There has been quite a debate about whether straps are better compared to ropes. People just getting into hammocking are wondering which one they would go for. Each option has its own pros and cons. And this post simply covers the surface of it, but let’s get to it.

Which is better between rope vs strap for hammock camping

Consider the pros and cons for the environment around you

While most ropes don’t cause immediate damage to the trees, some are known to cause a certain degree of long-term damage.

These damages penetrate the layer of cambium, which is extremely crucial to the trees’ survival. Cambium is an important component that delivers the nutrients for trees to stay alive and grow to the entire body of the tree.

Tree straps are the hammock camping accessories specially designed to prevent damages to trees

There are a few choices of ropes out there that don’t damage trees. Nautical, natural-fiber ropes are one of them. However, tree-friendly straps, have taken the effort of preserving trees a notch.

Eco-friendly straps are wide and thick. They don’t merely use the materials that are environment-friendly, but the design has been made especially to protect the tree bark.

Unfortunately, they are one of the heaviest hammock straps, especially when compared to ropes. But compared to the slight added weight

Ropes can be more versatile because of its adjustability in hanging hammocks

Adjusting using the ropes would need a lot of tying knots involved. In this aspect, ropes are slightly more versatile than hammocks. Straps are knotted differently, but most of the time, no knots are involved.

Ropes are cheaper compared to straps

This is one of the most obvious advantages ropes have over tree straps. Ropes are simply that much more “accessible” to people.

Although good quality tree straps really would not cost a fortune; it’s one of the cheapest hammock camping accessories among the full set. if you’re willing to try out the tree straps,

Hammock’s tree straps are for those who’d like the simplest way of hanging a hammock

Unlike when using a rope, you won’t have to fiddle with all the work of creating the knots and then unknotting them again. If you particularly don’t want to deal with it, then straps are the choice for you.

Tree straps offer slightly less flexibility because of its more fixed nature. But they are also the quickest one to hang because of its simplicity.

More people are more familiar with using ropes

Tree straps are a recent “invention” because of the call for more environmentally-responsible camping. Aside from the obvious target-marketing, these tree-friendly ropes have been through, for one, choosing straps over ropes do have its very own advantages.

From the simplicity of installing the strap that makes setting up your hammock a so much easier to the mechanics of the straps themselves, despite its shortcomings, straps are worth considering.

Investing in good quality equipment

With that said, if hammock camping is an important part of your life, you know you’ll want to invest in gears that have a good lifespan. Whichever option you decide to pick, make sure that you get one that lasts.