When it comes to travel abroad, it is a must to make full preparation especially when you know your destination is far different from where you live. You need to make sure that you have all you need for the trip so that you don’t have to wander around the unknown place later. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to what you are going to pack for the trip. 

Items to pack for smooth international travel

Travelling to another country today is limited due to the situation with the covid-19 but if you have a plan to travel abroad sometime in the the future then might as well know what you have to do from now. Here are essentials you need to have on your packing list for smooth international travel:

Important documents

Passports, visa, identification are all important things you need to pack. Some countries require visa for you to enter so make sure to do your research about the required documents before you go. Some places also required vaccination letter to ensure you follow their protocols. Also, make sure to check the validity of your passport and other documents. For passport, it should be valid at least six month from your arrival date. Make copy for all important documents just in case you need it.

Universal plug adapter 

This is something many travelers forgot to bring for their international trip. This device has many different plugs built in so you can charge your electronic devices using this only. Also, choose the one with a USB slot so you avoid bringing dedicated chargers for your phone and other electronics. 

International driving permit

If you plan to rent a car and drive yourself, then you need to research about the driving permit in your destination. You may be required to have an international driving permit that translates your driver’s license into the local language. 

Credit and debit card with no foreign transaction fee

You can prepare some cash in the amount you think you are going to need for your trip. If you want to bring your debit or credit card, you need to find out if it has foreign transaction fee. It may only takes 2 or 3 percent after every transaction you make during your stay in foreign country. However, it can add so fast without you realize it. 

A language translation app

Visiting a foreign country can be daunting especially when you are not familiar with their language. Hence, it is best to download a language translation app in your phone. It will come in handy when you need to communicate with the locals. 


It is strongly suggested that you visit your doctor before having an international trip to ensure you are in good condition to go. Also, your doctor may prescribe you medications you are going to need to last the trip. Ask your doctor if you can pack some extra supply to last for a few days more in case your return is delayed or something.