When it comes to travelling with a newborn, there are many things to consider. For example, there is clear rule of the age of newborn allowed for a flight. However, travelling with newborn by car has no clear restrictions since newborn usually arrives home by car anyway. However, travelling by car with your newborn cannot be done carelessly either. You need to have frequent breaks for changing, feeding, and cuddling.

traveling with newborn

Best tips to travel with newborn by car

It is best if you can arrange your drive with your newborn’s sleep schedule. It is also important to keep the drive comfortably for them. Dress your newborn with comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely but not trapping the heat inside that can make them overly sweat. Keep off the sun by using removable window. To let your newborn sleep peacefully, adjust the temperature accordingly. 

If you plan for a big trip such as travelling to a city that is far from your town, it is best to have practice trips beforehand. You can take your newborn for a short drive during weekend. Aside from letting your newborn getting used to a road trip, it lets you know what supplies to pack for bigger trips. You will learn how long your newborn last in the car seat and what makes them cranky. Hence, you can plan for smoother travel next time. 

When it comes to packing, make sure to bring enough clothes for your newborn. They may need less clothes than you but they need to be clean. There is possibility for some blownouts during the trip so you’d better be prepared. Doing a baby laundry on the road is easy since you can find laundry facilities, make sure that the detergent you use is what you always use at home to not cause skin irritation. 

Choose an easy destination and plan your route wisely. It is best to avoid loud, crowded touristy destinations because it may overwhelm your newborn. It may cause your newborn to get cranky because they feel uncomfortable. It may also cause other visitors to feel annoyed by the noise of screaming baby. Hence, pick peaceful retreat instead just like what your family needs. 

Do not cram a bunch of activities in a day because it will overwhelm you. Stick to simple schedule you can easily adjust when needed. Doing too many activities while taking care of your newborn can take a toll on you rather quickly. So try not to push it. 

If you travel with your significant others, make sure that you both know the plan for the trip well. Take turns as planned so you each still have time to take care of yourself and have proper rest. It is true that baby can feed off your energy. Hence, try to stay clam regardless of the situation. If something bad happens, try not to panic easily and take a deep breath instead. Relax and stay flexible is the key for you to enjoy travel with your newborn.