If you see yourself as a traveller, then you need to take a look at these best travelling tips we got for you. There might not be any regulation about travelling, but there are three rules you can follow if you want your journey to be ‘easier’. Here are those three rules:


A towel is possibly the most important thing ever

Whether you are travelling abroad or you choose to stay in your country, a towel is never a bad thing to pack in the bag. Now you might counter this argument by saying that you got no plan on staying for a night. As for our riposte, we will say that there is nothing wrong with being cautious. A towel is useful not only when you are taking a bath, after all. There are several out-of-the baths uses when it comes to a towel. What if there is a sudden rain? What if you get sweaty and you got nothing to wipe the sweat off? A towel can do those two and more. 

If you think a normal towel is too big, you can also get a mini towel of a sort. It is better than buying a pack of tissue because the aforementioned item is not that good for the environment. A mini towel or even a towel is not that heavy to carry, so always go with one if you got the chance. If you skip this part, you are a wuss.

If you got a money belt, for the love of God please leave them

A money belt is a handy thing to have when you are travelling. There is nothing easier than to just reach for the belt when you want to pay for something. You can store your money there and you will not have to be forced to reach for your wallet. Simple, clean, and easy, just the way everybody likes it.

All good, but it will probably change if you got stalked by a thief or something. By wearing a money belt, you inadvertently turn yourself into one of the biggest summoning beacons for people with bad intentions. Leave the money belt at home and travel only with your luggage and your wallet. You will be safer and you will have less ‘obstacle’ to contend with.

Dress and talk like the locals if you can

Tourists often got stereotypes of their own. If a local notices a foreigner wearing a particular stereotyped garb, they mostly understood that foreigner status as a tourist. A local who knows that they are dealing with a tourist will often increase the prices of the items being sold by them. 

To make sure you get the lowest price possible when you are travelling, try to dress like the locals would do and try to learn a bit about the language. Locals will often charge a higher price to tourists who do not know how to speak their language, and this rule takes precedence in LOTS of countries. 

That is all about the tips. These tips are not exactly tips that you should take to the heart (because there is no ‘defined’ rule when you are travelling. You can travel in your undergarments if you want to) when you go on a travel journey. These three best travelling tips will, however, make your travel easier without asking you to do a lot of things.