For people who cherished sailing travel much, a gateway to the pure and isolated Komodo with luxurious Komodo yacht charter sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer. The sunny season calls for relaxing sunbathe in hideaway beaches, snorkelling under the bright blue water, a wild adventure with Komodo dragons, and of course, dinner cruise to perfectly end the day. While you are on Komodo, don’t waste the opportunity to create exceptional dinner experience that you won’t easily get back in the mainland. Even the best restaurant back in the land cannot beat the experience of eating out on the water. Here in Komodo, yachts and cruisers goes out of their way on creating one-of-a-kind dining experience that won’t easily be forgotten. Dining, on these cruisers, were just as important as the rest of the adventure itself, and here’s where you could taste the best yacht dining albeit being in the middle of frontier Komodo.

Where to Get the Best Komodo Yacht Charter Dinner


Rooftop Dinner on Arenui’s Sky Restaurant

Bask in Komodo’s surreal sunset glow in Arenui’s sky restaurant, build on the upper deck right above the indoor restaurants. Pick a seat—sit on cushioned rattan chairs or sink in one of the bunkbeds, facing right to the open sea. Pair the romantic view of Flores’ skyline, gleaming in warm tangerine light, with a glass of champagne and veritable feasts. Savour in Indonesians’ picturesque landscape while the chefs is preparing your next delicious meal. Dinner would consist at least two to three courses, inspired by local and international cheesiness. And if you want something specific, you can always order your dinner from Arenui’s a-la carte choices that changes daily. 

Candle-Light Dinner on Deserted Beach with Prana Cruise

One way to maximise dining opportunity in Komodo yacht charter that would otherwise be unavailable in other liveaboard is arranging a private dinner in one of Komodo’s secluded beach. One of yacht charter that excel on creating this experience is the Prana cruise, one of Komodo’s highest premium fleet. They would be more than happy to set up umbrella beaches, tables, and romantic lighting to bring you the best beach dining game. The menu are absolutely in par with 5-star hotel standard and could be customized on request. Perhaps you are not having enough, you can always asks for luxury items—such as high quality cheeses and caviar—prior to the voyage to be served on the special dinner. Sip on finest wine, picked from their extensive wine cellar collection, or just go easy with juices or freshly brewed coffee. 

Freshly Caught Seafood onboard Ocean Pure charter

For something a tad more beachy, seafood would always be an excellent choice. The Ocean Pure boat will be the best Komodo yacht charter to get full flavours of seafood and Asian cuisine to accompany your sailing trip. Menu featuring seasoned crabs, shrimps, tuna salad, grilled fish, clams, and occasionally shrimp salads. Pair your meal with fresh juices, sparkling water, or tropical cocktail, while absorbing the view of endless horizon. 

Whichever ship you choose, the out-on-water dining experience aren’t easy to beat. Bon voyage and have a very happy dinner!