Surfing activities, being one of the water sports, rely on beach waves. This adventurous sport will be more interesting the bigger and higher the waves. Surfers must be aware of a variety of surf charter spots in  Indonesia and its reputation for having waves that are difficult to surf. The truth is that many tourists from other countries are eager to travel to Indonesia merely to encounter the rolling waves at various locations throughout the country.

The beach that fronts the Indian Ocean offers distinctive natural beauties in addition to being well known for its difficult surf places in Indonesia and adrenaline-testing activities. A sand beach with deep blue color like blue is typically part of the West coast’s natural beauty.

Beautiful Surf Charter Spot in Indonesia

Sipora Island, West Sumatera

One of the locales that have managed to preserve many leading surfing spots in West Sumatra. The Mentawai Islands region is home to some of them. Sipora Island, with some of the finest waves in the world, is the one that is most well-known on a global scale. Try to arrive around April because their wave ideal height for surfing

Nias Island, North Sumatera

There is a secret surfing spot in North Sumatra with equally spectacular waves. Come to the Nias island region in North Sumatra if you want to surf. With regular year-round waves reaching up to 5 meters in height. They face the Indian Ocean, which cannot be isolated from its large waves. Between May and October is the ideal time to visit.

Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung

Lampung, which is on Sumatra Island’s southern point, is well known for its stunning white sand beaches. Not just for the landscape, but several of Lampung’s beaches are well-known as Indonesia’s top surfing locations. Tanjung Setia Beach is a single among them.

However, surfers will find it very interesting to use the beach with the large waves. Surfers will also enjoy the natural beauty of the distant blue sea.

Ombak Tujuh, West Java

In addition to having a view of the Indian Ocean, Ombak Tujuh Beach is close to several other beaches, including Citerem Beach and Pengumbahan. This beach is situated in Sukabumi, West Java. The originality of the waves, which are layered so that they arrive successively and alternately, is the reason why this location was given the name Seven Beach. 

Plengkung Beach, East Java

Due to Plengkung Beach’s shape, which resembles the curved letter G, it is also known as G-Land. One of the top surfing spots in Indonesia is this beach in Banyuwangi.

Additionally, this location at the tip of Java is renowned for its distinctive natural beauty. You can take a boat from Grajagan or directly from the island of Bali if you wish to visit this lovely beach. You can go surfing with the big waves once you reach the island.

Uluwatu Beach, Bali

Uluwatu Beach in South Kuta, Badung, is one of the great spots to visit in Bali. The main draw of this beach is the white beach facing the ocean, which has strong waves in addition to the beauty of the rock protruding into the water.

Bangko – Bangko Beach, West Nusa Tenggara

One of the beaches in Lombok is called Bangko-Bangko Beach. Despite not being as well-known as Senggigi Beach, Bangko-Bangko Beach offers equally amazing natural beauty. Big waves that contribute to the distinctive island of Lombok, also known as the island of a thousand mosques, arrive when the air is still calm.