Types Of Sushi In Japanese Cuisine

Sushi is an authentic dish from Japan for generations. It has also been a known dish worldwide that people love to enjoy. In fact, it is said to be the fifth most tagged food on Instagram. Its huge popularity comes with the right reason. Sushi might be simple in looks but the process of making it is not at all. In fact, chefs need years of experience to create perfect sushi with its complicated cooking methods and techniques. Here are types of sushi you can learn more from Japanese cuisine:


This is like the most iconic and popular type of sushi which originated in the early 1800s in the Kanto region. Ingredients that can compromise the making of Nigiri are many. One of them is the rice that needs to be washed, drained, soaked, and cooked. It is then mixed with vinegar, sugar, and salt. It might take years for the chefs to find the perfect balance of each components. the rice should in the right texture to withhold the fish perfectly. It is served with a dipping soy sauce and accompanied with pickled ginger.

Gunkan Maki

This is a type of wrapped sushi made with ball of rice wrapped in nori (seaweed). the toppings are placed on the space made at the top. The most common toppings include salmon roe, sea urchin, or tuna. This sushi has the shape of battleship just what its name translated into. This sushi is also available in a version more suitable fore vegan and vegetarian. The vegetarian version of Gunkan Maki was commonly made with cucumber or corn.


This is made from sushi rice with stuffed with deep-fried tofu pouch called Inari age. The tofu requires a process of cooking in which it is simmered in a sweet and salty dashi broth first to create umami flavor. Other ingredients are added sometimes such as salmon roe. This sushi is best served as snacks or the final part of your sushi meal.


This is such a unique sushi because it comes with a shape of an ice cream cone. The main ingredient is of course rice. The interesting part is that the rice is wrapped in a square sheet of nori into a conical shape. This is kind of charming point of Temakizushi because it can be shaped and formed more casually without strict rules. Hence, it is often served during casual parties. Cariety of ingredients can be added as well even the leftover in the fridge. It is best enjoyed with a dipping soy sauce and wasabi. 


This is another popular Japanese sushi made from rice and other ingredients that are rolled in nori sheet. It is then cut into small pieces to make it easier to eat. There are different varieties of Makizushi such as Hosomaki and Futomaki. The first one is a thin roll with one ingredient such as tuna or cucumber. Meanwhile, the latter is a fat roll made with more variety of ingredients such as salmon, eggs, prawns, etc.