New Year’s Eve is on the way and it is a kind of celebration that almost everyone like no matter what country they are living in. We celebrate the beginning of the new year with so many fun activities. It might be different from one country to another but the spirit remains the same. It is the start the new year with joyful spirit to hopefully make us feel motivated to welcome new chapter in our lives. 

Unique New Year’s Eve celebration in Philippines

In Philippines, they have their own to celebrate new year. They even started it from September so when the New Year’s Eve comes, the celebration is already on a full swing. Here are how they make their version of joyful celebration to welcome new year:

Wearing polka dots

This is such a unique way to celebrate new year. However, people in the Philippines has been doing this from a long time a go. They wear polka dots because the round shapes they believe will bring wealth and prosperity. Also, they fill their pockets of polka dot cloth with circular coins. Not to mention that they eat 12 types of round fruits during this period of celebration. Fruits with pointy spikes or thorns are mostly avoided because they are believed to bring nasty obstacles in their lives. 

Eat sticky rice to strengthen the bonds

During new year’s celebration, people in the Philippines also have a tradition to eat sticky rice cake. The philosophy of it is that sticky rice will strengthen the bonds of relationships. Sticky rice dishes the people in Philippines like to enjoy during this festive moods include Bibingka and Biko. They also believe that eating sticky rice brings good fortune that will stick with them all year. 

Make big fireworks

This is probably one of the most common things to do to celebrate New Year’s Eve almost in every corner of the world. In the Philippines, they have tradition to make fireworks as big as possible. The bigger the fireworks and firecrackers, the louder the sounds. They believe that the loud sound will scare away evil spirit and mischievous goblins that tend to bring bad luck. People are also encourage to make noises as loud as possible by honking their cars, shouting out loud, or even slapping pans and pots. 

Clear debts

People in the Philippines also has another unique tradition to welcome new year which is by clearing all their debt, if possible. By the time the clock strike midnight, they have to clear their debt because they believe unpaid debt will bring lumbered financial situation all year. Also, they are encourage to stuff as much money as possible into their pockets and wallets. It is seen as an invitation to wealth and prosperity. However, they are discouraged to spend any money on the first day of the new year. it is seen as financial management to prevent poor financial status for the following year, they believe.