If you are bored having the same trip with the same activities and similar destinations, why not taking it into another level of extremeness? Trying extreme travel experience sometimes can be good for you to release stress and build your courage. Of course, you need to think of your safety if you want to do extreme activities. However, it is worth to try those kind of activities if you are a perfectly healthy travelers with high curiosity. There’s a lot of places to challenge your adventurous soul you can visit.

Extreme travel experiences to try

They say you only live once so why not living in the moment to the fullest? Traveling to cliché places with cliché activities can make you feel less enthusiast to go traveling. Thus, it is time for you to spice up your adventure desire by visiting more uncommon travel destination and doing extreme activities. Who knows you would find something interesting about yourself too along the journey. Here are some examples of extreme travel adventure you can try:

Surfing in Jeffrey’s Bay located in South Africa is a challenge. If you are considered yourself surfing enthusiast and adrenaline junky, this destination is perfect for you. Surfing itself has already been scary for some people. To do it in Jeffrey’s Bay is like the next level of scary adventure. This place is actually sharks’ domain. And may be this one factor is to the level of extremeness. Aside from the sharks, the waves are challenging so that’s why only professional surfers visit this place the most.

Cliff jumping at Queenstown in New Zealand is challenging because it is claimed as the world’s highest cliff jumping. If you already experienced a cliff jump, you must try this site. Your adrenaline will spike up for sure. Aside from extreme height, you will be able to enjoy amazing views while falling into the cliff. Your heartbeat will be going up so fast but it is really worth it.

If you have great stamina, you should try water rappelling in Costa Rica. Dangling and bouncing down a rock face may sound easy but it is not the case when you do it in Costa Rica. You will be bouncing down waterfalls while being clipped to the zip line by your back. It is so challenging that you will need to prepare your fitness before trying this especially when you will have to have Latin America’s longest zip line, proximately 1.5km. However, the rainforest is worth it because it is wildly beautiful.

Next extreme travel experience would be to say hello to Komodo Dragons in Indonesia. To reach your destinations, Komodo and Rinca Island, you need to go by boat. The journey itself is already extreme and challenging because you will spend about four days at the sea. Landing on Komodo Island, you should be ready to greet this lazy but extremely deadly creatures. Their bites are poisonous so even though they are captivating, do not get too close. Throughout the tour, you will be guided by the rangers for safety.