Komodo sailing trip always offers their own charm for tourists, one of which is visiting the island of Kanawa. This island, which is often called a hidden paradise on the edge of West Flores. A small island with thousands of starfish scattered along its coast. The beauty of the island of Kawana is never-ending for you to tell. Komodo boat trip takes you to discover the beauty of Flores from the west to the east with incredible views.

Komodo boat trip walking the bridge and meet starfish

Komodo Boat Trip, Kanawa Island Location

This island is right in Labuan Bajo with an area of 35 hectares. The marine scenery of Kanawa Island is extraordinary and perfect for Komodo dragon scuba diving. This island is separated from the island of Pungu Besar and Kelor Island which is also one of the destination spots for Komodo boat trips.

For your information, the island of Kanawa is managed by foreigners with Italian citizenship. Previously managed by local residents but unfortunately, the condition has become less maintained.

The location of Kanawa island is in the Komodo national park area, not far and it takes 10 minutes from Komodo Island international airport to Labuan Bajo, then continue the journey by boat in 1 hour.

Komodo National Park Diving on Kanawa Island

Snorkeling and diving are mandatory on your Komodo boat trip list. You will find thousands of invertebrates belonging to the phylum Echinoderms and class Asteroidea or called starfish hiding in seagrass plants scattered on the white sand.

Lodging on Kanawa Island has been built as well as possible and is very comfortable. But if you follow the Komodo liveaboard diving, you don’t need to bother looking for lodging, because you will stay on the ship during the cruise. This hidden paradise on the island of Flores will make you hypnotized. Even though the Komodo liveaboard budget requires a hefty fee, it is worth what you get.

Komodo Sailing Trip Underwater Photography

The seawater on Kanawa Island has a clear and calm color. Tourists can dive and do photography without having to be afraid of currents or disturbed by waves. You can find underwater species such as colorful fish and unique coral reefs.

Best relaxation

Kanawa Island is almost like a charming private island. The location is close to the islands of Komodo and Rinca, but don’t worry, you won’t find Komodo dragons while relaxing on this island. No noise, pollution with a calming atmosphere can make the Komodo boat trip participants forget all kinds of daily activities. You can lay down on the white sand while enjoying the best sunrise and sunset which they often call the golden sunset.