Bali family resorts are known for its convenience and providing everything onsite for the entire group. Whether you’re bringing babies, toddlers, demanding teenagers, elderlies, or all of the above, staying at resorts gives you the peace of mind you don’t often get when you’re traveling with the kiddos or with a large group of people.

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Holiday resorts first-class services and amenities 

Family holiday resorts in Bali are often equipped with the finest things in the world. And that includes top-notch spa treatments and massage. Tired of walking down the streets of Seminyak or playing all day long with your kids at the beach? Time to get some pampering done for your body. If a spa treatment is not included in your room price, then it usually isn’t so expensive to book a session. Most luxury hotels and resorts have their in-house massage & spa staff or have contracts with trusted providers.  

Staying at Bali family resorts 

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Staying at Bali family resorts offers things beyond convenience; the staff go above and beyond in order to serve you. You get to be pampered. Everything is taken care of. Often, you don’t have to carry your luggages at all, unlike when you stay at a budget accommodation or rental homes. This is a much less stressful experience for you, especially if you’re bringing your kids along on your Bali holiday. Things are going to be so much more relaxing with the added assistance even with the little ones tagging along. 

Less adventure 

Obviously, staying at a family holiday resorts has its own cons. And often times, you need to ask yourself whether the pricey tag you have to pay is worth it, even with the convenience and the staff at your beck and call. For once, staying at Bali family resorts potentially limits you from enjoying your travel destination in its most authentic light. You are, afterall, staying at a chain hotel owned likely by some foreign party instead of the local people who live and work there. Most family resorts are also all-inclusive, which means you hardly have to go anywhere to do anything. Less incentive to explore, unless you have a fixed itinerary you’ve planned ahead beforehand and plan to stick to it.

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You don’t actually benefit the locals 

Staying at chain hotels means that you give the most of your money to people who don’t do the work. Most of the staff at luxury hotels and that certainly applies to Bali family resorts are paid minimum wage. Those who clean your room and cook breakfast for you aren’t ones a large portion of your money finds. And if you’re one of those travelers who care about making an impact for the destination you’re visiting, which includes sustainability that covers the fact you’re actually contributing to the local economy, then you aren’t doing much (if at all) by staying at some large chain hotels. Staying at locally-managed inns or apartments is the best way to contribute. Often times, it’s a much better way to immerse yourself in a new country or city you’re visiting as you’ll be staying at an authentic home with a local.