Discovering the word Jogja seems to bring a sweet memory in itself. Not only because it is a special place, but Jogja is considered to have characteristics ranging from historical values to the incredible attractions of Jogja beach. For travelers, Jogja should be an area to visit. Especially if you want to make your vacation even more memorable, enter the name of this area as your main destination! If necessary, you can make a list of the best Yogyakarta beaches, why is it called Yogyakarta instead of Yogyakarta? Both are correct, Yogja is easier to remember! Here are some beaches you want to visit!

Pantai Timang

Unique name for a beautiful beach. Timang beach is a tourist destination difficult enough to get there. Indeed, the terrain to cross is quite steep and rocky. The rocky road along the path leading to the beach of this pole looks like a rather sharp and pointed rock fragment with a bumpy road. However, the beauty of the beach is not inferior to the others. Timang beach is located in the beautiful coastal area of Gunung Kidul. Due to the difficult road conditions, there were not many visitors.

Pantai Parangtritis

Who doesn’t know about Parangtritis? The most famous seaside attraction in Jogja is Parangtritis. This destination seems to be a must-see for all those who want to spend their vacations there. Especially with the natural beauty that stretches out as if it were suitable for all those who want to take pictures of the natural beauty of the beach. The location of this beach is 27 km from downtown Jogja. Precisely at Jalan Parangtritis km 28, Bantul. You can visit it every day from morning to evening.

Pantai Pandansari

The next beach tour turned out to be spotted because of the dashing lighthouse on the beach. To enter this lighthouse, you have to climb hundreds of circular steps, culminating at the top. The view above the lighthouse is certainly a target for tourists who come. Pandansari beach is located in Sanden, Gadingsari. Its location is also not difficult to find because many locals already know it.

Pantai Baros

If you hear this beach as a new tourist place, then it is a must visit. Because you can perfectly enjoy the sunset. On the beach of Baros, there is also an area of exotic mangrove forest. It is suitable for those who like to take pictures. The location is in Tirtohargo, in the district of Kretek. You can enjoy the freshness of being on the beach while getting beautiful natural photo spots.

Pantai Seruni

You surely know the beach of Seruni. This place is indeed one of the dozens of beautiful beaches that are lined with seaside tourism, precisely in Gunungkidul. With a view no less beautiful, you can capture the sunset here. Also with the waves that give a romantic impression.