For most Indonesians, sailing on a motorboat or ferry seems to be the norm. How about exploring the Indonesian seas using a phinisi boat? On a traditional ship that is very luxuriously designed, it offers the sensation of sailing into the Indonesian ocean with spectacular views. Exploring Papua’s dive sites is a tourist’s dream and best to do Papua diving liveaboard.

Papua diving

Papua Diving Tour, Jewel of Indonesian Underwater

The wealth of marine life in the West Papua region is a first for the tourism and tourism industry in Indonesia and even the world. Papua is the best tropical paradise area that makes everyone amazed by its beauty.

There are many ways to enjoy the best marine tourism in Indonesia, one of which is live on board. You will get around to tourist attractions, diving, and snorkeling using a phinisi boat. Surely you will stay and be on the boat for days. 

Usually, phinisi ships are complete with bedroom facilities, bathrooms, air-con, sundecks, meals, snacks, and even wifi. The price of a phinisi boat or better known as a liveaboard, depends on the facilities available. The more luxurious the facilities, the more expensive the price.

Best time Papua Diving

If your main agenda is sailing using an Indonesian liveaboard and diving in Papua, then you need to know when the best time is. October to April is the best for diving in Papua because May has entered the wave season. Wave season in Papua in May, June, July, and August.

Despite the wave season, visibility under the sea is not disturbed and is still clear. However, the big waves caused the diver to lose balance. Worst of all, divers can get carried away by the current.

Papua diving liveaboard operators usually already know the best times for divers. They will take tourists to safer areas for diving and exploring many other places with spectacular views.

Favorite Papua Diving Sites

Many choices of beautiful islands with diverse marine life that accompany your dives. List of Papua’s favorite dive destinations that should be included in your dive list:

Cross Wreck

The word cross itself refers to the cross because this place is the closest beach to the missionaries who landed and has the characteristics of a bird of paradise. As for the wreck, it refers to an accident that makes the Japanese navy boat sink during World War II.

The wreck is at a depth of 18 meters and its shape is still intact. The divers can see important parts of the ship that are currently home to several fish such as lionfish.

Blue Magic

This Papua diving spot takes you to see a blue-ringed octopus, Lonjor Shark, and Tuna. Blue magic is very popular among international travelers. The terrain is quite tricky and the current is fast, you need to concentrate on diving.

Dampier Strait

Dampier Strait has walls and caves that are great diving spots. Finding and the caves arose as a result of an explosion carried out by the U.S. Air Force in World War II.

Cape Kri

Tanjung Kri offers underwater charm and pleasant senses. You can see various fish and corals such as snapper, tuna, fusilier, sweetlips, butterflyfish, and angle fish.