Lots of people around the world desire to explore the world more after the pandemic ends. However, there is a major shift in how they look at their ideal travel. Most of people now are more interested to have meaningful travel experience. Hence, the concept of their tourism is beyond spending money on luxurious amenities but more on enjoying a vacation full of meaningful life lessons and positive impacts to themselves and others. 

The concept of quality tourism

To adopt the concept of quality tourism, one spend their in a destination by maximizing the whole journey while also being a responsible traveler. For example when you choose Paris as your travel destination, you choose to stay longer in one area to explore it more instead of visit several popular destinations in brief time. Here are several ways you can spend your vacation adopting the concept of quality tourism:

Deeper exploration of your travel destination

It is highly recommended that you take deeper exploration during your visit to a certain place. You can get so much insights and knowledge about your destinations in one flight. For example you choose Bali as your travel destination. Instead of going place to different areas, why not spending longer time in one area such as Ubud to fully get cultural experience through authentic cuisine, historical temples,etc. 

Learn life-changing philosophies from the locals

Instead of jumping from one place to another in a brief time. It is more recommended to interact more with the locals living in the area where you stay at during your vacation. Adopting quality tourism means you engage more with local communities and learn more about their way of living. Have small conversations with the locals you meet at a diner, with your diving guide, or with a person who rent their inn to you. If you are unsure of talking with strangers, try visit tourist villages and blend in with the locals there. You might be surprised of how life-changing their philosophies are for you. 

Support and contribute to the sustainability of local community

More than just interacting or having small talk with the local communities, quality tourism means you also contribute to their sustainability. Take part in their social and economic activities such as by buying local products in traditional markets, eating at locally family-owned restaurant, or sharing the stories of the locals on your social media handles. You can pass the button of sustainability awareness to the world through your posts. Hence, more people are moved to contribute as well. 

Avoid larger crowds and find hidden gems

There is positive impact to the environment from how we live our life through covid-19. lockdown and social distancing contribute to better environment due to decreasing carbon footprint. You can continue this positive impact by adopting quality tourism. Instead of visiting popular tourist attractions filled with crowd, why not exploring more to find hidden gems instead? Discover new spots not many people know about by asking the locals for some recommendations since they know best.