Travel makes us more vulnerable because sometimes we are too hectic. We become a little looser about some things than we would be at home. Maybe you are in a hurry to catch the flight and you don’t realize your phone is connected to unsafe public WiFi. Yes, one of the most common risks is hacker. There are many black hackers who target travelers since they are pretty vulnerable. 


Keeping yourself safe from hacker during a trip

A trip can be unpredictable and you may face unexpected hassles along the way. However, there are things that you can actually prevent from the beginning. As for the risk of getting hacked, it is one of the risk you need to minimize by having some preventative actions, such as:

Avoid charging your phone in public

Smartphone is your must-companion especially during travel. However, smartphone tends to run out of battery. And that’s why many public places provide spots for people to charge their phones freely. However, charging your smartphone in public opens your phone up to hackers since the process gives the options not only to charge but also to access data and such. Avoid charging your phone in public space by charging it fully before leaving your hotel. Also, turn off data when your phone not in use to save the battery. Or, get a power bank that you can use anytime. 

Avoid logging into public WiFi networks

Logging into public WiFi can be one of the most effective ways to save your money from buying expensive data especially when you are travelling abroad. However, connecting your gadget to public WiFi may causes safety issues. The network itself is not secured by nature wince anyone can log in. It makes it so easy for hackers to hijack by injecting inject malware into your gadget and steal private data. Hence, it is more recommended to grab your own portable router. Or, choose only secured network to get connected with your gadget. 

Avoid checking your pay bills or bank accounts in public

Never check your bank statements on a device that is connected to an open network. Do not use any public devices that are for public use to access your bank accounts or pay bills. Some public hotspots and networks out there provide hackers access to your banking information directly once you log in. Only use network that you trust, such as a network you get from a friend you are staying with. 

Avoid using unfamiliar ATMs

If you need to draw cash during a trip, make sure to be more careful in choosing the ATM. Avoid using ATMs that are located in suspicious areas. Go to ATMs that are located only at reliable banks and backed by legitimate banks. It is best if you can research about ATM’s locations prior the trip. Or, you can ask hotel staffs about the locations of safe ATMs. Also, it’s best to back off and find another location if your gut feelings tell you are unsafe.