Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Travelling during pandemic times is not encouraged. It is always best to stay at home as a prevention for more spreading. With vaccine being spread all around the world, people are starting to be more hopeful with the situation. The tourism industry is also slowly bouncing back. Many touristy destinations are starting to open either for domestic and international ones. However, you need to stay conscious with your travel habits during this anxious times.

Dangerous bad travel habits during pandemic

Hiding any covid-19 related symptom is a no regardless of how important your travel is. There have been reports about tourists who faked their RT-PCR test results just to be able to travel. It is dangerous action that can result in serious consequences. Even if you are very sure that you have no covid-19, you cannot fake the test result. You may be charged with criminal complaints later. 

Bad Habits You Should Not Have When Travelling During Pandemic

Ignoring health declaration forms and guidance before travel is a habit you should not have especially during pandemic times. It is inconsiderate thing to do during this times. You always need to be cautious and take necessary precautions to make sure that you and everyone safe. 

Another bad habit is not quarantining yourself after a trip especially when you just returned from a place that is flagged as covid-19 zone. Self-quarantine is a must upon coming back from a trip even if your local authority don’t make requirement for it. Remember that when you are living with other people, you have responsibility to act responsibly and not cause any harm to the others. 

Next bad, or even one of the worst habits is not wearing mask properly when travelling. When you are going out of home, keep in mind to always wear a mask and to wear it properly. Even though it has been a year since the pandemic hit, it is till going on. Many people wear a mask under their chin and it just defeats the purpose of the protective equipment. It is not only to protect yourself but also other people you encounter during the travel. 

Travelling with big group is not encouraged during this pandemic time. It is even worse if your travel buddies are not from the same household as you. You know that it complicates the situation and increase the risk not only for yourself but also for your travel buddies and other people you encounter. Also, do not shame your travel buddies who are not comfortable enough to travel yet. Some of your travel companions might not that comfortable to explore all places because they are still anxious about the situation. However, let them with their comfortable zone. 

Not practicing good hygiene is not only bad habit when travelling but on daily as well. When you cough or sneeze, always cover it. Also, do not leave your hand-sanitizer at your hotel room but putting it inside your bag so you can always use it wherever you go. Practice good hygiene as a decent human being.