Some people avoid a road trip because it sounds too exhausting driving through roads for many hours. The key of smooth road trip is to have organized space that is limited within the tight quarters of a vehicle. Thus, it is also important to pay attention to essentials you need to bring the road trip to be smoother. When you have all necessary essentials, you will feel safer and more comfortable throughput the ride. 

Must-pack essentials for road trip

Here are essentials you are going to need for smooth road trip:

Always be ready to pack few roadside assistance essentials such as battery jump starter, portable air compressor, motor oil, coolant, first-aid kit, basic tool kit, and some emergency gear such as glass-shattering tool and flares. Keep in mind that your safety is priority. Make sure to have your mechanic look over your car before the trip. Packing those essentials will help you to face unexpected situation while you are on the road. 

Traditional maps

Manual road map is still important to bring even if you own the latest gadget. Do not rely on technology too much while you are on the road reaching your destination. It is possible for you to not get any service in particular areas. With a road map, you will always know your direction. 

Pack enough food

Pack your own foods. Remember that even if your destination is somewhere modern and everything seem to be within reach, you don’t know what will happen while you are on the road. You may get hungry before reaching your destination and you cannot see any stores the entire road. If you pack your own foods, you can just pull over anytime when you feel hungry. Pack healthy snacks as well to save money and keep you stay alert.

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It is also important to pack your own drinks especially bottled water. You don’t know whether you can find and buy safe bottled water on the road. Drinks are essentials to keep you hydrated. Keep in min that dehydration can make you lose concentration and it is dangerous fro driving. Also, it is important to take frequent breaks to avoid extreme fatigue or stress. By taking breaks, you can keep your sanity and stay fresh as well. 

The little essentials

Wet wipes and tissues are essentials you need because you don’t know things that can make you dirty on the road. Spilled drinks or foods are bound to happen on the road. You cannot leave wet wipes and tissues especially when your family tagging along the trip. Kids are messy and wet wipes and tissue can be your efficient savior. 

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Rooftop storage

If you have more gears to bring for the road trip, you can load up a rooftop storage bin. You can choose the one with the size that you need to fit all gears you want to bring. This way, you can secure everything well. However, make sure that the vehicle you have for the road trip is compatible with this kind of additional storage.