The Komodo Rinca tour is highly recommended to see firsthand the UNESCO cultural heritage in East Nusa Tenggara. See the komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard in its natural habitat. Actually, it only takes 2 days to visit Rinca and Komodo islands. However, there are many other large and small islands that you should not miss, especially for snorkeling and diving lovers. 

Komodo Rinca Tour, UNESCO World Heritage Site Exploration

Komodo Rinca Tour, Meet The Largest Lizard

The view from Komodo Island is breathtaking. The Wallacea Line features a transition zone with its own unique ecosystem of flora and wildlife. There are 254 different varieties of vegetation, 128 different sorts of lovely birds with enchanting sounds, and 58 different types of animals.

Komodo Island is home to the Komodo dragon, a gigantic meat-eating lizard.

 Around 2,000 Komodo dragons, the world’s biggest reptiles, live in open areas such as savanna grasslands, white sand beaches, and tropical rain forests.

Komodo tour trekking is a great way to see the dragon. Other creatures seen on the walk include horses, deer, several bird species, snakes, and monitor lizards.

Tourists will also travel past the water hole, which is a resting and drinking spot for dragons throughout their voyage. Komodo dragons may be seen drinking and resting under the trees surrounding the water hole.

The Komodo Dragon is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang.

The length of the trekking trail varies from 1 to 8 kilometers, depending on the type of trek chosen: short, medium, long, or adventurous. Long and adventurous trekking will take you through lovely forests, rivers, and hills. Meanwhile, the excursion concludes on top of the hills with a great view of the bay for short hiking. The four hiking pathways, on the other hand, all pass by the water hole.

For the protection of tourists, you must travel with a ranger, guide, and a Komodo dragon handler. Tourists will be given a forked stick made of one species of tree as a “weapon” to weaken the Komodo dragon by rangers.

Although there are fewer Komodo dragons on Rinca Island, the island’s size is smaller, making it simpler to detect them. Rinca Island, like Komodo Island, requires the presence of a ranger when visiting.

The greatest time to do a Komodo island tour is around June when the weather is pleasant. Komodo dragons reproduce throughout the months of July and August, and they normally migrate to remote woods to do it.

Padar Island, the most picturesque island in the Komodo Islands, is well worth seeing. This is a deserted island located between Rinca and Komodo Islands. Tourists are escorted by a guide up the cliff on the rear side of the beach for around 20-30 minutes to view its natural splendor.

Trekking takes place on a sandy route that is fairly treacherous, with an arid grassland around it. However, as you reach the top, you will be able to view some spectacular sights. The island is irregularly formed and bends and turns, producing three massive bays on the island’s three sides.