Every traveler always have their own expectation of their travel destination. What they expect is beautiful and wonderful places where they can enjoy surroundings, delicious foods, as well as satisfying accommodation. However, not every trip is satisfying in real life. Sometime, travel destination promoted by ads is not as wonderful as you saw when you visit the spot.

This kind of unrealistic and obsessive expectation can lead to disappointment and disappointment can lead to another type of travel stress. Remember that travel stress can happen before, during and after travel.

How to prevent getting disappointed in a trip

This type of disappointment happens during and after experiencing the trip.

Preventing yourself from getting disappointed of your Trip experience

Traveling is supposed to be filled with joy and happiness. It is supposed to recharge you with more positive vibe so that you will be ready to face your work once you back at home.

It is supposed to make you feel more relaxed. However, sometimes disappointment happens which leads you to experience travel stress and ruin the trip itself. At the end of the day, you don’t really enjoy the trip as you expected before. To prevent yourself from this kind of disappointment and stress, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Set realistic expectation of your travel destination. Of course anticipation before travel can give you positive benefit. However, it will backfire if you expect too high. The higher your expectation, the more difficult to meet the point. Sometimes, some of destinations and vacation can’t live up to the idealized expectation of every individual. The promotion you saw from the tourism board might not be as glamour as it displayed. Sometimes, they only report and highlight positive aspects of the place and make you set high expectation. Thus, remind yourself that having too high expectation is not healthy. This will help you to avoid getting disappointed.
  2. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as perfection either for human or even place. Everything has its own flaws. When you remember of this thought, you won’t get yourself to expect too much. It doesn’t mean that every vacation or destination won’t ever live up your expectation. It just means that even the most wonderful places can have a little flaw. However, it doesn’t make it less worthy to visit.
  3. The next thing to prevent yourself from disappointment over your trip is to be flexible and open-minded. Instead of dwelling with every little flaws that the vacation or destination has, try to focus more on the positive aspects. This will make your trip worthy and meaningful. Focusing on the flaws will only make you adopt negative thoughts. It is fine to expect and daydream of ideal vacation or destination. However, never expect them to be perfect or as ideal as your imagination. Always expect for flaws and negative aspects so that you won’t be that disappointed even if the place you visit is not as perfect as shown in the tourism board or travel magazines. Try to focus on every positive aspect during your trip.