How To Find Free Lodging While Travelling

Travelling can be costly because you need money to pay for almost everything from accommodations to foods. Some of the biggest expenses for travelling include plane tickets and lodging. Hence, it is highly recommended that you plan your budget ahead of time to see what you can do to reduce unnecessary expenses. For example, you can buy discounted plan tickets and look for special promotions more actively. You may also consider finding ways to stay without paying much for the lodging or if possible, find free lodging. 

Finding free accommodation for your trip

It is possible for you to find free lodging for the duration of your travel especially if you are on a long-term trip. You may have to save your money and be mindful with your spending. Looking for free lodging is possible and many seasoned travelers were successful to do that. Here are ways you can find free lodgings while travelling:

Care for someone’s house or pet

Care for someone’s house or pet

If you love animals, might as well make the most of it by pet sitting to get free lodging during your trip. You care for someone else’s home and pets while they travel. House-sitting and pet-sitting are not that horrible. In fact, it can be fun because it gives you a chance of ‘living like a true local’ experience. It is also one of the ways you can become part of the community. However, keep in mind that it’s such a big responsibility and sometimes you may have to compromise with your plan. 

Consider couchsurfing

It may sound terrible to be a guest and sleep in stranger’s couch. However, it’s not that bad. Depending on the place, you may get a nice guest room with lockable door to keep you safe. You may also meet friendly host who are welcoming to have you as guest. Some hosts are very enthusiasts to have a guest travelers since they can show off their hometown while also learning from the guest about the culture they don’t know. Do your own research before couchsurfing so you won’t put your safety at risk. Make sure to stay respectful and be polite during your stay.

Find a community that fits your interest

You can also get free lodging by staying with the local community that share the same interest with you. Hence, do your research online to find possible communities that share the same interest and offer community programs. There are various homestay programs out there such as the ones that gear toward journalists, environmentalists, cyclists, hikers, hitchhikers, etc. 

Consider volunteering

There are so many worldwide volunteer programs out there you can join in. Most of them offer free accommodations and meals in exchange for part-time work. The most common works are conservation work, hospitality support, farming, etc. You may have to compromise with your travel objectives but the experiences you get from volunteering will pay off. This way, you can travel to desired destination while making meaningful experience with the locals by contributing your time or expertise to the communities.