Women are often related to fragility and vulnerability. That’s why, lots of people are sceptic to see a woman going a solo trip on their own. However, women are not only a delicate body. They are stronger that most people thought. Today, it is common to see woman going for a solo trip to various countries. Being independent women and do many things on their own is not a bad idea. However, travelling solo for woman can be dangerous as well. That is the reality that most women should realize. There are people who also see women who travel solo as a target for their criminal act such as robbery, theft, etc. Thus, it is important to learn more about safe travel guides for women.

Traveling solo safely for women only

Travelling solo is not just a trend. People find it soothing and calming to do a solo trip. Of course, travelling solo doesn’t mean you are just being alone throughout the trip. You will be interacting with the people at your travel destination and meet new people wherever you go. Here are some tips for women who are planning to go solo trip so that it goes smoothly and safely:

  • Female-only travel has been in high demand in recent years. Lots of women are travelling solo to achieve their goals. This leads to tourism industry to take action upon the phenomena. These day, there are many more countries that are more aware of female-only travel needs. They then provide various facilities so that their countries are safe for solo female traveler. It is not hard anymore to find women-only facilities in some travel destination countries such as hair salon, parks, yoga class, etc. Thus, make sure to research and choose the country that deliver this kind of facilities for female travelers.
  • Next thing you need to do as solo female traveler to travel safely is to always follow the rules. When you visit a new places when you travelling abroad, you encounter different customs and culture. You need to respect them no matter how they don’t align with your beliefs. For example, there are religious sites in Thailand named Silver Temple where women are not allowed to visit. Sometimes, you feel like it is discrimination. However, that is not your customs or cultures. The only thing you can do is to respect and follow the rules because you are an outsider no matter what.
  • No matter how safe the country you are going to visit, always travel with your guard up. Solo female travelers are at high risks when it comes to safety. Make sure to let people at home know where you are about throughout your trip. It is also recommended to bring self-defense devices to protect you during dangerous situation. If you are in the middle of something that make you feel uncomfortable, get out of it immediately. Women are known for having good intuition even better than men, you can also use it as your protection during your solo travelling.