When it comes to travelling, anything can happen from missing flight to having injury. Therefore, being prepared is always a better option. It doesn’t mean you have to plan everything so detailed. It means that you know at least what to expect and bring the right gear to help you have safe and smooth travel. Even then, something unexpected can still happen. 

Be more prepared with your travel

Stepping into the unknown can be scary for some people. It can be such a one-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it doesn’t have to be so stressing. It can be something exciting you can expect. The unexpected might happen but if your mind is ready and you are prepared with everything then your trip won’t be ruined no matter what. Here are some tips to be more prepared for anything while travelling:

Opt for multipurpose gears to pack


For example, pack only a few clothes that can be used in different occasions just fine. Opt for walking shoes that will be comfortable to wear anywhere, pack swim trunks that can be worn a pair of shorts, or bring multipurpose charger. Aside from providing different purpose, it can save the space in your bag as well. This way you can also save money because there is no need to pay for the extra weight of your luggage or buy too many things. 

Have your first aid kit ready

Be prepared for injury that might happen during your trip. It is also possible for you to fall ill maybe because different environment, eating different foods, etc. Hence, always bring small first aid kit with you. Make sure it has essentials you will need such as Tylenol, antibacterial cream, band aids, small scissors, eyedrops, stomach illness medicines, etc. This will come handy whenever you get injured or fall sick in the unknown place. You don’t have to look for the pharmacy. 

Bring reusable water bottle

It is even better if you have the one that comes with filter. Travelling put you at risk of dehydration. Hence, carrying water bottle everywhere can save you from it. You can refill your bottle in any available place. Also, it help reduce waste during travel. You help saving the environment from further damages due to the uncontrolled amount of waste from tourism.

Keep emergency cash in your pocket

Don’t put everything in your wallet because if it is lost or gets stolen, you lose everything. You can also safe some cash in your hotel room just in case you get robed or lose your wallet while wandering around the city. 

Have copies of important documents 

It is also important to have copies of important documents because you don’t know when you need them in case of emergency. Then, carry a list of emergency contacts. You can also consider a travel insurance with policies and coverage that meet your needs. Being prepared doesn’t have to make you feel anxious all the time. Don’t forget to enjoy the trip and make the most of it.