Finding the Best Villa in Sanur Bali

They said Canggu, Kuta, and Seminyak is for the young while Sanur is for the olds. I personally said Sanur is a perfect place for anyone who want a peaceful, tranquil holiday in Bali. Sanur, which stretches along Bali’s southeast coast, is known for its extensive stretch of white sand beach and distinct village atmosphere. More pricey than Kuta, this is Bali’s oldest upscale resort town. It indeed attract middle-aged tourists and family groups. Sanur is the ideal vacation spot for tourists looking for a family-friendly vacation cocktail of sea, sand, and sun because it provides top-notch amenities to its visitors in a pleasant, tranquil environment. You can stay in a hotel, but for us staying in a villa is the best way to experience the authentic Sanur living in Bali. 

Where is Sanur

Sanur is slightly closer to Ubud and some of Bali’s top golf courses, including Bali Beach Golf Course, because to its South Eastern location. For day visits to Jimbaran, Seminyak, which is a little more north, is better positioned. Therefore, it is simple to conclude that the regions’ positions in terms of their closeness to other points of interest are very comparable.

A Small, Peaceful Beach Town in Eastern Beach

Sanur’s 5-km-long shoreline stretches from Mertasari Beach to Matahari Terbit Beach, literally translate to Sunrise Beach. Visitors can find a lot of bars, restaurants, resorts, and shopping areas lining up along Sanurs’ streets to keep them entertained. Sanur is a great destination to bring children as well as a starting point for exploring other areas of the island.

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Finding the Best Villa in Sanur Bali

You now know which sights and activities are appropriate for your trip. Put yourself close to the location you desire! Is having a home on the beach important to you, or would you rather live downtown? A beachfront villa in Sanur is definitely more expensive, but the direct view to the ocean is worth it. However, you can always rent a nice villa anywhere in Sanur and it will still get you just 5 – 10 minutes motorbike ride to the beach. 

Look for Amenities You Want from the Villa

What kind of residence are you seeking? Make a list of necessities and extras! This will guarantee that all of your needs (and wants!) have been met and prevent disappointment upon arrival. Spending money on luxuries you won’t utilize is not something you want to do! Do you need to stay connected for your upcoming zoom call even though you’re taking a break from work? Is a workstation required for the child’s homeschooling? Are beach equipment and entertainment amenities significant? Do you eat at home or out? You might want to any kitchen utensils and seasonings that might be available on the villa. If you have a special knife that you use often for cooking, you might want to bring that as well as some basic seasonings. 

Widen Your Search to Find the Best Sanur Villas

When you are looking for villa accommodation in Sanur Bali, it’s always advantageous to broaden your search. Try to locate properties close to popular attractions using maps. Leave off your dates if they are negotiable. Start with a broad search and gradually add dates and facilities. a certain approach to locate the ideal vacation property along the Sanur coast. Don’t just use Bookings (dot) com. In other listings, you might even find Sanur villa for monthly rental if you plan to stay for few months in Bali.

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Make Time to Read the Reviews

It’s time to confirm that the house you’ve chosen is the best one. You’ve looked at the pictures, gone through the property details, and double-checked the amenities, and everything fits with your travel itinerary! It’s time to read the reviews so you can get a truthful impression of both the rental and the management or owner. Maybe create a fresh listing if there are no reviews? Get in touch with the owner; fresh postings frequently sell out quickly because they are filled with exciting new items.