No one knows that the year of 2020 can be this hectic and mind-blowing in a bad way. Business today has transformed due to the situation with the global pandemic. Many businesses have tried to pivot and adjust according the situation. Some have succeeded to survive and thrive while others have closed down for good.

Customer Service

In business today, one of the most highlighted factors to count in for the future is customer service. Experts have their predictions of what it looks like next year even though no one can truly know.

The predictions of the future customer service

It is a fact that 2020 has changed or transformed customer service. Changes and challenges are real and they can impact you negatively or positively depending on how you deal with them. Many predict that changes and challenges will continue to happen next year. What kind of customer service that will exist in the future business?

Digital transformation will still deliver. This year, the use of digital transformation is consider as solution to adjust with the situation where we are forced to work and interact with customers remotely. However, it is predicted that the use of digital processes and technology will stay even after the pandemic ends. The shifting attitude of remote work is predicted to still implemented. Interaction with customers using digital platforms will stay even after the pandemic ends. It is one of the easiest access for customers. 

Shopping behavior is predicted to still influence customers’ shopping behavior next year. Many brick and mortar stores shift to digital commerce due to the pandemic to ensure customers still have access to buy what they need even with remote transaction. However, even if the situation is deemed normal, it is predicted that online shopping will stay. Shopping online has become a comfortable alternative for customers today even for those who were not really into it before. Therefore, customer service will also focus on delivering proper assistance to ensure customers have good buying experience. 

During this pandemic, speed and efficiency are two important factors that customer prefer. Hence, lots of them demand for responsive action and fast solution to help with their problems. Immediate response is what most customers expect for customer service in the future. Customer service will need to maximize their efforts by using the right platforms and delivering fast respond when it comes to customers. This is how business will stay strong even during crisis because customers will stay loyal to a brand that can understand what they need. 

Empathetic service is also expected by customers for the future customer service. Customers want to be treated more than just a transaction. They want to be valued and appreciated. They want to be treated like real human being with emotions and feelings. Hence, customer service in the future will be more responsive to customers’ feedback and demand to ensure that customers are valued. AI and automation in customer service is predicted to stay as well but delivering humanity will be musch more expected by customers.

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