Travelers usually collect many stuffs from their trip consciously or not. If you are an avid traveler, you may not realized to have collected may stuffs from your trips such as tickets, room keys, etc. Instead of tossing them away, you can organize and display them in more interesting way. It can be a good idea as decorations as well. The global pandemic has brought our life at pause. Maybe it is time for you to reminiscence your past trips and organize your mementos. 

Tips to get your trip mementos in a cool way

The global pandemic has caused restriction to travel, making avid travelers and vacationers alike suffered from the need to take a trip. However, maybe you can use the time to dig in your stuffs collected from your previous trips. There must be many stuffs you have collected so far. Instead of letting them covered in dust, you can display them to make them more interesting. Here are some tips:

Pit things in cute jars


You may have collected white-sand or black-sand from the beaches you visited before. Instead of letting them inside plastic bag, you can pit them inside a cute jar. You can also insert other items to make it look cool such as your photos during your visit, or the pictures of your loved ones. It can be a great decoration to be displayed in your living room as well. 

Create a collage of tickets and everything

Make a collage of tickets you unconsciously collected from your previous trip. Throughout the trips you have gone, you may have collected many types of tickets such as entrance tickets to a tourist attraction, ticket bus or plane, or a ticket to special events. You can organize these mementos by making a cool collage. You can use anything to display your ticket such as a photo frame. If you have many tickets, choose larger frame. Then, use a map as the background so you can overlay your tickets on top. Put the ticket according to the place you got them on the map to make it look more interesting. 

Use binder for momentos


You can also use a binder to put all your mementos fro your previous trip such as tickets, boarding passes, photos, notes, restaurant brochures, etc. You can make separate binder to organize different items or put them in one binder. Choose your own style to make it look more personal. You don’t have to make everything fit in one binder. It is okay to have more binders. You can put them in your library where you and your guests can see.

Print photos on photobooks

You may have collected files of photo taken during your trips before. Instead of letting them stayed in your computer or phone, why not printing some of them and place them in a photo book. You can choose the size of the photos before printing. Or, you can add some flairs to make the photos less boring such as adding effects, captions, or layouts. Or, you can also make a photo collage in one large frame and make a special space to display it.