may can be helped as well especially when all of them will be related to the professional and high quality images.

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals to Experience Great Holiday

Canggu is perfect place for you to relax and have lazy time in Bali. Unlike other busy areas in Bali, Canggu is a safe haven because here you can get closer to nature, release your stress and get recharged. There are villa offering best service and great amenities in Canggu to rent for visitors. You can choose private villa located in the outskirts or Canggu Bali villa rentals located in the center of the city. Both are great choice and you can decide according to your personal liking. If you need to be surrounded by peaceful sound of the nature, might as well choose villas situated far from the center of Canggu but still maintain easy access to various spots. Thus, you can still enjoy your time relaxing in Canggu without feeling isolated.

Recommended Canggu Bali villa rentals for pleasurable holiday

Since Bali is one of the busiest travel destination, it is not hard to look for best villas to stay in during your holiday. It is quite easy to spot villas. However, choosing the one that meets your need is recommended and most villa rentals in Bali can provide anything the guests want for comfortable living during their period of stay in Bali. Here are recommended villa in Canggu to rent:

  • Villa Papu – This is a place where you can stay peacefully and surrounded by nature because this villa is nestled in the rice paddies. It has four bedrooms which two of them situated in the first floor. Two others are situated separately on the other side of garden. Each bedroom is equipped with open-air bathroom. The living room has open-living concept leading to the terrace. Following the path, you will be welcomed with beautiful garden filled with frangipanis and swimming pool. There is a hand-statue of Ganesha guarding the pool. There is also BBQ area in the garden for family bonding or celebrating special event.
  • Villa Kubu Dewi Sri – If you are planning to bring your entire family to spend your holiday in Bali, you can consider this villas for your accommodation. It has five bedrooms fit to 12 persons max. The package of villa rental includes complimentary car and driver that stand by for 8 hours a day. Thus, you can venture around with ease. This villa also features lovely garden with 16 meter infinity pool. The living room has open-plan design which makes the interior looks more spacious. This villa is also featured in-house staff ready to provide your needs.
  • Villa Tempat Damai – This one of Canggu Bali villa rentals is perfect for your small families because it has three themed bedrooms to occupy for your holiday. The interior design is dominated by Asian style with minimalist touches. There are photographs, sculptures, as well as traditional figures decorating the interior design. The interior of the property features living area with high ceiling as well as dining area with picnic style table. Meanwhile, the property exterior features 12 meter swimming pool that can be accessed from various areas of the villa.

Recommendation Property For Sale In Ubud Bali With Beautiful Environment

Ubud has been the heart of art tourism in Bali for many years. The tranquility and beauty of the village of Ubud provide its own charm and magnet for tourists. Don’t be surprised if many foreign tourists return to Bali and decide to settle in Ubud. The price of property for sale in Ubud Bali also seems to have increased considerably every year. When looking at the current condition of Ubud, it is very different from the past 10 years. Many cafes have been built to pamper tourists with a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Yoga and meditation in Ubud are growing from year to year. In fact, many villas deliberately offer yoga activities regularly for tourists. Many properties in Ubud are used as working spaces. It’s no wonder that more and more enthusiasts of property for sale in Ubud Bali for various purposes, whether it’s a residence or business.

Gianyar – Property For Sale in Ubud Bali

Who says your dream of owning a house in Ubud cannot be realized? Ubud is an elegant, unique and amazing village. When you hear Ubud, people will have a perception that land prices or property for sale in Ubud Bali will be very high. There are many ways that can be placed so you have property in Ubud.

If it is difficult to reach the price of property for sale in Ubud Bali, then you can switch to Gianyar. Gianyar’s distance to central Ubud can be reached in 28 minutes. Gianyar offers a quiet and cool living environment.

There are many property for sale in Ubud Bali deals, especially Gianyar area that are suitable for your budget. If you question the development of the Gianyar area, then you will see Gianyar has shown rapid development. There are many tourist attractions built like, star gardens with international standards. And you can easily reach the beach.

When viewed geographically or tourist traffic in Bali, Gianyar is a village that is strategic for your investment. The construction of various tourist attractions in Gianyar brought many changes in the economy of the Gianyar area. Looking for property for sale in Ubud Bali, especially Gianyar offers an atmosphere of comfortable and pleasant residence.

Looking for a property for sale in Ubud Bali and have it no longer just a dream. Something that can be realized both for your residence or business. Don’t think much for an investment and a profitable business.

Ubud Villas with Calming Vibe for Your Holiday in Bali

Sometimes, all you need is a peaceful retreat to somewhere serene and calming. If that is what you want, might as well considering Bali for your next getaway plan. Bali offers everything visitors need. Started from sophisticated lifestyle, traditional vibe, to calming environment, everything can be found in Bali.  One of the best locations in Bali to experience more calming atmosphere is Ubud. Yes, this is where you can visit Ubud Monkey Forest and some of notable art galleries. To accommodate your peaceful getaway, you need to book one of Ubud villas with calming vibe. It is not hard to find though, since most of villas in Ubud are situated next to nature such as river, rice field, or jungle.

Recommended Ubud villas with calming vibe

Booking a private villa is the right thing to do if you are planning to have serene retreat in Bali. You don’t have to deal with hectic buzz from the crowd of guests since villas have more limited space to rent anyway. You can also choose to stay in villa located in more secluded area where you can easily notice the sound of chirping birds and flowing rivers. Here are recommended villas in Ubud offering you serene vibe:

  • Villa Omah Padi – This villa is situated in authentic Balinese village where your surrounding is the landscape of rice paddies. It is also easy for you to access cultural central of Ubud by staying in this villa. It has five bedrooms built with natural materials. The alang-alang rooftops and natural stone walls are the highlight of this villa. It also features atone bathtub to help you relax. You can also spend your serene time in the garden and private veranda where larges sofas are situated. For more relaxing vibe, you can enjoy your time watching Koi in the fish ponds. The villa has professional staffs ready to attend to your needs during your stay.
  • Villa Melati – This villa has amazing view of Ayung River, Sayan Ridge, and rice fields. A perfect retreat to sooth your hectic soul. Surrounded by nature, this villa offers 3 bedrooms along with cave bathroom. You can also experience gondola riding from the parking area down to the villa. This villa is designed in rustic mixed with traditional Balinese style. To really experience the calming vibe, you can spend your time in the garden designed beautifully to blend in perfectly with the rainforest surroundings.
  • Villa Vajra – This is one of most recommended Ubud villas with calming vibe for your perfect getaway in Bali. It consists of three bedrooms. This villa is also equipped with other facilities such as gym, and fitness center. Not to mention that you can spend your afternoon or morning at the huge wooden deck overlooking the jungle. It also features Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and outdoor shower. Thus, you can enjoy the view of river valley. There are also Lotus pond, media room, and semi-circular wooden terrace for you to make the most of your stay during your serene retreat.