Do you think beach resorts are made just for luxury stay and well-off holiday? In Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua, you are not only entitled for a pampering vacation. The sheer amount of facilities at this incredible resort make it possible to host awesome parties, and here are five among many parties you could have here. 

Destination Wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua

Destination Wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua
Beautiful wedding at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua via instagram

It’s one of the dreamiest wedding one could have. To walk into the altar made of white sandy beach and to say “I Do” with ocean breeze and vast blue sea backdropped in the background. Beach resort is definitely one of the perfect place to exchange eternal vows with the love of your life. Also, having it at this beach resort Nusa Dua means you’ll be having one of the easiest wedding arrangements! Just one book and they will take care the rest. 

A Charming coastal Rehearsal Dinner Party

A Rehearsal Dinner Party
Romantic seaside rehearsal dinner via instagram

If you come from western culture, you might be familiar with a rehearsal dinner party. It’s the party before the actual party thing. This is the time when family of the groom and the bride gather and spend a little time together before the wedding party arrives. Have your toast here in the Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua resort, where you can have a romantic seaside candle-light dinner set with coastal inspirations. 

A Simple Birthday Party for Family and Close Friends!

When you get older, you get less and less excited with celebrating the day you get one year older. The only birthday that you associate is probably the birthdays of your kids. However, there’s nothing wrong to spice up your life a little and get your own birthday celebrated at a beach resort! Even when you have hit forties or older! With all the resort facilities, you could invite families, friends, or your favourite colleagues to spend a night at the resort.

Pro tip: Host a playful activities like adult scavenger hut. As adult guest need to search clues or documenting things around the resort to win a gift! 

Birthday Party for the Kids at Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua


Give one of the best birthday party for your kids that they would remember forever. Here in Holiday Inn Benoa Nusa Dua, you can host a stress-free, festive birthday party even with 20 kids running around. With only IDR 175K – 250K per kid, you can have all the birthday needs prepared. Balloon decoration, party banners, birthday cakes, kids meal, birthday hat and accessories for every kid, and all the fun games! Not to mention that the kids are entitled for access to swimming pool, kids club, and the private beach. It’s about giving a blast to the kids without worrying about any single thing. 

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A Private Bachelor Party!

Send your single off in style! Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, you’ll want a private bachelor party so impressive that everyone would still talk about it even after years! take advantage of celebrating your (or your friends’) last single days in a tropical setting before the big D-day. At this beach resort, you can take awesome photos on the on-site facilities, pampered together at Holiday Inn’s signature Tea Tree Spa, or host an epic pool party.